Don’t panic. NASA is wrong. There are only 12 signs.

This old misleading and blatant lying article about the 13th sign of Astrology is being revived again. The latest variation on the scientific public put down of Astrology came from a kids page of NASA- see link below.  NASA is about ASTRONOMY, it knows nothing about ASTROLOGY. This article is blatantly misleading. It was even covered in TIME  with even more lies. The ASTROLOGY community was never rocked in 2011 as they weren’t rocked when a few astronomers downgraded PLUTO from a planet. All Astrologers LOL when we see these articles because they understand how to work with and interpret the planets and signs. ASTRONOMERS should stick to what they do best. 
ASTROLOGY is having its biggest acceptance, come back and breakthroughs since the RENAISSANCE when the planets  were also aligned in the same positions as 500 years ago.  I think NASA is threatened. 
NASA is great for what it does, scientific research with the stars and planets. Astronomers  are way too arrogant and ignorant to do the research into the ancient origins of Astrology. Geez, these astronomers can’t even get their terminology correct! 
Astrology is actually a legal science in INDIA where almost 1 billion people follow their SIDEREAL constellation based horoscopes religiously. This most ancient of Astrology has 12 signs. It’s a different system than popular Western TROPICAL Astrology signs.  This one actually works with planets against the stars in real time. China has its own system of Astrology based on the 12 animals of the ZOODiac. 
Astrology and Astronomy were once part of the same science which also included doctoring. Each of the signs governs a different part of the body.
 Astrology signs and medicine Tara Greene

As far as we know the oldest recorded astrology comes from INDIA and is 12,000  years old and written about in their ancient scriptures.  Astrology/Astronomy is referenced all through the Bible very literally. In Judaism, the 12 tribes are the 12 constellations/signs. Jesus is the Light= the SUN. Mary his Mother= the Moon.  The 12 Apostles are the 12 Constellations and Zodiac signs. In Buddhism, the King’s astrologer predicted at Prince Gautama’s birth that he would be either a saviour or a great King.  All Royal courts had Astrologers who consulted for the King, Emperor, Sultan or Queen.  Elizabeth I has a well known court Astrologer, John Dee. 
Constellations are the origins of astrology signs but Astrology is divided into 12 ZODIAC signs of 30 degrees each making 360 degrees in a circle.  There are twelve months in the year in most modern calendars. The West uses Solar based, not Lunar based calendars as the Chinese, Jews, Muslims, Japanese and Hindu’s do for religious observations. The Mayans used a different calendrical system entirely and it was the most precise to modern reconning. But we won’t get into that now. 
The Ancient watched the Heavens since the beginning of human consciousness for thousands of years. We know innately that we come from the cosmos, that our home, heaven, or source is out there.
Following the Sun’s apparent path on the ecliptic, 12 constellations straddle that path. The 13th constellation, Ophiuchus is not entirely on the ecliptic so it was left out. There were 88 known and used constellations in the Ancient world. The constellations themselves vary in size widely. The Sun spends the longest time passing against the largest constellation of Virgo.
Yes, the Sun passes through the CONSTELLATION OPHIUCUS the serpent bearer, from November 29th- my Birthday -until December 17.  I would refer to myself as a SAGITTARIUS with strong connection to the Constellation Ophiucus and honor both. Ancient Astrology also used the FIXED STARS of the Constellations and I do include these to, interpreted through Western aSTROLOGY.  But Western Tropical Astrology is not sidereal based on CONSTELLATIONS at all but on the relationship of the SUN to the earth and our seasons. 
Yes at one time 2,160 years ago when Spring began in the northern Hemisphere, the sun arrived at zero degrees of the Constellation of ARIES.  Everything was perfectly lined up. But because of the PROCESSION of the EQUINOXES, the natural movement of the Constellations backwards through the signs once every 2,160 years, the Sun and the constellations have drifted apart. This was known in the Ancient world. A wonderful book was written about it called Hamlet’s Mill in the 1960’s. The SUN and the planets are actually about 23 degrees earlier than the Tropical signs now due to that procession. This is why NASA says no you are not a LEO your sign is really CANCER. Astrologers know this but it is irrelevant. 
This is what the ASTRONOMERS do not comprehend. Astrology does work, it works in traditional Vedic astrology, which marks the Sun, Moon and planets, Rahu and Ketu against the current Zodiacal constellations. Western Astrology also works but it is a much more symbolic, psychological, modern system which perfectly suits our times.
Statistics have shown that the influence of the Sun in the signs of the Zodiac accounts for the birth of unusual people during certain months. Insurance companies have done studies on this. It is well known that Full Moons affect people. Certain crimes have been found to correspond with zodiac signs in which the sun is moving during certain months of the year.
There are 24 hours in a day. Therefore it’s really pretty simple math to figure out why there is only and can ever be only 12 zodiac signs. So relax, you are not having to change your personality, likes, dating habits or anything. Sorry ASTRONOMERS you don’t know shit about astrology. We respect you, so have some respect for our craft.
Billions of people trust Astrology every day. I am proud to be an Astrologer and to be part of a growing team of qualified professionals whose intentions are to help every individual understand themselves psychologically, spiritually and practically and to understand life’s cycles as signified by the planets’ ever changing dance in the cosmos.
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Joni Mitchell Astrology

JONI MITCHELL, the 71 year old famed singer songwriter of Woodstock and hundreds of other tunes was rushed to hospital March 31 2015 after a 911 call to her home. Apparently she is better at the moment. Joni Mitchell has always been one of my favourite women singers and songwriters. She has led the way for the entire 60’s generation and  all other modern women songwriter who write very personal lyrics. Joni always marched to her own drummer, she was never sold out, she was true to herself. Yes she has been a heavy smoker all these years and apparently has Morgellan’s disease. In Toronto last year for her pre-70th birthday she came our of retirement to sing. 

Joni MItchell Astrology Tara Greene

So lets look at Joni’s chart to see whats going on with her.

Joni Mitchell born November 7 1943,  10:00 pm Fort Macleod Alberta Canada. 

Joni MItchell health Astrology by Tara Greene

JONI is deep, intense soulful double Scorpio Sun with Mercury conjunct to her natal Sun in the 5th house of creativity, love affairs, self-expression and power. Mercury governs communications and the lungs.Her songs have always come from a very deep, very wise old soul perspective.

Joni’s Moon is in very sensitive, spiritual, emotional, creative sign of PISCES and it is perched atop her wordly fame position the 10th house. Her passionate soul revelation is what have made her world-famous.  “Love is touching soul’s” “We are stardust”  “I could drink a case of you, darling.” are very PISCES lyrics. 

JONI has a Venus in Virgo, Neptune in Libra conjunction opposite to her Moon in her 4th house of privacy, roots, foundation, emotional-security.  Joni is a naturally gifted talented super creative artist, she is also an excellent painter. Deeply romantic, a dreamer and poet, a bard, she is an addicted type of personality, she yearns for that soul merge. Venus in Virgo makes her very disciplined, a hard working perfectionist, critical, grounded, humble and shows underlying health issues. Neptune in Libra makes her highly romantic, a lady of grace, beauty and harmony. Her need for the beloved is channelled through her  cigarette smokinh which she had done since she was eight years old.

JONI also has four planets in GEMINI giving her a dual enquiring nature. She is quite androgynous. and childlike and her mind is very versatile.  Uranus is Retrograde in the 11th house. She is truly Aquarian- the song Woodstock was the anthem for the 60’s generation and she wasn’t even there. She art directed and produced every one of her many albums. Gemini rules the lungs and she is vulnerable here. 

Joni has a very unusual configuration. MARS Retrograde conjunct to Saturn  Retrograde in the 12th house of the Unconscious, karma, self-undoing and privacy. This formation shows a past life of being a man and of coming into this life to finish all karmic contracts with males, father figures, authorities and to express her own individuality. Saturn rules polio which Joni had as a child and recovered from. Gemini rules the lungs and this can also show up as weak lungs or health issues related to her lungs. The two planets are also conjunct to Asteroid Vesta which brings focus, dedication and craft to her writing, communicating and story telling abilities. 

JONI has a CANCER Ascendant and Ceres the Great Mother in her 12th house. Deep down she is very loyal to her roots, her family, her land, she never gave up her Canadian citizenship and maintains a huge piece of land in British Columbia which she often stays on. She had her daughter when married very young and gave her up for adoption to pursue her musical career. She reunited with her daughter and grand child in the past few years.

Joni has lots of LEO star power. PLUTO, symbol of the Soul and the Unconscious is conjunct the NORTH NODE in Leo in her 2nd house of resources, self-esteem and values. This is also a very powerful signature of someone who came into her life  to embody and knowing in her heart what her soul needed to do first and foremost. Joni also has LILITH conjunct to Jupiter in the sign of the Queen, strength, courage, daring, open-hearted self-expression. She wrote of her own love-affairs, her heart stories in all of her songs. She has embodied Lilith’s independent no compromise energy throughout her life. 

Joni has Chiron in Virgo in her 3rd house. She communicates, analyzes and speaks from her wounds in how she writes, paints and creates, this is her greatest vulnerability, her strength and is what heals her. 

She has JUNO in Capricorn in the 7th house. Her feminine genius is what shines in the world. Her craft, her discipline, her hard work, have all made her a star. 

Her SOUTH NODE in Aquarius at 11 degrees in the 8th house. Aquarian freedom is her resource and her ever evolving intellectual transformation is what fuels her. 

In Numerology Joni is a #17/8/ The STAR is her personality Aquarius, so fitting. And a soul number 8. An Eternal infinite soul, strength, power, karma.

So what’s happening with Joni’s health?

Astrologers were the original physicians from thousands of years ago in India. I am not a certified medical astrologer but will give you what I know of in diagnosing Joni’s present transits to give a prediction on her health.

CHIRON, the wounded healer has been opposite her natal Chiron in Virgo for a while now. This has been coming to a head. Neptune is squaring her natal Uranus in Gemini with Saturn Retrograde also opposite in Sagittarius. This is a difficult transit for Joni. Her present emergency may be caused by medication she is taking or her past addictions { smoking, Neptune}. It may be difficult for them to figure out a clear diagnosis as well.

transmitting Jupiter is conjunct Joni’s North Node, Jupiter is still Retrograde and this can exacerbate any heart or circulation related issues. Jupiter is also squaring Joni’s SUN, her vitality and her Mercury in Scorpio which rules the lungs and her I.C. and 12th house. This could be very serious. Jupiter can be too much of a good thing, excessive anything can throw one’s health off. Jupiter is moving very slowly now about to turn Direct on April 8.

PLUTO and Uranus are squaring her Ascendent/Descendent. Joni  is being hammered to let go and transform her life as we all are. Uranus and Pluto in conjunction were the planets which created the 60’s revolution they met in the middle degrees of Virgo where Joni’s natal Chiron is situated. Neptune is moving up to oppose her natal Chiron indicating her health issues may not improve for awhile. This is a spiritual call from illness to transcend.

The recent Total Solar eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces on March 20 is conjunct to her Natal Moon in Pisces and square her natal Saturn both which can indicate ill trials and tests.

Joni will have her best year in 12 as Jupiter turns direct right on her North Node in Leo next week at 12 degrees + Leo and then crossed her natal Jupiter in July of 2015. This usually brings increased strength, vitalityand resiliency. Jupiter will square her Uranus in Gemini in September from VIRGO making her health erratic. Jupiter will then will cross her natal Chiron in October of 2015 which can bring better health but can also make it worse. JUPITER will also square her MARS and SATURN in Gemini in November and December 2015 and throughout most of 2016. This doesn’t look like things will be so easy for Joni. 

Joni’s health is also in danger as Saturn re-enters Sagittarius and squares her Natal Chiron at the end of this year and into 2016.

I send JONI all my best blessings as do her millions of fans for her health and long happy life.

WHat do you think?


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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