A smoking lead pipe, Saturn in Sagittarius

Nov. 18  Moon is still in Aquarius. and makes a funky qunincunx to Jupiter in Virgo.

Jumpin Jupiter is jiving in Virgo just want to get the work done not revolutionize the organization. 

Neptune turns DIRECT TODAY:

I have noticed my dreams being very strong the last week or so. Have you?

Last night i was having Lucid Dreams:

I was dreaming about my mother who passed away in 2009, She as young and lovely. My husband was putting on third eye protection gear though. I also dreamed of a new spirit guide. She was a beautiful indigenous looking older woman with snow white hair A gorgeous wise Chrone. 

I had a lucid dream on November 16th 2015 about a great plague which will hit Mexico in the next year or so.

Neptune rules plagues, viruses and the like. And Saturn always bodes ill, even in Sagittarius. 

Moon squares Sun later tonight

we are moving into a Full Moon in Gemini  Nov. 25

Mercury will enter the sign of Sagittarius on November 20th until December 9th.

The Sun makes its annual trot through  Sagittarius on November 22.

Saturn is already at 6 degrees of Sagittarius and is already locked into a first square with planet Neptune next week on November 26th,This means HEAVY DREAMS.

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S.  Yes we have much to be thankful for. 

Sagittarius is the 9th sign, and the third and final fire sign. Sagittarius is the sign of the truth, of foreigners, travellers, philosophers, teachers, history, judges, airlines, churches and religion, thighs, trials, Higher Law, optimism, animal rights, sports, the military, justice, abundance and humor. All of these things will be forefront in the news until 2017. 

Sagittarius also rules places: Arabia,  aliens,  Chile, Australia,  Czechoslovakia, France. 

Jupiter is the planetary governor of SAGITTARIUS and also PISCES, his ancient feminine planet..  

Jupiter in Virgo now governs both Saturn and Neptune in Pisces  as its final dispositor. 

Saturn square Neptune is rather like smoking a lead, opium filled pipe and drinking absinthe in a romantic cafe in Paris circa 1907. Or a smoking gun. 

art and addictions astrology Tara Greene

Self-portrait with Broad-Brimmed Hat (1907) Diego Rivera

What was happening in the world in 1907? One hundred and eight years ago. 

Neptune was at 13 degrees Cancer, right on the U.S. Sun and square to Uranus at 12+ degrees Capricorn. Similar to the Cardinal Cross degrees we have been seeing in the past three  years.

 This was the beginning of Neptune’s rulership of cinema, Hollywood and photography, the first color photography process is marketed. Einstein predicts gravitational shift.

Uranus bringing freedom, chaos and new technology into the public. Marconi’s company begins the first commercial transatlantic wireless service between Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada and Clifden, Ireland.

Finland is the first European country to give women the right to vote. There was a big market crash in 1907.

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud met for the first time on Feb, 27.  

Suffragette movement was starting. UPS is founded. The Plaza Hotel opened in New York.  The world first air force was established. 

How did I get into that time warp? I like history. I am a triple Sagittarius. 

Saturn is maturity, practicality, hard work and discipline .Neptune is dreams, delusions,magic, the unconscious, art, imagination, alcohol and addictions, soul mates, yogis, dreams, endings, oceans.  

Saturn is almost sitting on my 6 degree + Sun and I am feeling very tired. So I will leave you with this.

I try to stay optimistic, Saturn can also make those dreams heavy and leaden. This is Saturn’s test of time. 

You are in it for the long haul and it will be work. 

PLease share widely 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Lucky strike, tantric sex, Neptune extended wishes

Nov 11 -15 astrology hi lites


Stop at 11 a.m. for a minute of silence for the fallen dead who gave up their lives in wars. Then continue till 11:11 and tune into the higher frequency messages around remembering. WHO YOU ARE and WHY you are here. Do this again at 11 pm – 11:11 pm. That’s 22 total minutes to tune in to your Higher SELF. If it feels rewarding to you, then you have already begun your practice of 22 minutes of sacred space every day- as a gift to yourself. Let me know what happens for you. 



The planet MERCURY is associated with being a trickster. You know how our minds can play tricks on us? Mercury, newly all feet forward is TRINING= 120 degrees is good- NEPTUNE in PISCES. Where the Trident wielding one rules. PISCES energy is water,  fantasy land, dreaming, illusion, delusion, creativity, spirituality, retreats, photography, Hollywood, the unconscious the 12th house, emotional karma, soul mates,tantric sex, twin flames and addictions.


This is an extended wish card in effect from Nov 9- exact today with Neptune still Rx. 

Can you go on a tantric sexual love-making retreat or totally spiritual creativity zone for lets say 3 days?

JUST DO IT. I will.

NEPTUNE GOES DIRECT Nov, 13 and boomerangs all your wishes out

move ahead with all those long distilled dreams. Since June 6th Neptune’s been in slumber land his own territory dreaming on the dreaming. ON NOvember 13 he awakens, and moves forwards with ACTUALIZING those dreams. Early PISCES peeps will slowly wake up from the fog. 


it’s still great even if Jupiter is RETROGRADE till March 2014.

It’s always about HOPE and FAITH


I’d send prayers to the poor people of the Philipines and to anyone else who needs healing with this energy too.

Do a good luck ritual,see instructions here http://www.taratarot.com/id158.html

Do a wealth offering to Zambala the Buddhist God of wealth.

Zambala wealth Astrology

If it’s your birthday SCORPIO this indicates a very bountiful positive year for you.

Call upon JUPITER king of the Gods to be most beneficial to you. The way to any Cancer person or especially Jupiter in Cancer is through their stomach. You want to appease all the Gods so create a TRIPLE THREAT BOON special meal and set a plate of food out for three Gods- JUPITER,Saturn and Neptune.

Think about what you would do if the Queen were coming for dinner, or the President or a very wealthy person, Someone you admire. What would you make? 

THE Law of Attraction/GOLDEN RULE IS- give unto others as you would receive. 

VENUS IS ALSO Very active this week and I’ll write about that later.

 I’m feeling a bit under the weather.



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