Aries Full Healing Harvest moon

ARIES FULL MOON OCTOBER 1 @ 2:05 pm PDT/ 5:05 pm EDT/ 9:05 pm GMT 

is a wounded healer shamanic Full Harvest moon.

Aries symbolizes a NEW BEGINNING, Chiron’s presences conjunct the Full Moon shows that we must have new ways to heal, rapidly, with spirit and fire.

ARIES in the TAROT is connected to EMPEROR #4 which is the root of 2020 = 4.

#4 is about the 4 Elements, the 4 Directions, The “as above, so below, As within, so without.” It is power, a foundation, an initiation, responsibility, warriors.

There are many major aspects at the Full Moon, the first of 2 this month.

ERIS LILITH and RETRO MARS are conjunct in ARIES 24-27 degrees squaring off with JUPITER, PLUTO and SATURN.  yes, it feels heavy. 

There are more major aspects watch the video.

9 ARIES read the symbol degree interpretations


“Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.
Bondage and freedom sometimes go hand in hand. The bondage is being true to pattern, predictable, caught in habits and tendencies perpetually left to grow like weeds. The freedom is that as you meet yourself starkly in the midst of these old, tired patterns of behavior, you come into touch with a quickening flame of self-recreation, stimulated and forced by being at the mercy of the relentless patterns. This impulse to make yourself over is fervently strong, courageous, ready, and willing. The old stuff dies hard. You are therefore engaged in a pitched battle of a protracted kind between retrogressive and progressive ideals, impulses, and desires. Both sides are so impassioned and sharply intent that this becomes a knockdown, drag-out battle of wills. The atavistic backward-leaning will feels immune to change. The visionary forward-thrusting will feels moved by evolutionary forces never to give up. Eventually, the future prevails over the past, but not before scars and multiple traumas mark the spot of fighting for your life against an implacable inward enemy who knows it will lose and fights all the harder accordingly.”

John Sandbach on Chandra OMEGA and Pleiadian symbols

Aries 10. “In many different places, a man keeps seeing the same number. Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: ALADIAH (a-LA-dee-YAH) Looks can kill: protection from the evil eye, Divine Grace)

The universe speaks to you loudly and clearly, echoing itself everywhere. Specific energies reach out to you, their strange melodies trying to gain your attention. You need only to follow their call, track with them, and keep listening. Your obsessions are powerful creative forces, operating beyond the ken of your conscious rational mind. You cannot repress or ignore forever what you’re feeling. Wisdom is seeking you out, and will find you, eventually.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.” Slowly, gradually, understanding embraces the feminine spirit – but the understanding has to grow into the embrace. The feminine spirit is patient and can wait, for she knows that to grow and develop strong roots that have the power to reach out the tree will needs gradual and attentive nourishment over time.

This is the seed degree of Capricorn.

Pleiadian Symbol: At the touch of a magician’s hand a text in a forgotten tongue is spontaneously translated.

Azoth Symbol: A fallen white column, which, over time, has partially sunk into the rich soil of a meadow.

Seed degree: Cancer 19. A man memorizing Chinese characters. (Omega Symbol). Having learned the secret language, one is stalked by poems and oracles.

An opossum comes out into the moonlight. (Chandra Symbol). Drawn out of our secret lair by the irresistible pull of our own yearnings, the tentacles of our understanding gradually grow into caressing the goddess.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 1. A man mesmerized as he reads words glowing with light. (Omega Symbol). The numbers accumulate, and form into a language – the more we understand the more we are flooded with divine knowing.

A canopy bed with curtains. (Chandra Symbol). As our understanding embraces the goddess more and more, we enter a deep, private inner sanctum where we can be profoundly renewed.


Like an infinite sea, numbers are always there, existing beyond time and space until we think of them, at which time they appear, revealing an infinite variety of potential vistas to the mind.

Particular numbers are drawn to certain places, certain times, and, of course, certain people. There was a number who fell in love with a man, and silently followed him wherever he went, but when it could no longer remain hidden, he began to see it, again and again, wherever he looked. And over time, he was able to return the number’s love. It was a mystic union, secret and intimate.”

Please watch the Video of the WOUNDED HEALER FULL MOON which also offers a host of other important indications. “

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Healing wounds Harvest Full Moon

The Harvest Full Moon is exact September 24 at 7:52 pm PDT/ 10:52 pm EDT/ Sept. 24 @ 2:52 am GMT 7:52 p.m. PDT @ 1+ degree ARIES very tightly conjunct the 0 degree Aries beginning point of the Zodiac.

Chirong the wounded healer astrology Tara Greene

Eugène Delacroix [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Full Moon is a night of maximum reflected light in the night. It illuminates what is normally unseen in the dark. This is such an important Harvest Moon on the equinox and with Chiron, the Wounded Healer conjunct to the Moon and opposing the Sun, Mercury and Ceres in Libra in a T-square with Vesta the Goddess of investments and sacred sexuality also conjunct Saturn @ 2+ degrees Capricorn – very tight to the 0 degree “world point.”

An Aries Moon is a warrior and soldier trained to not feel, to withstand the pain and embody that heroic model. The feminine Moon is in full masculine armoured mode, impatient, confident, independent and protecting her wounds and vulnerable feminine feelings. This is a moon illuminating that our feeling nature has sold out to the Corporate Patriarchal model of being a man in a man’s world. 

Saturn in Capricorn’s karmic T-square indicates a difficult challenge to the staunch masculine warrior model. The old male archetype’s ugly underbelly of rape, pillage, pedophilia in the Catholic Church and sex trafficking is being revealed, exposed and to be healed.

This is hugely significant. Men are wounded and conscripted by Corporations to fight and be killed in wars and in society. Women are wounded by being forced into and buying into Patriarchy cultural models. Men wrote into their father projected god Bible their own right to rape and sexually abuse women and children and to use them and the animals and riches of the earth as trophies and chattel, literally and culturally. 

The karmic T-square indicates that there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide- remember that Martha and The Vandella’s song?  We cannot escape our vulnerabilities and wounds. The overly confident aggressive independent and isolated risk taker can be healed. We all need to allow our unconscious dissociation from feelings to be felt. The hero needs to allow his human fears to surface so they can be healed, 

Chiron The Wounded Healer at zero degrees ARIES retrograde gives him extra powers, Chiron in Aries heals by initiatory FIRE directly, fast and furiously, by spirit and its spontaneous sexual healing. Use this time to begin to understand true Tantric sexuality which is used for healing and divine union of equals which is what Lilith was originally seeking. 

Chiron at zero degrees Aries Retrogrades back into PISCES  less than 24 hours after the Full Moon on the 25th @ night and the 26th in  GMT. Chiron re-entering Pisces to take us through one last in 50 years cycle to dissolve our wounds in the Ocean of Bliss, forgiveness and compassion.

MARS is the ruler of the Aries Full Moon

the red planet is conjunct the South Node of the Moon, and Lilith the collective dark feminine shadow. Mars conjunct the South Node, our collective past karma for the 3rd time. The last conjunctions were June 7 and July 20- when Mars was moving Retrograde. Over this past 4 month period we’ve been dealing with deep karmic ideas and organizational structures {Aquarius} of patriarchal and masculine energies. The South Node is unconscious masculine explosive rage, anger, sexuality and fear of the collective – of being a drone, a machine, of being angry at the structures of power. 

The Full Moon, a place of maximum light in the night. Illuminates what is normally unseen in the dark. Patience, a Saturn quality -not one of Aries, is what we must learn. To slow down, to allow, to be receptive to, to nurture, to love, to treat as precious and worthy in order to allow our deepest feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt and fear to arise and to be felt fully. That’s all it takes to heal. Awareness, receptivity, witnessing and acceptance.

Use this Full Moon for the healing of deep masculine wounds buried so far down that we don’t even question them. Use this Full Moon to light a candle for the healing of your own soul which helps the collective.

Look at where the SUN MOON CHIRON And SATURN fall in that T-square in your Natal chart at 0-3 degrees Cardinal signs. 


I am open to fully feel my own vulnerabilities, weaknesses and heartfelt emotions which forges intimacy and gives me greater strength.

Allow for a new positive Goddess honouring, life-supporting and heart-led masculine energy that is aligned with Scorpio, Mars other sign of rulership where Venus’s presence here with Jupiter’s guarantees that love will light the way.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Pisces Lunar Eclipse soul healing

This PISCES Harvest Moon Nodal Lunar Eclipse, at 12:05 pm PDT/3:05 pm EDT/ 7:05 pm GMT September 16th is a very powerful, emotionally purifying time, designed to maximise soul healing and deep cleansing. LUNAR eclipses are reflective times. A Full Moon always symbolises a completion and as PISCES is the last sign, there is a very underlined sense of a Huge completion of a long-term cycle. This is also a SOUTH Nodal Lunar Eclipse, indicating we are completing a major karmic cycle, releasing past emotional ties and ways of being.  Pisces

This is also a SOUTH Nodal Lunar Eclipse, indicating we are completing a major karmic cycle, releasing past emotional ties and ways of being.  Pisces is the 12th sign and house, it is the END of all the signs. This is a time of acute receptivity on the psychic planes as well. Listen to your intuition. We are going INTO THE MYSTIC realms under these Full Moon beams.

The Tarot the symbol of PISCES is #18 THE MOON, indicating the DARK SIDE of the MOON. Our denied repressed shadows and past life karmas which limit us until worked through NOW is the time to do that.

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene

The symbol of the Pisces, the fishes, is the symbol of Christianity and martyrdom. The Age of PISCES, our current age, is nearing an end, as the Sun is finishing out its 2,160-year journey through the Sidereal sign of Pisces. We will formally enter the age of Aquarius when the vernal point, zero degrees ARIES, precesses to 0° Aquarius—in about 360 years.   

The End Tara Greene

Pisces governs, the Unconscious, the soul, karma, the shadow, creativity, hidden enemies, oil, water, imagination,  viruses, the source, God, addictions, illusions and delusions, soul mates, psychic energy, glamour, projections, Atlantis, spirituality,  Hollywood, gurus, secluded places, oil, debt, institutions, mental health. 

This Full Moon at 24 degrees PISCES conjoins SHAMAN of the Wound CHIRON, the Centaur opposite to the SUN and Retrograding Mercury in conjunction and all are T-squared  {90 degree angle} by the Warrior of the TRUTH planet, MARS in SAGITTARIUS at 23+ degrees. Uranus and ERIS are exactly trine to MARS from ARIES bringing on the Inconvenient Revolution.

PIsces Moon art Astrology Tara Greene

The Rulers of the PISCES Lunar eclipse are two planets. JUPITER is the traditional ruler of PISCES and the King of the Gods is in LIBRA at 1+ degree verging on a conjunction with The GREAT ATTRACTOR at 2+ degrees- more about that later. Jupiter in LIBRA brings balance, peace, recognizing the “other” as oneself. NEPTUNE is the modern  planetary ruler of PISCES.  NEPTUNE is at 10 degrees Retrograde in PISCES  still in that exact square to SATURN, the Lord of the Rings and Reality/death, foreigners, refugees, travelling, truth, and maturity in Sagittarius. 

NEPTUNE  in PISCES  still in that exact square to SATURN; 

PEARLS of WIDOM. Saturn, the Lord of the Rings and Reality/death, foreigners, refugees, travelling, truth, and maturity in Sagittarius. The GAP between reality and Illusion is being highlighted now. 

The Goddesses JUNO and LILITH are conjunct in SCORPIO, trining NEPTUNE and the SOUTH NODE and trining VESTA in CANCER- see my former article.

Lunar eclipses recycle at the same degree every 19 years. The last one was on the exact same date in 1997. Where were you then? What was happening in your life?  I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter Leah. 

Eclipses are numbered in SAROS cycles. This penumbral eclipse is always a South Nodal one. It began on July 2, 1890 and will end in 3,134. There are a series of 70 Lunar eclipses in this cycle lasting over 1,244 years. This is the 8th one.

On the day of this very first Lunar Eclipse July 2, 1890: The Sherman Anti-Trust Act became law in the United States. It was a federal law passed to break up corporate trusts, or combinations of businesses which formed to stifle competition and fix prices. The law was the result of public pressure against the influence of businessmen considered to be robber barons. That fact is super significant as this cycle is repeating again. The effects of eclipses are strongly felt reverberating for up to a year afterwards.

On July 29, 1890, Artist Vincent Van Gogh died in France at 37, after shooting himself two days earlier. On December 15th legendary Sioux leader Sitting Bull died in South Dakota, and on December 29 the Wounded Knee Massacre took place in South Dakota when the U.S. Cavalry wiped out thousands of indigenous peoples. The NO DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE protests have recently brought together the largest assembly of indigenous peoples from all across North America to protest the building of an oil pipeline on their lands.


The lunar eclipse has the most effect over the places where it is the most visible.

sept. 16 2016 Lunar eclipse map

It will not be visible in North America at all. The area in pink is where the eclipse will be at maximum. Visible from about 15 degrees EAST of Greenwich Right over Russia and the Middle East,India, Asia, and Western Australia. There is also a minor lunar standstill this year. The Moon will appear full for days in a row.  We will all feel its effects.

The Pisces Lunar Eclipse has incredible healing potential. But you must be willing to fully feel all of it, the pain, shame, denied emotions, the anger, resentment, jealousy, whatever it is that you won’t admit to, causes you pain, and try to hide. THAT is where you must go to for the healing. CHIRON governs VIRGO and this is where the SUN, the LIGHT Is. Only by fully feeling and admitting to our vulnerability as frail weak humans can we begin to heal. John Bradshaw the famous M.D. who started the Healing theThe Inner Child movement in the 90’s is one place to go to for help. We also realize we are all in this Blue and green soup we call planet earth together. We are all of

We also realize we are all in this blue and green soup we call planet earth together. We are all of woman born, from the amniotic seas of the womb, we are ALL ONE. Our tears all taste like salt, our blood is all the same colour of red.


Immerse yourself in Epsom salts or Himalayan salts and bathe during the eclipse. Get into the ocean, rivers, or lakes if you can. Be near water. This is a time to cry a river which sends healing to our hearts, to resource and reconnect ourselves to our origins, the cosmic womb, the Great Mother, whose compassionate unconditional love heals all.Pay close attention to your dreams for three nights.

DREAMING: Pay close attention to your dreams and your intuition for three nights.

CREATIVITY: Do art therapy, drawing or painting with watercolors,or colored inks. Tone, chanting, dancing, swaying, praying.

WATER: Drink a ton of water with lemon. VISUALIZE healing for the water of the earth. As you purify your own emotions you help to bring clarity to the waters of Mother Earth. 

MEDITATE: Go directly back to source energy.  Send unconditional love everywhere.

PAST LIVES: this is a great time to go back and remember your past lives, much of what we do now is based on unconscious past life memories. We remember everything in our cellular consciousness. Making these memories conscious is a huge part of the work. Astrology helps greatly with this.

DOLPHINS WHALES and MERMAIDS: meditate with these magnificent animals who are our living ancestors. Send healing to them and all marine creatures. Commune with mermaids, and remember ATLANTIS. 

CHARITY: Vow to give to others who are less fortunate. Pisces is about charity. But be charitable to yourself first where you need to. 

FORGIVENESS: This is an important part of all A.A. methodologies. But you mustn’t forgive until you have fully felt it all and this needs to take time to process. Don’t push the river. Forgiving yourself is the most important part before you can forgive anyone else.

The symbols from John Sandbach 

For Pisces 25. On top of a high hill, a circle of standing stones. (Omega Symbol) 

(Degree Angel: Eyael (AY-ya-EL) Great Expectations, Transformation to the Sublime)

There is a point where human striving has to give in to pure receptivity, and at that point what may have seemed so very difficult to accomplish is found to be effortless. This degree is capable of direct attunement with the Light and is able to uplift and refine even the heaviest and darkest of frequencies. It might be called “lightness of being.” It’s ultimate challenge is how to communicate this lightness to others in a way they can take in.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “People and animals frightened during an eclipse.” The shock of the unexpected can wake us up so that we see our reality in a new way. There is nothing to be afraid of here, but the people and animals do not know this, until, after only a few minutes normality returns. This degree lives continually in that state of surprise that the eclipse has produced. 

Because of this ability to tap in to a greater reality this degree can subtly (and sometimes quite overtly) shock others into new awarenesses. And those awareness have to do with bringing that which was unconscious (The Moon) into alignment with the consciousness (The Sun), so that insight is gained into the hidden aspects of self. All of this happening quite spontaneously and surprizingly.

Pleiadian Symbol: At the river, singing and purification by water.

Azoth Symbol: A beautiful city suffused with an emerald glow. The EMERALD CITY of the Heart CHAKRA.

Seed degree: Capricorn 30. A crystal made in a laboratory is buried in the ground. (Omega Symbol). To bless and heal the earth invites help from the spirits from above.

Blue morning glories growing up a tall trellis. (Chandra Symbol). Climbing ever higher we experience the shock of convergence of who we thought was ourselves with our true self.

A black rooster. (Chandra Symbol). The convergence of the darkness with the light awakens us to possibilities that transcend the normal and expected.

WOW that is so synchronous.  I will be meditating and sitting by Lake Ontario all day. If you would like prayers for you or other loved ones. Please send me an email and I will add your names to my prayers.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.

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“Washing of the Water” as written by Peter Gabriel

River, river carry me on
Living river carry me on
River, river carry me on
To the place where I come from

So deep, so wide, will you take me on your back for a ride
If I should fall, would you swallow me deep inside

River, show me how to float
I feel like I’m sinking down
Thought that I could get along
But here in this water
My feet won’t touch the ground
I need something to turn myself around

Going away, away towards the sea
River deep, can you lift up and carry me
Oh roll on through the heartland
‘Til the sun has left the sky
River, river carry me high
‘Til the washing of the water make it all alright
Let your waters reach me like she reached me tonight

Letting go, it’s so hard
The way it’s hurting now
To get this love untied
So tough to stay with thing
‘Cause if I follow through
I face what I denied
I get those hooks out of me
And I take out the hooks that I sunk deep in your side
Kill that fear of emptiness, loneliness I hide

River, oh river, river running deep
Bring me something that will let me get to sleep
In the washing of the water will you take it all away
Bring me something to take this pain away


9/9/2011 Tara greene Tele-conference Grail Springs Spa Global Village

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 The New moon energies are still symbolically and alchemically pertinent for Soul Harvest and Renewal.

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The New Moon in Virgo Aug 28-29, 2011– Like a Virgin

Every New Moon is a new beginning, a new cycle, a rebirth in the Great Round of the year. As the Moon travels through each sign and element and makes connections to the other planets and stars the Moon is a cosmic mirror transmuting the energies and vibrations of Universal consciousness. We unconsciously know and instinctively feel deeply connected to the Moon’s movements which raise the ocean’s tides and our feelings on the Full Moons and as she disappears on the New.

The 13 Lunation’s each year both New and Full reflect back to us, through the Ancient Hermetic Maxim “As Above, so below” where we are at. The more we know about these energies, their symbolic meanings, the more knowledge and power we have to grow in our own lives in live in harmony with the cosmos. Timing is everything, everything is a symbol and knowledge is power.

The Astrology Sign of Virgo is the Constellation of the Virgin Goddess

This Virgo New Moon symbolizes for me, a return to your essence, your true and virginal Self, and seeing your Self, and the World through renewed eyes. And of course the renewed eyes are spiritual eyes, the eyes of the heart.

Astrology specifics of the Virgo New Moon, Not just for women only

This is the last New Moon this year before the Autumn Equinox and it carries an element of harvesting. The symbol of Virgo shows the Virgin goddess holding a wheat sheaf. Virgo is known for being analytical. We will take account of how far we’ve travelled since Summer Solstice.


Tuning into the Now of this New Moon Tara will take you on a meditative journey to connect with the energies to become renewed, Virgin, whole and complete once again! We will form clear intentions of what, we as whole renewed Virgins are birthing in many aspects in our lives. This is a supreme Virgin Harvest time for Soul renewal.