Revolution # 9 Astrology Numerology -do you know where your planets are?

9th degree master of the templesynchronicity # 9the 9th degree  is highlighted Jan 6 2013

Just noticed this interesting  synchronicity of 5 planets at the 9th degree- this is quite rare

9 is the end of all numbers, symbolizes completion, perfection.

The planets speak in symbols like dreams- the Nth degree is the 9th- to the last, the finish,

what do you have to finish complete and perfect NOW? 

 Many popular phrases relate to the number 9

there is that infamous Beatles song Revolution Number 9, with the hypnotic repeating Number 9, Number 9,

and the Beatles were prophets of the 60’s and the Age of Aquarius is just being birthed now.

Dressed to the Nines, up on cloud 9, the whole nine yards, Love Potion Number 9, a pop song from the 60’s

9 is  a superlative number- the 9 Hathors from Ancient Egypt

There were 9 worthies drawn from pagan and Jewish biblical sources which were used as examples of dignity magnanymous people in Medieval times they were -Hector, Alexander, Julius Caesar, Joshua, David, Judas Maccabaeus, King Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon.

and the  classical mythology had 9 Muses of art and learning  amongst them

-Calliope -epic poetry, Clio- history, Erato-love poetry, Terpsichore- dance, Thalia- Comedy and Urania- Astronomy/Astrology            


 get your astrology chart out and see where you have planets at the 9th degree of any signs but especially

Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius get the exact hit conjunction! the most power packed,-I have nothing here but my husband has his Capricorn Sun.

Aries, Libra, for the square from Capricorn the next intense

and Cancer 9 degrees, Taurus 9 degrees, Leo 9 degrees- they are opposition points and squares

all the other points are already included.


Gemini a 9 degrees gets the quincunx from Pluto Mercury  and to Saturn in Scorpio

Virgo at 9 degrees gets the quincunx to Mars in Aquarius 

very intense days jan 6 and 7th – HOW TO WORK THIS-

depending on which planet or planets are involved, think about and

ASK  the quality of each planet to communicate with you about what is ending, completing

Sun is vigor, self, identity;

 Moon is emotions, instincts, memories,

Mercury is thinking and communications

Venus is love and creativity relatrionships,

Mars is action, defneses,masculine energy

Jupiter is learning,optimism,knowldege,

Saturn is discipline, career, structure, limits, kjarma

Uranus is change,freedom,group actions;

Neptune is dreaming,spirituality, addictions,compassion and forgiveness

Pluto is soul, death, power,riches, transformation, sex,control

be the HERMIT in the Tarot Cards He is # 9 GO within,

listen to your own inner wisdom

let me know

Blessings TARA

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revolution #9 backwards Beatles

Love Potion #9 by the Searchers early 60’s

Numerology,Tarot, Angels,10 day Spiritual cleanse rituals by Tara Greene

August 7 adds up  8 + 7 + 2 + 00 + 1 + 2 = Number 20/#2  Vibration. The #2 day symbolizes the HIGH PRIESTESS { the MOON} Day.

The Number 20/2 is a very powerful number. All the other numerical equivalents like 29,38, 47, etc. reduce to 11 a Master number first.

This day begins a 10 day cleansing leading up to the August 17 New Moon .So come on along with me and I will guide you.

In the TAROT the number 20 is commonly called JUDGEMENT DAY,from the Book of Revelations. You know the Archangel Gabriel comes nad blows his trumpet and the dead rise again.

In the Thoth Tarot which I use the card #20 totally departs from tradition and is renamed the AEON, the NEW AGE, and shows Egyptian God symbol HORUS reborn,  from the sky Goddess NUIT and her consort HADIT.

Horus means  HRU The great angel set over the Tarot, or your personal Guardian angel.

Crowley Thoth Tarot deck The Aeon

The numbers 20 and 2 are my Personality and Soul numbers. So I am very familiar with their vibrations.

The # 2 in the Tarot is the HIGH PRIESTESS and she is on the Middle Pillar e4of the Tree of Life emanating from Kether, The Kingdom. The 2nd Sephiroth is called CHOKMAH, wisdom  in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. She is the Moon the unconscious,the memories, the in utero experience, your mother, the karmic glue so to speak, security, nurturing, protection, the hidden, the shadows, twilight, reflection, meditation, water, all things dark and Feminine.

Thoth Tarot High Preistess

The #2 is the power of women to be in tune with the Moon’s natural cycles, with their psychic intuitive natural energy, especially when they are “on their Moon” during their menstrual cycle. Women are most psychic and powerful when they bleed and that is why there are “taboos” against men touching women during this time. It is the most sacred and HOLY time of the Month, so ladies do celebrate ad honour your sacred MOON time. TAke time out to rest reflect get into a bath and let it bleed, love your menstrual blood, it is sacred substance used in sexual Tantric and ancient priestess rituals for healing. It is fertile and was the original Fertilizer.

Read more about my High Priestess memories

Use this day to meditate to cleanse as VENUS has just entered Cancer for the Month and Cancer is ruled by the MOON.

The Merkabah is also associated with the # 7 The Chariot which is assocaited with the Astrology sign of CANCER.

The Power of #2 meditation for this special Day and join me in a 10 day riutual cleansing

The Moon will be void-of-course from 1:04 pm PDT/4:04 pm EDT until tomorrow 8/8 – more about that numerology in the next article,

till 12:28 am PDT/3:28 am EDT.

I will be meditating at 11:30 pm EDT so if you’d like to join me.

 Light a white candle, make sure it is in a safe place. have a notebook or paper near by, and a bowl of water.

Imagine or create a half a half-moon crescent on your 3rd eye.

Imagine a veil of moonlight or sacred shield around you resting on your crown chakra, atop your head and flowing around you in a circle protecting you. Sit and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Slowly.

As you breathe in allow yourself to go back in time. to when you were a HIGH PRIESTESS connected directly to the Moon. Men can do this as well, integrating their own anima or Inner Feminine.

See the New Moon over your head, it is a shadow a black hole but you know the moon is there. August 17th is the next new moon, we are moving from the Fullness into rebirth at the Leo New MOON.

Call in your Holy Guardian angels, ask for their help. Ask for whatever it is you need to shed, to let go of, whatever physical spiritual, emotional mental shackles, bondage, limitations are  keeping you back from being true to your own SOUL, the Anima.

BE with this allow whatever images, sensations, feelings to come and be released, you are safe and very well protected.

Keep breathing, know you are always in control and you are being held and protected. Do as much as feels comfortable for you.

Ask for a symbol, image or sign that you can use to anchor this cleansing and renewal.

Then when you feel ready,give thanks to your guardian angels and slowly come back to your body and this time.

Write whatever happened. Wash your hands and face in the water, this is a ritual cleansing.

Your homework is to keep doing this for the next 10 days. Try to do this at the same time every day.

Do what works easiest for you. The point is the 10 days of cleansing.

Let me know how you are doing.

I can also lead you personally to a cleansing ritual by phone

Blessings TARA