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Johnny Depp has always been one of my favourite actors. In the past 9 days his beloved Mother passed away May 20 in Los Angeles and his wife of 15 months the lovely Amber Heard has filed for divorce May 26 with a restraining order against Depp claiming that he physically assaulted her. They had no pre-nup agreement and Amber could stand to get 1/2 of his hundreds of millions. 

Johnny also got into a kerfuffle with the OZ officials for trying to smuggle in their two little dogs,against the rules. 

Let’s check out Johnny’s chart to see what the stars are doing 

JOhnny Depp Astrology Tara Greene

Johnny hasn’t been looking well since he married Herd actually. The handsome actor known for his gorgeous cheek-bones has put on weight, looks bloated and unkempt. He has had addictions problems in the past. So what’s going on with the very talented actor who’s Alice Through The Looking Glass premiered at the same time as the divorce announcement and his mo’s death all within a week’s time?

Born John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II on June 9, 1963 Johnny is a Versatile mutable GEMINI, with his SUN in the 11th house of the Rebel, the freedom fighter. With a Fiery passionate actor’s LEO Ascendant, Johnny loves drama. 

Johnny has his MOON in CAPRICORN representing his Mother, his moods, feelings, childhood and emotional security needs. His SOUTH NODE is also in CAPRICORN at 20 Degrees indicating that his Mother, and all women in his life are KARMIC connections for him. Johnny ay get unconscious and act from that past life karmic mood. The Moon and South Node are in his 6th house of work, and health, So all of these factors affect his physical body and his work output and his emotional state. 

Johnny has a MERCURY VENUS conjunction in sensuous TAURUS in his 10th HOUSE of FAME. Johnny’s career is Taurus and VENUS, the Goddess of love beauty and the arts has bestowed him with his good looks and charm. He is a sensuous man, driven by his physical desires for money,beautiful women, art, music, whatever touches his mind as well. He is a pragmatic thinker.

Johnny has MARS at 3 degrees VIRGO in his 1st house of self-identity conjunct URANUS The man is a born REBEL, he could never fit in everywhere. Depp has stated that his addictions stemmed from the fact that he “Never felt comfortable in his own skin.”  Spoken like a true Uranian in earth signs. The placement of the planet Uranus in all charts indicates the “alien aspect.”  Johnny’s energy may be very erratic, he is an electrifying lover, very much in touch with his own Kundalini energies. He is brilliant and his thoughts usually rise above the crowds. 

Johnny also has PLUTO in Virgo conjunct that already weird in the body stuff. So that’s a MARS URANUS PLUTO conjunction. The man is a born rebel rouser, inventor, freedom lover.

CERES, the Great Mother is also conjunct Depp’s natal Pluto indicating he has a very strong tie with his mother, maybe more unconsciously and the Asteroid JUNO, the traditional Greek Goddess of Marriage, the faithful wife image is conjunct to Ceres.  He is seeking a Mother and Wife deep down. 

CERES and JUNO are opposite Johnny’s CHIRON in PISCES in the 8th house

Any planets in Pisces have an unconscious, shadow like, self-undoing nature, In the 8th house especially, Johnny has ghosts, he may be very tormented deep down, feels very vulnerable. He must be careful that he isn’t manipulated and used for his money influence and power. He seeks healing from the mother/wife image. 


This is the aspect which makes Johnny such an incredible actor. The ability to morph into whatever character he is playing. He may have a dual personality as well. One which he keeps hidden, There are natural addictions issues with this aspect. Pisces can be brilliant or self-destructive and both too.

MARS conjunct PLUTO in ANY sign is a symbol of issues with power, control, sex, demons, big shadows, and violence potentially. Johnny also treats his work {Virgo} like an a attack dog. He totally embodies whatever character he is playing. His health can suffer if her gets out of touch with his own feelings and drives. 

Johnny has JUPITER in ARIES in the 9th house. He is spontaneous, quick to anger, energetic, trusting, naive at times, independent, strong-willed, competitive, needs to be the boss. 

SATURN is RETROGRADE at 23 AQUARIUS in his 7th house of Marriage. 

This is a very karmic indicator that his Father strongly affects his connections with the world. He will have more than one marriage and the brides will be ones he has married before. He will have unusual, or free marriages. It may be difficult for him to be faithful to one partner at a time. He needs a partner which he sees as a partner in arms, sharing the same wavelength.  URANUS is opposite to Saturn in Virgo indicating karmic relationships and unusual partners or erratic energies in the relationships. 

NEPTUNE is also RETROGRADE in SCORPIO in his 4th house of childhood, home, roots,foundation, his mother, and his unconscious, his most private house.  Johnny has very deep sexual and spiritual desires and addictions, which may be very closely guarded. Neptune is the planet that rules actors, artists, musicians and addicts. Neptune Retrograde makes it more difficult for people to drop their addictions as the causes are karmic and very deeply rooted. 

NEPTUNE SQUARES SATURN indicating the addictions may run in the family. Depp’s father may have been very controlling or a projection of young Depp onto an idealised Father image. 

Johnny’s NORTH NODE at 20 degrees CANCER

Depp has stated that his children have become everything to him. They weren’t planned. The North Node in the 12th house shows a deep unconscious desire for children, family, emotional and security needs. Johnny is meant to evolve into a protective nurturing father figure. He needs a lot of emotional support and could turn self- destructive if he doesn’t get it. He is deeply sentimental and governed by his Mother.


Johnny is in the cross-hairs of the MUTABLE GRAND CROSS this past few weeks. 

SATURN Lord of KARMA is EXACTLY squaring his Chiron in Pisces in the house of MARRIAGE and opposite his Gemini sun and squaring his Natal CERES, symbolizing his mother. I am sending Blessings to Johnny over the loss of his mother. This aspect has also brought on his deep wounds, emotional needs and a karmic ending to his marriage to Amber. 

JUPITER in VIRGO is also involved, also right on his Natal CERES, squaring his GEMINI SUN and opposite his Natal CHIRON in PISCES. His health is suffering most likely from drinking, he has fallen back into his old addictions. 

PLUTO in CAPRICORN is inconjunct to his Natal Gemini SUN and will continue to bring major-breakdowns in Johnny’s life over the next couple of years. I had an intuitive flash that he will commit suicide or is thinking about this as he is very depressed and should go to rehab.

PLUTO is also conjunct to his SOUTH NODE in CAPRICORN indicating a fall from power, Johnny’s soul is unravelling, He needs to let go of his own self-image. Everything he built could be laid waste. Pluto is pushing his soul into his North Node, family, his children, nurturing himself. Rehab, the 12th house, seclusion, self-destruction, can be very creative if he navigates it well. His family may have to intervene to help him. 

URANUS has been squaring his Nodes for most of 2016 bringing erratic unusual behaviours into Johnny life. 

Mars Retrograde travelling through his 4th house will oppose his Natal Mercury Venus conjunction over the next month or so. He will move find a new place to live. MARS turns DIRECT June 29 at 23+ degrees Scorpio exactly square his Natal Saturn in AQUARIUS in the 7th house. It may be a fight in court ahead as Mars return to Sagittarius. There is an indication that his ex-Vanessa Paradise may come back into his life. He may need her and his children’s love to help him through this transition. 

The SOLAR ECLIPSE at 18+ Pisces March 8 had a strong influence on his Natal SUN and CHIRON. It indicates a 19 year cycle in Depp’s life. 

JUPITER will enter LIBRA in SEPTEMBER and will oppose Johnny’s natal JUPITER and square his Moon in mid-November this can be a good thing for him. Jupiter in Libra rebalances relationship karma. Jupiter in LIbra is court justice. Telling the truth is very important. 

The transiting SOUTH NODE And NEPTUNE will be conjunct at 9+ degrees PISCES in November 2016 in his 8th house of resources, karma, death and rebirth. 

This releasing of past karma will happen right on Johnny’s CHIRON in PISCES in his 8th house of money and power death and resurrection. SATURN will also be squaring the NODES and NEPTUNE. Johnny will have his day in court. He may take a big hit on the financial level. He may go further down the rabbit hole into deeper addictions problems. Or this will be a huge wake up call for him. 

I do hope that Johnny finds a way to redeem himself. His children could be his true lifeline for him getting him self back on track. I am sending him blessings for his recovery.

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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4 thoughts on “Johnny Depp,in depth Astrology,Tara Greene

  1. Tara: By my understanding of community property laws of California Amber would get half of what Johnny earned while they were married. During those 15 months he released 2 movies: Mortdecai (which lost money ) and Black Mass (which broke even). Royalties and other investments could count for more, but the estimate is $15 to $50 million for Amber out of Johnny’s estimated $400 million net worth. The marriage would be considered short by the courts so her asking for spousal support has already been refused by the judge. Her net worth is estimated at $4.5 million and as we know, they had no children. I agree with you: Johnny needs an intervention, rehab, bond with his children, his ex’s have already come forward defending him. Johnny will fare well if he does that because Hollywood loves a good redemption story.


  2. Reblogged this on Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic and commented:

    reposting the article I wrote in 2016 about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. I will update the current transits but with the news that Amber admitted she was the one who was abusive towards Johnny repeatedly. The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction on his Nodes will free him to come back and be reborn. I will write more on this shortly. Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct his Natal Moon and is squaring his Natal Jupiter in Aries. Johnny will get justice in Court.


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