Solar flares and feeling woo-woo

There were 8 big solar flares from the Sun on December 14th and the effects and flares are continuing. Synchronizing with the SUN Square NEPTUNE late on the 14th adds to our feeling of being woo-woo off-kilter and in a dream.




Join me live Dec 18 on youtube to honor Jupiter in PISCES as we cleanse forgive and release, toxic relationships, and call in our higher selves, holy guardian angels, ancestors and express gratitude as Jupiter leaves Pisces.

If you are feeling tired, exhausted, dizzy and getting bad headaches, these are the effects of the electromagnetic output from the SUN.

Empaths and many people feel them. Drink lots of water and rest.

Mercury in Capricorn, already in its shadow retrograde phase squares CHIRON in ARIES

We are conflicted about mental health and rash actions there was news of a well-known media star who committed suicide at 40 in a marriage with 3 children.

The MOON is in health-conscious VIRGO today and very active making two inconuncts to Chiron in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius. We may feel out of kilter with our bodies, our work scheduling and feeling like things are messing up.

The MOON makes a lovely grand earth trine to MERCURY in CAPRICORN and URANUS in TAURUS. this is stability we can count on.

MERCURY inconjuncts MARS in GEMINI

This can be misunderstandings and arguments and messed up information or info fake news blasting out. Be careful of your words, Mars in GEMIN is good for keeping our tongues and our minds from being too spontaneous I definitely feel that.

MOON opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES late in PST on Dec 16 in EST in wee hours. Good for having health dreams or scanning your body for health symptoms in meditation. The body never lies. Listen to your gut its the most practical of woo woo spiritual GPS’s.

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Join me live Dec 18 on youtube to honor Jupiter in PISCES as we cleanse, forgive and release, toxic relationships, and call in our higher selves, holy guardian angels, ancestors and express gratitude as Jupiter leaves Pisces.



Adventure time dreams

Moon Neptune conjunction January. 6/7 tonight squared by Mars in Sagittarius will bring adventurous exotic locations and wise sage master teachers into your dreams.

Adventure time dreams as Mars squares Neptune for the next week. Pay attention to sage teachers, adventurous dreams, past life indicators, and inspirational wisdom from your dreams.

This exotic dream energy keeps up while Mars continues to move up to square Neptune over the next 8 days.

Do start recording your dreams. Get a dream journal is best or just a simple separate notebook. Or record on phone but it’s best to write them down to bring dreams into physical presence.

Don’t look up what your dreams mean. You need to track your own dream objects symbol people locations time period first. Only you can properly decode and understand your dreams they are from your psyche which is also part of the collective unconscious.

I’m working on creating and launching a healing dream temple community. Stay tuned.

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Aquarius chill benefits today

The living is easy for all of us February 5th as the planets are making NO MAJOR DISHARMONIOUS Aspects.

All of us on Planet Earth here deserves it. We are still in the New Moon of Aquarius energies too.

Aquarius is the Star in the Tarot # 17

All Aquarius Sun, Moon, Rising and all Aquarius planet placements on Feb 5 get the benefits as the Aquarius moon makes supportive energies conjunct Mercury, sextiles Mars, and Uranus, Aquarius ruling planet.

The energies are in general, airy, light, detached, a higher consciousness prevails. It’s an exciting inventive freewheeling time.

The need for independence is strong and this really affects Taurus, Leo and Scorpio- the other three Fixed signs.

The MOON enters soft dreamy spiritual psychic PISCES February 5 @ 6:02 pm PDT/ 9:02 pm EDT and Feb 6 @ 2:02 am GMT

Just when Trump gives his State of the Union Address

This is the best moon to dream under.  My dreams have been so intense for the past few weeks. DO pay attention to your dreams and do dream incubation. 

Moon sextiles Venus in Capricorn in PDT

Enjoy the breather. Tomorrow is even better,

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Sun trine Neptune, Mercury enters LEO

The MOON has galloped into SAGITTARIUS early this morning to bring high adventures, swashbuckling exploits, and good spirits. 

The energy will be expansive, optimistic and “Summertime and the livin’ is easy.” like George Gershwin wrote. Ok Not for you folks Down under, sorry. 

Share some laughs, hang with the guys, go hiking, learn something new.

Moon opposes VENUS in GEMINI

Honest to a fault Sagittarius may nail those flirty little two-timing Gemini’s to the wall. A good time to talk politics, although you have to be careful what you say these days. Philosophy, history, mysticism is all Saggy heaven. Opposites attract. 


As Mercury is in the last degrees of CANCER the energy is amped up. This energy is all about dealing with family wounds and karmic patterns. This could come up in your dreams so pay attention to what you have been dreaming about. Talk about it with family members, Share the stories. Emotions are overflowing during Cancer month. Support a family member to get help with addictions or deal with a mental health issue. Go to an A.A. meeting. Help out a child or single mother, a homeless person or anyone who needs to be nurtured nourished and feel safe and secure emotionally.

MERCURY enters LEO ” We are the champions.”

Mercury in Leo, Astrology, tara Greene

SAY IT LOUD AND SAY IT PROUD. MERCURY, God of messages, Magic and thieves enters LEO today until July 25. The mind/ego always wants to be king or Queen but it is really the heart that rules. Did you know that the heart also has a brain? You’re so Vain by Carly Simon is the song of the times.

FREDDIE MERCURY the amazing singer from Queen, was very Mercurial. I am sure an astrologer advised him on his stage name or he knew about it himself. A VIRGO SUN, on his Virgo Ascendant with MERCURY the sign’s ruler in VIRGO in the 12th house. 
It’s a quick spin through the fiery 5th sign of DRAMA QUEEN’s and Kings, big hearts, proud, courageous, strong-willed, leadership and the childlike sign. Mercury in Leo is fast, bright, passionate, into partying big time. Have fun.


SHINE on in a purple haze. Dream bright, dream of safety and oneness. Do pay attention to your dreams tonight. Great healing could take place. Meditate before bed call upon the angels and healing guides to be with you. Lucid dreaming is likely.

SUN square JUPITER in LIBRA is the last aspect of the day.

A Cardinal SQUARE highlights family get-togethers, social affairs, making connections in business and romantically emotional tenderness too. During Cancer month the theme is FOOD. CANCER SUN loves to eat. So cook up your best home cooking, invite friends for dinner. Have a potluck with friends. it’s water time. Be near to water, swim if you can. Moving water allows us to reflect, it is a mystical experience. This is a happy positive influence. 

Tomorrows Tips:

Things are rather quincunxy.I know it sounds overtly sexy, doesn’t it?

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Memorial Day Astrology Tarot Card Reading

Happy Safe Memorial Day today to my family, friends, clients and readers Stateside.

The MARS- SATURN opposition has already hit @ 2:55 am PDT. The Mars-Saturn opposition has happened. We may see violence erupt again in the world today. There may be shocking dreams and a restless night. It will impact you in your dreams. Chasing the truth or being chased by karmic enemies?  Let me know.

The CANCER MOON which has made me feel so wonderful, so peaceful, so happy to be in my home and safe with a roof over my head and good healthy food to eat. My daughter and I played cards tonight, something we haven’t done in years. We used to always play board games. It was fun. I love her and am so in awe of how she is growing up and her many, many talents. She is finally leaving High School in a month after doing an extra gap year. I started to sing “High School wasn’t meant to last forever.” from High School Musical which she loved for many years too. I’ve watched it maybe 20 times with her. She sang it. It was soo Cancer Moon. And I planted new seeds in our urban organic garden, it’s been enlarged a lot. I have to reconfigure where everything will go.

The Cancer Moon squares URANUS and ERIS in ARIES  that is while most people are asleep. So expect wild and crazy dreams and a restless night. 


Aclepios Dream Temple Astrology Tara Greene

This is dream healing time. The Ancients would incubate dreams in sacred healing temples to cure sickness. Take everything that comes in your dream tonight as a healing token. Treasure each symbol, figure, and everything you can’t understand about it. Don’t call it crazy. Nightmares and all dreams show up as your soul’s way of giving you feedback about many levels of your life. Dreams speak in symbols, this is an archetypal language.  Listen and learn and work with your symbols. I love to do dream work and led dream groups for many years. 

MOON FIRES INTO LEO @ 5:12 am PDT/ 8:12 a EDT/12:12 pm GMT  

we will be feeling the heat until the 31st. The mood is uplifting, passionate, wants to have fun and party. Very social, leadership skills rise to the fore. Let your heart open to everyone and everything you love. Have courage, It’s time to roar.  Leo Moon’s also bring out your inner child. Speak from your heart and use your will to focus on LOVE. 

Moon sextiles the GEMINI SUN

A little bromance? 

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Inspired tricksters and dream temples


CANCER moon keeps us feeling like curling up in a fetal position. We are sensitive, and nurturing.


dream healing. Pay attention to your dreams and seek clues for dream healing images. They may seem obscure and surprise you but follow every lead, image, and nuance.  The ancient greeks practiced healing in Dream Temples called the Asklepios. 

Aclepios Dream Temple Astrology Tara Greene

Temple of Asclepios Drawing by Defrasse 1891

Moon squares URANUS in ARIES

That chaotic emotional Cardinal energy again. Remember to have plan B and C ready just in case.

MERCURY in SAG. squares North Node/ South Node and NEPTUNE in PISCES

The trickster planet underscores the Neptune nodal energy of yesterday. Whereas yesterday it felt more ephemeral, more emotional,dreamy and intuitive more  unconscious. Today Mercury in Sagittarius brings up words, thoughts, criteria, details, speculations, and ideas pouring through. Use your words with clear intention. With Fierce intention when you know what your truth is and what you want to say.  

It may take a while till the truth comes through and it can come through synchronous messages and dreams. So pay attention. The Eclipse in Feb 2017 will activate this degree again. 

The 9 degree Sagittarius point is FIXED STAR Antares.

The Watcher of the WEST ARCHANGEL ORIEL.

Scorpio heart Antares Tara Greene

Scorpio by Josephine Wall

This star  is the heart of the Scorpio constellation in sidereal Astronomical reckoning.  Antares is a red supergiant so immense its diameter is 600 million miles 960 million kilometers, 700 times the diameter of the Sun. It has always been associated with malevolence, anger, destruction, headstrong people and poisons. It is connected to the military. Its most ancient meaning is that this star stung the Egyptian God Horus. Scorpions, like snakes,symbolize primitive instincts for survival and is connected to our root chakras, sexuality, and our reptilian brains.  

Very interesting considering what’s going on in the world today. 

Moon trines SUN in Scorpio

These are very emotional and dark times. It will shift, just keep breathing,I am so tired of hearing Donald T-rump’s name already. 

MOON is V-O-C @ 2:02 pm PST/ 5:02 pm EST/ 10:02 pm GMT

MOON enters living large and passionate LEO it’s a party down weekend @ 7:14 pm PST/11:14 pm EST/11/19 @ 4:14 am GMT

NEPTUNE turns DIRECT on the 19th after months and months of having us deja vu all our dreams. It may feel like sleeping beauty waking up from her sleep and going Hey WTF happened here?

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How green is your life?

June 22  MERCURY the messenger is active today making two {of course} major aspects. Mercury is a dual or hermaphroditic sign.

Jupiter Mercury Art Astrology Tara Greene

 JUPITER MERCURY and VIRTUE by Dosso Dossi  circa 1530’s 


As MERCURY rules both Gemini and Virgo it is an opportune time to think and converse about your highest goals, as symbolized by the North Node and expand and work out and on your ideas about your work, health, education, being of service and your daily routine.

At 15-16 degrees this aspect also squares Saturn in SAGITTARIUS and NEPTUNE in PISCES as well.

Are you truly following what you feel is your highest path of service in your work? Work is what we all do daily to earn our daily bread of which Virgo is very much a literally a part of, symbolizing the grains and the hard work to harvest it.

Are you working in an environment that feels right and healthy?

Listen to your body as well as your mind.The body never lies. Yuor work can be contributing to making you sick and Health is the most valueable thing you can have.

Are you working just for a paycheck or is your heart into it? The question is: If you weren’t getting paid to do your work would you still be doing it? 

Virgo is meticulous, practical, humble, hard working, the bodies wisdom, your literal gut instincts. Any ongoing indigestion, constipation and other such ailments can be caused by environmental, diet and stress related factors. Time to change your diet, you may need to eliminate and cleanse. Find out what works for you. Natural medicine is better for this. You can also get live blood cell testing for allergens but be forewarned you will likely be allergic to almost everything. 

Take a walk in nature and connect your breath with your body today. Meditate with a tree. Put your spine against the tree. In your mind ask the tree’s permission if it is willing to work with you. This is out of respect for the tree. Trees are highly conscious. Align your breathing by doing yogic slow natural inbreaths and breathing out through your nose. Lean into the tree and feel how it is so rooted and yet bends with the wind. Ask this question internally. “What is the highest way I can be of service in the world in my work?” Keep breathing, enjoy the connection with the tree and listen. You will find and answer, a vision or a feeling to guide you. 

VESTA is the Goddess of inVESTments. Invest in your self and your health. Virgo is the sign of all natural healing herbs, and naturopathy, ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, wise woman and indigenous herbal traditions.

Invest in eating right. We switched to organic chicken years ago. We rarely eat fish because of the high radiation and Mercury poisoning. Eat only Atlantic and Ecuadorian or Caribbean or English fish. We plant a small organic garden every year for the last 19 years and grow organic veggies.

I personally never follow the western heroic medicine model. I abandoned it over 40 years ago. My entire family and i virtually never take pharmaceutical meds, or antibiotics. I am a big advocate of natural medicine, vitamins and eating organic foods and birthing. We aren’t perfect but I try to be mindful. 
Pay attention to how green your work and home environments are and make any changes to improve these starting with throwing out all commercial cleansers, laundry detergents, toothpaste, hair products,etc. Also be aware of  harmful off gassing from synthetic carpeting, new furniture, MDF and new houses, etc. 

Gemini rules the lungs, they are many chemical pollutants that most people use daily without thinking which damage everyone’s health long term. Asthma is severly on the rise because of chemical in everything including your food. GMO’s are terribly hazardous and should be labelled and abolished.  Companies like Seventh Generation have been around for many years their products have integrity. 

You will have more discipline and it will be more fun and easier to accomplish these goals with Jupiter’s expansive help. Think about how to balance your work and your social needs.
This energy may also force you to look at the REALITY versus the multiple ideas that Mercury in Gemini brings. Stay very practical. It is what is real and you can hold in your hands that counts right now.


This inconjunct aspects always feel like nails on chalkboards, the squeaky wheels, the feuding families. Be careful of getting pulled into debates and arguments about politics and powers structures.
Use this aspect to watch how our minds and ego gets wrapped up in their specific viewpoints to justify it’s “superior” positions. This can be a big conscious breakthrough in your thinking. You are ready to learn on a higher level.
Some people speak of this as Ascension.
I would use this aspect positively by focusing on your dreams, As Pluto rules the Unconscious, and ask for your dreams to reveal your next step in consciously growing.  When you wake up record any dreams or sensations.

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Rose colored T-square dreams

April 25  Pay attention to what you were dreaming about as the planetary energies magnify and highlight your unconscious, the shadows and your dreams.


Rose Colored Glasses, Tara Greene astrology

Is that like a drawing instrument in support of Cancer? An illuminati secret code word?

A new dance craze?  A variation on the Red Square in Moscow? What does it mean? 

All squares are 90 degree angles between two planets or objects. They put pressure on. 

Neptune is the Higher Octave of VENUS,

the planet which rules the sign of PISCES along with planet JUPITER the ancient ruler of PISCES, the sign of dreamers, soul mates, fantasy, illusion, water, addictions, spirituality, gurus, delusions, prisons, the unconscious, scammers, film, glamor. 

 The two planetary rulers of spirituality are being put to the task by SATURN in SAGITTARIUS the most seriously judgemental “tell the truth” dealing planet and sign of them all. 

Yes you will want to be wearing your rose-colored shades but it could also be the rose-colored veil of illusion that slips over your eyes.  That person you so much believe is the ONE may be nothing more than a total fiction. 

This is the Moon which is our emotional intuitive sense being challenged about the reality factor. These two planets facing off is the MAJOR issue of 2016.

When you are dealing with PISCEAN energy you may be feeling swamped, foggy, disillusioned, higher than a kite, ungrounded, projecting what you want to see, unable to focus,  A fool, delusional, inspired, a crazy genius, wondering WTF is going on. 

NOTE**** Be very careful of inebriation or doing any type of drugs, recreational or Medical as this aspect can indicate problems with drugs. 

Moon will conjunct stable, leaden, solid,  ruler of 3D SATURN after 3:47 pm EDT then you will feel like the eagle has landed. 

That’s good, because NEPTUNE and JUPITER and SATURN are all in the T-square on my Natal Sagittarius MOON and I feel like I am in wonderland, and that has its good and not so good aspects. 

Tuesday I am flying to SEDONA Arizona under a Sagittarius Moon. The perfect moon to fly on.

There’s two trines on Tuesday. 

Firey Moon trines Uranus in the early a.m. restless nights.

Moon inconjuncts Mercury in Taurus in the wee hours. You may meet a stubborn foe in your dreams or enjoy eating chocolate caramel fountains indulging in some mighty sensuality. 

Moon squares Chiron in PISCES 

yes the wounds, the wounds, don’t avoid them. Sagittarius tends to be philosophical about all that. 

SAGE Moon Trines VENUS in ARIES!

Yah get out and compete. Run a few extra miles, play a wicked game of baseball, or sweat it out at the gym very intensely. Bet a woman you can do something faster than her and see what happens. 

Good day for inspiration and new adventures.

Fire off an honest comment and see how quickly everyone leaves. 

Go to a comedy club with all women comedians. 

Get yourself in front of a fire, and tell stories of exploits adventures and travels. 

Sign up for a new learning course. 

Moon will be VOID OF COURSE from 8:51 a.m. PDT/ 11:51 am EST

Moon enters CAPRICORN at 4:54 pm PDT. we will get grounded,


Don’t worry time to relax.

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Rose-colored glasses- John Conlee –


Direct soul line, Mercury Trine Neptune

Is it Friday already? I don’t know where this week went. I am feeling a bit under the weather. A cold which has been hanging around my household has turned into stomach flu for me. 

Virgo Moon Trines Pluto today 

a nice earthy power trine to your deepest desires. Practical Luck. Be very careful what you wish for.

Moon sextiles Sun in Scorpio and opposes Chiron in Pisces


Mercury Trine Neptune Tara greene

This aspect is exact early in the morning. So make sure you pay attention to your dreams. 

If you are a Cancer or have planets at 7 degrees, you score the Water Trine. 

Mercury is the Messenger and Pisces is the Source, God/Goddess. You have a direct line to “that Man upstairs” like some refer to it. Call it the Great Mystery, YHVH. Krishna, Buddha, or Mohammed, direct dial your Higher Self today. Ask for what you want and listen. 

This is Ascension energy. You dont need no drugs or alcohol to get yourself connected.

This wets our brains and imaginations. Like a thunderstorm after a drought.

An apropos  poem called Letter written in Black Water and Pearl by Jake Adam York 

To Yusef Komunyakaa 

this is the 4th verse.

“Birds the color of history
talk in our sleep. Our salts
can’t forget what water
told them, what stars
once telegraphed to the river
the trees have written
in themselves, what they say
to the wind, to the sawmill’s
blades, to flame,
to bromine and mercury,
what they burn in the air.
Dreams walk us back
to the shore, pull the shirttail
from the milkweed, the cattail
from the reed, fold
the kerchiefs into herons,
questions for the shoals.

Night slips again
into its last, locked groove.
Mockingbirds stutter
the rasp of broken reeds.
I lean from the eaves
of moss and cypress,
the vestibules of the tung.
Cormorant, coelacanth, snake,
the world below is molten.
Dark iridescence,
the muscle gives back the bone.
The spine’s fleer, the orbits’
gape, the ghost of a face
waking beneath my own.
Here, I bent so close
breath didn’t know
which mouth to fill.”

I’ve always loved poetry.

Mercury in Scorpio takes our minds and our erotic imaginations down into the depths of the uNconscious effortlessly. Dreams are our unconscious self mirroring back to us in images.

This is a very creative energy, let yourself go down the rabbit hole. It is triangular. 

Get out some creative stuff, paints paper, ink and pen, watercolors would be perfect. 

let your self draw with your non-dominant  hand. 

This can produce very erotic imagery as well. Glimpses into Pisces past lives and unconscious hang-ups may bubble up to the surface. don’t censor yourself, allowing unconscious contents to surface liberates them. That is healthy.

A great day to get to a tranquility tank if you can. 

at least have a good soak and meditate. 

the Virgo moon awkwardly inconjuncts Uranus who seems to be the butt of these energies these days. Where goeth the Revolution? 

Virgo Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the evening.

A Virgin good time would involve eating a very healthy, root vegetable, non-gluten grazing kind of dinner. Perhaps a good intellectual movie? Curling up and reading to your favourite someone? 

Organizing the closets? Having a bit of something slightly inebriating and going to bed early?

Your choice. 

Please share widely

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Jesus on the Mainline- Ry Cooder 

Waterfall- Jimi Hendrix  

Tarot Horoscope, 5 woo-woo practical tools

Oct 23, As above, so below is the famous Hermetic Maxim. 

Mars is in an awkward quincunx with Uranus early in the wee hours today. You may be unable to sleep or have  a restless sleep which is often beneficial for remembering your dreams. You may feel tired during the day though. This aspect occurred Fri Oct 22  during nighttime hours in PDT.

Under a Pisces Moon in EDT the woo-woo, spiritual, compassionate, psychic Pisces Moon, opposes Venus, Goddess of Love and money, Jupiter God of expansion, good luck and faith and Mars, the planet of action in Virgo, the sign of the gut instinct, and practical application.This is all great.

Moon Priestess, Horoscope Tarot Tara Greene

The Moon by splendid stories

We will feel drunk in love on all this energy. 

The Moon also conjuncts the Wounded Healer Chiron in Pisces enabling us to heal from unhealed relationship wounds, rejection, insecurity and feeling separate from Source. 

For everyone else living in UT or PDT the Moon is Void-of-course at 4:18 a.m and stays that way all day. A  void-of-course Moon from PISCES is very good for spiritual work and meditation.

The Moon enters ARIES and starts a new monthly cycle at 11:22 pm PDT/ OCt 25 @ 2:22 am EDT. 

It’s a great  day for everyone to draw down the moon’s dreamy, heavenly, creative, intuitive energies and use them in very, very practical ways. Lets look at each Tarot Trump that resonates with each planet and sign. 

The Pisces Moon is Trump #18  

Moon Tarot Trump #18 Tara Greene

                                                                              Venus is Trump #3 The Empress

Empress Tarot cards Tara Greene

Jupiter is Trump #10 The Wheel of Fortune

Thoth wheel Tara Greene TArot

Mars is Trump #16 The TOWER

Tarot Tower Tara Greene psychic


The Hermit Tarot Trump # 9, # 9, # 9, Virgo

Use the 5 Archetypes of each Tarot card which is resonates with the vibration and essence of each planet for inspiration and healing. 

Spread each of these cards out if you have your own Tarot deck. I have used different decks here, use whichever ones you have or use these images. Breathe in each one’s essence. Meditate on each one. Feel which ones you like and which ones you resist, most people will resist the Tower, this is where the shadow work is.

The Tower symbolizes the false structure of the ego, the mask or persona which must crack open and be shattered  and broken down in order for spiritual growth to occur, much like a butterfly needing to break through its cocoon. Dialogue with each living Tarot archetype. They will speak to you in much depth. It isn’t your imagination, it is all real. 

Write down any messages, sensations, feelings, ideas and questions.

This is how to make to woo-woo real. It is really nothing more than listening within which is what the Hermit symbolizes. You already have all the answers. Working with the movements of the moon and planets helps us to integrate their energies as they become available to us.

Let me know how this works for you. If you have questions please shoot them to me here. 

Please share widely

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Drunk In Love- Beyonce