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10/5/16  MOON enters Sagittarius in the wee hours.

Sagittarius energy is optimistic, sporty. Toronto is a SAGITTARIUS city, home to  the most diverse immigrant population in any one city in the world.  Toronto, where I live, most of the time, is a huge sports town.  Last night, The Blue Jays played a Wild Card game to beat the Baltimore Orioles at home to go on to play in the ALDS under a fight to the death Scorpio MOON.

It was a tense game, 2-2 into 11 innings. I had been thinking about the Jays all day. My husband was asking me why I was talking about the game. He is total nonsports fan of all kinds. My Dad was an amateur pitcher in Toronto, and my ex-husband and my son Elijah are huge baseball fans, both watching and playing. But it was one of the things I bonded with my dad with.  

I usually use my Herkimer Diamond crystal and new brass pendulum to get answers for these types of sports, yes/ no questions. This is called dowsing. 

I couldn’t get a clear answer all day. I kept checking the scores. I sent this tweet #WILDCARD #BlueJays @ 11:21 pm EDT Go #Jays sending you a home run. At 11:37 PM Edwin Encarnacion hit a homer. Thank U

Everybody is happy in Toronto tonight.

SAGE Moon sextiles JUPITER, the planetary ruler in the afternoon @ 5+ degrees Sag/Libra

This is sweetly positive for all FIRE Signs ARIES, LEO, and SAGITTARIUS especially. If you have planets at 3-7 degrees  of Sagittarius,  this is a big ticket for you.


Another sweet very seductive kiss from Scorching hot Venus in Scorpio to The Plutocrat with all the power. Perhaps some mistress secrets will be in the news?  Women are affected most by this aspect. plot your path t career success and empower yourself.


This is a strong day for the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th signs

Now we hear from the opposite sex. MARS in Capricorn is also very Scorpionic as it rules Sexy Scorpio too. This indicates power plays, emergency diplomacy measures and very diplomatic energy. Governments are trying to lay a foundation for balancing out the economy and the spread of money and power.

On a personal level, this aspect brings socializing for business and enjoyable conversations which might be a bit light, skirting around the real serious issues. Yes get down to some fun Sagittarius business.

If you have planets at 1-11 degrees LIBRA ARIES CAPRICORN or CANCER

You are affected the strongest. Mars in Capricorn wants career success and power and will push whatever buttons it takes to get there.

The Fiery Sagittarius Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is a PEACE LOVE FUN inspiring fiery,optimistic philosophical energy. Dream of publishing a book, traveling, taking a new course, teaching, connecting psychically with your pets, having adventurous dreams. Work on remembering past lives where you were a pirate, judge, teacher, spiritual leader, or martyr before.

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