Gemini Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse “Royal Wedding”

GEMINI Ring of Fire SOLAR ECLIPSE JUNE 10 at 3:52 am PDT/ 7:52 am EDT/ 10:52 am GMT

The instant of greatest eclipse takes place June 10 at 10:41 GMT

The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse in Gemini is a “Royal Marriage.”

Gemini is the archetype of the Lovers in the Tarot #6 . This Gemini Solar Eclipse puts a Ring on it in a sacred marriage union of the opposites. The Lovers card n the tarot is Gemini. A complex Mercury Retro ruled Eclipse we are recalibrating our minds and revisioning our dreams. Mars at 29 Cancer is critical opposite Pluto, explosive sublimated family secrets.

“Everything is dual; everything has poles;

everything has its pair of opposites.

Like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature,

but different in degree.

Extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths;

all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

— The Kybalion.

The Moon moves Out of BOUNDS on Gemini Solar Eclipse and VENUS is also OOB

The Moon is in a wild freely emoting state and our receptive, emotional loving side is in a free wheeling state too. This is rather unusual and adds to the intrigue of the Ring of Fire eclipse.

GEMINI the Sacred Twins, the first AIR ELEMENT sign and symbolizes the first breath of life at birth.

Gemini is the winds in the sky. It is a detached, a Masculine or active element, a changeable, adaptable, Mutable sign. Gemini is duality, choices, self and other, partnes ,siblings, consciousness itself, communication, thinking and information, marketing and by extension all of our computers and social media. Gemini is the twin halves of the brain. Gemini rules our lungs.


GEMINI is ruled by the Planet MERCURY, or Hermes, a hermaphrodite, {Hermes/Aphrodite] a dual sexed Archetype. Mercury is the Mercurial, fleet footed winged messenger of the Gods. As Hermes he is THOTH to the Egyptians who taught humankind the secrets of immortality and to whom the famous “As above, so below.” maxim is attributed.

Mercury rules Wednesday. Mercury is also known as a Trickster in mythology ,like the Norse God Loki. The Trickster is known as Coyote in Native American tails.

How does your mind play tricks on you?


If you have a Tarot deck pull out these cards to act as Guides and Mascots for this meditation.

GEMINI is associated with the Trump Card #6 THE LOVERS.

THE LOVERS and the union of the inner Feminine and Masculine is what this eclipse energy is all about. If we are united within we are whole and complete. In the Tarot, Air is symbolized by swords, which cut through the tangle of distractions. All heroes and heroines must battle with their swords of discrimination.

MERCURY in the Tarot is the 1st Trump the MAGICIAN.

The word magician comes from the root word Magus, Magi, whose root word is Image, imagination. The Magician/Mercury is everyone’s internal magic wand. Just like in Harry Potter, your intention, your thoughts/sword, is your mental focus, your consciousness. Combined with desire/intent creates whatever you wish. This the Law of attraction. As you imagine or think, so mote it be. Consciousness is all that is, is everything that exists.

Mercury is RETROGRADE in GEMINI ruling this eclipse and tightly conjunct the SUN. We are recalibrating our minds to go in a new NORTH NODE direction. We need to let go of the past the South Node in Sagittarius where Juno is

THE SUN and MERCURY meet on the 10th at 9:13 pm EDT which is called CAZIMI. Mercury at the heart of the sun is an auspicious golden initiation.

NEPTUNE in PISCES is squaring the Eclipse at 23+ degrees and ATHENA at 24 degrees.

This indicates we need to use our imagination and visualise new dreams, new creativity new compassion, clarity and connect in a spiritual way not just with our minds.

ECLIPSES come in series every 18+-19 years. The eclipse belongs to Saros Cycle #147 and is 23 of 80 eclipses in the series.

The first eclipse in this series started October 12, 1624

The previous one was May 31, 2003, May 19, 1985, May 9, 1967, April 28, 1949

Where were you in 2003? The eclipse cycle ends December 14, 2,327.

THIS ECLIPSE IS ALSO THE BEGINNING OF A 6 MONTH CYCLE WHICH CONCLUSED DECEMBER 4 ONA TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 12 DEGREES SAGITTARIUS. What you planet now will cone to fruit in 6 months. AN eclipse effects can last 6 months to a year. Different astrologers have different theories about this.

THE MOON and VENUS are out of BOUNDS  on the eclipse.

12 am 6 am 12 pm 6pm

Jun 10 N22°51 23°27′ 23°58′ 24°25′

Jun 11 N24°48′ 25°37′ 25°22′ 25°32′

Jun 12 N25°37 25°38′ 25°34′ 25°26′

Jun 13 N25°13′ 24°55′ 24°32′ 24°5′

June 14 N23 34′ N22 58′ and VENUS is OUT OF BOUNDS TOO!

This indicates a freedom from conventions, and values. The Moon goes OOB on the day of the eclipse.

MARS the action planet is at the critical 29th degree of CANCER opposite PLUTO.

Mars submerged in water is holding onto old family resentments and this is a difficult aspect. Mars Pluto is dangerous energy. A fiery Solar Eclipse can ignite and heighten this energy. Pluto rules the Underworld. A bunch of criminals were just busted in a worldwide sting yesterday. That’s a positive use of this energy.


VESTA in VIRGO at 15 degrees and JUNO in SAGITTARIYS conjunct the South Node

squares and oppose the Eclipse and Mercury  in a tight T-square. Vesta is about focus on the spirit and the practical matters of work service health, our pets, and budgets. VESTA rules investments. Be careful these days. SOLAR eclipses show in real daylight out in the open events.

JUNO is the Goddess of marriage and the Feminine Form of Genius especially in education and justice loving Sagittarius. Juno on the South Node is out ability to connect with ancient multi-dimensional Feminine philosophies, justice, ethics.

SATURN and URANUS plus CERES are squared off.

URANUS CERES conjunction at 12 degrees Taurus is trine VESTA.

We are in a tens time between holding onto the past and bravely jumping into a new h-tech revolutionary future.

The wounds that we have been hiding can be shared through our collective technology and we can focus on healing and keeping the flame of spirit sacred and live by continued focus and reverence.

LILITH AT 27 TAUUS is on ALGOL and trine to PLUTO.

This is a rebirth a transformation oof the denied “dark “ feminine sexuality raw power and demand for absolute equality in relationships. Algol’s reputation needs to be cancelled as the Demon star and reinstated as the beautiful Amazon warrioresses who fought against oppressive patriarchal tyrannies.

This is a powerful Solar eclipse. I have been feeling like my brains have been scrambled from this Mercury Retrograde and exhausted by MARS PLUTO opposition too. I had to cancel my Eclipse workshop.

Sending you all the best blessings on the Eclipse. I will be doing ceremony and mantras. Remember according to Tibetan Buddhists all Mantras made during a Solar Eclipse magnify a million times. Om MANI PADME HUM is the basic Buddhist mantra.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Gemini Moon chill before New Moon

It’s a relatively easy day from the planets today June 22. We are still in Solstice “standstill” sun energy. 

Gemini Moon makes a trine to Jupiter in Libra

it‘s nice and polite and good to socialize with. Your mind should feel happier lighter and more balanced. Just chill and enjoy other peoples company. Good for sales. 

Moon squares Neptune 

Confusion about what to choose sets in. Listen to your psychic side.

Moon inconjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn in the evening in PDT/ June 23 in EDT and GMT

this can lead to power struggles and shadows coming up that a Gemini mindset would much rather ignore but do so at your own and other’s peril.

REMEMBER to mark July 2nd on your calendar

MARS will OPPOSE PLUTO on that date

that is a heavy dangerous, difficult power struggle energy both emotionally and in the world. 

get ready for the New Moon in Cancer on the 23/24 at 2+ degrees.

I am in transit on Thursday and will be out of town leading a workshop at the Grail Springs Spa all weekend. I need to chill and be in nature and meditating with the high crystal energy on that sacred land. I will be posting a bit and plan to record videos too.

It’s gonna be a very emotional New Moon with Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer plus Neptune and CHIRON in PISCES.  Let the tears flow. Expect more rain and very wet weather as well.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Manchester Arena bombing, Ariana Grande Astrology

The ISIS suicide bombing in Manchester England at U.S. singer Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” concert Monday, May 22 @ 10:35 pm local time was very tragic news.  Witnesses said nuts and bolts were tearing into young concert goers flesh when the blast was detonated in the foyer between the arena and Victoria Station adjacent, just after the Ariana Grande performance ended. ISIS released a video claiming responsibility for the bombing. 

 An unverified Twitter account created a warning that Islamic State would attack the Manchester arena hours before it happened. The account was quickly deleated. Why wasn’t this message intercepted and investigated?

Twitter Islamic state Manchester arena warning

My heart goes out to all the innocent 22 children who were killed senselessly at latest count and 59 others injured. My heart has been literally hurting and thumping all night. 

Ariana Grande, 24,  was in shock and has canceled her entire “Dangerous Woman” World Tour in the wake of this horrific event. She tweeted ” ‘Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.’ 

This is the worst terrorist attack in Britain since July 2007. It is reminiscent of the Paris concert hall attacks on November 13, 2015.

Let’s look at the Astrology chart for clues as to why this happened now. 

I have included the Asteroids ISIS #42, The Asteroid ARIANE #1225 for Ms. Grande, the Asteroid BABYLON #15417, The Dangerous Woman.  

There is so much going on in this chart. Remember that there was already a high-security alert in Britain for terrorism. 

MARS the planet of WAR @ 21 degrees GEMINI is on the Descendant. Note that a communication was issued by ISIS that the attack was about to happen and where. Very Gemini like. Mars is opposed to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 26 degrees Rx in the first house. The opposition of the TWO MALEFICS is warning enough. SAGITTARIUS is the sign of religious fanatics, foreigners, and judges. The Islamic state judges anyone who is not part of its religious and philosophical ideology as an infidel. 

MARS is square to NEPTUNE @ 14 degrees PISCES indicating that music, fantasy illusion, glamor, sex, drugs and alcohol, all of the things associated with Pop Music are what is angering and fueling the Terrorists.  NEPTUNE is now in square to THE GREAT ATTRACTOR, the massive galactic anomaly @ 14+ degrees SAGITTARIUS which allows us to see “beyond the bend” because it is so huge it bends light around it. Neptune is like the cosmic crystal ball. Could we not be more prophetic in seeing that this tragedy was about to happen? 

NEPTUNE is now in square to THE GREAT ATTRACTOR, the massive galactic anomaly @ 14+ degrees SAGITTARIUS which allows us to see “beyond the bend” because it is so huge it bends light around it. Neptune is like the cosmic crystal ball. Could we not be more prophetic in seeing that this tragedy was about to happen? 

 The ASCENDANT @ 18 degrees SAGITTARIUS is quite close to the U. S. Sibley chart Ascendant of 12+ degrees SAGITTARIUS indicating an AMERICAN is the persona or target for this attack. Ariana, the petite singer is a Cancer and I’ll talk about the chart in relation to her natal chart. 

The DANGEROUS WOMAN archetype is very strong as the target of the attack.

LILITH, is @10 degrees of SAGITTARIUS is in the 12th house of the Unconscious. LILITH is the archetype of the first woman, totally independent, the original Goddess who created all that is and who was worshiped worldwide as the Great Mother and the Earth. She was worshiped at the what is the Holiest site to Muslims, the Kabbah in Mecca which holds a huge meteorite and was originally a Goddess worshipping site. Mohammed just took over the Goddess religion as did all the other patriarchs. 

Lilith is also in square to NEPTUNE indicating a strong independent female musician embodying the Lilith archetype. ISIS bans music. Ariana Grande and everything she stands for and anyone who is her fan and all of “decadent” Western culture is to be destroyed according to ISIS.

PLUTO in CAPRICORN is also inconjunct MARS indicating tension building like a pressure cooker. Which is probably what the nail-filled bomb which killed and injured many at the concert was made out of.   PLUTO is square to the MOON at 20 degrees ARIES opposite Jupiter Retrograde in LIBRA.  Jupiter magnifies the imbalances which the tension between PLUTO and the MOON amplify. Moon-PLUTO is always secretive, deathly, power struggles, stealth, and control issues. 

The SUN @ 1 degree 58 minutes of GEMINI is close to ALGOL, the most demonized and feared Fixed Star, and is square to the NORTH NODE at 28 degrees of LEO and the South Node in AQUARIUS. These are “fated” times. 

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS in is a GRAND FIRE TRINE with the North Node in LEO and URANUS in ARIES with ERIS the Goddess of discord close by to revolutionary, chaotic, explosive URANUS. It’s so hot.

SATURN is also squaring CHIRON the WOUNDED SHAMANIC HEALER at 28+ degrees PISCES. This symbolizes the karmic woundings the world is going through and will continue to go through for the rest of the year with this aspect in place. Pisces symbolizes peace, music, joy and oneness, the things that one goes to a concert to enjoy. We may be feeling tragically wounded and helpless because of this incident.

Asteroid BABYLON is at 26 PISCES conjunct to CHIRON.

The Great Whore of BABYLON, which is from the Book of Revelations is the Scarlet or DANGEROUS WOMAN. That archetype is what is being attacked and also where the greatest healing is. Women must be strong in following their own passions. It wasn’t just Grande specifically who was attacked by ISIS but she symbolizes that archetype of the free empowered sexual woman.  

The Tarot image of the Whore of Babylon is card #11 STRENGTH/LUST LEO in THOTH deck

Thoth Tarot sex tara Greene

CHIRON in PISCES wants a creative solution to this tragedy. A new worldwide concert to raise awareness, consciousness, and money to fight Islamic fundamentalists. I know there are many who say Terrorism has no religion but that is simply untrue. ISIS’s brand of Islam is definitely radical and may not be true to Mohammed’s original teachings but it uses ISLAM as its battle cry. Not Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Communism. We have to call it as it is, says SATURN in SAGITTARIUS who wants the truth to be told and says look a history, look at the Crusades, not some libtard phraseology. 

Asteroid ISIS @ 17 degrees ARIES is conjunct to VENUS the Goddess of creativity and to ATHENA the warrior Goddess and the MOON. ISIS was the Holy name of the EGYPTIAN Great Goddess and Her name should not be taken in vain. Isis also brings in the Pluto, JUPITER, Moon, T-square. It’s  very literal. 


The closest I could find to Grande’s first name is @ 28 degrees SCORPIO, opposite to ALGOL and the Sun in GEMINI. Ariane is square to the North and South NODES. That describes a rifle site included with that NAME DESTINY. 


Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman astrology


Born Ariana Grande-Butera on JUNE 26, 1993 in Boca Raton  Florida @ 9:16 pm although there are disputed birth times. She has a four-octave vocal range.  I have included Ariana Grande’s day of birth as the transiting planets to the May 22 chart. 

ARIANA’s NORTH NODE is 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS conjunct to trasniting LILITH.

Ms. Grande was born with URANUS and NEPTUNE conjunct @ 20 degrees CAPRICORN exactly where PLUTO planet of death, transformation, destruction is transiting. 

Grande’s Natal SATURN is 0 degrees PISCES, conjunct to where the SOUTH NODE of the Moon and of fate recently crossed over. There is a very strong karmic indication that this horrible scenario was a very great obstacle and maturing event for her. Her Natal Saturn is being squared by the SUN on May 22, also indicating a heavy aspect, depressing and difficult by nature. 

Grande’s NATAL LILITH is @ 28 degrees PISCES!

Speaking of embodying the Dangerous Woman. The Lilith Dark Mother, Black Madonna, the death bringing mother is here conjunct to transiting Chiron in PISCES and square to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS! 

Grande, at 5 feet 2 inch, 104 pounds, is a very petite song belter who looks quite innocent. She is the role model for these impressionable young girls. She is also playing the sexualized pop culture sales pitch with dangerous but innocent and cute imagery wearing playboy bunny rabbit ears made into a naughty but innocent black shiny hint of fetishism mask. 

As tragic an event as this is, on a more archetypal level it also symbolizes the healing of the Dark Goddess, the DANGEROUS INDEPENDENT sexual woman, the shadow archetype through showing where the real evil is. It’s in the Patriarchal fundamentalist religions which demonized women in the first place and banished LILITH, one of her archetypes.

Grande’s Natal Moon is @ 21 degrees of Virgo also squared by Karmic Saturn in transit. 

Her Natal Mars is at 1-degree VIRGO conjunct the transiting North Node, squared by the Sun and opposed by SATURN. Ms. Grande has very heavy malefic energies in her natal chart to overcome. She also has a lot of discipline and works hard. 

Grande’s Natal CHIRON is in LEO squared by PLUTO in SCORPIO

Ms. Grande has a reputation for being too arrogant and has turned off a lot of people. She has her haters out there to be sure. A few people were using the tragedy to poke fun at her. She, like most people, is the most vulnerable by being arrogant, by believing in her own myth and star power. If she does become driven by greed, power sex, money and manipulation she is finished. This tragic lesson will surely change her soul’s desires and her values for the rest of her life. 

The LESSON of healing: 

CHIRON is also inconjunct to the North Node in LEO

The North Node says get out your LION HEARTED FLAG, which Islamic terrorists also use as their symbol, and raise that up your flagpole. We need to be courageous, open-hearted, strong-willed, and loyal to those we love and who we protect. We need to be the leaders who say this is what I feel in my Leo ruled Heart and will. This is what makes my heart strong. We need to be ready to fight for the children and the creativity of our own inner children. Will you step up and add your voice to protect the children and the women?

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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