Sagittarius news,Virgo Moon opposite Mars

It’s my birthday today on the calendar and it was my solar Return yesterday. The Solar return is when the Sun is actually at the exact degree it was when you were born and is often the day ahead. I am lying kinda low. I think the Sun Jupiter Mercury energy is very strong and sometimes with Jupiter overdoes things.

The energies on the 27th were over the top. And 3 inconjuncts yesterday weren’t that great either. How are you doing? I really want to encourage all of you who follow me to respond please so I know you are actually out there.

I’ve also got a chest cold and I need to be very careful these days as I have issues with my lungs. I was born extremely premature, I was supposed to be an Aquarius born February 10  or 12th I remember my mom saying and here i am a Sagittarius. They always said my lungs never formed properly but I never paid attention. But now I have to be very careful. 

So I also want to start doing videos which I’ve said before I know. I need to save up my writing for only important issues and maybe more standard once a week Horoscopes things. I also need to get my Patreon going. I have a few books on the go that must get finished while Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

November 29 LEO MOON  Sextiles URANUS in the wee hours making sleep unsettling.

Moon enters humble hard-working Virgo in the early morning hours. Whenever Moon is in Virgo its a great time to get organized.

Moon makes 3 tense squares to Mercury Jupiter and the SUN throughout the day. Tension around communications -you know Mercury is Retrograde of course- expansion and funding and accountability will be in the news, and felt in your life. 

VIRGO moon trines Saturn in Capricorn

This is a good energy to organize, get your finances and budget together and get to work climbing the mountaintop to your success. Make a business plan or get advice from a mentor your admire.

Watch what you eat carefully as VIRGO MOON tends to upset the digestive system as Virgo governs the upper intestines.

Virgo Moon opposite Mars in Pisces

dinner time in PST and later in the day in EST and next day in GMT.

Your dreams may be gloriously psychic, with past life flashes and connections with fantasy warrior figures, superheroes and lots of water.

There’s big stuff coming up on the weekend. 

Venus opposes Uranus which may spark a huge breaking up energy. Love is a push pull and chaotic. You may be in the middle trying to hold it all together.

two planets change sign this weekend two.

Mercury Re-enters Scorpio Retrograde on December 1

Venus also enters SCORPIO on DEC. 2 

We’re almost finished 2018 the Retrograde Year

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Monday Chill out with a Void-of-Course Moon

Aug 20  Just CHILL DAY!

The Moon is in Sagittarius the feels are optimistic adventurous easy going honest and we feel hopeful and trusting that the universe has our backs.

There is nary an Aspect today the cosmic waters are quiet for a huge change.

Mercury turning Stationary direct and then moving forwards yesterday has created an empty space to reconfigure ourselves.

MOON trines SUN in an alchemically beautiful thing.

Think positive go for the GOLD you are the Alchemystic Sourceress © Tara Greene

Moon will be VOID, of Course from 4:47 pm PDT/7:47 pm EDT/ 11:47 pm GMT

comet paintings Napoleon Brousseau

Void-of-Course Moon times

More chillin’ time.

Moon enters Capricorn on the 20th at 9:00 pm PDT only 

EDT and GMT Cappy Moon begins at the Witching Hour on Aug 21 

I’m getting ready to travel to B.C. 

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Anthony Bourdain life and death Astrology

Anthony Bourdain Astrology of Life and Death Tara Greene

Anthony_bourdain_peabody_2014bPeabody Awards, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Anthony Bourdain’s shocking death has stunned the world and not just for Foodies. I am so sad to hear of chef, writer, author, martial artist, Anthony Bourdain’s death by apparent suicide June 8th in Strasbourg France where he was filming his award-winning CNN series. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.  
I was late coming as a fan of his as I am not an especial foodie, but by watching his CNN travel show his charisma won me over.  His most popular CNN series followed him as he traveled the world meeting ordinary people sampling all kinds of food. He was a very charismatic and powerfully charming person.
Bourdain will be remembered by his family, friends, colleagues, and he sadly leaves behind his daughter Arianne 11 and his ex-wife Ottavia Busia. He was dating Italian filmmaker Asia Argento at the time of his death. May he RIP. Millions of TV fans hearts are also broken today by this tragic loss. This news also comes days after the shocking news of Kate Spade’s suicide. 
Let’s investigate who Anthony Bourdain was through his  Natal chart and the transits at the time of his death.

Read about his biographical details

Bourdain was born June 25, 1956, in New York City. I have no exact birth time so using Noon for a celebrity.

For a foodie, being born under a CANCER SUN is the most natural thing as Cancer rules the stomach, nourishment, nurturingemotions, home, and family. Anthony was a very moody and emotionally sensitive man. Cancer Suns’ can be very private people. He nurtured others but probably found it hard to receive.

The SUN is conjunct to Venus RETROGRADE @ 28 degrees GEMINI.

28 degrees Gemini is the place of the North Star and all people with planets conjunct the Pole Star are extremely charismatic. They are the central axis around which all else revolves. Venus rules love and romance, the feminine, the artsvalues, money, luxury, how we want to be loved, and what we love.

Anthony was born with VENUS RETROGRADE, a rather rare aspect which occurs only every 18 months. Only 10 percentage of humans are born with this aspect. It indicates a very karmic past life influence or burden of love. In a man’s chart, Venus Retrograde indicates unfinished business and lessons with past lovers and with money, creativityvalues, and resources. This placement brings very powerful sudden attractions-his second wife and Anthony married months after they met. All the women he was with were past life connections. This aspect also made Anthony’s heart restless. He was constantly flirting and very spontaneous. This aspect also made it difficult for him to settle down in one relationship at a time, or one job.  He was authentically childlike and immature for most of his life. Here’s his quote. “I guess my whole life as much as I might have wanted a child for the reason that everybody wants one I always recognized that at no point until I was 50 was I old enough or up to the job.”  The age at which he became a father for the only time. 

Without an accurate birth time I cannot find out an exact Ascendant or Moon degrees. At noon the MOON had just entered AQUARIUS which seems like a natural fit as Anthony was certainly a rebellious individual and a strongly independent man who championed others rights. The Moon governs the sign of CANCER which is all about food. The Moon is always your mother. His mother may have been a detached cool woman.

Moon in Aquarius is an electric, emotionally triggered higher consciousness person-who sees the big picture. He was highly wired and tense. An Aquarius Moon can be cool and detached and never feels like they fit in. Aquarius Moons are always outsiders. Emotionally the entire world and the universe were Anthony’s home. Aquarius is part of a tribe, which was demonstrated in his love of all kinds of cuisine and bringing the rights of immigrants to the fore. 

MERCURY @ 12 degrees GEMINI

Mercury is our communications planet, it rules thinking and how we analyze and express our minds. Mercury in its’ home placement gave Anthony the gift of the gab. He was a natural storytellercharmingcommunicative, youthful and curious about life. Anthony loved to speak his mind. He may have been a bit of a trickster. Mercury in Gemini men are usually unfaithful or have more than one relationship at a time or more than one of anything going on at the same time.


Anthony was already a Gemini in his past life and carried Gemini traits. A gift of charm galore and an insatiably curious restless mind. He could have been diagnosed as ADD or ADHS. He was an eternal child with a glint in his eye.


Anthony was meant to evolve into being a Sage Sagittarius. A truth-telling, justice upholding, world traveling philosopher; a pontificator on religion, justice, freedom, immigrants, and philosophy. He was a natural teacher, storyteller, gypsy, and collector of exotica. He was practicing at being an optimist and showing people higher truths in life. Sagittarius is the sign of religion – He didn’t believe in God. Archangel Uriel was his spirit guide. The Name means Fire of God and “one who is to help light our way.” That he certainly did.


Mars @ 11 degrees PISCES  an emotional feminine water sign indicates an addicted, self-destructive, martyred, rageaholic, but also a spiritual warrior in emotional Pisces. Mars in Pisces indicates hidden anger and self sabotage with addictions delusions and mental health issues. As he said himself “I was an unhappy soul with a huge heroin and then crack problem. I hurt disappointed and offended many many people and I regret a lot. It’s a shame I have to live with.”   Shame and regret are Pisces issues. Mars in Pisces helped Anthony to stand up and fight for the underdog. He was innately a spiritual, creative, romantic and an ultra-sensitive dreamer. He was naturally very intuitive even though this may have been unconscious.

Mars is square to the Lunar Nodes and to his MERCURY

indicating a fateful choice that Anthony would have to face in his life to evolve into Sagittarius higher-minded wisdom.

JUPITER conjunct PLUTO in LEO @ 26-27 degrees

This is a generational aspect with Pluto in Leo ruling the Baby Boomers but Jupiter only conjuncts Pluto in Leo once every 12 years. This is referred to as the Billionaire’s aspect. The two planets in LEO brings success wealth, stardom, leadership, charisma, power and courage, great heart willpowerand strength.  Anthony was also a martial artist.

SATURN Retrograde @ 27 degrees SCORPIO

All planets moving Retrograde have a karmic influence. Saturn always represents the father. Saturn in Scorpio indicated heavy emotional demons related to his father and his own psyche. Scorpio is the most soulful and powerful of all the signs. This aspect can bring depression and suicidal obsessions. It’s all about needing to be in control and power struggles with authority figures.  Saturn is in a 90-degree hard angle square to JUPITER and PLUTO. This indicates a desire to dominate his father and to prove himself through success, money, powerand worldly fame to get his father’s approval. Anthony may have felt very insecure underneath all his great charisma and charm.

URANUS at 0 Leo

This indicates where Bourdain’s great sense of individuality, being a nonconformist, FU kinda guy. This is where his originality and personal power came from. He was a renegade rebel, a fighter for sharing power with others. He also could have had heart problems a murmur. Anthony’s tastes were very unusual. He loved devouring the most obscure things. His heart needed to always be free.  


Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Neptune in Libra is extremely romantic, idealistic and creative. Anthony had refined taste.

Neptune squared his natal Uranus in LEO and his MOON in Aquarius.

It is an out of sign T-square.  Bourdain revealed that he had been a heroin addict, an alcoholic, and in debt throughout his 20’s and into his 40’s. The Moon involved with these transpersonal slower moving generational planets indicates that Bourdain was playing an archetypal role. Caught between being a rebel and being liked was a tension in his life.

PLUTO in LEO @ 26

Pluto in LEO is a generational placement concerned with finding harmony peace balance and justice. Pluto is where you feel powerless, and what your urges to power and control is. Pluto is the secrets of the soul, our deepest darkest shadows, obsessions, and control issues. This is a Baby Boomer it’s all about me energy.

Pluto in LEO squares Saturn in Scorpio

 This indicates the heavy demons or daemons that Anthony had to deal with. Saturn in Scorpio can be soul torture. A constant battle with being overwhelmed by his demons and carrying heavy depressing karmic weight.

CHIRON @ 10 degrees AQUARIUS

The wounded healer in Aquarius is about being an individual,an outsider and never being able to fit in. This symbolizes a wounded mind which is detached and alienated. The wounded vulnerable parts of ourselves is also where the healing is. Bourdain’s wound and healing would be from giving oneself altruistically to the collective needs.

CHIRON sextile to the North Node in Sagittarius

Anthony may have been wounded and vulnerable by being unable to be freehonest, and living up to his own high expectations. There is much more I could talk about and much written about him. See the links:

At his death June 8, 2018

 Is there an Astrology significance to why his tragic death now in the stars? Bourdain said he had fought depression and addictions most of his life.


Saturn in Capricorn opposite to his Cancer Sun. Saturn is the Old Devil Temptation, limitation, depression, testing,hardships, and feeling old. Saturn is a heavy,heavy exhausting transit. Saturn the Grim Reaper is Death-Scorpio in the Tarot.


Saturn is depressing, and those old demons split Tony’s mental state in two.


This wound has been unconsciously manifesting for a while. Chiron is now in Fiery spontaneous ARIES where it quickly triggers deep wounds and ignites angry defenses which respond with reckless actions to quell the pain. There must have been a split in his heart and mind which quickly overtook him. Bourdain may have felt cut off from love.

Transiting URANUS has been opposing his Neptune in LIBRA since 2017

As this is a generational influence it brings out a desire for radical change, freedom, liberation from relationships, and can shift a precarious balance.

URANUS square URANUS square his MOON from Taurus to Leo to the Moon

URANUS is erratic, chaotic energy. Anything can happen under Uranian lightning striking energy. Uranus squaring Anthony’s Moon brings a totally unexpected element into his emotions. Uranus is spontaneous and likes danger. This makes me think his death was accidental.

Transiting JUPITER Retrograde @14 SCORPIO squares CHIRON in AQUARIUS

Jupiter magnifies and expands for better or worse whatever it touches. This Retrograde Jupiter could bring up old unhealed vulnerabilities and wounds.

Transiting PLUTO conjunct Bourdain’s Natal Lilith in CAPRICORN

LILITH in a man’s chart is introjected as the unconscious split in sexuality projected onto the dark Feminine. His girlfriend Asia Argento had just bravely spoken out against sexual abuse from Harvey Weinstein. Bourdain was a feminist and vehemently backed all the #MeToo women. My intuition says that there was something fishy about his death. People in power may have wanted him removed for speaking out against Harvey Weinstein.

ECLIPSES as causes

The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017

This has impacted Bourdain by affecting his PLUTO/JUPITER conjunction in LEO. Eclipses open 9-month portals which bring to light unconscious and conscious changes. This Solar eclipse was completing a cycle he had begun 18+ years previously in 2000 when his first book became a big hit launching into fame. Bourdain’s New York Times bestselling book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly (2000).


Transiting NORTH NODE @ 7 degrees LEO/SOUTH NODE at 7 degrees AQUARIUS. SOUTH Node conjunct Bourdain’s Asteroid EROS #433 @ 9 degrees AQUARIUS.

These Nodes are karmic. Uranus in Taurus is sensuous and erotic. I’m speculating that perhaps his death could have been an autoerotic asphyxiation that men do to get off which went wrong. There has been no mention of a suicide note so far. I don’t think there will be one.

Depression and mental health issues are skyrocketing.

Anthony Bourdain was a huge person who brought so much joy and opened new ways of viewing food family and nourishment. His legacy will remain.

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Instant healing Astrology today

May 22 is a Master number day. #22 is the Fool in the tarot

But Virgo Moon doesn’t like to be foolish. It’s too concerned with getting down to work and being humble too. Virgo Moon governs Health our work and community organization.

Moon inconjuncts Chiron in Aries and Mars in Aquarius

Did you have a restless sleep? Nitpicking is the soup du jour. Virgo Moon helps us to focus on the deets. 

Moon sextiles VENUS in CANCER and Trines Saturn in Capricorn

This aspects opens up those dry as cotton Saturn ruled Capricorn emotional reserve. It can make us sentimental aspect about our childhood and our parents- Cancer is ruled by the moon and always represents Mother and Moon trines Saturn which is the father.  This energy can be used as a good marker to make a commitment in your relationships or long-term plans for your job.

Gemini SUN sextiles CHIRON in ARIES

Talk about your wounds. Gemini sun allows for seeing things through an opposite perspective. Put yourself in the others person’s shoes in a detached way can bring on amazing insights and fast as a flash healing. How about that?

22nd/23 Mercury dances sweetly with Neptune in Pisces in a sextile

to bring us sensuous trickster dreamy ideas and perk up our gut instincts. Pay attention to your dreams. A good night to incubate lucid dreams. 

The good energy is Mercury in Taurus is opposite Jupiter later tonight in PDT/tomorrow in EDT and GMT

Communicating with your deepest soul layers and gut instincts is easy. So take advantage of it. This is also great for investments as Jupiter in Scorpio gives you X-ray vision. Sexual energy runs high. But don’t expect people to change their minds.

Gotta run. I am going to Chicago for part of the United Astrology Conference on the weekend. I’ll report from there.

Blessings Tara

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May 17 Cancer Moon Royal Wedding

Moon conjuncts VENUS in GEMINI after inconjuncting Pluto in the wee hours

reconciliation of the mind at war?

Moon is Void of course for 3 hours in the afternoon

 MOON goes home to CANCER @ 5:47 pm EDT

This is an excellent time for staying home planting your garden cooking having friends and family over for dinner. Bathing swimming or hanging with children and extended family. 

Tummies rule while the Moon is in Cancer and get upset very easily. Overeating is likely. Everyone needs more emotional support 

Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus

Allow your normally shy and home-loving Cancer Moon moods to let you bravely venture freely. You may be attracted to an unusual sensuous stubborn person.

Smell the roses get sensuous. 

Moon inconjuncts MARS in AQUARIUS

Tempers will be short and unpredictable. Be conscious of who not to prod.

Moon squares Chiron in Aries

feelings will be vulnerable and defensive shields will be up.

Give em a great meal to make them feel secure. 

Stay sentimental. Show your love for others. Remember to nurture yourself too. 

As for the Royal Wedding drama. Cancer Moon rules family after all.

The QUEEN has URANUS in TAURUS exactly on her Royal SUN. Uranus always brings havoc chaos and ” the horribilus.” as The Queen herself would day.

There’s no way in hell that the Royal Wedding couldn’t go down unpredictably under that transit. The Queen has been acting radical herself for Harry’s benefit. This is the thanks she gets? Meghan’s Dad can’t deal with being in public no matter how much he loves his daughter. It is such a sad and obvious case of not feeling worthy. First he sells PR photo which when discovered by the media embarrass him. He didn’t do anything wrong in the photos. It’s not like they are porn. And Harry hates the media for being so intrusive and for what they did to his mother. The Queen and Meghan should have sent Mr. Markle the Royal do’s and don’t ahead of time of how a Royal Father-in-law acts.  Why was he talking to TMZ? Out of embarassment he leaves his daughter fatherless and abandoned at the most important day of her life in public with billions of people watching? The Royals know about duty. Duty comes before any personal feelings faults or failures. Mr. Markle could have gotten in shape for his daughter’s wedding. I mean he’s has 6 months to prep. He has two crazy older kids who gave him a heart attack. Then he loses face totally by backing out. Who even believes he is having heart surgery. The Queen is properly pissed but poor Mr. Markle has no self-esteem. He can’t see himself being worthy of being in the ancient historic church and being proud of what he and Doria his ex-wife created. That is so sad. You see how if people don’t work on their wounds it is so destructive. All families have dysfunction. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Complicated Goddess Monday Astrology

Pisces Moon keeps us feeling everything.  The Moon conjoins NEPTUNE early in the wee hours in EST and GMT. 

DREAMING will be vivid HD LUCID and you may wake up feeling hungover and in a fog all day. 



Women ain’t taken no shit from no one. Don’t be surprised how much ass women can kick today. Beware of underhanded emotional trickery which hits you by surprise. This is a recipe for unexpected dramatic turns of events. Be prepared for emotional protection today. Keep your invisible armor on at all times. 

Many Goddess Asteroids- ATHENA JUNO and dwarf planet ERIS Goddess of DISTURBIA are activated today.

Mercury TRINES ATHENA +@ 27 degrees ARIES

This aspect also trines the Eclipse point of the AUGUST 21 Solar eclipse triggering women to go into a truth battle in America as Amazons.


 Juno is the feminine form of Genius. Mars in LIBRA is governed by Venus now. Men and women need to bring justice to protect women’s rights ensuring they have equality in the state.

MARS opposes ERIS in ARIES

This is a difficult aspect. Mars in LIBRA is indecisive and Eris in ARIES is totally spontaneous. Be careful of being too hasty too spontaneous and do something which could have serious consequences.  This can also bring on erratic energy ups and downs.

JUNO squares ERIS

The battle of the women is on. JUNO in CAPRICORN is patient and wants to work with the old hierarchical structures whereas ERIS is an anarchist. Transgender issues spark divergence in feminist and other circles right now. Be careful not to burn the house down.  

Moon and PLUTO sweetly sextile each other

You can be the fly on the wall in the halls of power today if you try. 

JUNO and ERIS square off at 22 + degrees CAPRICORN/ARIES

the two goddesses are going into battle like superheroines.


This may point to disappointment with a relationship. All that you project may not be real. This is part of the same VENUS inconjuncting URANUS in ARIES today. Relationships may take a big beating. A lot of projected stuff will spew out. Disillusion results. 

Pisces Moon conjuncts CHIRON

It’s crying time again today. How were you feeling yesterday? 

finally, last but NOT least

Mercury in SAGITTARIUS conjuncts SATURN on the Galactic Center PST

Nov. 28 EST and GMT 

Get serious today! Organize your scattered mind and environment. Write out some long-term goals and plans for higher educations and travels. Anything to do with teaching publishing structuring an optimistic new job or career goal is the fit.  Sagittarius is an optimistic sign. Drink that humor into your bones.  As Saturn travels through his own sign from Dec 19, 2017, until 2020 things will be much more conservative than now. Saturn restricts things. He can be positive in restricting the old boy’s patriarchal stuff which has to go. Governments return to historical things.

REALITY will set in which will be a good thing as JUPITER in SCORPIO trines NEPTUNE in PISCES starting Deceber 2 and for most of 2018 maxing out that stoned La La Land zone of glamour projections denial and increasing issues with addictions. 

Mercury is moving very slowly now turning Retrograde Dec 3/4th @ the last most critical degree of Sagittarius the 29th. This is a get the last word in kind of energy. 

It’s a pretty intense day and that PISCES moon can make everyone feel like escaping. Remember to stop and breath and stay grounded with Mercury conjunct SATURN that’s a good thing. Direct your consciousness to mother earth and be grateful for everything in your life.  Do something kind for a stranger. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Tarot Trump Card October 4


Tara Greene psychic tarot reader for events

hierophant Tarot Trump #5


The Hierophant from the Thoth Tarot #5 is TAURUS energy. It is stubborn sensuous unchanging strong like an ox. Taurus governs the 5th Chakra the Throat. It’s about connecting to your own Higher Self today just as the Pope or any High Priest Rabbi or Iman does. We all need to connect with our own Guardian Angels. In fact its one of the main purposes for embodying on this meat wheel. Listen to your gut instincts and your Higher self for truth. Speak your truth Stand up for your truth. Do not waver and do not back down.

As Tom Petty sang: “

“Well, I won’t back down
No, I won’t back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won’t back down
No, I’ll stand my ground
Won’t be turned around
And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
Gonna stand my ground
And I won’t back down
(I won’t back down)
Hey, baby, there ain’t no easy way out
(I won’t back down)
Hey, I will stand my ground
And I won’t back down
Well I know what’s right
I got just one life
In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
But I’ll stand my ground.”

The Moon is Void-of-course all day October 4th until 1:40 pm PDT/4:40 pm EDT/9:40 pm GMT when the Moon enters Aries.

Earlier in the day the liquid Pisces moon conjuncts Chiron the Wounded Healer and we are feeling the wounds of the aftershock of the terrible massacre in Las Vegas and many are feeling the loss of the death of Tom Petty as well.

It’s ok to feel sad mourn and send light to those who died and their families and to those still in life-threatening states.

The medicine Buddha mantra is very good for this.

In Tibetan pronunciation, the mantra comes out as:

The short form of the mantra could roughly be translated as “Hail! Appear, O Healer, O Healer, O Great Healer, O King of Healing!” 

Om Be-kan-dze Be-kan-dze

Ma-ha Be-kan-dze Ra-dza Sa-mung-ga-te So-ha

Moon and Jupiter in Libra are inconjunct in the afternoon. This may create socially difficult situations.try to stay balanced.
The moon enters Aries and we are heading for that big full Harvest Moon on the 5th/6th and a beautiful on budget Venus-Mars conjunction @ 19 degrees Virgo.

The Libra Sun and Neptune in Pisces have an awkward dance via a quincunx, a 150-degree aspect. Idealism and romantic projection may come before a fall. If it’s too good to be true it probably is. Dream at your own risk.

Will write about the Harvest Moon later.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. 

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