Lucky 17 sweet sextile Astrology by Tara Greene

JUPITER in LIBRA, sign of relationship, fashion, and socializing to the max, is now kissing the planet of serious commitments Saturn, softly with a sweet sextile at 17 degrees LIBRA/ SAGITTARIUS. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism and feel-good energy. 

MARS in AQUARIUS which was just Trining JUPITER is also kissing Saturn softly with a sweet sextile also at the LUCKY 17 degree, will be in effect until Dec 3 and after..

Lucky 17 astrology Tara Greene

Sextiles are easy blends of energy. These aspects combine optimism and creativity, with the charm, grace, and co-operation of Libra with fast-moving, sexy, macho, impatient Mars in brilliant ideas and freedom loving Aquarius with Saturn’s practical, slow, testing energy of building physical substance to Jupiters tend to promise more than it can deliver. You’ve heard that one from Jupiter haven’t you?

This fire and air aspect is good for all other fire and air signs too. Aries, Gemini, Leo all benefit. Check out where 15-19 degrees of all fire and air signs are in your natal chart to see how you will benefit.

Now its  “walk your talk” and sign on the dotted line time. 

there will be serious peace talks, foundation building,and negotiations being made under this aspect which will have long lasting effects. This aspect doesn’t occur very often with these planets in these signs.

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS symbolizes VETERANS treaties, respect

about 2,000 Native veterans have arrived at the STANDING ROCK camp to help the water protectors there who are attempting to stop the Dakota Access PIPELINE. The Governor of North Dakota has issued a Dec 5 end date for the protestors to leave by. These protestors have been fired on with rubber bullets, tear gas, and water cannons in frigid weather by militarized police hired by the oil companies, funded by Wells Fargo, the TD Bank of Canada and other banks. Sunoco Oil is one of the main companies behind this and the oil pipeline is a danger as a pollution threat to the waters for millions of people who depend on the Missouri river. The oil is destined for foreign markets to build the profits of the oil companies. The land is also sacred native land that is being ignored.  

 Hopefully, some help from these planets will bring a quick innovative settlement and justice will come to a peaceful resolution. Millions of people are watching this tense important stand off as these brave peaceful water protectors are attempting to honor and protect the environment from the bullying illegal tactics from police and government. The mainstream media has only lately begun to cover this story.

Mercury enters CAPRICORN Dec 2-Will RETROGRADE DEC 19 

and backs into SAGITTARIUS Jan 4, 2017.  MERCURY Turns DIRECT January 8 @ 28 degrees SAGITTARIUS.

A solid serious MERCURY Retrograde makes us take care of business as we leave 2016 and into the beginning of 2017.  This Christmas, sales may be slower or less than expected. Traditional gifts and shopping may be popular or will go south as on-line sales dominate. 

This aspect keeps us sober and thinking practically and we will need it, as..

NEW YEARS 2017, the special night has MARS conjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES @ 9+ degrees!!!

 Looks like the year end with us going out with a puff of smoke, as many states legalized marijuana, we will be punch drunk in love with our hopes and dreams, our soulmates, twin flames, fave crystals,magical spells and incantations, our yoga mats, past life regressions, raw foods and smoothies, and our illusions, confusion, and our martyrdom, our addictions, delusions, avoidance, shadows,losses, grief and worship of false gurus flickering on the screens of our consciousness. 

2016 has been a hell of a year. It went by like lightning it feels to me. Total turmoil in politics, Brexit, Trump’s election, Syria.  Many huge music stars passed away. Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen.

2017 will be another doozy year the energy shifts a lot. It is a universal #1 Year of the MAGICIAN. Get your magic wand in your head ready to create with your intention. more about that sooner.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Sagittarius Inspiring New Moon, 11/29

The Sagittarius New Moon, on 11/29

Sagittarius New Moon astrology Tara Greene

ocurs @ 7+ degrees Sagittarius @ 4:18 am PST/ 7:18 am EST/ 12:18 pm GMT.

The numerology of November 29th is 11:11. Two master numbers. November 29th is also the 333rd day of a normal year, not a leap year.  2016 is a Leap year. This is significant in itself. I was born on this day so this is a special New Moon cycle for me personally. If you are born 11/29 it will be a powerful year for you too. 

One of my fav artists Alex Grey shares this birthday

Tantric lovers Tara Greene astrology

Sagittarius New Moon is one of the most optimistic Moons of the entire year. It’s the sign of faith, hope and good humor. We need these qualities when we are at the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere when the nights are longest and we are approaching the shortest daylight. Sagittarius helps us to regain our passion for truth, justice, learning and far off adventures. 

The North and South Nodes square the Sun, the Light, the life force, our consciousness, the masculine active force and the Moon, equal partner of the sun, the feminine, reflective, mysterious, intuitive,fertile. We are at a fated turning point, choices must be made. The South Node in Pisces conjuncts Neptune. This is the past, what we need to draw strength from but also what we need to leave behind. 

Neptune is a very fascinating planet. It is only in its own sign once every 164 years. To live through this time offers us a rare glimpse of what it means to experience the nebulous, creative, dissolving essence of Neptune. We are living through a 12th sign initiation, a shadow play of the great mysteries, a time of  spiritual cleansing, an end of a major cycle which begin not long after the time of Neptune’s discovery in 1846 just before the American Civil War. This is a karmic completion, a baptism, an emotional cleanse, we are in need of compassion and forgiveness and to feel our oneness and connection to the Source.  

We need to let go of our Neptunian connections to oil, glamor, addictions, the fantasies and illusions we prefer to hide behind. Neptune is magic, the resurgence of the interest in  Wicca, pagans, Harry Potter, dragons is all part of Neptune’s influence. As is the interest in past lives, yoga, spirituality, lucid dreaming, mysticism, ayahuasca, drugs, legalizing marijuana, pornography, the Kardashians, fantasy super-heroes, sci-fi etc.

We need to go to the North Node in VIRGO the very practical, real, day to day, humble sign of servants and harvesting the karma which we have sown. Virgo is accountable, health, the land, food, digestion, the economy, and our communities and pets. We need to let go of that which does not serve the land or the waters of Neptune. We need to stop using fossil fuels and oil. The recent Dakota Access Pipeline protests perfectly illustrate this crux.  We need to let go of the junk food, the GMO’s the denial, the bling, the illusions, the false highs. We need to choose a very simple, humble lifestyle and work that serves to help our communities, and the whole. 

SATURN and MERCURY in Sagittarius are squaring CHIRON in PISCES

Mercury conjuncts the Galactic Center pointing the way to get direct messages from the mysterious wormhole where souls enter and leave this Galaxy according to the Mayans and mystics. This is a very fortunate aspect as it truly gives us direct teachings from higher consciousness.Chiron at 20 degrees  squares the planets of communication and Saturn Lord of tests. It is easy to fall back into feeling wounded, vulnerable, confused, lost and denying the reality which is being created now at the  end of liberalism. 

CHIRON, the wounded healer squares the planets of communication and Saturn Lord of tests. It is easy to fall back into feeling wounded, vulnerable, confused, lost and denying the reality which is being created now at the  end of liberalism. 

Chiron at 20 degrees PISCES, squares the planet of communication and Saturn Lord of hard knocks. It is easy to fall back into feeling wounded, vulnerable, confused, lost and denying the reality which is being created now at the end of liberalism. The challenge now is to be clear in pursuing truth, justice and honesty. 


Lilith is the rejected, dark, original, primal, Goddess, She carries the primal rage of attempted sexual abuse and domination by the Masculine. Lilith refused to be dominated and went her own way solo to live by the Red Sea. She symbolizes the Goddess of Menstruation, the death and rebirth cycle of life. She is the natural and necessary balance to the Goddess of birth, life, and creativity. Lilith, like Kali, destroys the ego, especially men’s.  

Lilith can be called on by women who are fearing their freedoms will be taken away under the new all Republican Government in the U.S. Chiron in PISCES makes us feel unsure of ourselves. In PISCES, we can get lost in self-pity, in confusion, and hiding from reality. Lilith can also be called upon by all minorities, blacks, gays,Mexicans, Muslims, climate change scientists; anyone who is feeling disenfranchised and who are fearing the new alt-right folks in positions of power which Trump has assigned.  LILITH can destroy the egos of those who would repress freedom.  Call upon LILITH’s fearlessness, she laughs in the face of Patriarchal attitudes. 

LILITH is sextiling VENUS in CAPRICORN square MARS and quincunx URANUS, CERES and ERIS

New Moon in Sagittarius

LILITH in SCORPIO has the powers of rebirth, death, change, and empowerment. LILITH sextile VENUS, square Mars can help women, or anyone feeling angry, defiant and who refuses to accept being bullied, establish some grounding and empowerment in their world. The inconjunct or quincunx indicates we need to be careful how we integrate and combine these forces and elements which don’t naturally work well together.  

URANUS CERES And ERIS are conspiring for change, revolution and freedom. Ceres is the earth mother and we need to use new technologies, Uranian innovation to  preserve the earth’s resources and bring equality to all.  ERIS is the Goddess of discord, and we will be living in times of discord, disruption, and protests.  These planets symbolize the Anarchists, hackers, and those who disturb the status quo. Ironically this is what Donald Trump is doing too. By disrupting the corporate cabal, he is creating a revolution although it is especially strange because its ultra -conservative and dangerously alt-right. We must stay vigilant against these dangeorus forces. 

JUPITER ruler of Sagittarius in Libra is squaring VENUS and PLUTO

We will need to be diplomatic and try to find the middle path, the middle way. VENUS and PLUTO bring wealth, new values, and an end to old corporate cabals.  

Mars is in AQUARIUS  trine JUPITER in LIBRA

The energy is about radicalism, freedom, inventiveness, pioneering, resisting the status quo. Be yourself, forge your own path. Mars in Aquarius is individualism and whats good for me is good for everyone. Don’t give up the fight. 

Interestingly VENUS is Out of bounds and MERCURY too

When these planets are OOB they are unpredictable, unbounded, pirates, anarchists. VENUS is O.O.B. until December 3rd, MERCURY is OOB from November 18- Dec. 17.  Get out of your head and  listen to your heart to live in a new way. We will overcome all adversity. 

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Inspired tricksters and dream temples


CANCER moon keeps us feeling like curling up in a fetal position. We are sensitive, and nurturing.


dream healing. Pay attention to your dreams and seek clues for dream healing images. They may seem obscure and surprise you but follow every lead, image, and nuance.  The ancient greeks practiced healing in Dream Temples called the Asklepios. 

Aclepios Dream Temple Astrology Tara Greene

Temple of Asclepios Drawing by Defrasse 1891

Moon squares URANUS in ARIES

That chaotic emotional Cardinal energy again. Remember to have plan B and C ready just in case.

MERCURY in SAG. squares North Node/ South Node and NEPTUNE in PISCES

The trickster planet underscores the Neptune nodal energy of yesterday. Whereas yesterday it felt more ephemeral, more emotional,dreamy and intuitive more  unconscious. Today Mercury in Sagittarius brings up words, thoughts, criteria, details, speculations, and ideas pouring through. Use your words with clear intention. With Fierce intention when you know what your truth is and what you want to say.  

It may take a while till the truth comes through and it can come through synchronous messages and dreams. So pay attention. The Eclipse in Feb 2017 will activate this degree again. 

The 9 degree Sagittarius point is FIXED STAR Antares.

The Watcher of the WEST ARCHANGEL ORIEL.

Scorpio heart Antares Tara Greene

Scorpio by Josephine Wall

This star  is the heart of the Scorpio constellation in sidereal Astronomical reckoning.  Antares is a red supergiant so immense its diameter is 600 million miles 960 million kilometers, 700 times the diameter of the Sun. It has always been associated with malevolence, anger, destruction, headstrong people and poisons. It is connected to the military. Its most ancient meaning is that this star stung the Egyptian God Horus. Scorpions, like snakes,symbolize primitive instincts for survival and is connected to our root chakras, sexuality, and our reptilian brains.  

Very interesting considering what’s going on in the world today. 

Moon trines SUN in Scorpio

These are very emotional and dark times. It will shift, just keep breathing,I am so tired of hearing Donald T-rump’s name already. 

MOON is V-O-C @ 2:02 pm PST/ 5:02 pm EST/ 10:02 pm GMT

MOON enters living large and passionate LEO it’s a party down weekend @ 7:14 pm PST/11:14 pm EST/11/19 @ 4:14 am GMT

NEPTUNE turns DIRECT on the 19th after months and months of having us deja vu all our dreams. It may feel like sleeping beauty waking up from her sleep and going Hey WTF happened here?

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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11:11 rememberance

11:11 is Remembrance day. It is also an encoded wake up call. Every time you see 11:11 on the clock it is a trigger for you to be conscious of where you are, who you are and what you came here to do. 

At 11:00 o’clock on November 11 there is a minute of silence in Allied Nations for the millions of soldiers who died in the first and second World Wars.

Use this day to remember who you really are. Use that knowledge to know that you have survived and thrived through so many life times and hard difficult dark times. You have come here to remember who you authentically are and have no fear. All of the apparitions that seem so real are merely illusions.

11 in the Tarot is #STRENGTH

Leo like energy passion, Heart, courage and will is needed.

A BIG WAKE UP call is certainly in the ethers now.

The Moon is in ARIES and in a CARDINAL T-square

Moon opposes JUPITER in LIBRA and squares PLUTO in Capricorn today

This is tense irritated, high-strung, angry, lashing out energy. People will continue to protest loudly. The 60’s protest marches have been started today as they were destined to because of these planets positions and the Trump election.


The angry pursuit of justice and truth. Remember that Trump is set to be tried for Trump University scams starting Nov.  28. in San Diego. In addition to several suits over Trump University, Trump has threatened lawsuits against a dozen or more women who’ve accused him of sexual impropriety in recent months—and several of those women have threatened to countersue if he comes after them. There’s also a New York state investigation into his charitable foundation and a reported federal investigation into some of his advisers’ ties to Russia. There are actually two pending federal suits: the one set for trial this month involves Trump University students from California, Florida, and New York, addressing claims that the program violated those states’ tough laws against defrauding consumers and the elderly. The other case is national in scope and invokes a federal racketeering statute. You just elected this crook?

VENUS is conjunct the Galactic Center @ 27 SAGITTARIUS on 10th-11th

This is a higher call to view the recent shocking events in the U.S. from a truly GALACTIC perspective. The higher view of Sagittarius truth, justice, ethics, morals, historical perspective, philosophy and intellect needs to be sought. We also need to have a dose of humor. Galactic Love for all no matter how endarkened, ignorant in fear and defensive

Galactic Love for all no matter how endarkened, ignorant in fear and defensive is what is needed. Go into your heart, {my heart chakra has been aching since last night} go there and breathe into the four chambers of your heart. Connect your heart through your breath and intention to the G.C. 28 million light years away. The source of our GALactic Center. Remember that’s the Feminine source, It’s not the Guyactic Center.  Connect to the source and download your directives. 

At the center of this Milky Way galaxy is the ecstatic, orgasmic, pulse of the love of the cosmos in a perfect balance of the feminine and the masculine, where unending, infinite waves of bliss emanate. Gather in that energy, let it run from the  top of your head lotus chakra down into the base of your spine and down into Mother Earth. Mother earth needs our help now badly. 

Venus proceeds slowly crossing the last degree of Sagittarius where we need to learn and integrate the Sagittarius lessons of optimism, seeking higher and higher teachings, and the wisdom of the SAGE.

VENUS enters CAPRICORN @ 8:54 pm PST/ 11:54 pm EST/next day 4:54 am GMT until December 7th.

Venus in Capricorn is very grounding and pragmatic. Get the job done. Do what needs to be done. Roll up your sleeves, pull up your socks and get to work. Love means business. While Venus is in Capricorn she is conservative and earthy.

Women stay embodied. Don’t let the fear scare you out of being in touch with your own body.  Venus rules money. It’s all corporate, this is a difficult time of transition people will be seeking blue-chip investments. The markets have crashed seriously because of Trump’s win.

Use this day to remember who you really are. Use that knowledge to know that you have survived and thrived through so many life times and hard difficult dark times. You have come here to remember who you authentically are and have no fear. All of the apparitions that seem so real are merely illusions. 

11 in the Tarot is STRENGTH Leo like energy passion, Heart will.

Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom. May we continue to appreciate and fight for freedom and against tyranny.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Blessed We Are, Remember why you came here by Peia



Very Positive Relationship stuff, astrology

10/5/16  MOON enters Sagittarius in the wee hours.

Sagittarius energy is optimistic, sporty. Toronto is a SAGITTARIUS city, home to  the most diverse immigrant population in any one city in the world.  Toronto, where I live, most of the time, is a huge sports town.  Last night, The Blue Jays played a Wild Card game to beat the Baltimore Orioles at home to go on to play in the ALDS under a fight to the death Scorpio MOON.

It was a tense game, 2-2 into 11 innings. I had been thinking about the Jays all day. My husband was asking me why I was talking about the game. He is total nonsports fan of all kinds. My Dad was an amateur pitcher in Toronto, and my ex-husband and my son Elijah are huge baseball fans, both watching and playing. But it was one of the things I bonded with my dad with.  

I usually use my Herkimer Diamond crystal and new brass pendulum to get answers for these types of sports, yes/ no questions. This is called dowsing. 

I couldn’t get a clear answer all day. I kept checking the scores. I sent this tweet #WILDCARD #BlueJays @ 11:21 pm EDT Go #Jays sending you a home run. At 11:37 PM Edwin Encarnacion hit a homer. Thank U

Everybody is happy in Toronto tonight.

SAGE Moon sextiles JUPITER, the planetary ruler in the afternoon @ 5+ degrees Sag/Libra

This is sweetly positive for all FIRE Signs ARIES, LEO, and SAGITTARIUS especially. If you have planets at 3-7 degrees  of Sagittarius,  this is a big ticket for you.


Another sweet very seductive kiss from Scorching hot Venus in Scorpio to The Plutocrat with all the power. Perhaps some mistress secrets will be in the news?  Women are affected most by this aspect. plot your path t career success and empower yourself.


This is a strong day for the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th signs

Now we hear from the opposite sex. MARS in Capricorn is also very Scorpionic as it rules Sexy Scorpio too. This indicates power plays, emergency diplomacy measures and very diplomatic energy. Governments are trying to lay a foundation for balancing out the economy and the spread of money and power.

On a personal level, this aspect brings socializing for business and enjoyable conversations which might be a bit light, skirting around the real serious issues. Yes get down to some fun Sagittarius business.

If you have planets at 1-11 degrees LIBRA ARIES CAPRICORN or CANCER

You are affected the strongest. Mars in Capricorn wants career success and power and will push whatever buttons it takes to get there.

The Fiery Sagittarius Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is a PEACE LOVE FUN inspiring fiery,optimistic philosophical energy. Dream of publishing a book, traveling, taking a new course, teaching, connecting psychically with your pets, having adventurous dreams. Work on remembering past lives where you were a pirate, judge, teacher, spiritual leader, or martyr before.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Thanksgiving spiritual truths

Happy Thanksgiving America, to my U.S. family, friends and clients may you have a wonderful safe Holiday.

Thanksgiving is illuminated by the Gemini Full Moon, 6 hours and 16 minutes past Fullness on Thanksgiving at midnight EST. This is an intense Thanksgiving and astrological main event.

Thanksgiving Astrology Tara Greene


Saturn in Sagittarius makes it first exact square to Neptune in Pisces @ 6+ degrees.

Sagittarius is the sign of Truth, honesty, foreigners, religious freedom,justice and Neptune in Pisces is the sign of compassion, oneness, spirituality,oceans, karma. 

Fitting symbols for Thanksgiving. Sagittarius symbolizes the British pilgrims, the first pioneer settlers crossing the ocean coming to America, seeking religious freedom, in a new land which was inhabited by exotic Native Indigenous people, who lived in trust and oneness with the land and the animals and environment. The Natives were compassionate and helped the white brothers who they saw as equals. Were those self-righteous settlers honest with the Natives? No way.. Unless you are an indigenous Native American everyone else is a foreigner on North American soil.  

Saturn is close to Fixed Star ANTARES. The rival of Mars. Russian plane was shot down by Turkish forces for invading their air space. 

Mercury is close to Saturn and I found that it created limitation in communications for me yesterday. I thought I’d sent a file to a client, for an article about the Tarot whose deadline was the 25th. Turns out I sent the wrong file, and then needed to go out. My phone died, i didn’t discover she never received it till 8:45 pm. Then I sent it. Anyone else experience communications snafus? 


between the Gemini Mon, Mars in Libra {weak} and Ceres dwarf planet Mother of grains in Aquarius.  3-7 degrees.

There is a potent CARDINAL CROSS, which has nothing to do with Catholics. 

Uranus in Aries Retrograde {16 degrees} squares Pluto in Capricorn { 13+ degrees} and opposes MARS at 8 degrees Libra and VENUS at 19 degrees LIBRA.

This is a very dangerous nuclear warhead danger. A heavy war mongering aspect.Danger of Terrorism attacks is high anywhere in the world.  PLease stay safe. I pray for you.

Venus in Libra is vouching for peace. We need to send Venus peacemaker, justice and balance vibes. 

LIBRA is in her POWER and glory. She is walking in WILD GROUNDED POWER and BEAUTY

and the challenge is to make necessary changes in relationships in rebalancing work, freedom, and innovation. 

Can be LOTS Of relationship CHAOS now. 

I’m redoing my website still. 

Venus is 1 degree away from my Natal Venus Neptune conjunction. YAY! 

CHIRON is opposite JUPITER in Virgo 

You may be feeling tired, with irritable bowel and digestive tract symptoms. There may be painful issues on the job. Watch out for denial and workaholism or alcoholic escapism or other addictions.

Chiron turns direct on November 27 PDT/Nov 28 EST 

The energy which has been held back since June 23 when Chiron went Retrograde which has been softly speaking to you in your dreams, where the healing is may now begin to move back into the world. 

The SOUTH NODE at 28+ degree Pisces is on the Eclipse degree of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of MArch 20th Spring Equinox. 

This is a symbol of letting go of the old, co-dependent, delusional, projections, addictions, spiritual denial, fantasy and martyrdom.

Thanksgiving is a very active day with Gemini moon symbol of communications interacting with Mars by trine, opposing Mercury in Sagittarius, Inconjuct to Pluto, sextiling Uranus, squaring Chiron in Pisces, squaring Jupiter in Virgo.

Expect lots of travel chaos, miscommunications, lost items, a lot of Saturnine karmic consequences for too much eating, drinking, vaporizing, or whatever is your escape mechanism.  


If you are with your families or relatives the Cancer ingress will put family sentimentality first before sales. OK buy stuff to make you feel comfy at home and for your kids. Snuggle up at home and share stories of the good old days, hang out in the kitchen, eat. A great day to stay in your P.J.’s and allow yourself to receive nurturing.  Play with your kids, and be present with them. Put down the technology and act like it doesn’t exist for this day. 

Moon inconjuncts the SUN at night which may suddenly raise ire. 

Moon trines NEPTUNE late at night PDT

so sweet dreams, connect with the Great Mother, happy tummies, your precious children and the inner child who lives in everyone. 

Please share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Canada Federal Election by Tara Greene

Is Canada ready for a big political change from Conservative Stephen Harper’s ruled since 2006? 

Lets check out what the planets and stars have to say. Oct 19, 2015 shows the planetary signs of change in Canada’s Leadership .

Canada Election day Natal chart Tara Greene

This is the Natal Birth Chart of Canada, a Cancerian Nation born on  July 1, 1867 with the Federal Election Day October 19 2015 transiting planets. Canada is a very young country. It will be celebrating it’s 150th birthday in 2017. 

Canada Flag, Astrology Tara Greene

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been the P.M. since 2006. In the past 9 years his rulership has totally tarnished Canada’s good reputation in the world. He prorogued the government four times when he was opposed for a total of 181 days! He has stopped scientific research, he has ignored Canadians, he has made Canada a warring nation when it was always peace-keeping, there have been scandals, and environmental ruin and the list goes on and on. Canada’s economy is about to crash. It didn’t in 2008 because of the banks mortgage insurance policies. Oil is down, the Tar sands are tarnished.   

Federal Election Day shows a very active Capricorn Moon with a Grand Earth Trine.

Oct 19 2015 shows the signs of change in Canada’s Leadership from Conservative to Liberal. I predict that Justin Trudeau will be the  next Prime Minister. I predicted this in Dec. of 2014 on my website.

The Moon always represents the people and the Moon conjuncts Pluto, symbol of death, rebirth and transformation at 3:12 pm EST. They are both in the 10th house, the HIGH NOON position of the highest status in Canada’s natal chart. Moon and Pluto are intense and there will be a bigger voting turnout. Pluto Moon both oppose Canada’s Natal SUN/URANUS conjunction in Cancer. Uranus and PLuto created the 60’s so … you know.

Here are the most important indicators;

-URANUS planet of Revolution, change, freedom is exactly on the Canadian Ascendant indicating that there is evolutionary cosmic forces at work here for radical change.  Trudeau’s slogan is VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE. 

-PLUTO, Planet of power, the shadow in Capricorn, squares -puts pressure on, Natal NEPTUNE, planet of deception, false leaders, debt and oil, at 14 degrees Aries and squares Canada’s 16 degree ARIES Ascendant. The Ascendant is the image or persona of a person or country. 

-Transiting PLuto is trining Canada’s Natal Pluto at 15 degrees TAURUS with Jupiter and Mars and Venus in its 6th house of working people, making this earth trine a symbol of back to the ROOTS, one of Canada’s leading brands. 

-CHIRON, the wounded Healer or should I say leader here, is conjunct Canada’s SOUTH NODE or past at 17 degrees PIsces, {oil delusion, debt} What ails thee Canada? Let me count the ways since Harper reigned. 

-Transiting JUPITER and MARS in Virgo are exactly conjunct to CANADA’s NORTH NODE in VIRGO its highest evolutionary goal, and square to Canada’s natal Venus at 15 degrees GEMINI. Canada is its environment, its land and resources. It has always been known for its humility and simple straightforward shyness, a Virgo trait.  Jupiter is honest, ethical, straight talking, optimistic, happy. Jupiter rules foreigners, trust, faith, openness, the law. Mars is action, drive, defenses. Mars in Virgo is an earth warrior not a fighter, as it is mutable. This Mars cares deeply about the environment, natural resources and the ordinary working/middle class. These two planets are beneficial to Canada’s future and especially to Women. People will vote for preserving the environment and more grounded simple, straight forwards leader and less double talk. 

-VENUS in VIRGO is conjunct to Canada’s NATAL Mars and opposite Natal Jupiter. Women will be very decisive in Canada’s future. Women want support in the workplace through subsidies and day care. 

-Transiting NEPTUNE at 7 degrees PISCES is opposite to Canada’s Natal Mars at 5 degrees Virgo.  Neptune is illusion, delusion, dissolving, oil, snake oil salesmen, compassion, debt, glamour, denial, self-undoing.Neptune has been hovering over Mars for the last two years or so. I think Mr. Harper has undone himself. 

-SATURN at 2 degrees SAGITTARIUS rules the law, karma, foreigners, honesty. SATURN is the status-quo, it is inconjunct to Canada’s Natal Moon at 28 Gemini and its Sun and Uranus at 8 degrees Cancer. Saturn will haul in any double-talking politicians and Saturn is testing Canada’s revolutionary ideals.

– Transiting South Node at zero degrees Aries/29 degrees Pisces is conjunct to Canada’s Natal Chiron at 26 degrees Pisces and squaring Canada’s 28 Gemini moon. The South Node is always the most negative part of a chart. We need to let go of the past, the old double-speak, our fear of speaking up, our inborn passivity and martyrdom. 

If Stephen Harper somehow shows  a win tomorrow. It may alert the fact that the elections have been fixed. The polls show the Liberals in a win. I do believe Canadians are fed up with Harper’s  government and that he is an amoral leader who does not represent what Canada is. 

Here is Stephen Harper’s birth chart and the election day. 

Stephen Harper Election, Tara Greene

I have rectified Harper’s birth chart to 6:00 a.m. Astrologer Jim Burke found the original birth announcement on the day Stephen was born . Therefore he had to have been born from midnight to around 8:00 am. This chart feels right to me. 

PLUTO is squaring Harper’s South Node. If this is an accurate chart then Pluto is exactly on Harper’s Mid-heaven and destroying his career for abusing power. Pluto is also opposite his Natal Mars in Cancer, this is a very difficult transit. 

Transiting SATURN has been sitting on his Natal Jupiter at 29 degrees Scorpio for the last 6 months or so. Harper has been using every dirty devious manipulative Scorpio trick in the book but Saturn always win.

SATURN is Squaring Harper’s Natal Pluto in Virgo exactly.  Saturn is karma for the shadow.

Transiting South Node at zero degrees Aries is inconjunct to Harpers Natal Pluto at 1 degree VIRGO. The South Node eliminates. What we don’t need is more of Harpers well schemed power plays. 

Transiting Chiron in Pisces, where we are most vulnerable is squaring Harpers’ Venus in Gemini- a split personality double-talking psychopath, which is also sesqui-square, a 135 degree hard angle to Harpers’ natal Neptune { religion, denial, delusions, oil, debt, addictions}  in Scorpio. Harper  is delusional, and he can’t see it, he is blind with his own religious beliefs and addictions to Power and control {Scorpio}.

Read my olde Election predictions from 2006 &2008 you have to scroll down down down to see it

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Oct 5 weekly preview by Tara Greene

Monday Oct. 5 except for a Cancer Moon making a Uranus Cardinal Square which we have all come to know and love, the energies are light cosmically speaking. Moon trines Chiron so there may be some good healing opps. today.

If it’s your party you can cry if you want to. 

Bonefire Tarot Ace of cups Tara Greene

The Ace of Cups is the Daily Card for October 5 -watch video

Bonefire Tarot by Gabrielle West. 

Tuesday will be intense. Moon enters passionate LEO in the wee hours.

SUN squares PLUTO a twice a year affair. Watch for big political moves and rebalances of power. We are heading for a Federal election in Canada. October 19.  I predict there will be a change of power.

MERCURY Sextiles Saturn which is great for re-tinkering projects. 

MARS OPPOSES NEPTUNE -The Big Reality check begins. Bring those dreams down to earth.

Pipe dreams must be accounted for. Be careful drinking, driving, of any drugs as even tho Mars in in Virgo these two opposing forces makes for sound judgement being off. 

The earth can move, literally. Neptune is the stronger planet here.

Take practical account of your spiritual disciplines. Budgets may need to be revamped. Working hard makes those dreams come true. 

Could be true romance for some PISCES. And overly accountable Virgo’s need to let go.

VENUS re-enters VIRGO Thursday OCTOBER 8

 as she gets back to where she once belonged. I am spontaneously quoting pop song titles today! Venus back at ZERO degrees VIRGO which she first entered July 18 which seems like soooo long ago. What has occurred in your love life, values, creativity and finances since that time?  Venus will pass her RETROGRADE point on the 9th which was John Lennon’s birthday. 

HOLIDAY WEEKEND in the U.S. and Canada


Hurray. I haven’t found this one to be so bad actually. It really depends on what sign Mercury is in. In an air sign which Mercury is favorable in, not soo bad. How have you found it? 

Oct.9 has more Neptune Mars and Jupiter conjunctions and Moon trines PLuto that is a good day. Watch what you eat.

Oct 10

Serious contract signing day or marriage proposal. VENUS SQUARES SATURN in Sag. 

Those who need to aim higher should. Stop staring at the ground. LOOK UP! there is a beautiful cosmos there. 

Oct 11 

Moon’s in LIBRA and conjuncts MERCURY

but there are an awful lot of Quincunx’s today.  Sun to Chiron- FORGIVENESS, FORGIVENESS

Moon inconjunct NEPTUNE- addictions may be part of the discussion. Maybe……

JUPITER TRINES PLUTO  the big rich gazzilionairre Good luck transit. 

SUN OPPOSES URANUS – the cosmic whoopee cushion! expect the unexpected, this is a once yearly occurence. 

OCTO. 12 Columbus Day in U.S. Thanksgiving in Canada

A NEW MOON at 19+ degrees LIBRA

More Cardinal squares  and on we go.

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