Mercury Retrogade conjunct Vesta and Hekate crossroads

MERCURY stations Retrograde August 12 and 13th in earthy VIRGO conjunct VESTA the Goddess of Investments and keeper of the sacred flame of spirit. The duo are opposite Neptune in PISCES.

This is a time to review your mind, body, spiritual wealth during this Retrograde. Review what you pay attention to, what you invest your time, work, and focus on. Review your diet and health routine. This would be an excellent time for a change in diet, or a cleanse as your discipline will be stronger. Also an excellent time for a mini vision quest, meditation retreat or re-visioning your goals. Virgo is the sign that traditionally rules “servants.” the Mercury Vesta conjunction opposition to Neptune points out needing to deal with addictions issues. Glamour, projections, shadow work addictions to sex, food gambling consumerism guru worship relationships and being overly rigid and perfectionist need to be dealt with.


Virgo is the sign that traditionally rules “servants.” the Mercury Vesta conjunction opposition to Neptune points out needing to deal with addictions issues. Glamour, projections, shadow work addictions to sex, food gambling consumerism guru worship relationships and being overly rigid and perfectionistic need to be dealt with.

CERES VENUS and HEKATE the Goddess of the crossroads form a triumvirate conjunct SIRIUS the resurrection Star in Cancer. Which is conjunct the U.S. Sun.

The triple goddess is sextile to Retro Mercury and Vesta

Hekate Blake Goddess Tara Greene


Use your emotions to feel out which direction is calling you.

HEKATE Asteroid #100 is an ancient Goddess who sees in all directions at once. She was called the Goddess of the three ways- Tri-via which has been reduced to the knowledge of trivial pursuits these days.  She travels with a flock of suicides and freshly killed souls that she used to make Daimones with. She is associated with owls as are all night visioned dream bringing oracular psychic Goddesses howling dogs and household rubbish. 

If you feel that you are at a crossroads- call on Hecate. She is known to be a midwife of major life changes and decisions. She is a Dark or Black Goddess associated with the Dark or New moon phase of reclusiveness and women’s bleeding times of deep wisdom. 

The word HEKA or Hekau meant “magical speech” in Egyptian and Hekate means “influence from afar” in Greek. 

She is a triple Goddess. she is a shamanic goddess traveling from upper to middle to lower worlds and she had power over all three realms. She had three faces and Goddess associated with her.
She is known as the Moon Selene governing the Upper World or Heavens.
She is Artemis/Diana the huntress on earth. All wild animals are sacred to her especially the dog, or wolves the snake, and lion. 
she is the destroyer working with the dead in the Underworld.  
Statues of Hekate depict her as three female figures or crowned with a triple-turreted headdress, or with three heads. 

She is a Goddess of magic and garbage poisons night boundaries the shadow in the unconscious and the crossroads. She is ambivalent and unconventional. She is a solitary Goddess also associated with Chrone wisdom a post menopausal woman.  


Black dogs horses sheep owls bats snakes and boars.


willow yew Blackthorn groves of trees belladonna and all poisonous plants

Herbs and spices

Cinnamon myrrh mugwort honey lime and lemon verbena or Queen of the Night 


Sapphire silver gold moonstone black onyx smoky quartz and any dark or luminous stones are sacred to Her. 

Inbetwixt the next total solar eclipse if you feel at a great crossroads and it seems we are in the world.

HEKATE @17 degrees CANCER is directly opposite Pluto and squaring Jupiter in LIBRA 

This describes the current nuclear { Pluto} threats between the U.S. and North Korea. Jupiter in Libra is the big peacekeeper or maker of more imbalances. 

We are Inbetwixt the next total solar eclipse. If you feel at a great crossroads and it seems we are in the world call upon HEKATE’s deep wisdom. Look for synchronous signs.  Ask her to enter your dreamscapes. 

Her connection to beautiful loving Venus in Cancer and  Ceres the Great Mother herself protectress of the earth and her children bodes well. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Women hating women, Beyonce, Goddesses, birth

Having a baby isn’t a miracle and doesn’t make you a goddess

Oh God, there was nothing more unsexy than disrobing on set when I had a seven-month belly protruding out.”

That was Katherine Heigl describing her experience shooting a scene from her new television show “Doubt” while she was very pregnant. “At one point,” she recalls, “I’m coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, and we had a teasing moment, and then I dropped it. And I just couldn’t help myself — I burst out laughing.”

Which is probably how most people would have reacted to Beyoncé’s routine at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards — if she weren’t Beyoncé. As Heigl notes, “I know that pregnancy is beautiful in so many ways, but it’s sort of more beautiful between you and your husband, who has to think you’re beautiful.” Well, Beyoncé has never known when to draw the line between what she should share with her husband and what she should share with an audience — see her chair-straddling, tush-wiggling routine from 2014, for instance. But there was another message from her endless Virgin Mary/Sun Goddess routine: Pregnancy is sexy. Motherhood is divine.

Beyoncé’s performance was introduced by her own mother, who seemed appropriately proud. But what happened after that was some kind of pagan fertility worship ceremony. Why is it that in an era where women are constantly insisting that they should not be defined by their traditional, biological roles we have fetishized motherhood to such an extent?

Adele’s words at the Grammys about motherhood weren’t as glamorous as Beyoncé’s but they were similarly self-indulgent. “In my pregnancy and through becoming a mother I lost a lot of myself. And I’ve struggled, and I still do struggle being a mom. It’s really hard. But tonight winning this kind of feels full-circle and like a bit of me has come back to myself.”

There are reports that Adele struggled with postpartum depression after giving birth, but the idea that a woman who is known to millions by only her first name has “lost” herself by becoming a mother seems a little far-fetched. When most mothers say this, they mean that they have had to scale back their professional life or that they spend their days at home changing diapers. But Adele is presumably waxing philosophical here and wants to tell us motherhood is sooooo hard. Oh, please.

Don’t get me wrong. There are people for whom motherhood is hard. There are mothers out there whose children suffer from chronic health problems. There are mothers whose children have died.

There are mothers who are struggling to get by — and I don’t mean struggling to juggle the demands of marriage and family and careers. I mean there are mothers who have trouble making ends meet and have no husbands or extended families on whom they can depend. There are mothers who foster or adopt children who have previously been mistreated or neglected.

But these are not the mothers who give speeches about how they are lost. They don’t write blog posts about the juggle. They may complain, but it’s not about how hard it is to be a mother in some abstract way. It’s about how hard yesterday was.

Our cultural imperative to elevate motherhood to both the most important thing in the world and the hardest thing in the world is getting out of control. A pregnant woman recently wrote into Slate’s Dear Prudence column explaining that her sister, who is also pregnant, didn’t want to be “upstaged” by her sibling at a baby shower. Oh, come on. Whether or not you’re a celebrity, motherhood is not a theatrical event.

After giving birth in 2015, Kerry Washington said, “My body is the site of a miracle now.” Far be it from me to tell the actress exactly what qualifies as a miracle, but even the most religious women I know do not walk around with the attitude that they are supposed to be worshiped (by anyone besides their husbands) because they have given birth.

In fact, what these women seem to know is that having children is natural and a blessing and that these beings that come out of us are sometimes the source of great joy and sometimes deep sadness. And they also know that in an earlier time, good mothers were admired and praised without wearing golden costumes or whining to millions about their hardships.

In an interview about motherhood last year, Zooey Deschanel told Redbook: “I think it’s a huge accomplishment to have a child.” It’s not. Millions of women have been giving birth for millions of years. It’s an accomplishment to raise a child well. So maybe Adele and Beyoncé can check back in with us in, say, 20 years.”


This is disgusting women haters hating on women. Yes that’s just what we need more of. A New York Post article where some women hates on Beyonce for appearing as a gloriously beautiful pregnant Goddess of fertility. Beyonce is a very important cultural icon and she is proud and beautiful and every woman is a Goddess when she is pregnant and should be celebrated as such. In a world that loves life and cares for the future, life continuing itself is a miracle. Women are privileged to embody the creative Process directly.Men are accessories to this and they know it. Every person alive knows that their Mother is the Goddess and the Universe. And if you don’t know that you are so screwed up as to not even really be alive to the miracle that is life itself. The woman who wrote this hate filled ignorant article should be fired.

all writing unless otherwise indicated is copyright of Tara Greene

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Lunar eclipse Tarot reading-get grounded

Let’s pull a Tarot card for today’s Lunar eclipse and comet Honda appearing too.

These are both traditional harbingers of ill omens.  


Priestess of Disks Thoth 

The Priestess of Disks or Princess of Coins is the most earthy of cards. She symbolizes the earth of earth.
In the I CHING she would be totally RECEPTIVE all YIN lines. The Hexagram #2 K’un. The # 2 in the tarot and in the alpha bet is the High Priestess, the Moon, also totally feminine. I wonder if this Chinese word for receptive, total feminine energy, K’un isn’t the root word for Kunt.
In Sanskrit, the Goddess Kunti was the root for that word as well as the Patriarchs took the honored Goddess and inverted her energy as they always do and” spit on her snatch” as Marianne Faithfull wrote in a song years ago. 
 She is like CERES or DEMETER, or the Constellation of VIRGO, a very ancient constellation of the Great Mother.
She gives birth to everything that is why she is shown pregnant.  She has the ram’s horns symbol of Aries Mars and the male spiritual force on her head. She initiates ane fertilizes all consciousness as well. 
She holds a diamond-tipped scepter of regal power which is rooted in the earth. This symbolizes the conception of clarity from the hologram that is ALL THAT IS, in the most manifest physical vibration of matter. 
She is the goddess of MANIFESTATION. 
She is also The Goddess Freya, and today is her day FRIDAY, She is VENUS, Goddess of love beauty harmony and the arts. She stands in a sacred grove of trees, an ancient natural “church” in front of an altar which represents a wheat sheaf, the symbol fo Demeter.
The Thoth card shows her holding a Chinese yin/yang shield or symbol of the balanced forces of duality, the masculine/feminine nature of everything which bring equilibrium.
This Priestess governs the WOMB, pregnancy, and symbolizes all womben. Feminists use language to correct misogynistic language. I like womben.  What do you think?
Stay grounded to use the eclipse energy positively. Stay in touch with your body. Eat grounding foods. Touch the earth if you can. Walk barefoot where you can. The Buddhists say that all mantras or actions today are amplified 1,000 times for better or worse. Manifest GRACE today.
Use your intention wisely.  
The physical is the real manifestation of soul and spirit.  
We are pregnant with all possibility.
Call upon the GODDESSES, Venus, Demeter, Freya, Kali, and Persephone, and all the earth mothers and Goddess of the Underworld, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Mictecacihuatl, Chief death Goddess of Mictlan.
And call upon Durga, Hindu Goddess who destroys all demonic Forces, and she rides a lion, very appropriate for a LEO eclipse.
Goddess DURGA

Invincible Warrioress

Please share widely 
all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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Juno, July 4, marriage prospects.

Coinciding with the New Moon of July 4th, America’s 240th birthday is NASA’s historic unique spacecraft JUNO which it is hoped will get very close to JUPITER for the first time ever on this day.  Besides Astrology I also love Astronomy. The two were once the same science.  If all goes according to plan, a perilous manoeuvre will place Juno into orbit around Jupiter, where the spacecraft will remain over the next 18 months, providing an unprecedented look at Jupiter’s powerful gravitational and magnetic fields. If something goes wrong, the US$1.13 billion mission which was launched August 5, 2011, will shoot past Jupiter, into deep space with no chance of return. NASA only has one shot at this. The engine burn will start at 11:18pm ET on July 4.

You can watch the action at NASA unfold beginning at 10:30pm ET, as engineers monitor Juno’s instruments and anxiously await confirmation of the burn’s success. Witness history in the making on NASA TV- see link below. 

Juno is the Roman name of Zeus’s wife, Hera in Greek, and an Asteroid which is presently at 29 critical degrees of LIBRA in Tropical Astrology. The 29th degree of Libra is the last degree to balance relationships with, traditionally marriage.

I believe that the notion of Juno being Zeus’s perfect trophy wife who is supposed to keep appearances together while he rapes every woman in sight is a totally Patriarchal lesson model.

Jupiter & Juno, NASA, Tara Greene

Jupiter & Juno on Mount Ida. Detail of a painting by artist James Barry (1773)

JUNO whose symbol is the Peacock is a much more ancient Goddess who was appropriated into Greek Mythology from the older Indian Goddess Lakshmi/Saraswati/ Parvati the Holy Trinity of Mother maiden, crone Goddesses.

Furthermore I believe that the word JUNO was reserved to represent the female or feminine form of Genius and the term “genius” was specifically to refer to male genius.  As women all know the Feminine form of genius is like Juno’s symbol, an 8 armed Goddess who is always multi-tasking. Her symbol looks like a magic wand atop the cross of the four elements, where she is indeed creating magic all the time by being the Goddess of all matters.

 In the skies on July 4  opposite JUNO is Uranus, the planet of space technology, revolutions and chaotic energy. Eris, the shit disturber is also cheek to jowl with Uranus as well as Ceres, the great Mother. Things may not go as planned.

 Jupiter is presently connected to the North Node of the Moon at the 15th degree of VIRGO the sign of the Harvest which is associated with Ceres. There are many unknowns in this deep space mission. Neptune and the South Node which symbolizes the past, mythology and images are in a Grand Trine with the Sun Moon Mercury and Venus and Mars in Scorpio sign of secrets. Saturn in Sagittarius is the planet of aiming out to the cosmos, and truth, is in a difficult aspect with the New Moon. The Juno spacecraft is expected to beam back as much information as it can in a short time and will then burn up in a suicide mission as it spirals into Jupiter’s dangerous atmosphere. 

JUNO is an important Asteroid, one of the 4 main Asteroids first discovered. Check out where she is in your natal chart to find clues to how this Goddess of creativity, relationships and female genius operates in your natal chart and related totally to your marriage and relationships.

Lets look at the SYMBOLS for where Asteroid JUNO is now at Libra 30 and how her feminine Genius is informing this powerful very emotional New Moon in Cancer where all we want to do is feel safe at home in Mom’s arms.  The fascinating thing is the symbols speak of degrees where the main planets actually are on this date. The synchronicity is totally amazing.  Jupiter and Chiron are both at degrees mentioned in the oracles.

Degree Symbol of Libra 30.

“A small pale moon in the afternoon. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

{Degree Angel: Manakel (MA-na-KEL) Accountability, Knowledge of Good and Evil)

This degree has a tremendous awareness of feelings, both their own and others’. This awareness is subliminal, manifesting as an instinct for reading the needs, desires and fears of others. At its highest this degree manifests a kindness and gentleness which, rather than being generic is intimately tailor-made to soothe and heal each individual person encountered.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black rooster.” The rooster is black so it can absorb the maximum amount of light from the rising sun. It is also the darkness which greets the light, and which , through contrast, intensifies the knowledge and understanding of the light.
The Moon of the Omega symbol is most usually associated with night, but here we see it in daytime, just as the rooster, which is normally associated with the inception of day is here black, a color associated with night. This degree is about bringing the night into the day and the day into the night, that is, making the unconscious more conscious while allowing unconscious elements to enter into the conscious realm. At its most realized, this can be tremendously enriching, for as this barrier between conscious and unconscious is crossed and recrossed again and again, it wears away – until wholeness is the result.

 And so the sign Libra ends by focusing on one of the most important of all relationships – the relationship between who we are – as signified by the conscious self, with who we are becoming – as signified by all those elements in the unconscious yet to be fully integrated into our being.

Pleiadian Symbol: A tiny implant secretly placed in a man’s head. It is filled with vast stores of knowledge.

 Azoth Symbol: A spaceship preparing to make a jump through a wormhole.

Seed degree: Pisces 25. NOTE this is where CHIRON is July 4th. On top of a high hill, a circle of standing stones. (Omega Symbol). Keeping our conscious focused on higher realities while remaining rooted in the physical causes us to gradually become more and more aware of the plane of emotions and how its energies move.

People and animals frightened during an eclipse. (Chandra Symbol). A sudden disruptions of patterns allows us to become more aware of the new cycles that we are being compelled toward.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 18.  NOTE: This is where JUPITER actually is July 4th. A woman playing the didgeridoo. (Omega Symbol). We find a way to give voice to the music which is inside, and this opens us up to the secrets buried within.

Eyeglasses which cause one to see rainbows. (Chandra Symbol). As we become more aware of the changes that need to happen in our consciousness, we eventually become aware of their great beauty and glorious potential.
(From the book “Unseen Marvels Revealled,” by Enar the Vague:) “It is to be remembered that a moon seen in the afternoon radiates moonlight, even though the overbearing rays of the sun intermix with it, rendering this special type of moonlight unseen, at least by the conscious eye. It is this hidden lunar effluvia which the wise refer to as “The Shadowed Light.”

“It is said that such moonlight, mixed with and hidden in sunlight is changed in a way that makes it more readily absorbed by the eyes and taken into the astral body, where over time it may accumulate, forming within certain unseen oceans that remain miraculously hidden even though they are vast.”


Ruminate on those words on July 4th as they are relevant to the New Moon.

Here is the chart of Juno’s Launch on August 5, 2011 and its’ first scheduled broadcast on July 4th 2016.  There are many similarities. The North NOde was on the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius in 2011 and Saturn, the planet of karma will be crossing that degree in 2017 after about 18 months for the mission.

JUNO, Jupiter Astrology/ Astronomy Tara Greene

Watch live on NASA TV

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. Chandra symbols etc are by John Sandbach. 

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Pisces time, Goddess Astarte, by Tara Greene

PISCES season begins Feb 18 @  9:33 pm/ Feb 19 @ 12:33 am/ 5:34 am GMT.

I have felt more channeling of mages and synchronicity. 

Feb 18 The Moon trines NEPTUNE for some lovely intuitive energy in the wee hours.

Pay attention to your night and waking dreams all day. Try to recollect what you were dreaming about.

Moon is inconjunct to SATURN in Sag around dinner time

Be careful that you understand what is real and what isn’t. This may be perplexing to the fantasy lover in you. 

Moon opposes PLUTO and squares URANUS we’re off into the CARDINAL square energy again. 

The Goddess ASTARTE has been appearing in images and symbols to me lately again. She was a Babylonian Goddess of love, like Venus. I have always had fantasies and inserts from past lives which used to appear to me when I was about seven years old. They take place in Ancient Babylonian or Egyptian times. I came across these Goddesses through reading about archeology, in Museums or studying Art History later on. I have always felt drawn to her. The name Tara is a derivative of Astarte derived from the Sanskrit Sitara and the name Esther in Hebrew is also derived from that name, which was my given second name at birth. Her name also engendered Ishtar,  Ashtereth, Aphrodite, Ashtaroth, Asteria and Ariadne- a Spider Woman mythology.  

She had an ancient temple at Ashkelon, in Israel near where I worked and lived years ago. She was worshipped under the name of Atar-gatis, as a woman with the tail of a fish, and fish were accordingly sacred to her. She is also related to Mermaids and PISCES energies.

Elsewhere the dove was her sacred symbol. The symbol which Christians adopted to symbolize Christ when the Age of Pisces started. Her sacred sexual rites were later denounced by the Patriarchy of course.  This is where all the fighting is going on today in her ancient sacred lands in Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan and parts of egypt and Turkey. Astarte worship needs to be returned as women honoring their sacred blood in Red Tents again. . 

Goddess Astarte, Tara Greene

Goddess Astarte 

 She is also an Asteroid #672 Astarte discovered  Sept 21, 1908. She governs sexual love,maternity and fertility and is also a war Goddess associated with leopards or lions and snakes as transformational and healing signifiers. Both of which was always  my totem animals. All women with strong fire signs relate to lions. Snakes relate to Scorpio energies as well as Kundalini powers and menstruation.

ASTARTE as an Asteroid or dwarf planet and she has a 4+ year orbit. She is now at 18+ degrees of GEMINI close to Fixed Star Rigel which brings riches and long-lasting honor.

ASTARTE is opposed to SATURN right now, a karmic stance and will be at 19+ degrees and in square to JUPITER and CHIRON in PISCES and the NODES Of the MOON on the 29th of February which is a LEAP DAY and a day out of time. 

This symbolizes the Ancient Fertility Goddesses energy being very much available and downloadable for effective  healing of womb and sexual energy. My memories of her as a child were in sacred sexual practices when the Priestesses were bleeding, to heal the male warriors after they have come back from profane bloodshed of war. The only sacred bloodshed is women’s menstruation. 

The old fears about women’s sacred blood must be erased. Honor womens’ sacred feminine wisdom. Women, do not run around when you get your period it is a time for turning within, to listening to your womb and flowing with your sacred blood. It is a natural cleansing time.

The Patriarchy tells you to stuff a chlorinated toxic most popularly advertize tampon up your vagina to hide your blood away from yourself and everyone else. Tampons are a political tool and a weapon of a conspiracy to silence women’s power.  A women who used a deva cup, a silicone menstrual cup to gather menstrual blood was vilified recently showing her menstrual blood. Never use toxic commercial tampons ever. Use organic cotton.  

I know people are squeamish around blood. But the blood of death is what should make everyone squeamish. The simulated blood from video games, films, movies, TV Shows, is what should  make you sick. Not the blood of life. 

Tune into ASTARTE’s wisdom she is beautiful. She is the stars. Like NUIT or NUith egyptian Goddess of the Milky Way she is all around us.

PLease share widely. I am feeling totally called to be an Active High-Priestess once again. My work must change. I cannot write so much every day like this anymore. I am needing to write courses, my book and embody my Chrone Goddess artist shamanic self. 

your comments are most appreciated. 

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DS, New Love Astrology cycle

SEX & LOVE begin an entirely new cycle of Dominance and Submission as MARS enters his home sign ARIES Feb 19 @ 7:11 pm EST and Venus follows April 20.

The zero degree point of Aries is the beginning of the entire 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Zero degrees Aries is always new born. ZERO POINT. It’s the BIG BANG explosion which ignites all life. 


Mars in Aries fires up the TESTOSTERONE, the masculine sexual force, the WARRIOR initiating new cycles of passion, hot-headed, impulsiveness, defensiveness, violence, terrorism, independence, volcanic explosions, war, dangerous everything and DOMINANCE!

Mars stays in ARIES until MARCH 31. Spring will be HOT and very fertile this year.

Be sure to wear condoms. 

Aries is COURAGE, daring, the leap. Trust spirit and your own passion and desire. Patience will be in very short supply. Remember fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Make short-term goals.

Check out where Mars is in your Birth charts to find which area will be firebombed awake. 

Mars will be traveling through my 5th house of creativity, leadership and passion. That should get those creative juices going. I am going to finish my book! 

VENUS, the beautiful Goddess of Love follows Mars to his crib on Feb 20 @ 3:05 pm EST until April 11

Venus is considered to be weak and SUBMISSIVE while she is in Aries, which is HIS sign. She is considered to be overpowered by Mars’, lust for power.  

Women as The Goddess must wear RED, see red, and don their AMAZON WARRIOR GEAR NOW-


Remember Mars is defensive and Venus’s strength is Beauty and LOVE, which conquers all.

Wear those RUBY SLIPPERS. Remember you only have to tap your heels together three times.

On another level VENUS conjunct MARS in ARIES means:

Great time to launch new projects. Buy a red sports car.

Initiate anything brand spanking NEW. Is that a pun?

Venus ruled things such as beauty, money, relationships, fashion, real estate, gardening, food, the arts are also the focus of newness.

Venus and Mars dance together in the heavens over very long cycles. Venus is never more than 45 degrees away from the Sun where as, the wild man Mars can wander through every sign.

The two paramours get together for the first time this year. Since April 6/7, 2013  they met last at 18/19 degrees Aries which began a new 32 year cycle. Think back to where your love life was then.

This almost two-year celibacy hiatus is the longest time that the two planets can be separated. If you have been flying solo for the last couple of years, perhaps it is because you are very sympathetically and synchronistically aligned with the cosmos without even realizing it.   In 2015 they have three conjunctions to make up for lost time.

The last time Venus and Mars made three conjunctions with in one year was in 1983 and again in 1985. If you were born then, you are really beginning a love start.

Watch as many old relationships burn out now. With the new higher frequencies coming on to the planet old relationships that are not founded on authentic deep spiritual connection will be fried, burnt to a crisp, over…ashes.

On Feb 21/22, 2015 the BELOVEDS UNITE in a conjunction @ 1 degree+ minutes of ARIES 

Mars Venus conjunct in ARIES

A Shiva/Shakti merging of TWIN FLAMES

Tantric lovers Tara Greene astrology

VENUS & Mars conjunction is the very SACRED TANTRIC MARRIAGE within ourselves first. We each posses own inner Feminine and Masculine which we must marry internally. It’s an emotional, spiritual, mental, energy fusion of balance and wholeness. The Feminine is the intuitive feelings, the Masculine is the actions for the intuitive. The Alchemical Union must happen within, then you can  attract that sacred soul mate into the third dimensional reality.

If you can experience Sacred Divine Love pulsating within yourself and throughout the entire universe then that is heightened and magnified when you are in an intimate sacred union with your partner.  Real tantric sex melts each individual’s ego into a one heart/body/soul union, transcending themselves to be wedded as one. This is the entire purpose of sex, besides procreation. That is why sex has been suppressed by Catholicism and other religions. This sacred lovemaking is a continuously eternal process the very fabric of the Universe itself . 

VENUS and MARS conjunction also most strongly affects early degrees of ARIES, LIBRA, CAPRICORN and CANCER who get in the cross hairs of the CARDINAL LOVE AFFAIR. Everyone will feel it and experience it.

VENUS is the EMPRESS, SHAKTI                 ARIES/MARS is the EMPEROR, SHIVA 


Steve Jobs, Prince, Angelina Jolie, Walt Whitman, Yogananda. Clint Eastwood, Tyra Banks 


George Clooney, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Einstein, Rhianna, Jack Nicholson

The MOON enters Aries on Fri. the 20th  

She merges with VENUS first then MARS an hour later.  That is the prelude.

The Venus/Mars conjunction is Feb 21 @ 9:12 pm PST/ Feb 22, Love that numerology @ 12:12 a.m.  

MANY APPLICATIONS for the magic.

Plan a special romantic union night on that special day. Plan to start a new project. Make new intentions. Do what you love. Act from love. Defend love. Go Tango-ing. 


ALL WRITING IS copyright of Tara Greene

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BOOM CLAP – Charlie XCX The Fault in our stars 2014 

GET IT ON,BANG a GONG- T-Rex 1971 

Grand Cardinal Cross Karmic Cancer Full Moon

The first Full Moon of 2015 is in Cancer @ 14 + degrees on Jan 4 @ 8:53 pm PST/ 11:p3 pm EST/ Jan 5 @ 4:53 am GMT

The Full Moon in any sign, is a time of completion and fulfillment, the high tides of the emotional and reproductive cycle. Every Full Moon symbolizes and physically activates that the ripe ovum is ready and waiting to be fertilized. That is why all Full Moons make people act crazy. The sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, signifies the womb, the primal waters where we developed from cells. Cancer Full Moons create high tides in the oceans and in our emotional bodies.  

Cancer Full Moon 2015 Tara Greene

The 4th house of  Cancer is literally our home, where we live, any time in our lives. Cancer Full Moons connect us to our physical mothers, families and the nurturing, parenting, cooking, or care taking we do for family, friends and others. 

Cancer, the 4th sign is similar to the root chakra, as it marks the roots of all astrology charts. This is the most private part of ourselves, deep unconscious memories,tied to our intuition and dreams.

During this Cardinal Cross Cancer Full Moon we need to become aware of what sustains and nurtures us. How safe do we really feel?

Connect to the Great Mother Moon Goddess

We can connect at this time of the great changes to  feeling  safe in the womb of the Great Mother, and know that we are nurtured, taken care of and loved unconditionally.Call her Diana, Selene, Artemis, Hekate, Yemaya, Arianhod, Chang-O, Isis, Ixchel, or Kwan Yin.

The earth is the symbol of the Goddess Mother Ceres and she is placed exactly on the Galactic Center, connecting us to the great womb, our cosmic home where all souls entered this earth plane. To the Ancient Egyptians The Milky Way was the Goddess’s milk of kindness spilt out to remind us that we are always being nurtured, that source will always provide.


Uranus and Pluto are moving into exactly squaring the nodes which adds more stimulus to the collective to release, let go and to resolve our ancient core karmic patterns. We can make huge karmic leaps forwards now.

The Capricorn Sun and the Moon are at that power point  15th degrees.  Sun is conjunct to Pluto, Lord of Death and the underworld at 13+ degrees Capricorn. Moon in Cancer and Sun are squared by Uranus in Aries at 12+ degrees conjunct to the South Node at 14 degrees Aries and squared also by the North Node at 14+ degrees LIBRA. 

The Lunar Nodes are very very powerful gateways. These points causes eclipses. They are the masters of change. Traditionally the North Node was called the Dragon’s Head, {Rahu} and the South Node {Ketu} the Dragon’s tail.

The North Node symbolizes our highest spiritual goal, a brand new frontier. The South Node is the place of least resistance, our genetic heritage, past lives,what we need to release in order to grow.

dragons Astrology Tara Greene

The Sun is conjunct to Vesta, Asteroid Goddess of the sacred Kundalini Fire, the ancient High Priestesses who honored sacred sexuality at 17 degrees Capricorn. Vesta brings in the Feminine balance to the Sun in Capricorn, transfiguring the Source, the Light within through our dedication to our passions, and highest goals in body and soul. 

The North Node in Libra is drawing us to the idea of equality in relationships, peace, balance, partnerships and beauty. The South Node in Aries is where we need to let go of aggression, war, me first, impulsiveness, and competitiveness, the consumption age, the old masculine Patriarchal archetypes. Aries is the Age of the creation of the Jewish Old Testament. 

This Cancer Full Moon is a precursor for the next 2 weeks of intensively releasing the past and aligning with new actions, directions and intentions.  

Pluto squares the Nodal Axis exactly, January 15 @ 13 degrees 39 minutes. Uranus conjuncts the South Node exactly on January 20 @ 12 degrees 56 minutes of Aries.  These are very critical degrees themselves in Astrology and close to the degrees of the April 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross.

Breathe in and release

We must breathe in through the Dragon’s Head, through Libra’s fresh air, new ideas, egalitarian ideals and ways of communicating. We need to imagine equality and balance between men and women, new ways to co-operate in all areas. We need to reform the ineqalities in the Justice system.

We must  breathe out and release from the South Node, the martial, Aries, masculine, dominator model. We need to stop destroying our environment through over consumption and greed. We need to stop acting isolated from each other and ourselves. We can use the positives atributes of Aries, courage, daring and energy for initiating positive change. 

Look at where the Full Moon and the Lunar Nodes fall in your own astrology chart for instructions on where we need to let go and have courage in ARIES. Where we are open to receive and nurture your feelings in CANCER. Where we need to improve diplomacy, listening, teamwork, and  balance in Libra. Where we need to take responsibility in the world, our careers and in our highest goals in Capricorn.  


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Revolution # 9 Astrology Numerology -do you know where your planets are?

9th degree master of the templesynchronicity # 9the 9th degree  is highlighted Jan 6 2013

Just noticed this interesting  synchronicity of 5 planets at the 9th degree- this is quite rare

9 is the end of all numbers, symbolizes completion, perfection.

The planets speak in symbols like dreams- the Nth degree is the 9th- to the last, the finish,

what do you have to finish complete and perfect NOW? 

 Many popular phrases relate to the number 9

there is that infamous Beatles song Revolution Number 9, with the hypnotic repeating Number 9, Number 9,

and the Beatles were prophets of the 60’s and the Age of Aquarius is just being birthed now.

Dressed to the Nines, up on cloud 9, the whole nine yards, Love Potion Number 9, a pop song from the 60’s

9 is  a superlative number- the 9 Hathors from Ancient Egypt

There were 9 worthies drawn from pagan and Jewish biblical sources which were used as examples of dignity magnanymous people in Medieval times they were -Hector, Alexander, Julius Caesar, Joshua, David, Judas Maccabaeus, King Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon.

and the  classical mythology had 9 Muses of art and learning  amongst them

-Calliope -epic poetry, Clio- history, Erato-love poetry, Terpsichore- dance, Thalia- Comedy and Urania- Astronomy/Astrology            


 get your astrology chart out and see where you have planets at the 9th degree of any signs but especially

Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius get the exact hit conjunction! the most power packed,-I have nothing here but my husband has his Capricorn Sun.

Aries, Libra, for the square from Capricorn the next intense

and Cancer 9 degrees, Taurus 9 degrees, Leo 9 degrees- they are opposition points and squares

all the other points are already included.


Gemini a 9 degrees gets the quincunx from Pluto Mercury  and to Saturn in Scorpio

Virgo at 9 degrees gets the quincunx to Mars in Aquarius 

very intense days jan 6 and 7th – HOW TO WORK THIS-

depending on which planet or planets are involved, think about and

ASK  the quality of each planet to communicate with you about what is ending, completing

Sun is vigor, self, identity;

 Moon is emotions, instincts, memories,

Mercury is thinking and communications

Venus is love and creativity relatrionships,

Mars is action, defneses,masculine energy

Jupiter is learning,optimism,knowldege,

Saturn is discipline, career, structure, limits, kjarma

Uranus is change,freedom,group actions;

Neptune is dreaming,spirituality, addictions,compassion and forgiveness

Pluto is soul, death, power,riches, transformation, sex,control

be the HERMIT in the Tarot Cards He is # 9 GO within,

listen to your own inner wisdom

let me know

Blessings TARA

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revolution #9 backwards Beatles

Love Potion #9 by the Searchers early 60’s

June 11/12 street fighting man aspects, Chiron goes Retro,Aries Moon more Astrology Tara Greene

3 beginnings start the week of  June 11,  Jupiter enters Gemini, Moon enters Aries starting a new cycle

 June 11 @ 8:21 PM PDT/ June 12  @ 12:21 am EDT

Moon promptly smashes into Uranus, joining forces with the rebels and freedom fighters.

Hugo, Jupiter Uranus Pluto Astrology

  Georges Melies  film Trip to the Moon 1902 featured in HUGO by Martin Scorsese

Uranus is squaring Pluto in Capricorn { Plutocrats, secrets cabals,} the two transpersonal planets are getting ready for their exact square the first of 7, count’ em on June 24.  These two planets created the 60’s cultural revolution folks. The BIG CHANGES are just warming up.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.    The night before the Grail Lady faire begins.  

Street Fighting Man is the Rolling stones song to go with this energy musically.
Pluto in Capricorn is opposing Mercury in Cancer . A big Cardinal T-square with the Moon as well

Mercury is the planet that rules GEMINI and with Sun, Venus Retro and now Jupiter in the mutable sign for the next year. Mercury rules them all now. Cancer is all about emotional security and insecurity. What we need to FEEL SAFE, women, children, nursing, socialized medicine, real estate in general, roots, tradition, Feminine, endings.   Mercury in Cancer squares the Uranus/Moon conjunction.

Woman will also take to the streets, the FEMININE revolution is also beginning. the Divine feminine is not some pussy cat doll you know, not some virgin mary statue standing idly by simply crying. No the reborn feminine is  KALI energy

Kali Divine Feminine Tara Greene Astrology

and Maha Shakti

Shakti feminine power Tara greene astrology

so call in the power of the assertive, angry fighting for freedom,Feminine, Kali destroys all of the ego, all that clings,

The SHakti’s bring  redemption,clarity, spiritual ethical balance and honoring of the Feminine force.

CHIRON the wounded healer goes retrograde too. Old wounds and vulnerabilities will surface and most likely in your dreams.

pay attention to this. Treat your dreams with great respect. There will be tears, let them flow it is healing.

5 months of Chiron retrograde. Old friendships will end or come back together.

Jupiter in Gemini is easy-going compared to stubborn old Taurus.

go easy on yourself, all this mutable energy means things Are moving faster now than before.

stay calm, there is a deep philisophical energy about Jupiterin gemini, more later