Canada Federal Election by Tara Greene

Is Canada ready for a big political change from Conservative Stephen Harper’s ruled since 2006? 

Lets check out what the planets and stars have to say. Oct 19, 2015 shows the planetary signs of change in Canada’s Leadership .

Canada Election day Natal chart Tara Greene

This is the Natal Birth Chart of Canada, a Cancerian Nation born on  July 1, 1867 with the Federal Election Day October 19 2015 transiting planets. Canada is a very young country. It will be celebrating it’s 150th birthday in 2017. 

Canada Flag, Astrology Tara Greene

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been the P.M. since 2006. In the past 9 years his rulership has totally tarnished Canada’s good reputation in the world. He prorogued the government four times when he was opposed for a total of 181 days! He has stopped scientific research, he has ignored Canadians, he has made Canada a warring nation when it was always peace-keeping, there have been scandals, and environmental ruin and the list goes on and on. Canada’s economy is about to crash. It didn’t in 2008 because of the banks mortgage insurance policies. Oil is down, the Tar sands are tarnished.   

Federal Election Day shows a very active Capricorn Moon with a Grand Earth Trine.

Oct 19 2015 shows the signs of change in Canada’s Leadership from Conservative to Liberal. I predict that Justin Trudeau will be the  next Prime Minister. I predicted this in Dec. of 2014 on my website.

The Moon always represents the people and the Moon conjuncts Pluto, symbol of death, rebirth and transformation at 3:12 pm EST. They are both in the 10th house, the HIGH NOON position of the highest status in Canada’s natal chart. Moon and Pluto are intense and there will be a bigger voting turnout. Pluto Moon both oppose Canada’s Natal SUN/URANUS conjunction in Cancer. Uranus and PLuto created the 60’s so … you know.

Here are the most important indicators;

-URANUS planet of Revolution, change, freedom is exactly on the Canadian Ascendant indicating that there is evolutionary cosmic forces at work here for radical change.  Trudeau’s slogan is VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE. 

-PLUTO, Planet of power, the shadow in Capricorn, squares -puts pressure on, Natal NEPTUNE, planet of deception, false leaders, debt and oil, at 14 degrees Aries and squares Canada’s 16 degree ARIES Ascendant. The Ascendant is the image or persona of a person or country. 

-Transiting PLuto is trining Canada’s Natal Pluto at 15 degrees TAURUS with Jupiter and Mars and Venus in its 6th house of working people, making this earth trine a symbol of back to the ROOTS, one of Canada’s leading brands. 

-CHIRON, the wounded Healer or should I say leader here, is conjunct Canada’s SOUTH NODE or past at 17 degrees PIsces, {oil delusion, debt} What ails thee Canada? Let me count the ways since Harper reigned. 

-Transiting JUPITER and MARS in Virgo are exactly conjunct to CANADA’s NORTH NODE in VIRGO its highest evolutionary goal, and square to Canada’s natal Venus at 15 degrees GEMINI. Canada is its environment, its land and resources. It has always been known for its humility and simple straightforward shyness, a Virgo trait.  Jupiter is honest, ethical, straight talking, optimistic, happy. Jupiter rules foreigners, trust, faith, openness, the law. Mars is action, drive, defenses. Mars in Virgo is an earth warrior not a fighter, as it is mutable. This Mars cares deeply about the environment, natural resources and the ordinary working/middle class. These two planets are beneficial to Canada’s future and especially to Women. People will vote for preserving the environment and more grounded simple, straight forwards leader and less double talk. 

-VENUS in VIRGO is conjunct to Canada’s NATAL Mars and opposite Natal Jupiter. Women will be very decisive in Canada’s future. Women want support in the workplace through subsidies and day care. 

-Transiting NEPTUNE at 7 degrees PISCES is opposite to Canada’s Natal Mars at 5 degrees Virgo.  Neptune is illusion, delusion, dissolving, oil, snake oil salesmen, compassion, debt, glamour, denial, self-undoing.Neptune has been hovering over Mars for the last two years or so. I think Mr. Harper has undone himself. 

-SATURN at 2 degrees SAGITTARIUS rules the law, karma, foreigners, honesty. SATURN is the status-quo, it is inconjunct to Canada’s Natal Moon at 28 Gemini and its Sun and Uranus at 8 degrees Cancer. Saturn will haul in any double-talking politicians and Saturn is testing Canada’s revolutionary ideals.

– Transiting South Node at zero degrees Aries/29 degrees Pisces is conjunct to Canada’s Natal Chiron at 26 degrees Pisces and squaring Canada’s 28 Gemini moon. The South Node is always the most negative part of a chart. We need to let go of the past, the old double-speak, our fear of speaking up, our inborn passivity and martyrdom. 

If Stephen Harper somehow shows  a win tomorrow. It may alert the fact that the elections have been fixed. The polls show the Liberals in a win. I do believe Canadians are fed up with Harper’s  government and that he is an amoral leader who does not represent what Canada is. 

Here is Stephen Harper’s birth chart and the election day. 

Stephen Harper Election, Tara Greene

I have rectified Harper’s birth chart to 6:00 a.m. Astrologer Jim Burke found the original birth announcement on the day Stephen was born . Therefore he had to have been born from midnight to around 8:00 am. This chart feels right to me. 

PLUTO is squaring Harper’s South Node. If this is an accurate chart then Pluto is exactly on Harper’s Mid-heaven and destroying his career for abusing power. Pluto is also opposite his Natal Mars in Cancer, this is a very difficult transit. 

Transiting SATURN has been sitting on his Natal Jupiter at 29 degrees Scorpio for the last 6 months or so. Harper has been using every dirty devious manipulative Scorpio trick in the book but Saturn always win.

SATURN is Squaring Harper’s Natal Pluto in Virgo exactly.  Saturn is karma for the shadow.

Transiting South Node at zero degrees Aries is inconjunct to Harpers Natal Pluto at 1 degree VIRGO. The South Node eliminates. What we don’t need is more of Harpers well schemed power plays. 

Transiting Chiron in Pisces, where we are most vulnerable is squaring Harpers’ Venus in Gemini- a split personality double-talking psychopath, which is also sesqui-square, a 135 degree hard angle to Harpers’ natal Neptune { religion, denial, delusions, oil, debt, addictions}  in Scorpio. Harper  is delusional, and he can’t see it, he is blind with his own religious beliefs and addictions to Power and control {Scorpio}.

Read my olde Election predictions from 2006 &2008 you have to scroll down down down to see it

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford,crack head,eh? Astrology from Tara Greene

Well Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is personally destroying my home town city’s reputation in the world. There is no class in “world class city”  Toronto’s dreams on the world’s stage now. I have been disgusted by Mr Ford since he was elected in October 2010. How?  By  outlying Conservative suburbanite’s as a backlash to the downtown core of multicultural Liberal Toronto urbanites.

You may not know it but Toronto’s nickname is HOGTOWN and I find Mr. Ford’s behavior to embody that moniker totally. He says misogynist and racist things on camera.

THE GREAT WHITE NORTH has taken on a whole new significance.

Great white North Toronto Tara Greene

SCTV’s Bob and Doug Mackenzie  Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas 1980

The evolution of Hosers from 20th century to snow blowers in the 21st.

Mr. Ford allegedly caught on video with a crack pipe in his hands. Somali drug dealers showed it to two Toronto newspaper reporters and John cook from Gawker on an iphone. Their are asking for $200,000 to hand it over and Gawker, a U.S. company has a  fundraising campaign to get the sum together.- see link below

The Somali drug dealers for some reason aren’t being questioned or arrested for selling illegal drugs and were interviewed saying they want the money so they can leave Toronto for the “promised lands” of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s tax-free oil sands of Alberta and start a clean new life allegedly, or sell more crack to a rich and bored audience.

One of Mr. Ford’s former “buddies” another Somali fellow was shot dead in a gangland shoot out in Toronto in March.  Mr. Ford has become a household name for all the wrong reasons.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford crack scandal

Jon Stewart spent 6 minutes of TV time totally lambasting the former football coach.

Jimmy Kimmel also produced a staged Interview with an actor posing as the Toronto Mayor

Jay Leno also mentioned it and said its’ because “there’s not a lot to do in Toronto.”

I beg to differ- Toronto is Heaven according to Michael Moore, and is the only city with 130 different ethnic groups living in relative peace in a GTA of  over 6,000,000 people,  it’s now the 4th largest city in North America.

This is not the first time Ford has been in trouble, he’s already fought many charges of being drunk, rerouting public transit for his football team, having his photo taken with a Neo Nazi, caught calling Asians “orientals” and saying racist comments in public. Walking right into a camera.  Talking on his cell phone and driving which is illegal.

I predicted Rob Ford’s win in October 24 2010 and briefly went over his astrology chart you can read that here

Here’s a surrealist image of Rob Ford’s defense, after French artist Rene Magritte.

crack pipe Toronto Mayor Tara Greene

                                                                        digitally altered photo by Napoleon Brousseau

For Americans and others who don’t speak French, Canada’s “other ” official language.

It says  “This is not a crack pipe.”

My interview by The Toronto STAR newspaper on Mayor Rob Ford’s future on December 31 2012   see it on my website

Lets look at Bob’s current astrology transits

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Astrology Tara Greene

click chart to view larger

I’ve intuitively Rectified Rob Ford’s chart as there  is no known birth time.

He looks very Taurus like to me, so I’ve put that sign as his Ascendent and guess what? Planet NEPTUNE planet of addicts, snake oil salesmen, deluded, secretive, glamour seeking individuals have this aspect and it is sitting in his 7th house of “others.” The recent Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus would have fallen across his Ascendant /Descendent axis, the horizon line.

Transiting Jupiter in Gemini is nearing a 90 degree square to his North and South nodes in PISCES/Virgo. Jupiter rules the HIGHER law- no pun intended. I mean Sacred Law, the true justice not false corrupt justice. This is a karmic face the law for your past injustices. Seems perfect timing to me.

Jupiter is also squaring his Natal PLUTO JUPITER URANUS conjunction in Virgo.  That powerful Trinity spells out a power crazed big risk taker, who thinks he can do whatever he wants, is above the law, is so full of himself, conceited, Psychopathic.

Rob is also having his SATURN opposition which is also a get caught in your tracks holding the bag kind of aspect. Happens every 14 years or so.

Rob has a very difficult aspect at his birth, Mercury planet of thinking in GEMINI,Retrograde,which it rules, so its  indecisive, immature, irresponsible, usually labelled as learning disabled, is opposite  Mars also  RETROGRADE in Sagittarius which makes the usual truth teller a man who trips on his own words. Retrograde Mars in Sagittarius means abuse of the Law. This is a karmic aspect, his thinking and actions aren’t congruous. This man is not conscious and therefore  very dangerous.

The Lunar Eclipse on May 24 is opposite  his Mercury in Gemini and in square to his Natal Chiron, the wounded healer.  His double talking is as the Canadian comedian Russel Peters says “Someone’s gonna get a hurtin’.”

NEPTUNE PLANET OF ADDICTIONS delusion, illusions, glamour, secrets, is SQUARING-HARD Rob’s Sun. Neptune in his  natural 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams has turned in his delusions of grandeur from a Pipe DREAM into a PIPE NIGHTMARE.

I think I will rename him SPONGE BOB Square Crack.

He is turning only 44 in a few days, A Master number, 4  being the number  of Power in the Tarot. THE KING or Emperor. The opposite side of the King is THE FOOL. He is making a huge fool of himself and this city.

Oh well, so it goes as Kurt Vonnegut used to say in Slaughterhouse Five.

WATCH The Great White North Bob & Doug Mackenzie  THE SPACE ARM/SNOW ROUTES get it SNOW ROUTES

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See more art by Napoleon Brousseau at http://www.

March 2,3rd Mars at opposition, Isreal,Iran,Canada,U.S. and more, Astrology mystic musings by Tara Greene

NUMEROLOGY is one of my passions. I see symbolic number sequences as coded messages from the cosmos. Thousands of people have reported seeing 11:11 and other multiples of the same number regularly since digital clocks made this aparent. Everything is symbolic, life speaks to us as images, that is the Soul’s language. Dreams speak in images, and all of life is a dream from the soul’ s perspective. Have I lost a few of you already?

If you ve been following my Blog and thanks for doing so. I have written about 2/22 as a higher frequency from the 11:11:11.

This Sat March 3 is the next in another higher frequency integration. I feel that this next one will happen on 3 12 12 which feels more integrated, the 3rd is an appetiser. More on that later.

Friday March 2 ultra watery emotional

Moon mooves into Cancer sign of the milk of human kindness. Moon makes lovely TRINES, nice harmonious aspects to dreamy fantasy riddled spiritual soul mate-ville planet of creativity and escapism NEPTUNE. Neptune rules oil and with Moon also Trine Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces later this day, we’ll be weeping into our gas tanks, pocketbooks and at home in our stomachs from higher food prices. Get out the maxi-absorbent tissues please.

Moon also squares Mercury in Aries and Uranus this day. So feelings, thinking and unconscious reactions of irritability will be in the air.Conflicted feelings thinking about that revolutionary change or home sweet home.

3/3/12 is an important day Numerology wise but it is also MARS OPPOSITE THE SUN

Mars Retrograde is very big in the sky. The warrior God opposite the sun brings conflict out into the open arena and fans the Fires of War.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to Ottawa,  Canada‘s capital on March 2 and 3rd before going to meet President Obama in Washington. Canada’s Prime Minster Stephen Harper has pitched Canada’s support for Israel, so this is clearly a push for Canada to help Israel protect itself from the continued strengthening of Iran’s nuclear program. Harper is  a very conservative leader, and it seems he has bee, to my mind an obvious patsy of the U.S. {ever since Prime Minster Mulroney} sending thousands of Canadian troops to  fight on the front lines in Afghanistan when Canada was always a peace keeping and not a front line defense since World War II which has resulted in Canada’s reputation as a peacekeeping nation falling off that role in the world’s eyes.  Here’s a link to the article

Here is the astrology chart of March 3 2012: click on it to see larger image:

MArch 3 2012                              

With Mars Retrograde at 13 degrees of  Virgo opposed to the Sun at 13 degree of Pisces BOTH square the  U.S. Natal Uranus at 8 degrees of Gemini and the U.S. natal Mars at 21 degrees of Gemini. I see this as unusual, unexpected rash words, sucker punches,ego posturing  {the sun}  and calling out, but  still a war of words as it is ambivalent energy as Mars isnt going to act YET. The Pisces Sun is usually very compassionate and Mars in Virgo  is slow to nit pick but will still insist on perfecting and  tallying up all the reasons why it should act hawkish and not dovelike.

Israel has its natal Mercury, how it communicates, at 10 degrees of Gemini so the Mars/ Sun opposition activates its mouthpiece and thinking through Mr. Netanyahu, all talk, smokescreens and shadows at this point. Mars will go direct April 13, then the situation will begin to BURN.


has its North Node, its highest spiritual Goal at 17 degrees of Virgo which Mars has just passed, its South Node, symbolizing its past, is at 17 degrees of Pisces near to where the Sun is and will be on March 7th . Canada also has its natal Uranus {individuality, technology, freedom} at 8 degrees of Cancer right opposite where Pluto is right now. This signifies a huge unexpected revolutionary change in how Canada wields its Power. Pluto rules the shadow, where we blame THEM ” the other” for what we ourselves are doing but hiding from, in denial of and won’t accept. Pluto is all things  nuclear, power, weapons, generators. Pluto is death and destruction.

Canada’s Jupiter, its’ bigness, compassion,optimism,risk-taking and expansiveness is at  7 degrees of Pisces. Chiron, the wounded healer {symbol looks like a Key}  is sitting pretty close to that. Will Canada finally feel confident enough, because it’s always felt insecure, to come out of the Pisces backrooms to loom large on the world’s stage?

Canada’s Mars is at 5 degrees of Virgo directly opposite  Chiron so definitely feeling insecure in spite of its great showing economically these days that point makes it defensive in extreme and so just like a bee when threatened it will sting in defense but lose its life in order to do that. Jupiter in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo with this image reminds me of Muhammed Ali’s famous line that he “Floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee.”

In terms of negotiations, peacekeeping, relationships and talks, Canada has Venus at 15 degrees of Gemini, so they can talk till the cows come home, but won’t take sides. They can be great peacekeepers and ambassadors.  Mars/Sun Xactly squares Canada’s Venus too. So there may be economic pressures and hidden agendas and incentives for Canada to stir the pot.

Interestingly enough Canada’s Venus is exactly at the degree where Venus will eclipse the Sun June 5-6.  The Venus in Gemini X spot indicates that Canada will play a significant and major role in negotiating this situation.

My. Netanyahu will then speak with President Obama about what to do with Iran, Obama definitely has his hands full these days. He is going through his Saturn square Saturn, and his role in history is pivotal. His karma is beying writ large now. I am on his side.

Interestingly enough Mars turned Retrograde at 23 degrees of Virgo in January. Obama’s Natal Mars is at 22 degrees of Virgo exactly conjunct the U.S. birth charts Natal Neptune. Neptune rules oil remember. So we are going over the territory again and its all about fighting for oil.

The Moon on this day at 15 degrees of Cancer is conjunct the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer. It symbolizes a New Moon cycle for the U.S. The Moon represents the people’s moods and they need emotional securityand  protection for their homes and native land. But most importantly the  Moon in Cancer is all about WOMEN and their rights to shine and be the source. Women’s issues need to be re-assessed in light of the ultra conservative GOP stuff being shot off in the Republican party presidential election. Women will rise up and oppose this ultra conservative  birth control issue and backlash/whiplash the GOP  in the election.

Pluto at 9 degrees of Capricorn is beginning to oppose the U.S. Sun. The Big Bang is on its way. Pluto, the force {with Saturn} behind 911 as they were in opposition is once again being felt throughout the land. This is the Plutocracy {the ultra-rich and powerful} attempting to defeat the U.S. democracy, its light, what it stands for and the destruction of  big bisuness. Capitalism on the way out. Fascism in danger of taking over out of fear and wanting total control. Pluto and Uranus begin their series of 7 squares this year. Pluto and Uranus when last conjunct in late 60’ss seeded the Flower Power movement, the summer of LOVE, a cultural revolution. Now those seeds will begin to Grow. The revolutionary energy that began in Egypt, Tuniasia, Libya, is ongoing in Syria, snuffed out in Iran is not going away anytime soon. The OCCUPY WALL STREET movement { a Canadian invention from Ad Busters} is also just the tip of the iceburg. A groundswell of revolutionary ch- ch- ch- change is upon us with a force with technology behind it infintely greater than what happened in the 60’s. This time it will be economic,about individuals, fierce, warlike. But such is the nature of the world and its cycles.

Saturn Retrograde and stationary at 29 degrees the always critical degree of Libra. symbolizes the the LAST of MR. NICE GUY. Saturn is the cosmic cop and we have enjoyed him being rather gentle and trying to bring balance into our lives since late 2009 so this is the last of it for the next 28-29 years to be exact. Saturn has inlate 2011 and will again in April and again in September move into an exacty Square the U.S. Natal Capricorn at  27 degrees { Retrograde} when the country was founded. This is a karmic axis if there ever was one. President Obama has his natal Saturn at 25 degrees retrograde when he was born so his fate as well is in the hands of Father Time, the karmic cop. “As you sow so shall you reap.” is Saturn’s slogan. I know you think Jesus said it.

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