Love shakes and clarity, Horoscope

VENUS is the most active planet this week, watch out for the 27th when VENUS OPPOSING URANUS which could shake up the financial sectors. Bitcoin may surpass its old high or crash. A new type of Crypto could be announced, MERCURY sextiles Pluto on the 27th and JUPITER on the 29th and

NEPTUNE turns DIRECT I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW.” is the playlist

SUN inconjuncts URANUS on the 29th.

These are not in traditional order,


Expect relationships love and stuff to heat up as Venus is in Scorpio, When she opposes URANUS on the 27th relationships can open up, become wild and free, chaotic and exciting. A good time for networking and online connecting.


MERCURY trines NEPTUNE on the 23rd sparkling deep desires to move mountains in pursuit of ideals. Its a very creative dreamy soulful, sexy, deeply insightful aspect. MERCURY sextiles Pluto on the 27th and JUPITER on the 29th


Mercury trines Neptune in PISCES is good for you all. Venus in Scorpio highlights sex, shared resources and finances.


SUN trines CHIRON the HEALING CENTAUR on the 26th

this enables you to overcome any wounds, vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

SUN inconjuncts URANUS in TAURUS on the 29th which can be a quirky but creative day. Its my birthday.


Venus rules LIBRA and in Scorpio she is heating things up for Cardinal signs Libra. MERCURY in SCORPIO’s sextiles to Pluto and JUPITER in CAPRICORN bring good financial instincts, wealth can be increased and conversations with higher ups and long term plans can be fleshed out.



Something unique unusual unexpected out of the norm is coming into your life.Could be love could be changes in your home an unexpected move or career.

NEPTUNE turns DIRECT November 28 at 18+PISCES, Neptune Retrograde since June 22nd has been pulling us back into old dreams, unconscious memories, denial, addictions, projections and illusions. Neptune rules VIRUSES. We can start to get a clearer picture of reality now.

It will take until March 20, 2021, until Neptune surpassed its 20 degrees 59 minutes Pisces Retrograde point.






November 28 NEPTUNE turns DIRECT at 18+PISCES, Neptune Retrograde since June 22nd has been pulling us back into old dreams, unconscious memories, denial, addictions, projections and illusions. Neptune rules VIRUSES. We can start to get a clearer picture of reality now. It will take until March 20, 2021, until Neptune surpassed its 20 degrees 59 minutes Pisces Retrograde point.


Something unique unusual unexpected out of the norm is coming into your life.Could be love could be changes in your home an unexpected move or career.



I will write an indepth article and a video about this ECLIPSE.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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July 16 Lunar Eclipse preview

The Lion, The Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse

Leo Total Lunar Eclipse at greatest max on January 20 @ 9:15 pm PST/ January 21 @ 12:15 A.M. EST/ 5:15 A.M. GMT.             This super powered lunar eclipse will appear blood red encouraging our animal blood lust. Visible across North America which will be in the shadow and the most powerfully effected. Cue part 2 of the Great American Solar Eclipse Of Aug 2017.                                        Lupercalians and Leonine Feline’s will be shapeshifting, transmogrifying and unleashing a rampage of animal instincts and women who run with the wolves. At zero degrees Leo this Lunar eclipse signifies a brand new beginning of courage, daring, Strength in the Tarot # 8 or #11. Star power, childlike playfulness and heart is our new crowning glory. img_5551-1

This North Nodal Eclipse in Cancer close to the Leo Moon shows where our collective values lie. The most traditionally nurturing feminine and mothering of all the signs, Cancer provides shelter from the storm, emotional safety and security and a warm hearth and Arms to rock us as babes in our mothers wombs. Protecting the children,women’s rights, clean water, food, and the oceans are our collective priorities.

Eclipse recur in 18+ year cycles. This eclipse belongs to Saros Cycle 134 which contains 72 eclipses starting in 1550 and lasting until 2,830. The last lunar eclipse in this cycle occurred in 2001, 1982, 1964, 1946, 1928. Think about where you were at in the previous cycles. That cycle has come to an end. A new 18+ year cycle is beginning.          Zero Leo is also opposites the next new 20 year Great Conjunction Of Jupiter and Saturn at 0  degrees Aquarius.

Note  Duchess Meghan Markle’s  North Node  is 0 Leo she and especially her unborn baby is being directly affected karmically during this eclipse on the sign of royalty. Surely the conjunction in 2020 will have a huge affect on her and the baby or babies. I feel it is a girl.

The energies are intense at this eclipse. A Super Moon Lunar eclipse intensifies our emotions and our unconscious memories.

Cancer North Node symbolizes our roots, our ancestors,our homes, roots and DNA. We need to honour our ancestors they made it possible for us to be here.

Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and South Node are all in Capricorn providing a very solid restrictive traditional backwards pull.

There is some very expansive energies.

A Grand Water Trine

Ceres in Scorpio, Trine Chiron in Pisces, and the North Node indicates a torrent of energy to heal the sexual abuses of children, women, and transform old ideas about women’s power in all aspects.

There’s a hot fire Trine from Venus conjunction Jupiter in Sagittarius -exact January 22 @ 16+. Now they are on the Great Attractor trining Mars in Aries. . Neptune in Pisces is squaring Venus and Jupiter amping this incredibly high loving romantic idealistic energy. Jupiter governs Sagittarius and Pisces. Neptune is modern ruler of Pisces. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus which is exalted in Pisces

That’s super hot, lucky, spiritual, adventurous, exotic, a big expansive learning curve. The danger is over the being over indulgent, naive, over the top, illusion, delusions, addictions, denials and, escapism.

Mars is squaring Saturn and Pluto in a tight square. Sorry to have to tell it like it is, but this is one of the heaviest of aspects. Like what’s happening in brexit is an illustration. No one agrees, every is ready to fight. The mood is aggressive, angry and impatient.

Uranus is in a Grand cardinal cross square to the South Node and Pluto and North Node and the Moon opposite Athena in Libra. The issue is radical change, Revolution caught between old outworn patriarchal values and the incoming Divine feminine. It’s tense we can see that.

We are on the road to change. Let’s face it with our hearts open a childlike trust and innocence and strength and pride in our own hearts.

North Node in cancer with eclipsed animal spirit moon unveils a new 18 year cycle which completes in 2037. Think about how much the works has changed since 2001, 1982, and 1964 when the Beatles took over the world and the 60’s and feminism was just starting another wave.

We are conceiving of the world we want to see now.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Super LEO Lunar red blue Blood total Eclipse

In true LEO fashion this eclipse is being hyped as the rare bloody super blue red Moon purplest royal rare eclipse in 150 years. Astronomy sites are toting its Blue Moon status which is really meaningless. In Australia the eclipse is on Feb. 1-no blue Moon there.

Never the less All Lunar Eclipses are a peak full moon hidden shadow emotional realm reveal as the magnetic pull of the moon on our feelings and the oceans tides at fullness is temporarily blocked by the earths shadow. What we are in the dark about is what needs to be revealed and it will pull us in.

A total LEO eclipse aligns is with the heart and the archetype of creativity self expression and the divine inner golden child.

At 11+ degrees LEO the Moon is exactly conjunct CERES the Earth Mother Goddess of all life on earth indicating we need to face the shadow rejected neglected abandoned child within. We also need to face the shadow of the collective rape of the earth’s environment.

Be with and fiercely and ferociously Love and protect your Inner divine child who felt it’s innate soul was not seen heard felt or loved. This is the archetypal wound we all bring into the physical world.

VENUS in cool headed detached social media world of AQUARIUS is conjunct the SOUTH NODE and JUNO the archetype of the divine consort, pictured as the “trophy wife” who was originally the goddess of female genius. The South Node the dragons tail is what we need to shed and leave behind. The talking head detached from the heart “Stepford Wives” robot like female duty bound wife who defers to her masterful husband boss or worldly authoritarian and sacrifices her own innate genius is over. Gone caput.

The ruler of Leo is the SUN

We are at a critical stage in humanity’s development. The reality of AI is on the verge of taking over our world. What’s behind that is The shadow of Leo Moon -pride greed Power vanity gold lust the absolute power of kings or Queens the 1%. This is what we need to see in the dark -what is being hidden from the public at large. We can’t believe in all that glitters is gold and how robots will make our lives easier when it’s all a lie to entrap and account for every human in the planet. We can’t believe in the glamorous lies of wealth vanity selfies Kim Kardashian or Donald trumps golden toilet or all the other lies sold to everyone made to enhance our ego’s. Wealth is not the source. Love is.

jUPITER in SCORPIO is squaring the South Node Venus And JUNO

Sexual roles are being trashed and rebirthed as women refuse to behave in the tribe. women’s liberation is really going to release the indoctrination of thousands of years of domination by the head divorced from the heart. This will also free the men from the chains too.


Invest in your sacred sexuality as the ancient sacred priestesses did. This aspect allows us to tap into our cellular memories of living lives devoted to a benevolent immanent All accepting Goddess of Mercy.

This eclipse last occurred in 1999 at this degree. Think back to where you were then. What was stirring in your heart?

Look at which house the LEO eclipse falls in to see what courage and creativity is being conceived in the dark and how your newly risen heart of gold will Light the world.

Choose love and not lies. Choose love.

Lunar eclipse guide


In your 1st house of self-identity. Discover the hidden neglected child behind the arrogant show off. Love her or him fiercely until authentic creativity shines through which doesn’t need any outside approval or applause. Just be creative for creativity’s sake.


In your 12th house. Discover the inherent perfection within. Allow yourself to trust in the heart as it simply beats the rhythm. Pay attention to the monsters in your dreams. Transmute them through Love.


In your 11th house of wishes hopes dreams. What do you really feel you need to connect with others? Face your fear of being alone, face your fear of being rejected and love that part of you.


In your 10th house of worldly fame and glory. What are you most afraid of being revealed? What is your deepest sexual emotional Shame? Love that rejected shadow into lightness. Expose your darkest parts to the light,


In your 9th house of true Sagittarius honesty adventure teaching learning and inspiration. What emotional heartbreak are your pretending isn’t hampering your upbeat pose? What is your biggest fear of being entrapped by? Look at your own hypocrisy first and vow to have the courage to trot your talk.


In your natal 8th house of sex money Power and transformation. Look deep into your own lusty animal Soul. What beast lurks there behind your responsible corporate buildings facade? Facing your fear of your own feelings and emotions gives you the most power in the world.


On your natal 7th house of marriage relationships and “others.” Face your fear of being a human with emotions and not an automaton. Let yourself be messy imperfect and loveable. Let yourself connect with others with hear and passion.


In your 6th house of work service and health. Your shadow is feeling worthy. Let this eclipse bring forth your ability to have boundaries. Examine your shadow of cleanliness perfection and addictions. Act like a sovereign not a slave.


In your natal 5th house of children love affairs the heart and self will. Why was your inner child so defensive? What was she/he protecting against? Examine the inner child who needs others with all their hearts and allow yourself to be vulnerable.


In your 4th house of self roots childhood emotional security. The eclipse will open your need for safety at bottom of your acquisitionary needs. Play like a child. Reveal your innate vulnerability which is so. Beautiful.


In your natal 3rd house which is naturally you. The Peter Pan why is she/he so terrified to grow up? What was the trick life cruelly played on you which prevents you from commuting? If you fail what’s so terrible? Heal that now.


In your 2nd house of self-esteem resources and money. What emotional desires can never be fulfilled no matter how much money you had? Your shadow of being unable to receive keeps you from solidifying your needs for emotional safety.

Please share widely All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Lucid Dream with the stars

Sat. Feb 25

The aspects are easy and positive today,pre-eclipse for tomorrow.

Aquarius Moon sextiles MARS and URANUS the stars of tomorrow show besides the eclipses makers. Moon sextiles SATURN too.

The MOON is VOID OF COURSE from 1:11 pm EST-7:24 pm EST. 

MOON trined JUPITER in LIBRA in the a.m.

a nice social aspect for meetings of the tribal and digital minds.

MERCURY enters PISCES  until March 13 later in the day

to strengthen your lucid dreaming, to bring on your telepathic, psychic, empathic and intuitive energies. This aspect also points to our denials, addictive behaviours and our ability to be compassionate forgive and end old cycles. 

Read all about The Trickster Messenger in the sign of Spirituality and endings

DREAMING is enhanced while MERCURY is in PISCESLucid Dreams,Mercury in PIsces, Tara Greene astrology

The Message is the Dream, the Dream is the message. Practice being awake in your dreams. Use your intention, meditate before going to sleep at night. Shamans practice these techniques for years. There is a dream yoga practice from Tibetan Buddhists.

What with all the fake news stuff going on. The Denial level may rise even more! 

Moon enters PISCES in the evening and the two planets join up prepping for tomorrow big event.

Be careful with drugs or alcohol consumption this evening and during and after the eclipse. With so many planets in PISCES, Mercury, South Node, Moon, Sun, Neptune, asteroid Athena and Chiron!!  We are immersed in the ocean of fog and mystery that is PISCES. 

The Solar Eclipse won’t have much visibility. It will be visible mainly over Patagonia and Antarctica and partly visible over most of south America. In Africa it will be visible at sunset in Zambia-Congo.  The effects manifest strongest over the areas that the eclipse path falls. It will traverse the Atlantic Ocean. This points to some event, a discovery in Antarctica revealing ancient civilizations or changes in the Southern Atlantic currents, perhaps. 

Feb 26 Solar eclipse

We will all still be affected as this is a SOLAR ECLIPSE. Animals are extremely tuned into eclipses. All of nature comes to a standstill at Solar and Lunar Eclipses Eclipses. If your dog or cat is acting wonky they feel the electro-magnetic waves changing as the eclipse happens. The culminating ring in this 3¼-hour-long event will last for at most 44 seconds.

The eclipse occurs at 6:58 am PST/ 10:58 am EST/ 2:58 pm GMT.

The positive and negative karmas are said to multiply during eclipses. 

It;s intense out there. Stay centered. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Jupiter Chiron quincunx,Aquarius moon

I feel like lying low pre-eclipse. My advise for you as the Mars Pluto Uranus Jupiter energies gather and cross is to step back and take some deep breaths and use the Aquarius moon to detach from it all. 

That’s all for now. Will find in tomorrow. 

I’m thinking about Venus Retrograde. 

The temperature dropped 35 degrees Fahrenheit in one day here in Toronto. Pretty wacky, 

The Divine Feminine must bond forward and speak her truth. That was a powerful message I received today. 

The Galactic centre is the rabbit hole. Where Alice’s adventures began. Saturn is holding us there. We are lead weighted to this cosmic vagina  now that’s why you hear so much from her these days. 


Please share widely

All writing is by tara greene 

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Virgo Solar Eclipse, 3 days Dark Moon

I stayed up very late last night praying for all the people who contacted me, thank you; and asked for prayers for themselves and for loved ones. Trust that I did in complete confidence and I will continue prayers until 3 days after the eclipse. Under a Mercury Retrograde this BOXBE thing, which I don’t know how I got connected with filtered my emails and I found a bunch more requests later last night. You were all included. 

The moon stays in VIRGO for most of today giving us time to digest and integrate these powerful changes going on. Because Mercury is RETROGRADE and in its own sign it will take longer to digest. You may feel bloated, literally or have digestive issues. I felt that. 

virgo astrology Tara Greene

Virgo by Puiman


Here’s the power of this eclipse in Virgo sign of the environment:

I was very distressed to see the news item about the millions of bees destroyed in South Carolina very stupidly by spraying a deadly insecticide for Zika virus. The Washington Post carried this headline. 

“Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes”

I believe this Zika virus is another Monsanto cover-up. Monsanto’s crops don’t need bees. I believe all these modern viruses are a direct result of GMO crops and the virus started where Monsanto crops were planted in BRAZIL. It’s a NWO take over. Trust me on this. I see these things psychically. Poor bees. We need those millions of bees more than a few cases of Zika virus which can be prevented.  If you go to the EPA page about how to use the deadly insecticide Naled you can see they blew it on purpose.

Because Mercury is RETROGRADE and in its own sign  it will take longer to digest all of this. You may feel bloated, literally or have digestive issues. I felt that this morning too. 

DEJA VU Zeus and Mercury 

My sense was I felt the upside part of the Goddess Grand sextile and the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction at first. It is exact today at 28+ degrees VIRGO and we are retrograding this experience. It occurred originally on August 22 as the Sun entered Virgo.  What were you doing then? Not too long ago. see below for more on this.

Then the heavyness of the SATURN MARS  in SAGITTARIUS squaring Neptune came in. OMG it is right on my natal MOON and close to my Sun still so I am feeling exhausted. All GEMINI’s VIRGO”s and PISCES who have planets between 5-19 degrees of MUTABLE signs are really feeling this. Lets hear from you. 


which can be like slipping into unconsciousness, delusion, fantasy, escapism, addictions, dreams, and unreality. AVOIDANCE levels are on High alert. 

One of my own mottos is “DON”T AVOID THE VOID.”  You can quote me on that.

Don’t explain things away on a spiritual New Agey way as it’s all perfect when its not. You are really just avoiding doing your deeper shadow and psychological work when all this VIRGO/SAGITTARIUS  energy demands that you KEEP IT REAL, and be accountable, as Native people say. 

Saturn and Mars are here to remind you “as you sow, so shall you reap.”  You must face the truth says SATURN and MARS in SAGITTARIUS. Fess up. You cannot lie or hide or pretend anymore. To yourself or anyone else on a deeper level. You may try to hide the pain, the depression, anger resentment whatever it is.  Watch for what you are projecting. If you remain in Witness mode and watch what the ego does you can use this time wisely to understand, analyze and integrate these lessons.

Retrograde Mercury rejoins Jupiter in Virgo. This is a practical relearning to fully integrate lessons on the physical plane. Review your life lessons,  your commitment to work, to your health, your debts and all your obligations. Jupiter always is optimistic and expansive. Where have you been too cautious? too scared? 

Mercury will conjunct JUPITER again in LIBRA on October 11 at 6+ degrees LIBRA. 

There next meeting will be a rebalancing of these issues in a different element and around relationships. 

The Moon also conjuncts MERCURY and JUPITER 

which helps us to bridge the mental and emotional realms and connect deeply. It will take a while to really assimilate it all. For the next 5 weeks or so until October 6th when Mercury and is finished its Retrograde and again crosses the 28+ degree mark we will have greater understanding, knowledge and a workable business plan and budget for all of this energy.

The Moon enters LIBRA at 5:55 pm a in PDT/ 8:55 pm EDT/sept 3 @ 12:55 am GMT. 

The Labour Day Long weekend is under a LIBRA MOON

which means smooth sailing, lots of parties, social events, niceties and enjoying the good life. It means the end of summer up here in Toronto Canada as children go back to school on the 6th. I hope you have had a great summer/winter down under.

Wishing you a happy peaceful safe holiday weekend.

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Joni Mitchell Astrology

JONI MITCHELL, the 71 year old famed singer songwriter of Woodstock and hundreds of other tunes was rushed to hospital March 31 2015 after a 911 call to her home. Apparently she is better at the moment. Joni Mitchell has always been one of my favourite women singers and songwriters. She has led the way for the entire 60’s generation and  all other modern women songwriter who write very personal lyrics. Joni always marched to her own drummer, she was never sold out, she was true to herself. Yes she has been a heavy smoker all these years and apparently has Morgellan’s disease. In Toronto last year for her pre-70th birthday she came our of retirement to sing. 

Joni MItchell Astrology Tara Greene

So lets look at Joni’s chart to see whats going on with her.

Joni Mitchell born November 7 1943,  10:00 pm Fort Macleod Alberta Canada. 

Joni MItchell health Astrology by Tara Greene

JONI is deep, intense soulful double Scorpio Sun with Mercury conjunct to her natal Sun in the 5th house of creativity, love affairs, self-expression and power. Mercury governs communications and the lungs.Her songs have always come from a very deep, very wise old soul perspective.

Joni’s Moon is in very sensitive, spiritual, emotional, creative sign of PISCES and it is perched atop her wordly fame position the 10th house. Her passionate soul revelation is what have made her world-famous.  “Love is touching soul’s” “We are stardust”  “I could drink a case of you, darling.” are very PISCES lyrics. 

JONI has a Venus in Virgo, Neptune in Libra conjunction opposite to her Moon in her 4th house of privacy, roots, foundation, emotional-security.  Joni is a naturally gifted talented super creative artist, she is also an excellent painter. Deeply romantic, a dreamer and poet, a bard, she is an addicted type of personality, she yearns for that soul merge. Venus in Virgo makes her very disciplined, a hard working perfectionist, critical, grounded, humble and shows underlying health issues. Neptune in Libra makes her highly romantic, a lady of grace, beauty and harmony. Her need for the beloved is channelled through her  cigarette smokinh which she had done since she was eight years old.

JONI also has four planets in GEMINI giving her a dual enquiring nature. She is quite androgynous. and childlike and her mind is very versatile.  Uranus is Retrograde in the 11th house. She is truly Aquarian- the song Woodstock was the anthem for the 60’s generation and she wasn’t even there. She art directed and produced every one of her many albums. Gemini rules the lungs and she is vulnerable here. 

Joni has a very unusual configuration. MARS Retrograde conjunct to Saturn  Retrograde in the 12th house of the Unconscious, karma, self-undoing and privacy. This formation shows a past life of being a man and of coming into this life to finish all karmic contracts with males, father figures, authorities and to express her own individuality. Saturn rules polio which Joni had as a child and recovered from. Gemini rules the lungs and this can also show up as weak lungs or health issues related to her lungs. The two planets are also conjunct to Asteroid Vesta which brings focus, dedication and craft to her writing, communicating and story telling abilities. 

JONI has a CANCER Ascendant and Ceres the Great Mother in her 12th house. Deep down she is very loyal to her roots, her family, her land, she never gave up her Canadian citizenship and maintains a huge piece of land in British Columbia which she often stays on. She had her daughter when married very young and gave her up for adoption to pursue her musical career. She reunited with her daughter and grand child in the past few years.

Joni has lots of LEO star power. PLUTO, symbol of the Soul and the Unconscious is conjunct the NORTH NODE in Leo in her 2nd house of resources, self-esteem and values. This is also a very powerful signature of someone who came into her life  to embody and knowing in her heart what her soul needed to do first and foremost. Joni also has LILITH conjunct to Jupiter in the sign of the Queen, strength, courage, daring, open-hearted self-expression. She wrote of her own love-affairs, her heart stories in all of her songs. She has embodied Lilith’s independent no compromise energy throughout her life. 

Joni has Chiron in Virgo in her 3rd house. She communicates, analyzes and speaks from her wounds in how she writes, paints and creates, this is her greatest vulnerability, her strength and is what heals her. 

She has JUNO in Capricorn in the 7th house. Her feminine genius is what shines in the world. Her craft, her discipline, her hard work, have all made her a star. 

Her SOUTH NODE in Aquarius at 11 degrees in the 8th house. Aquarian freedom is her resource and her ever evolving intellectual transformation is what fuels her. 

In Numerology Joni is a #17/8/ The STAR is her personality Aquarius, so fitting. And a soul number 8. An Eternal infinite soul, strength, power, karma.

So what’s happening with Joni’s health?

Astrologers were the original physicians from thousands of years ago in India. I am not a certified medical astrologer but will give you what I know of in diagnosing Joni’s present transits to give a prediction on her health.

CHIRON, the wounded healer has been opposite her natal Chiron in Virgo for a while now. This has been coming to a head. Neptune is squaring her natal Uranus in Gemini with Saturn Retrograde also opposite in Sagittarius. This is a difficult transit for Joni. Her present emergency may be caused by medication she is taking or her past addictions { smoking, Neptune}. It may be difficult for them to figure out a clear diagnosis as well.

transmitting Jupiter is conjunct Joni’s North Node, Jupiter is still Retrograde and this can exacerbate any heart or circulation related issues. Jupiter is also squaring Joni’s SUN, her vitality and her Mercury in Scorpio which rules the lungs and her I.C. and 12th house. This could be very serious. Jupiter can be too much of a good thing, excessive anything can throw one’s health off. Jupiter is moving very slowly now about to turn Direct on April 8.

PLUTO and Uranus are squaring her Ascendent/Descendent. Joni  is being hammered to let go and transform her life as we all are. Uranus and Pluto in conjunction were the planets which created the 60’s revolution they met in the middle degrees of Virgo where Joni’s natal Chiron is situated. Neptune is moving up to oppose her natal Chiron indicating her health issues may not improve for awhile. This is a spiritual call from illness to transcend.

The recent Total Solar eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces on March 20 is conjunct to her Natal Moon in Pisces and square her natal Saturn both which can indicate ill trials and tests.

Joni will have her best year in 12 as Jupiter turns direct right on her North Node in Leo next week at 12 degrees + Leo and then crossed her natal Jupiter in July of 2015. This usually brings increased strength, vitalityand resiliency. Jupiter will square her Uranus in Gemini in September from VIRGO making her health erratic. Jupiter will then will cross her natal Chiron in October of 2015 which can bring better health but can also make it worse. JUPITER will also square her MARS and SATURN in Gemini in November and December 2015 and throughout most of 2016. This doesn’t look like things will be so easy for Joni. 

Joni’s health is also in danger as Saturn re-enters Sagittarius and squares her Natal Chiron at the end of this year and into 2016.

I send JONI all my best blessings as do her millions of fans for her health and long happy life.

WHat do you think?


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Both sides Now, the Circle Game CBC TV 1968  

Pleiades Meditation Trines this weekend, great timing

Mainly Bullish, Moon in Taurus, awonderful time to tune into the Pleiades

Dec 14

Should be comfy, can be couch potatoes if you’ve done all your Holiday shopping already.
Moon opposes Serious Saturn in the wee hours. GRINCH dreams!
Taurus Moon quincunx that Saggy Sun early in the day
you may feel too grounded or burdened down to fly high.

PLEIADES the Immortal 7 sisters

Moon conjunct the Pleiades and TRINES VENUS in CAPRICORN in the evening.
at 27 degrees Taurus- conjunct the 7 sisters shown above.

This degree links to the May 20 2012 Solar Eclipse.

A very powerful eclipse. Think back on where you were then. This was in the lead up time to the 2012 Mayan “end date” 

It’s Very earthy and Feminine. The focus is on meditating on the body. The Divine Feminine is Venus, love, beauty, creativity. There’s wealth in your body. See your body transmuted as Golden. Also good for VIRGOs born at those latter degrees of the sign or for those with planets there. Check out where these degrees fall in your own chart.

Use this Trine to tune into the Pleiades.

Its a great time to do this what with all the intense energies going on, plus the usual hussle and bustle that pre-holiday shoppers do now. We are prepping for a Super Full Moon on Dec 17 and Winter Solstice.


There is a link below to a short Video of the marvellous Tom Kenyon’s music meditations.

Please play it over and over while you call upon the Pleiadians.

As with all meditations you must prepare first.  Smudge or use incense to cleanse your aura and chakras. Slow your Breathing first in awareness, then calling in the 7 directions. Start with the east, move clockwise. Then the AS ABOVE, So BELOW, so within. The 7 sisters are related to the 7 Hathors or Egypt, 7 chakras etc.

Go outside at night. Find out when the Pleiades rise in your locality. They are always easy to spot. They are our ancestors according to Myths around the world. They are guardians. The Bible mention the Pleiades. They are very benevolent and protective. Call upon them. Sounding is also good, sound the Vowels.

The Pleiades help us to tune into our own Stellar consciousness, our innate cellular atomic connection to the origins of the Universe. There’s a cosmic physics that we are all connected. I was just watching a programme about Stephen Hawking and string theory. Physics are linking spirituality and science into one. Remember who you really are. I know I am a starseed.

Alcyone,wards off evil. Call upon her for protection. Asterope,  means lightning. Do you need to be hit by it to wake up? What do you need to enlighten in your life? Celaeno- swarthy. Elektra-  means shining.  Focus on your inner being which shines with immortal Light. Merope- eloquent, mortal. Focus on your fragile human form. Be grateful to have a human body and consciousness which is mortal. Taygete- long- necked. Where do you need to stick your neck out? Maia- which means Grandmother, or nurse. She will guide you and hold you. Love you. Protect you. Stay in the meditation for as long as you like and ask the 7 sistars to come into your dreams.

Moon enters GEMINI late PST

Dec 15

Gemini Moon squares Neptune in Pisces in the dreamtime.

Fast paced running dreams. You may dream about water and/ or  Higher spiritual realms.

Gemini Moon Trine Mars in Libra at 3 degrees

Good for chatty upbeat friendly relationships, parties , shopping, decorating.

Moon squares Chiron in Pisces

in evening. Tempted to chat about your vulnerable side.

Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries in the mid aft.

generates lots of new ideas, People you forget to get gifts for already, Speedy afternoon.

Moon quincunx Pluto in Capricorn

New ideas may seem hard to formulate in practical terms. Pipe dreams. The greatest new ideas still need to  pass the test of time, patience is a virtue.

Get ready for Big Full Moon on the 17th.

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Monday Moon’s in Leo, ROAR, debt ceiling

MONDAY -The last day of September goes out like a Lion with the Moon in Leo.

Beauty and the Beast Vogue Drew BarrymoreTara Greene AstrologyDrew Barrymore on a Vogue Magazine cover 

The week starts off quincunxy- no not some weird new sex fad. Feline Moon makes off kilter and no Scottish sex jokes there either, aspects to Chiron the wounded healer, a centaur. So very animistic instinctive sort of a week beginner.

Moon TRINES URANUS @ 1:11 EDT you felt this last night on the West coast.

let that kitty out of its cage. Unleash your instinctual pounce.

MOON CONJUNCTS MARS in LEO @ 7:03 pm PDT @ 20-21 degrees The LION KING/ QUEEN 

Check out where that degree falls in your chart. It’s where you will experience HOT HI DRAMA. Be BOLD, brave, heroic, roaring, proud, daring, get all the applause, stand up, wear your heart on your sleeve. Leo is the sign of creativity, self- expression, The perfect night to go to a karaoke bar. To Come out from under that lampshade, or wherever you are hiding it and SHINE YOUR LIGHT for all, or just a special someone to see.

Great energy to be in a play, see a play, something high drama, dance, make art, sing.

It’s also a childlike aspect so do let your INNER CHILD PLAY,PLAY, PLAY. Like that song “Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou.”

To hell with worrying about a Debt ceiling.

Leo rules the HEART so if you’ve been to shy to tell someone how you feel you will have the courage to do it.

Make a beautiful dinner date, and it will be hot, hot, hot and heavy

especially as Moon also squares VENUS in SCORPIO @ 9:48 pm PDT/ October 1 @ 12:48 am EDT

That means, the power changes. You know, King for a day, Queen for a DAY,

Now the women have the reins. Then the Moon goes Void of course.

You have an amazing time to explore anything while in the void zone. And wake up happy and in  a place of freedom,with no aspects.

ENJOY ENJOY! ENJOY! While You can.   You create your reality,  have a passionate sweet time while it lasts.

MARS in the Tarot is THE TOWER Trump #16 and LEO is Trump #8 STRENGTH, Yah I know the 8/11 thing.

The TOWER and STRENGTH side by side.  Literally this means being a Tower of Strength.

October 1 Moon enters VIRGO @ 11:52 am PDT/2:52 pm EDT  REALITY, back to work, sets in.

October will be a doozy. It begins  all soft and dreamy 

MERCURY TRINES NEPTUNE OCTOBER 1st @ 3 degrees 03 minutes of Scorpio /Pisces 

thinking makes it happen, makes it real- focus all day, remember Mercury is in Scorpio

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in the evening- how grounded was all that? You have to balance that conundrum out.

The Sun begins contact with the BIG T-square PLANETS October 1.

SUN SQUARES PLUTO in Capricorn 6:27 pm PDT from  9 degrees 01 minutes of LIBRA.

POWER TO The GOAL oriented PEOPLE, challenges to those in power, Corporations, and face offs with the Real people in power.

SUN OPPOSES URANUS on Oct 3 @ 7:11 am PDT @ 10 degrees 31 minutes Libra/ Aries Retrograde

Revolutionary forces are at work, the Republicans oppose everything President Obama does.  Change is the new black.

LIBRA Moon squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and Conjunts the Sun on the 

NEW MOON OCTOBER 4 @ 11 degrees LIBRA- will write more later.

I forgot to credit Napoleon Brousseau with that drawing in my Mercury in Scorpio article –


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ROAR Katy Perry 

On the Bayou- Doug Kershaw