Inspired tricksters and dream temples


CANCER moon keeps us feeling like curling up in a fetal position. We are sensitive, and nurturing.


dream healing. Pay attention to your dreams and seek clues for dream healing images. They may seem obscure and surprise you but follow every lead, image, and nuance.  The ancient greeks practiced healing in Dream Temples called the Asklepios. 

Aclepios Dream Temple Astrology Tara Greene

Temple of Asclepios Drawing by Defrasse 1891

Moon squares URANUS in ARIES

That chaotic emotional Cardinal energy again. Remember to have plan B and C ready just in case.

MERCURY in SAG. squares North Node/ South Node and NEPTUNE in PISCES

The trickster planet underscores the Neptune nodal energy of yesterday. Whereas yesterday it felt more ephemeral, more emotional,dreamy and intuitive more  unconscious. Today Mercury in Sagittarius brings up words, thoughts, criteria, details, speculations, and ideas pouring through. Use your words with clear intention. With Fierce intention when you know what your truth is and what you want to say.  

It may take a while till the truth comes through and it can come through synchronous messages and dreams. So pay attention. The Eclipse in Feb 2017 will activate this degree again. 

The 9 degree Sagittarius point is FIXED STAR Antares.

The Watcher of the WEST ARCHANGEL ORIEL.

Scorpio heart Antares Tara Greene

Scorpio by Josephine Wall

This star  is the heart of the Scorpio constellation in sidereal Astronomical reckoning.  Antares is a red supergiant so immense its diameter is 600 million miles 960 million kilometers, 700 times the diameter of the Sun. It has always been associated with malevolence, anger, destruction, headstrong people and poisons. It is connected to the military. Its most ancient meaning is that this star stung the Egyptian God Horus. Scorpions, like snakes,symbolize primitive instincts for survival and is connected to our root chakras, sexuality, and our reptilian brains.  

Very interesting considering what’s going on in the world today. 

Moon trines SUN in Scorpio

These are very emotional and dark times. It will shift, just keep breathing,I am so tired of hearing Donald T-rump’s name already. 

MOON is V-O-C @ 2:02 pm PST/ 5:02 pm EST/ 10:02 pm GMT

MOON enters living large and passionate LEO it’s a party down weekend @ 7:14 pm PST/11:14 pm EST/11/19 @ 4:14 am GMT

NEPTUNE turns DIRECT on the 19th after months and months of having us deja vu all our dreams. It may feel like sleeping beauty waking up from her sleep and going Hey WTF happened here?

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