Virgo Solar Eclipse, 3 days Dark Moon

I stayed up very late last night praying for all the people who contacted me, thank you; and asked for prayers for themselves and for loved ones. Trust that I did in complete confidence and I will continue prayers until 3 days after the eclipse. Under a Mercury Retrograde this BOXBE thing, which I don’t know how I got connected with filtered my emails and I found a bunch more requests later last night. You were all included. 

The moon stays in VIRGO for most of today giving us time to digest and integrate these powerful changes going on. Because Mercury is RETROGRADE and in its own sign it will take longer to digest. You may feel bloated, literally or have digestive issues. I felt that. 

virgo astrology Tara Greene

Virgo by Puiman


Here’s the power of this eclipse in Virgo sign of the environment:

I was very distressed to see the news item about the millions of bees destroyed in South Carolina very stupidly by spraying a deadly insecticide for Zika virus. The Washington Post carried this headline. 

“Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes”

I believe this Zika virus is another Monsanto cover-up. Monsanto’s crops don’t need bees. I believe all these modern viruses are a direct result of GMO crops and the virus started where Monsanto crops were planted in BRAZIL. It’s a NWO take over. Trust me on this. I see these things psychically. Poor bees. We need those millions of bees more than a few cases of Zika virus which can be prevented.  If you go to the EPA page about how to use the deadly insecticide Naled you can see they blew it on purpose.

Because Mercury is RETROGRADE and in its own sign  it will take longer to digest all of this. You may feel bloated, literally or have digestive issues. I felt that this morning too. 

DEJA VU Zeus and Mercury 

My sense was I felt the upside part of the Goddess Grand sextile and the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction at first. It is exact today at 28+ degrees VIRGO and we are retrograding this experience. It occurred originally on August 22 as the Sun entered Virgo.  What were you doing then? Not too long ago. see below for more on this.

Then the heavyness of the SATURN MARS  in SAGITTARIUS squaring Neptune came in. OMG it is right on my natal MOON and close to my Sun still so I am feeling exhausted. All GEMINI’s VIRGO”s and PISCES who have planets between 5-19 degrees of MUTABLE signs are really feeling this. Lets hear from you. 


which can be like slipping into unconsciousness, delusion, fantasy, escapism, addictions, dreams, and unreality. AVOIDANCE levels are on High alert. 

One of my own mottos is “DON”T AVOID THE VOID.”  You can quote me on that.

Don’t explain things away on a spiritual New Agey way as it’s all perfect when its not. You are really just avoiding doing your deeper shadow and psychological work when all this VIRGO/SAGITTARIUS  energy demands that you KEEP IT REAL, and be accountable, as Native people say. 

Saturn and Mars are here to remind you “as you sow, so shall you reap.”  You must face the truth says SATURN and MARS in SAGITTARIUS. Fess up. You cannot lie or hide or pretend anymore. To yourself or anyone else on a deeper level. You may try to hide the pain, the depression, anger resentment whatever it is.  Watch for what you are projecting. If you remain in Witness mode and watch what the ego does you can use this time wisely to understand, analyze and integrate these lessons.

Retrograde Mercury rejoins Jupiter in Virgo. This is a practical relearning to fully integrate lessons on the physical plane. Review your life lessons,  your commitment to work, to your health, your debts and all your obligations. Jupiter always is optimistic and expansive. Where have you been too cautious? too scared? 

Mercury will conjunct JUPITER again in LIBRA on October 11 at 6+ degrees LIBRA. 

There next meeting will be a rebalancing of these issues in a different element and around relationships. 

The Moon also conjuncts MERCURY and JUPITER 

which helps us to bridge the mental and emotional realms and connect deeply. It will take a while to really assimilate it all. For the next 5 weeks or so until October 6th when Mercury and is finished its Retrograde and again crosses the 28+ degree mark we will have greater understanding, knowledge and a workable business plan and budget for all of this energy.

The Moon enters LIBRA at 5:55 pm a in PDT/ 8:55 pm EDT/sept 3 @ 12:55 am GMT. 

The Labour Day Long weekend is under a LIBRA MOON

which means smooth sailing, lots of parties, social events, niceties and enjoying the good life. It means the end of summer up here in Toronto Canada as children go back to school on the 6th. I hope you have had a great summer/winter down under.

Wishing you a happy peaceful safe holiday weekend.

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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