July 11 Daily Astrology tarot Guidance

Moon’s in Cancer heading for the Big Dark Shadow Solar eclipse July 12-13.

it will be a roller coaster of emotions today. Moon has entered Cancer it sextiles Venus and Uranus then squares Chiron in Aries and opposes Saturn in Capricorn. 


This is crazy making in your love life in finances resources money markets. Stop being so nitpicky Virgo. Perfection is innovation. This energy is prevalent during the Cancer Solar Eclipse.

The Sun will be at 19 Cancer and Pluto will Station Direct @ 18 Capricorn 45’ 22” Sept 30.  Be conscious of where you want to assert your power then.

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Pisces dreamy day

May 10 Moon is in Pisces

PIsces Moon astrology Tara Greene

It’s Singer Bono of U2’s birthday and famous dancer Fred Astaire’s too and Sid Vicious and John Wilkes Booth who shot Abraham Lincoln. Happy Birthday to my old friend from Norway Sissel’s birthday too.

Moon’s in PISCES conjunct Neptune in the wee hours. Lots of juicy lucid HD dreams tonight. Record them when you wake.

Moon trines JUPITER in SCORPIO

This is an abundant flowing magical energy as Jupiter is the traditional Ruler of PISCES. This opens one up but also gives angelic protection. Expand your spirit and soul. Be charitable.Dive deep into life’s mysteries. Sex money power control secrets. It will be all out there.

Neptune squares VENUS in GEMINI

Talk about your dreams. Express your confusion and inability to commit.  Venus brings love to a Gemini’s angel/devil polarity and helps them to see that all is one. Yin/yang not black and white. Cant have one without the other. Beware two timing liars who you want to believe are committed. Sense what is mine and what is yours.

Moon sextiles TAURUS SUN

always a nice energy blending emotions moods sensitivity feelings feminine receptivity with masculine light and grounding in Taurus. You can feel stronger and more rooted.


Sextiles are nice n easy aspects. Envision what your deepest depths want to express. This is a very creative energy for deep introspection.Pluto always wants to be in control and obsesses about it. Pisces Moon can help you let go to surrender to forgive and have compassion. This is a good thing. Don’t forgive those who have transgressed against you. Pluto in Cap. helps Pisces develop healthy boundaries.

Have a dreamy day.

Heads up for May 11

Some very big aspects. Sun trine Pluto. Very empowering if you have planets at 20-22 degrees EARTH SIGNS.

VENUS inconjuncts PLUTO in PDT on the 11th/ on 12th in EDT and GMT

Big power banking financial military government issues. All is not what it seems. the whole picture is not being revealed. Players behind the scenes are moving chess pawns and war machines around. Big money is to be made in war.

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Daily Tarot Astro Central Sun insights

Aries hot aggressive spontaneous defensive Moon keeps the pace running high.

That old familiar cardinal cross déjà vu.

These are always tension producing. Moon squares Mercury +Pluto in Capricorn. Later in day Moon conjunct the planet of weird Uranus to give us some exciting surprises. The Cosmic Whoopee cushion I call it.

Moon inconjuncts -150 degree aspect Jupiter in Scorpio which can make for  big SCORPIO like sting backlash. Keep your Aries shields up warriors.

My dreams have been super lucid intense and weird the last few days since I came back from New York.

NOTICE if you are feeling very dizzy or extremely tired or headachy January 22-23rd.

I am feeling some very intense multi-dimensional up leveling happening Monday. I was feeling woozy dizzy and tired. My husband felt it too- he feels these energies the same way as I do and our daughter gets headaches. I concurred with a very high-level spiritual woman in Australia I touch base with and she said these high-level energy fluxes were coming from the Central SUN of ALCYONE- which is a Pleiadian download. So there are some very high energies coming in. Meditate and pay attention to your dreams and let me know how you are doing-please. I’d love more feedback from you.

Daily tarot astro insights

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Venus Jupiter love magic rituals

A short video for you. I did a ritual invocation of Beautiful Venus and Bountiful Jupiter tonight at 3:15 am EST.  I called upon Venus and her pentagram her copper and emeralds her symbols of love and beauty. I called upon Jupiter as initiator benefactor higher master teacher lightning bolt thrower and expander.

This cosmic conjunction brings a balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. “As above so below” @ 3:15 am EST. Nov 13 at the conjunction of Goddess Venus and God Jupiter I called in the two planetary lovers to bless all of us and in all worlds with a new balance of divine cosmic blending of love beauty power and strength.

 A more potent auger of what we need right now in the sign of SCORPIO sign of sex death secrets power and rebirth. How amazing is this synchronicity!

In the Tarot, VENUS is #3 THE EMPRESS and JUPITER is #10 Wheel of Fortune

Venus and Jupiter Love Astrology Tara Greene

Venus and Anchises-Annibale Carracci 1597- Farnese Gallery, Rome copyright free image

I then picked a tarot card to help guide you. The Chariot Tarot Arcana #7. Cancer energy the womb birth nurturance nourishment sustenance safety. Home. The primal ocean of emotion and consciousness. The Great Mother. 7 is the laws of cycles the 7 Heavens. 

The Day is ruled by the Moon. The planetary hour was ruled by Mercury the messenger.

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Inspirational Daily Cards Jan 25 for Day 3

Venus Conjunct Chiron the wounded healer in PISCES is exact today. I just read all the news today. Oh Boy! It is so apt.

OMG Day 2- Trump approved Keystone Access and the Dakota Access Pipelines, where the Water Protectors have been camped for months. Where two thousand war veterans came in support of them recently. This is a disaster. There are other ways to create positive green jobs.

Trump has banned Muslims from Syria and immigrants from seven other countries, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia from entering the U.S. Trump will allow Christians from those countries and some Muslim religious minorities in. I honestly do not think this is such a bad thing given the current nature of the world. If people are thoroughly checked and I think it used to take two years that should weed out the terrorists. But what about the young terrorist that are already born in America?  Canada may be impacted now and I do not want Canada to accept more refugees at this time. It destabilizes people. 

There’s a bill to ban all federal spending to abortions that has been approved but still needs to go through the Senate.  And no Sesame Street, No environmental protection agency, etc etc and huge tax saving for those making over $650,000 a year. Here’s the list of what Trump wants to cut.  See link below.

The only smart thing and one I can seriously applaud Trump over is not allowing the TTP which is a total NEW WORLD ORDER apparatus for taking over in the U.S. This is fantastic and I hoping CANADA does not drink the Kool-Aid. The TTP allows all corporations the right of Kings over any country and all of its citizens. It makes them above all laws. Any corporation can sue a government and its citizens for”loss of profits.” This has already happened but of course, they want to enslave the entire earth. Get your facts. 

So I thought I’d pull a card for today 

TWO cards came up, one represents Venus and the other Chiron in Pisces completely, 

5 of cups,9 of cups, Tare Greene Tarot                                                  5 of cups                     9 of cups

These two cards which you can see are very worn are from the THOTH Tarot deck which I always use. 

They have names on the bottom of them

5 of cups DISAPPOINTMENT                  9 of cups  HAPPINESS or the WISHING CARD

This is so apropos, and I know I can always rely on my cards.

Chiron in Pisces is the 5 of cups, the disappointment, the wound, the vulnerability, the emotional overspill. Cups are Feminine. This seems to represent the great disappointment that women are feeling in the U.S. and other parts of the world now over the Liberal backlash wave that is growing now.  We feel hurt and vulnerable, underneath our protective anger armor. It’s what motivates our anger to march in the millions. Incidentally the planetary attribution to this card is…..Mars in Scorpio of course. The STING from the tiny hands that grabs pussies. 

The balance to this is the 9 of Cups literally known as The Wishing Card

This is of course, my favorite card in the minors. Its planetary attributes are JUPITER in PISCES with 9 overflowing cups of bountiful compassion, empathy, oneness, joy, happiness, true spirituality. Jupiter rules PISCES.  Venus in Pisces is also exalted.

So we may be feeling very wounded and angry. But we can still open ourselves to spirit to know our inherent oneness behind all these fascist divisions. We need to be able to have faith in higher spiritual unity without being too ungrounded or woo-woo. PISCES need to learn boundaries, we do need some boundaries. There is indeed evil in the world, and it needs to be contained. My old teacher Stuart Wilde was an expert on demonic forces, how to spot them, how to neutralize them.

We don’t need to be Pisces Martyrs and haplessly accept every word from the Bible or Koran as God’s truth. A human made up these stories, they are myths, parables, archetypes, never to be taken literally.  We need to be being kind and unconditionally loving to ourselves without ego and be understanding to those we love and to those around us. This is a hidden spirituality. It occurs deep inside the womb’s of all women as that is what all cups are, Holy

We need to be being kind and unconditionally loving to ourselves without ego and be understanding to those we love and to those around us. This is a hidden spirituality. It occurs deep inside the womb’s of all women as that is what all cups are, Holy Grails. We all come from those wombs.  The hidden key is LOVE it resides in the four chambers of our hearts and in the heart chakra. Spirituality comes from our consciousness which is in our pineal glands and our brains. We need to open out 6th and 7th chakras to have direct experience of “GOD” or the GODDESS or All that is to know this ecstasy, to taste it, feel it, fill us up so that we are the 9 of cups. 

Become the wishing card. Live the tarot.That is what its true secret purpose is.

MAKE 9 WISHES think about it carefully. Always wish for things affirmatively. Always send only positive loving wishes. Never curses or hexes or anger. That is black magic. You must also ask anyone you are sending love or healing to for their higher self’s permission first. 

What do you think?

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A Day in the Life, The Beatles, 1967



Inspired tricksters and dream temples


CANCER moon keeps us feeling like curling up in a fetal position. We are sensitive, and nurturing.


dream healing. Pay attention to your dreams and seek clues for dream healing images. They may seem obscure and surprise you but follow every lead, image, and nuance.  The ancient greeks practiced healing in Dream Temples called the Asklepios. 

Aclepios Dream Temple Astrology Tara Greene

Temple of Asclepios Drawing by Defrasse 1891

Moon squares URANUS in ARIES

That chaotic emotional Cardinal energy again. Remember to have plan B and C ready just in case.

MERCURY in SAG. squares North Node/ South Node and NEPTUNE in PISCES

The trickster planet underscores the Neptune nodal energy of yesterday. Whereas yesterday it felt more ephemeral, more emotional,dreamy and intuitive more  unconscious. Today Mercury in Sagittarius brings up words, thoughts, criteria, details, speculations, and ideas pouring through. Use your words with clear intention. With Fierce intention when you know what your truth is and what you want to say.  

It may take a while till the truth comes through and it can come through synchronous messages and dreams. So pay attention. The Eclipse in Feb 2017 will activate this degree again. 

The 9 degree Sagittarius point is FIXED STAR Antares.

The Watcher of the WEST ARCHANGEL ORIEL.

Scorpio heart Antares Tara Greene

Scorpio by Josephine Wall

This star  is the heart of the Scorpio constellation in sidereal Astronomical reckoning.  Antares is a red supergiant so immense its diameter is 600 million miles 960 million kilometers, 700 times the diameter of the Sun. It has always been associated with malevolence, anger, destruction, headstrong people and poisons. It is connected to the military. Its most ancient meaning is that this star stung the Egyptian God Horus. Scorpions, like snakes,symbolize primitive instincts for survival and is connected to our root chakras, sexuality, and our reptilian brains.  

Very interesting considering what’s going on in the world today. 

Moon trines SUN in Scorpio

These are very emotional and dark times. It will shift, just keep breathing,I am so tired of hearing Donald T-rump’s name already. 

MOON is V-O-C @ 2:02 pm PST/ 5:02 pm EST/ 10:02 pm GMT

MOON enters living large and passionate LEO it’s a party down weekend @ 7:14 pm PST/11:14 pm EST/11/19 @ 4:14 am GMT

NEPTUNE turns DIRECT on the 19th after months and months of having us deja vu all our dreams. It may feel like sleeping beauty waking up from her sleep and going Hey WTF happened here?

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Goat cheese and other appetizers

Monday is the Moon’s day.

Lundi in French, for La Lune. Luna in Spanish. Selene, Diana, The Moon Goddesses have many names.  The Moon is in its last day of earthy Capricorn today for the month.

Capricorn, Horoscope, Tara Greene

The mood is grounded, persevering, patient, ambitious, emotionally reserved, all corporate looking, and towing the corporate line. It’s a good day to aim to climb that mountain peak, whatever your personal mountain is. 

We feel like working hard, respecting authorities, being mature, responsible and  stable under the rays of a Cappy Moon.

We may also feel like prancing, braying and horny. Horns symbolize spiritual connection.  

Honor the goats and eat some fetta cheese, yogurt or milk or other goaty appetizer.

There is a lunar Cardinal cross to Uranus in Aries. 

This is always tense, freedom, revolution, chaos is in the air. 

There is a LUCKY EARTH TRINE to JUPITER in Virgo at 19+ degrees.

If you are a TAURUS born around May 10, like Bono’s U2, or a Capricorn born around January 10 or know that you have natal planets at these degrees you get the full benefits of this nice positive aspect. But you Capricorn’s know that you must work for it.

After the Terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th, we are all feeling low, still mourning. Paris has already struck back bombing Raqqa in Syria which is Daesh headquarters. But I’m sure they knew that was going to happen. Daesh is what the Islamic State calls itself. I hate seeing the Great Goddess ISIS’ name defamed every time the media refers to the terrorists by that moniker. 

It’s all easy sextile -60 degree aspects today so go easy on yourself. I find the worlds tragic events energies gobble me up for a few days. 

Moon shifts into Higher consciousness in Aquarius at night PST. 

The aspects are also easy ones Tuesday and the Sun conjoins Mercury in Scorpio. 

A Good day to do spying, detective and forensic work and rout out those shadows that haunt each one of us in our dreams and are reflected back to us in the outside world.

I have been doing some research on Arabic Astrology. 

Please share widely

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Here’s some Capricorn energy for you

Psychic energies,Water Trines, everythings fine.

An easy Scorpio Moon day? Sounds like an oxymoron. Scorpio shit is never easy. You know it’s obsessive, heavy, controlling, secretive, intimidating, controlling, and shadow bound. 

But we get a break today,before the New Moon of Trance end dance. It’s a wake the dead dance. 

Mercury, Scorpio’s Messenger at the moment and Pluto Lord of Death, change and transformation are dancing a jig. 

They’re in a sextile,which sounds like it should really be a dance move video, OK I’ve TradeMarked it here in public. 


It becomes GRAND if you’re a Cancer at around 7-10 degrees or have Cancerian planets there. 

This aspect puts your psychic energy into overdrive. Do pay attention to your intuition, don’t freak out, Use your innate 6th sense and listen to it. A great day for meditation and clearing space before this New Moon.

Do be careful with any drugs today, recreational or Rx and alcohol consumption as your judgement will be off. 

YOu may be seeing soul mates, fairies, rainbows and E.T.’s Also very creative energy for artists . Talk to your guardian angels. They are always there. 

Definitely purge your body and soul, through deep bathing in Himalayan salts, or long hot showers, or steam baths. If you could get to some Hot Springs this would be ideal. Imagine yourself there.  

Set your intentions to dream big new practical dreams as SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS, a very serious but fun Father Time sort of ” Santa Claus” – { Jupiter is Santa Claus, ruler of Sagittarius} of sorts is ready to help make those wishes real. But only if you work for them. – see below. 

SUN sextiles JUPITER – speak of the devil, may care God himself. 

This is a very positive energy. Again you gotta make those sextiles work. 

Moon sextiles Pluto in the evening only in PST /next day EST

This is deeply Scorpionic and rich. Go to sleep with the intention of clearing through the forest of confusion and the debris of past life emotions. 

It;s all Scorpio all day tomorrow. The New Moon is 9:47 a.m. PST/ 12:47 pm EST. 

Good time to embrace death as your ally. 

Inspirational Daily Card

Ace of Pentacles, Tarot horoscope Tara Greene

Spiral Tarot Ace of Disks/ Pentacles/Coins/Earth

All the Aces are the most powerful of potencies. This card shows Venus with her pentagram symbol reaching towards the Cosmos, all decked out with beautiful peacocks as her veil or cloak. Peacocks are sacred birds related to Hindu Goddess Saraswati. Goddess of creativity, arts, and also to the Roman Goddess Juno. Juno in my estimation symbolizes the Feminine Form of the term genius, which is part of the root word Djin or genie.

Venus as Earth Mother is like the Trump #3 The empress, and she is also of course the Goddess Ceres, isis, and also known by hundreds of other names. The thousands of iridescent eyes of the peacock’s tail feathers, symbolize shape-shifting awareness, inner insights and being ever watchful and awake. This also related to the all seeing eye of Horus, to the Egyptians.  Peacock feathers are magical allies as birds have always symbolizes souls. The roots of the word iridescence is IRIS,  the seeing aperture of the eye, and Iris, the Goddess of the rainbow, also related to Juno, Peacocks, and the 7 chakras. 

June Peacock Tara Greene astrology

The peacock complaining to Juno, Gustave Moreau 1881

Synchronistically the Asteroid named for Juno will be at 20+ degrees Libra, in a semi-sextile, a 30 degree easy aspect to the New Moon itself, as well as in square to Pluto, opposite Uranus in Aries,and inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces. 

Put a picture of Juno on your alter at the New Moon. Get some peacock feathers and use them as well. Call upon Juno’s wisdom to gift you with inner insight, to bless you with the Rainbow of peace and to open your chakras ans inner insight. . 

This card symbolizes a new physical beginning of new life, guided by deep inner insight.Very Scorpio.

please share widely 

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Cardinal squares, sextile Sunday

Those Coronal Mass Ejections had my head spinning like a top later Saturday afternoon. Did you feel it? I had to lie down on my special Korean infra-red massage bed and I fell asleep. I have a busy Sunday with a wedding shower in the afternoon and some Skype readings for women in Arizona. 

I am needing to hold the high energies of Sedona and also be here.

Back to square one, Literally.

The CARDINAL T-squares sounds like shades of Pope Francis and his Cardinals. Yes, they are here again. Will they ever go away? yah sometime in the next couple of years.

Cancer moon squares Mercury in Libra, the Sun and opposes Pluto in Capricorn and will square Uranus on Monday. Get ready for the unexpected MONDAY MORNING chaos. Otherwise its quite a quiet  day.

Happy birthday to my friend IALA in Sedona October 5.

There are also a couple of nice sweet SEXY sextiles between the Moon and Mars and Jupiter both in earth VIRGO. 

take a walk in the woods, clean up your neighbourhood. Relax and read a good book get your affairs in order, expand your diet and health regime. 

Moon also TRINES NEPTUNE early a.m. which usually makes for interesting dreams. Do try to remember them and write them down.


Kali-Ma Queen of Swords tara Greene tarot reader


This is quite a different interpretation of the Queen of Swords. She is the sign of LIBRA the sign we are in. She rules the zodiac from the 21st degree of Virgo to the 20th degree of Libra. September 14-October 13.

The Q. of S.  is associated with VENUS which is ALL GODDESSES, and the sign of Justice. SWORDS Are the element of AIR and the mind. The AIR signs are Gemini Libra and Aquarius.

Queen of Swords Tara Greene Tarot

In the Thoth deck she uses her sword- the discerning mind, to cut off the ego, which is the same as Kali-MA. 

Keep the mind cool, aired out, by breathing properly and deeply. DO not take everything at face value. 

Use your mind and your intuition to discern what is the truth. Be mindful of you ego chatter and silence it through meditation and cut it off so it isn’t running your life.

BALANCE and discernment are the keywords. 


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It’s here. Astrology of the Now.

R U ready? The 7th Uranus Pluto square occurs tonight @ 7:54 pm PDT/ 10:54 pm EDT/ March 17 @ 2:54 am. blasting open our crown chakras to the Galactic dimensions.
Do sit and do ceremony at this time. I will be meditating and doing so.

Crown chakra activation Tara Greene

Questions to ask.

Am I fulfilling my higher Self’s mission?

Where do I need to break free of old limited self-defeating patterns? 

In what areas do I need to die in order to be reborn? 

Check out which houses in your birth chart the Uranus in Aries /Pluto in Capricorn energy are pressuring you to change- Uranus in Aries and where you are holding on- Pluto, which is the shadow.
For me Uranus is in my 5th house of creativity, giving love and self- expression and Pluto is in my 2nd house of resources, the body, and tangible assets.

It’s not all over by any means though.  Of course the USA ,which has natal Saturn at 15 degrees of Libra squaring the Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer which is conjunct the star Sirius is heavily invested in this world chamge. The U.S. and all its policies for better and for worse is a spinning vortex or should we say sinkhole for this energy. It’s what needs to change from within. There are revolutionary, warring, immature, macho forces- Radical Islamic, China, and individuals within their own country pushing against the powers that be who control everything.

What was seeded in the 60’s when Uranus and Pluto were conjoined at 16 -17 Virgo is being reactivated now which steps up the evolutionary growth.

Saturn was also very important in that conjunction and the Lord of Karma was opposite in Pisces and also conjunct to as yet invisible but working on the collective unconscious level Chiron {Saturn was at 11- 22 degrees and Chiron was at 19- 26 degrees of PISCES}.

 CHIRON is exactly opposite to that 17th degree now. We are feeling wounded and vulnerable on a spiritual level, our compassion is being tested as well as the state of the earth and her resources.

Part of the test is to know we are both spiritual PISCES and physical VIRGO beings. We have never left the Great Mother, Saturn, we are only temporarily in these earth bodies in the physical plane.

The Total Solar Eclipse March 20 on the Spring Equinox is another huge awakening. It signifies the end of the last 2,160 since the age of Pisces began.

The Age of Aquarius is harkening. This is the age of Unity consciousness, co-operation,co-creation, Higher consciousness and dimensions. Technology is a tool, which we can use from a POV of using for the benefit of all.


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