11:22:22 Triple Master Numerology World wide meditation

Pablo Carlos Budassi, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0&gt;, via Wikimedia Commons

11:22:22 is a triple Master Number gateway of memory encoding Remembrance of your soul purpose.

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Earlier this year there were a lot of meditations on the 2:22:2022 Numerology. You know that 2:22 is a very powerful date for me as I had one of my first real physical spiritual ET encounters with two witnesses in Isla Mujeres Mexico in 1979 which I’ve written about before.

11:11 November 11th Remembrance Day was originally designed to remember the Fallen soldiers from WWI with a minute of silence at 11:00 am.

ON 11/22/22 there will be another worldwide meditation led by Matias De Stefano

11:11 phenomena

Have you seen 11:11 on your digital clock forever?

Are you seeing the phenomena more recently?

Do you also see 2:22, 3:33, 4;44, 5:55, 10:10, 12:12, and 1:11?


All numbers which are doubled, { also tripled, quadrupled etc.} are what are known as MASTER NUMBERS. People refer to them as Angel numbers too but i consider those something else.

11 in the Tarot can be either JUSTICE or STRENGTH which is LEO which is interchangeable with # 8 which also symbolizes eternity when turned on its side. Justice is LIBRA and the Karmic scales of Egyptian Goddess Maat.

22 in the Tarot is one of the most important numbers as it is also 0 and 22, the end and the beginning and the infinite round of incarnation eternity.

0 is the Symbol of THE FOOL, the beginning of the Tarot preceding #1 the Magician, The Fool is the wisest of all the Major Arcana symbolizing Enlightenment and the Soul itself in its’ never ending round of incarnations. 22 is also the end and the beginning of everything, the Alpha and the OmegaThere is no end or beginning.

11:22:22 is to remember doubly that you are an infinite soul. There is no death and no birth only an eternal dream.

Traditionally 11.22. 33. 44. etc. indicate a Mastery or mastering of elements and powers.


 I believe there is only synchronicity, whether for good omens or ill,the fact is November 11th was already implanted in people’s memories for a reason symbolically.

Christ dying at 33 has more to do with the significance of the Master Number 33,a doubling of 3, the Trinity of the Feminine, which the Catholic Church incorporated and re-programmed as father, son, Holy ghost.  I guess all Catholics believe in Ghosts. But I believe it implies a 3rd the holy spirit. The number 3 has always been sacred to the Goddess, symbolizing the three days when the New moon disappears.

The real history of 11:11.

An American woman who called herself Solara created 11:11 on January 11 1992 as one of the first large world-wide consciousness raising  nd meditation celebrations.

At 11:11 am and 11:11 pm GMT people synchronized their thoughts by meditating in unison/ on Peace, harmony, opening up the Gates which 11:11 symbolize.  

Solara was in Egypt and thousands of people gathered at numerous Sacred Power sites all over the world. This was well before the Internet. At Stonehenge in England, Hawaii, Mt. Shasta in California, Sedona, Arizona, Niagara Falls in Canada etc. Solara claims that we are merging with our Higher Selves, Cosmic or starry selves and the 11:11 being noticed by thousands of people as a result of digitization helped them to Wake up ! and rememeber who we really are.

I went to Jupiter Florida on that date in 1992 with a dear friend of mine Elaine Lane who is a traditional Jin Shin, a Chinese based form of chi energy healer. We were in a totally altered state all day, time was very slow, it took us hours to drive 45 minutes, and conversely it would speed up. The meditation was very powerfull, we did feel the interconnection of all the other people.

I was also in a Kabbalistic Ceremony in Sedona Arizona on 11:11:11 already 11 years ago.


As we are much more conscious now. The message I am getting is that you can travel anywhere in your mind and consciousness much more easily now.

It is important to go to be in nature if you can or by open skies and water or high power energy spots on the earth.

11:22:22 symbolizes that we already remember and know that we are infinite souls choosing to remember out mastery as Gods and Goddesses Here and Now to shape a world of higher consciousness together

2 symbolizes the pillars of wisdom, Joachim and Boaz that stood outside Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem before it was destroyed by the Roman’s. 

There are various worldwide meditations going on. I will be meditating on 11::22 at 11:11 pm for sure. If you have anyone who you feels need prayers sent to them please email me with their name. 


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Astrology for 1:11 2020 Numerology

Daily Astrology vlog January 11, 2020

This is the anniversary of the original 11:11 event created by Solara on January 11, 1992. I said 91 on my video but it was 92. I was part of that huge worldwide meditation in Jupiter, Florida. 

the day after the big cancer full blood wolf moon and the day before the Saturn Pluto conjunction

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Rare Mercury Cazimi the Sun watch

Rare Mercury Transit of the Sun was LIVE watch here

Mercury is CAZIMI in the heart of the SUN a rare event. Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, This rare transit connects our consciousness to that of the SUN. It is a form of an eclipse although Mercury is so tiny compared to the SUN. I am glad everyone gets excited about these space events. 

Mercury eclipse transit of Sun 11;11

Mercury transit of the sun 11/11

We can watch that Retrograde trickster do the back step across the sun looking like a little black flee on November 11.

That’s 11:11 for those into synchronicity and Master numbers. You can’t look directly at the sun folks.

Mercury Retrograde in Astrology parlance is in the tropical sign Of Scorpio and is pulling us back into past life memories, perhaps into crevices and deep psychological scars which hold significant but forgotten bits of evidence that we need to complete a puzzle.

Meditate while the transit occurs. NASA has world maps this is a mercury eclipse or occultation of the sun.

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Full Wolf Super Moon New Year Howl

The Biggest Super Moon of 2018 the WOLF MOON lights up the New Year.


Supermoon of the wolf Tara Greene

January 1st @ 6:24 pm PST/9:24 pm EST/ January. 2 @ 2:24 am GMT


Grand Water Trine, tara Greene

between the Moon Neptune in PISCES and MARS in SCORPIO with JUPITER close by but not close enough for an actual trine { must be within 5 degrees}.

SUN VENUS and SATURN are bunched up in CAPRICORN and PLUTO opposing the Moon widely.

A Super Moon is when the moon is at perigee-closest to the earths’ core and its pull will be the strongest on our feelings majorly tugging at our heartstrings.

CANCER is the sign of the Mother the primal womb which every human being has experienced since the beginning of time as the MAtrix; the universe; the source. We yearn to return to the complete safety of our mother’s wombs.  Cancer represents family safety security food nurturing nourishment our homes our childhood’s the unconscious memories and our need for emotional safety. 

We will be feeling the pull of our yearning for this primal safety and the harsher CAPRICORN patriarchal duties and responsibilities in the world. For many women this is felt as the constant pull of the family versus career split. 

The GRAND WATER TRINE’s effects will help us to realize that our closest relationships are the most important rewards in the world. Those who are closest to us are what the hungry wild wolf instincts in us longs for. Belonging to the pack. 

CERES the GREAT MOTHER is also aligned with the NORTH NODE IN LEO

Leo is the creative self expressive will chakra. It symbolizes the heart the courage of the mother who fearlessly guards her young. Ceres is the nurturing mother who provides for all life on the earth and all of her children.


To heal our ancient karmic wounds we must have compassion for ourselves. It is our vulnerabilities and weaknesses which is what unites us in a common humanhood. We must use our ancient lupus voices in a new optimistic howling vision by speaking our truth.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her groundbreaking Women Who Run With The Wolves opened up the ancient ties of myth and the wild woman spirit the instinctual knowledge which is our true nature.

The CAPRICORN Patriarchal world; its history and civilization tries to brainwash enslave and limit humans with its rules and expected behaviors which it tells us that we have to play to win the goal of fame and worldly fortune. Capricorn is symbolized by THE DEVIL #15 in the TAROT. These Patriarchal rules its religions its brainwashing media and cultural expectations limit men as well as women.

All oppositions provide us with opportunites to find a middle ground. We must find a way to have both if that is what we choose in a new balanced way.

Our essences are free spirits we are wolves who are wild at heart. Wh care for our families who are in touch with our own inner authorities. Who live by the natural cycles of the Moon’s waxing and waning.

Trust your intuition. Listen to your wild instincts. Nurture and protect your inner child. Love and nurture those you love who are part of your pack.

REMEMBER WHO YOU REALLY ARE! This is the key message of a Number 11 year. 

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11:11 Remembrance of who you really are

November 11th is not just REMEMBRANCE DAY honoring soldiers who gave their lives for our precious freedoms who deserve to be remembered. 

Seeing 11:11 all the time is a worldwide phenomenon noted on the net for being a sign to make a wish. A very nice sentiment but really not all about what the true meaning of the double Master number is. 

11 is a MASTER Number. To see it twice horizontally was only made possible by digital clocks. LED display digital clocks became popular in the 1980’s and we began to see time in a new and different way instead of circular, sun-wise nature-based observations. Numbers are symbols. The Kabbalah is based on numbers as vibrations called Gematria. The ancient Greek mathematicians like Pythagoras whose theories taught that numbers are the essence and source of all things.

 The 11:11 phenomenon is a metaphorical digital trigger code. All doubled numbers are called master numbers. 11 is the number we have attributed to Memory itself or aligning the One individual with the One Higher Self, or the human incarnation with its double, its mirror image, its Doppelganger. 

#1 in the TAROT is the Magician the mind consciousness and ability to communicate. 

11 is #1 + #1 = two Magi which is the twin halves of the brain. 


11 is the twin pillars in Solomon’s Temple.

11 is the I & I, the I self and the You I self, the two each being conscious of their shared ONENESS.

11 in the Tarot is a complex number as it can be interchanged with the number 8.This is a bit of a mystery but suffice it to say the number 11 in the Tarot can be symbolized by the Tarot Trump of Strength, like the sign of LEO, or 11 can be shown by the Tarot trump 8 called Justice, or Adjustment in the Thoth Tarot.

11/8  When turned on its side,11 is the INFINITY symbol, which is KARMIC.

Infinity is the symbol of all time being NOW. Past Present and future are all interconnected at the nexus, the centre still point, between the two.

11 is Memory, remembering, re-member ing. As such it is a pun on the Egyptian mythology of Isis and Osiris, and a lot of the ancient symbols originated in Egypt or further back from Atlantean and Lemurian times.

Remembrance day was placed in our consciousness in 1917. Now 11:11 has been playing and triggering our memory banks collectively for many years. 

The original 11:11 was created by a woman named Solara. It occurred on Jan 11, 1992. This was before the internet of course and she created multiple groups following specific ceremonies and prayers and wearing white chanting a specific mantra. Groups met at Cairo at the Great Pyramids at Mt. Shasta Stonehenge in Toronto; all over the world. I participated in it too. I was in Jupiter Florida with a dear friend of mine Elaine. We spent a day blipping in and out of time. It was wild and the meditations were so powerful.

see older 11:11 articles https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/1111-remembrance-day-retro-by-tara-greene-psychic/

On November 11, 2011 the Triple 11:11:11 was seen as a huge shift in the worlds consciousness by many New agers, ascension people, Merkabah DNA activation extra stranded  Sirian, Pleiadians, Arcturian; Angelic healers, crystal skull aficionados are all tuning into this Nov 11 as THE major gateway to rip your consciousness open, rent the veil between the worlds, become who you really are Divine and HUman. I felt called to be in  Sedona or that 11:11:11 to participate in the ceremonies meditations and celebrations there. It was very powerful there and there were three of us. Joseph Mark Cohen a Canadian Kabbalistic Astrologer and creator of the Crop Circle Oracle Deck. See link below: Joseph is an encyclopedia of metaphysics. My new friend a shaman woman and I did ceremony creating a Tree of Life structure and did prayers. I still have 11:11:11 tinctures that we made at the time. I met two wonderful shamans then with whom I am still very close friends with.

11:11:11 in Sedona Tara Greene ceremony

Here I am during the 11:11:11 ceremony with Iala Jaggs and Joseph-Mark Cohen at a secret vortex. You can see the 10 stations of the Tree of Life on the ground. We circumambulated the Tree 33 times. Here we are making the 11:11 symbl with our upraised arms. I made some 11:11:11 elixir. If you are interested, please contact me to procure some. Magical essence energy. — with Iala Jaggs in Sedona, Arizona.


Now we are here again. Twenty-five years from the original 11:11 celebrations and meditations which were held on Jan 11, 1992.  The phenomena was created by SOLARA and worldwide meditations were created way before the internet. I participated in that too.

There will be worldwide meditations on November 11th at 11:11 am and P.M. Trust, open, take back your projections, we are here to create heaven on earth, my Buddhist teacher used to say. It has become a very popular phrase again these days.

Gotta save the garden and get ourselves back to it. We never left that is just an illusion.

Saturn Trines URANUS in ARIES on the 11th.

An inspiring global tribal higher mind innovating optimistic Galactic Center timewave upload.

Many Blessings, TARA

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the original 11:11 creatress http://www.nvisible.com/


12:12 Numerology, Tarot, Runes

Just like people notice the synchronicity of 11:11. 

12:12 is also a significant number. 

There are 12 zodiac signs, 12 tribes of Israel. 12 x 2 = 24 hours in a day. The number 12 is a common number which runs through many astrology cycles. 12 x 3 = 36 or 360 which is an entire circle.

The number 12 runs through many astrology cycles. 12 x 3 = 36 or 360 which is an entire circle.

12 x 5 = 60 which is a Golden number symbolizing 5 Jupiter returns which take an average of 12 years to complete a cycle.

12 x 6 = 72 which is the number of years it takes for a “fixed Star’ to move 1 degree. The Sun is two degrees wide to our naked eyes. It is an archetypal life span.

12 x 7 =84 which is the number of years it takes URANUS to make one complete revolution. 

12 x 9 -108 which is the number of beads in a Catholic Rosary which is based on a  more ancient Buddhist mala or prayer beads of 108 beads. 

12 x 10 -120. There is a Jewish saying “May you live to be 120 years old.”  This symbolizes 10 Jupiter returns. 

12 is the number of the Hanged Man in the Tarot. This is a symbol of a spiritual “Baptism”  a letting go of the EGO, a symbolic turning upside down of the mind. The Hanged Man symbolizes The Nordic God Odin turned upside down hung on the World Tree or Tree of Life as a willing sacrifice of his power and his ego to learn and acquire new knowledge. This is how the Rune Stones were received. 

This is a symbol of a spiritual “Baptism”  a letting go of the EGO, an inversion or turning upside down of the usual way we see things. The Hanged Man symbolizes The Nordic God Odin turned upside down hung on the World Tree or Tree of Life as a willing sacrifice of his power and his ego to learn and acquire new knowledge. This is how the Rune Stones were received. The  Runes were an ancient alphabet and used for oracular divination. 

Hanged Man Tarot 12:12


Be prepared to have your world turned upside down. There are many things which most people think are true which are total lies. Some of this information is coming out now. Learn to trust your own truth and not what anyone else tells you. This is another Gateway. There were huge Galactic synchronizations and star gates which were opened in 2012. 

 There were huge Galactic synchronizations and star gates which were opened in 2012. Some people feel that there were huge consciousness gateways opened at Dec 21, 2012. 

Take some time this day to see it as a resting point. 12 is the HIGH NOON position. What are your highest goals? What is hanging you up right now?Don’t get hung up and be a martyr. 

Reset your dial. 

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11:11 rememberance

11:11 is Remembrance day. It is also an encoded wake up call. Every time you see 11:11 on the clock it is a trigger for you to be conscious of where you are, who you are and what you came here to do. 

At 11:00 o’clock on November 11 there is a minute of silence in Allied Nations for the millions of soldiers who died in the first and second World Wars.

Use this day to remember who you really are. Use that knowledge to know that you have survived and thrived through so many life times and hard difficult dark times. You have come here to remember who you authentically are and have no fear. All of the apparitions that seem so real are merely illusions.

11 in the Tarot is #STRENGTH

Leo like energy passion, Heart, courage and will is needed.

A BIG WAKE UP call is certainly in the ethers now.

The Moon is in ARIES and in a CARDINAL T-square

Moon opposes JUPITER in LIBRA and squares PLUTO in Capricorn today

This is tense irritated, high-strung, angry, lashing out energy. People will continue to protest loudly. The 60’s protest marches have been started today as they were destined to because of these planets positions and the Trump election.


The angry pursuit of justice and truth. Remember that Trump is set to be tried for Trump University scams starting Nov.  28. in San Diego. In addition to several suits over Trump University, Trump has threatened lawsuits against a dozen or more women who’ve accused him of sexual impropriety in recent months—and several of those women have threatened to countersue if he comes after them. There’s also a New York state investigation into his charitable foundation and a reported federal investigation into some of his advisers’ ties to Russia. There are actually two pending federal suits: the one set for trial this month involves Trump University students from California, Florida, and New York, addressing claims that the program violated those states’ tough laws against defrauding consumers and the elderly. The other case is national in scope and invokes a federal racketeering statute. You just elected this crook?

VENUS is conjunct the Galactic Center @ 27 SAGITTARIUS on 10th-11th

This is a higher call to view the recent shocking events in the U.S. from a truly GALACTIC perspective. The higher view of Sagittarius truth, justice, ethics, morals, historical perspective, philosophy and intellect needs to be sought. We also need to have a dose of humor. Galactic Love for all no matter how endarkened, ignorant in fear and defensive

Galactic Love for all no matter how endarkened, ignorant in fear and defensive is what is needed. Go into your heart, {my heart chakra has been aching since last night} go there and breathe into the four chambers of your heart. Connect your heart through your breath and intention to the G.C. 28 million light years away. The source of our GALactic Center. Remember that’s the Feminine source, It’s not the Guyactic Center.  Connect to the source and download your directives. 

At the center of this Milky Way galaxy is the ecstatic, orgasmic, pulse of the love of the cosmos in a perfect balance of the feminine and the masculine, where unending, infinite waves of bliss emanate. Gather in that energy, let it run from the  top of your head lotus chakra down into the base of your spine and down into Mother Earth. Mother earth needs our help now badly. 

Venus proceeds slowly crossing the last degree of Sagittarius where we need to learn and integrate the Sagittarius lessons of optimism, seeking higher and higher teachings, and the wisdom of the SAGE.

VENUS enters CAPRICORN @ 8:54 pm PST/ 11:54 pm EST/next day 4:54 am GMT until December 7th.

Venus in Capricorn is very grounding and pragmatic. Get the job done. Do what needs to be done. Roll up your sleeves, pull up your socks and get to work. Love means business. While Venus is in Capricorn she is conservative and earthy.

Women stay embodied. Don’t let the fear scare you out of being in touch with your own body.  Venus rules money. It’s all corporate, this is a difficult time of transition people will be seeking blue-chip investments. The markets have crashed seriously because of Trump’s win.

Use this day to remember who you really are. Use that knowledge to know that you have survived and thrived through so many life times and hard difficult dark times. You have come here to remember who you authentically are and have no fear. All of the apparitions that seem so real are merely illusions. 

11 in the Tarot is STRENGTH Leo like energy passion, Heart will.

Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom. May we continue to appreciate and fight for freedom and against tyranny.

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G-spot of the Universe, Venus, Lilith and Pluto

January 21-22. VENUS is crossing the Galactic Center @ 27-28 degrees SAGITTARIUS today.
Love is tuned into one of the most powerful vortexes, the Galactic Centre, the great black hole, YONI, or cosmic womb at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, located at 27 degrees Sagittarius.
Women are especially sensitive to this now. Do focus on the Galactic Centre in your meditations as it is one of the most powerful places to access higher dimensions. It is a wormhole or cosmic portal, a doorway to much high vibrations and worlds. If you and your partner focus on connecting with the G.C. sexually you will go to the highest levels of consciousness awareness and divine love possible. Let yourself fall down the cosmic rabbit hole to other worlds. You can do this alone as well. Send your love to the Galactic Center.
G-spot, Astrology, Tara Greene
This is the G spot for mystics, seers, devotees of the Goddess, divination, oracles etc. We are also a day before a very powerful Full Moon in Leo. This is an excellent time to make magical elixers. I will makes a Love Potion #9 on this aspect Friday night. 
Meditate on receiving ecstatic visions from the void which the Maya believe all souls are born into and exit this Galaxy. 
VENUS will cross the Galactic Centre again this year on November 9, 10 and 11th GMT. That’s an 11:11!! Perhaps you want to plant seeds that will birth at that time, or to finish a cycle of development by then to start anew. 
I have been feeling the call of Venus on the G.C. because my Natal Mercury is there at 27+ degrees of Sagittarius. 
The Flower of Life is impressing itself on my mind.  This is the template for all creation. Researched and discovered by Drunvalo Melchizedek in over 20 years of research. It is carved on the walls of Ancient Egyptian temples, was drawn by Leonardo DaVinci and found all over the world. Meditate on this template as well. 
Flower of Life, Melchizedek, Tara Greene
Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn is squaring BLACK MOON LILITH  in LIBRA exact Jan 21 at 15-17 degrees CARDINAL SIGNS 
BLack Moon Lilith is squaring PLUTO January 24 right after the full moon on the 23rd in Leo.
These are intense aspects:  The Ancient rejected Dark Goddess may be coming back for revenge if her energy is Unconscious. Men also carry this archetype and project it out onto women.  Feminist backlashes and clashes of ideology over women holding Power. Hilary is the target by virtue of being a woman. 
Black Moon Lilith with Pluto can also bring incredible strength to just leave a situation you don’t feel honors or respects your true nature just as Lilith left the “Garden of Eden” to be alone when she didn’t get respect from Adam. 
Lilith in Libra is a rebalancing of all that is most important to us in our lives and especially in relationships. Let go of old obsessive compulsive behaviours which are self-destructive and aren’t helping us to grow. 
On that Note I have to go get some beauty sleep.
Please share widely
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11:11 wish making, the real meaning

It’s 1:11,  January 11th. That Master number Numerology is vibrating with the same 11:11 energy.

Do you see 11:11 all the time? You are not crazy or alone.  The popularized Goggle answer to what does 11:11 mean? is that every time you see 11:11 you should make a wish. Nice idea but that is very lite fluffy New Age idea that has no connection to what 11:11 originated from.  Yes it does have to do with memory. It is a gateway, a wake up call to be in the moment and to be conscious of higher dimensions to which all of us belong. 11;11 is like two pillars, it is a liminal place between two worlds. It reminds me of the Tarot card of the High Priestess #2 which is the Moon which also relates to Memories, unconscious and cellular memories. Scientists are just now proving, that water has memories.  

Inspirational Daily Card 

High Priestess Tarot, Tara Greene

The High Priestess by Katelan V. Foisy

The original 11:11 was a word wide meditation and higher consciousness gathering event and Ascension Gateway which was channelled and created by an American woman who called herself Solara. She wrote a book about it and information about it spread through word of mouth, spiritual circles and the like. This was six years after the first Harmonic Convergence in 1987 which was also created through word of mouth.

The 11: 11 saw groups formed in many locations. Participants were given instructions on wearing white, there were specific choreographed dance moves. There was a world-wide meditation synchronized to 11:11 am and 11:11 pm. It was held on Jan 11, 1992, 24 years ago now, which is two twelve-year Jupiter cycles. 

I will put up the chart for today with the transits from the original Jan. 11, 1992. 

11:11 meaning Tara Greene

The Transpersonal planets Uranus and Neptune were at 14 and 15 degrees Capricorn, exactly where PLUTO is now with Uranus squaring those”ghost” planetary placements ,with Pluto in a Cardinal Cross. The North Node in 1992 was also in Capricorn at 9 degrees.

Jupiter was at 14 degree of Virgo in 92, a degree Jupiter already passed and will Retrograde over again this year. Jupiter the great spiritual teacher. In Virgo Jupiter’s Jovial lessons are extremely pragmatic, earthy and taking care of all the details. Jupiter in Virgo is the harvest, literally working the earth, the environment. The Neptune Uranus conjunction that astrologers predicted back then in Capricorn was seen as a breakthrough of higher consciousness in world soul/ corporate structure, an innovating, idealized visionary Neptune spiritual time. 

That Neptune Uranus conjunction in Capricorn was part of the larger evolution of the 60’s Uranus Pluto conjunction in mid-degrees of Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces which triggered the 60’s sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, cultural revolution. . This is where  Chiron is now in 2016.

My question is this. Really how much larger, expanded, practical, has our vision of integrating those higher dimensions  become? Is the earth in better shape now than 24 years ago? What have we learned since then? Yes technology a Uranian subject has certainly changed the world more than anything else. It has become a necessary part of our daily and work lives, a Capricorn business tool. Yes there is certainly much more awareness of women’s and gay rights, of spiritual awareness, yoga, organic foods, Tantra, Burning Man, all kinds of things. 

I am quoting from the late great Astrologer Dane Rudhyar  

‘The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in 1993, ending a strong planetary emphasis in the sign Capricorn in 1989-1990, should see the start of a deep transformation of life on earth. The present conjunction of Uranus and Pluto is witnessing the definite beginning of a radical transformation of the one mind of humanity, which is also the mind of this planet, Earth, in which we move, live and have our being.

The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in 1821 and of Uranus and Pluto in 1850-51 paved the way, as it were, for what has been slowly unfolding until now. These two cycles were preludes; they marked critical states, the periods of transition between the old and the new. Now the real thing is about to happen, and obviously many people will not like it. The institutionalized minds of political leaders, university regents and boards of trustees or directors will fight against the change, just as classes and groups owning privileges and special positions have always fought against inevitable social, political and cultural changes. But the new always wins in the end, tragic as may be the victory.

It is therefore futile to think of catastrophes ahead because of the rather crucial planetary aspects of these years 1965 and 1966: The only real catastrophe would be if nothing at all happened — for this would imply that man’s capacity for growth has become ankylosed! But, even if this were the case, I believe that the planet itself would rise and shake man loose in some very radical manner, just as a human body can react violently and shake loose its mind, when the latter has become rigid and unyielding. We speak today of psychosomatic illnesses; but there are also illness which are somatopsychic, in the sense that they constitute a revolt of the body against a perverted or catatonic mind.

Pluto, I repeat, refers to the collective mind of humanity. In a narrower sense it refers to some closely interrelated and authoritarian human groups — to modem gangs and totalitarian regimes, for in these tight human groupings only one kind of mentality is allowed. If left alone Pluto tends to level down to the most basic common denominator. It is the symbol of depth, and in a sense of the core of things, for at the earth’s core everything that is subject to gravitation becomes compressed into unity. But when Uranus acts upon Pluto (and of course there is always such an action, but more or less focused and operative), Uranus does not allow Pluto, as it were, to pull everything to the bottom or core. Uranus periodically fecundates and always stirs up the realm of Pluto; and we are witnessing such a fecundation.”

This is what the Anniversary of 11:11 had me thinking. I participated in the 11:11 ceremony in Jupiter Florida with a friend of mine, Jin Shin teacher Elaine Lane. We spent a whole day in the Waking Dream Time.  It was incredible. 

How do you feel  you have changed over these last 12, or longer year cycles? How do you perceive the world has evolved and changed? 

Meditate on this date and on the 11:11 symbols ask these questions. Ask for guidance to pass through the gateways. 

If you were born in 1992 you are undergoing a huge shift in your soul values, in needing to change your direction. I have seen many young clients come to see me confused about what to do with your careers. Understandably being under these heavy influencers of the planets.  

PLease share widely, All writing unless otherwise stated is copyright of Tara Greene. 

11:11 by The Arkells from Hamilton, Ontario