Venus at home, Libra its your turn to shine

Very Nice, Venus in Libra

VENUS is home again in LIBRA September 29 to October 23

Edward Poynter, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

a quick ride through Venus’s home sign is good for all Libra’s and Libran things,

VENUS importantly makes a STAR POINT on OCTOBER 22 as she conjoins the Sun October 22 at 5;17 pm EDT at a VERY RARE 29 degrees LIBRA for the 1st time since 1879.

 VENUS in LIBRA will be bringing beauty,  grace, justice relationships, listening, relating and THE LOVE GODDESS HERSELF along with Mercury who has also just re-entered   LIBRA moving Retrograde at the same time.   They are dancing cheek to cheek. During   Covid-19 that might be a bit tricky.

VENUS in the TAROT is symbolised by Card #3 The EMPRESS

Seventh astrological sign, Libra s represented by balance scales.

Check out where the sign and house LIBRA is in your natal chart- that’s where the love, money, hoped for balance, creativity and all the good is coming to you.

If you were born with VENUS in LIBRA like I was, then you get your Venus Return, a new cycle of love, abundance, socializing and art!

The Archetypal balancer, a symbol of Justice, karma, the sign of the 7th house and marriageLIBRA is an AIR sign and as such is more flirty analytical, and not such a touchy-feely emotional sign. Yah lets talk about love, and connect with past lovers too.

The riddle of the cosmos-duality- find the fulcrum, the peaceful place in the middle hold the tension of the opposites that’s what psychologist Carl Jung said..


GREAT at viewing both sides of anything they find it hard to make up their mind about anything, They can lose themselves in trying to appear NICE at any cost. that’s why most Millenials think they are two-faced. They are natural ambassadors, go-betweens, counsellors, matchmakersLibran’s often work as Event planners, decorators, designers, in the beauty, counsellors, human resources, liaisons, fashion and arts industries, human resources, they are good listeners, chatty and charming. VENUS peeps known for their beauty, and love of it, grace, often good singers,


Beyonce,  of course. model  Claudia Shiffer,  Shania Twain famous Canadian pop and country singer, actress Emma Stone, Anna Nicole Smith,

Famous Hollywood beauties Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Vivienne Leigh of Gone with the Wind fame.

Very Handsome VENUSIAN blessed men that ladies adore

Ryan Gosling,  the ever-charming Will Smith, Richard Gere, Sean Connery, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Douglas, Colin Firth, Mathew McConaughey, former President Bill Clinton, Prince Harry, and Someone noted for creating beauty Pablo Picasso.


Check out artist Napoleon Brousseau on insta  Napoleon Brousseau or at 

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Libra Equinox 2020 Master Numerology

The SUN enters LIBRA Sept 22 2012 @ 6:31 am PDT/ 9:31 am EDT/ 2:31 pm GMT marking AUTUMN in the Northern Hemisphere and SPRING in the Southern Hemisphere.

NOTE THE NUMEROLOGY of MASTER NUMBER 22 in 22 year. We are already enlightened. 22- THE FOOL in the Tarot. a nrand new round, staying fully in the moment, Trust innocence. 

It is the WESTERLY pole of the 2 days of complete Balance between day and night in the entire year.


LIbra the constellation was associated in Antiquity with the Egyptian Goddess of JUSTICE -MAAT


Weighs the heart against her ostrich feather in the Hall of Judgement After death

After death the heart of the deceased was weighed against her pure white ostrich feather diadem. If one’s heart was heavier than her feather, then the deceased would return to life on earth until one’s heart was light, balanced with no regrets.

I always loved that story.

BALANCE of day and night is EQUINOX

What was born at spring as a seed, an idea, has grown to fruition, seeded itself again and is ready to be harvested and then die to be returned to the earth for renewal, to feed new life next spring, and on and on.

LIBRA is the sign of relationships, the 7th house marriage traditionally in Astrology

LIBRA is ruled by the Goddess of LOVE VENUS of course

VENUS IS in LEO  conjunct VESTA at 17+ degrees LEO at the Equinox

A very fiery focused on love will heart and lighting your own fire. This is a major hot spot at the Equinox. I will be talking about this live on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency page.

Venus and VESTA are the FINGER OF GOD  point with JUPITER at 17 CAPRICORN and NEPTUNE at 19 PISCES 

This is a very interesting aspect. Jupiter rules PISCES as well as Sagittarius and it is a practical dreamy idealistic hopeful aspect. 

MARS RETROGRADE at 27 and Lilith at 26 are almost at exact conjunction and ERIS at 24 ARIES is beside them

A superheated powerhouse of rejected angry positive DARK Goddess energy and Eris brother MARS is defending them from behind the scenes.

The triple threat is trine the SOUTH NODE in SAGITTARIUS at 23 degrees. We will hear some big Galactic news which will shake the foundations about sex abuse, those who have been ignored, raped and pillaged financially sexually emotionally spiritually and physically

Where is VENUS in your natal chart? Where is the sign of LIBRA?  What does your 7th house of marriage/committed relationships hold or lack planetary energy?

is a power GATE, one of the 4 main CARDINAL gateways of the year.

 We are entering the Time of increasing DARK here in the NORTH. I will have to be a NORTHIST here and speak of the Northern Hemisphere which I am more familiar with.

AUTUMN EQUINOX marks the start of the darkest time of the year entering into the DEEP FEMININE dark and mysterious months.

LIBRA EQUINOX celebrates the marriage and equality of the polar complimentary opposites of feminine and masculine energies. 

It’s  Sacred MARRIAGE time. The #14 card in the tarot called TEMPERANCE. Celebrate the integration of the Masculine into the Feminine and vice versa.

At Autumn Equinox we give thanks to the Sun and the EARTH and for the harvest of foods that will help us survive the long cold bare Winter months. We welcome the beautiful colors of leaves magically metamorphosing from green to orange, gold, yellow, red, brown. autumn. We frolic in the mounds of soft crunchy leaves. We honor change, life, death.  

We surrender what no longer serves us, we surrender to old age, to letting go, to facing death as a necessary part of life, another pregnancy. We face the unknown of the harsh months of winter coming. We pray that we and our loved ones will be kept safe and sound by the Love and Blessings of the Goddess, that we may survive to see the birth of the LIGHT at Winter Solstice Dec 21 2020.

Set new intentions now. It’s only Three months till Dec 21, 2020 big new SHEBANG of JUPITER  and SATURN at 0 AQUARIUS. 

Please join me live September 22 at 5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT/ September 23 @ 1:00 am GMT for an EQUINOX guided meditation and a focus on the VENUS VESTA conjunction on the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PAGE

Mother’s Day astrology synchronicity

Mother’s day is May 10 under an earth Capricorn Moon and mainly lovely aspects.

Mercury in Taurus Trines Jupiter in Capricorn

even though most of us sadly won’t be able to be with our mothers we can still feel connected and talk using practical tools. The feelings are bountiful and grateful. This is a great apect for writing poems, painting pics, making love letters in the sand, sculpting with clay and feeling strong and optimistic.


A lovely idealistic psychic telepathic spiritually strong connection. WHerever mom is even if she is in Heaven like my mom is you can connect easily with her and tell her whatever is in your heart and soul. Neptune in Pisces is about forgiveness and guilt. Release any guilt you have around mom on this day. We all carry a lot of baggage around our mothers. The Taurus sun keeps us in touch with our instincts. We will feel a shift in our bodies as we realize mom forgives us for our wrongdoings. Freeing ourselves from guilt by genuinely seeking it lifts our soul higher.

Moon squares Chiron in Aries as a testament to the merit of the woundedness needed to accrue healing balm for our wounds.

and last but not least BIG DADDY SATURN turns Retrograde May 10 @ 9:09 pm PDT and MAy 11 at 12:09 am EDT and 5:09 am GMT


May 10/11 @ 1+ degree 57 MINUTES OF AQUARIUS 2020 till September 28/29 @ 25 DEGREES 20 MINUTES  Capricorn, 2020 

 I dont see the world opening up that much with Saturn lord of limits going backtracking to Capricorn along with venus and Jupiter next week.

but I’ll write more about that soon,

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

The image of the woman with roses is from the Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

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Mothers day beautiful images and Music

God-Mother by Nina Paley

Taurus Dark Earth New Moon

TAURUS NEW DARK MOON at 3+ degrees synchronizes with EARTH DAY

at 7:25 pm PDT 10:25 pm EDT and April 23 at 2:25 am GMT

Apis Bull

The bull Apis in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Gryffindor / CC BY-SA (

TAURUS and SACRED COWS and later BULLS were honored for thousands of year.

THIS IS A DARK EARTH MOON TIME it like Humus. TAURUS is the earthiest of the earth signs. It signifies the joys of being in the body, enjoying the Garden of EDEN. 

We need to honour the dark as equal to the light. There is so much prejudice about the dark in everything. The darkness, dark skin, dark moods, dark of the moon, depression, the void. We are conceived in the dark. That is our earliest memory coming through the spirit world into the physical into the dark.

We come from the dark and we return to the dark which is the GREAT COSMIC WOMB. AT all NEW MOONS women would bleed synchronically and go their RED TENTS MOON LODGES or yurts to bleed together and envision in the dark. This was the most sacred time of the month, 13 times a year.

WOMEN if you are “on your moon,” bleeding on this Dark MOON, the COVID-19 is giving you an incredible gift to stay in seclusion and retreat for 3 days while the Moon is dark just as your ancestors did for thousnads of generations. For the sake of MOTHER EARTH and yourself, from a gift of self-love and honoring the Divine Feminine sense and feel the sacredness in your moon blood and really rest, dream, and know how sacred and psychic you are during this time. This will help heal the womb and eliminate period cramps, headaches and any other difficult female reproductive issues. Do tune into your dreams and dream into the womb again to heal yourself and for all humans, you can and bring your ancient DNA back into natural alignment. Try it. 

SUN MOON and URANUS are conjunct! it’s wild and chaotic new moon energy 

There was just an earthquake in L.A. and Uranus is the earth-shaking planet in TAURUS.The conjunction will be exact on the 26th at 6 degrees TAURUS  at 2:01 am PDT And 5:01 am EDT and 9:01 am GMT

It’s a pretty earthy dark MOON with SOUTH NODE at 0 degrees CAPRICORN the WORLD POINT and PLUTO and JUPITER in conjunction with ATHENA at the 29th anaretic most critical degree. Athena helps us to plan a long term where do we want tp put our energy plan.

PLUTO is also virtually at standstill it will turn RETROGRADE the 25th at the 25th degree of Capricorn. Pluto’s energy is more intense when slowed. If you have planets at 20-28 degrees Capricorn and ARIES CANCER AND LIBRA you will be feeling the pull into HADES the UNDERWORLD for the next almost 6 months until October 3.

Every month all women experience the transformational death and rebirth of our wombs and our sacred menstrual blood. It is in itself a shamanic death and rebirthing process, as the true nature of the sacred feminine is the original shaman. Its like a metaphor of Persephone going into the Underwold with Pluto.

As we release the sacred blood of life, and experience a rebirth as a virgin goddess again. All women have experienced this for many moons during their lives. 

All the planets are in the 1-beginning of the 4th sign and the beginning of the 10th to the 12th. Largely one-sided. 

ERIS and MERCURY in ARIES is squaring JUPITER and PLUTO adding to the disturbing media in the world. 


VENUS in GEMINI at the 15th most powerful chatterbox degree trine to JUNO in LIBRA at 9+ degrees and MARS at 16 AQUARIUS. Good for high flying communications and romance.


CERES THE Great Mother at the LAST DEGREE of Aquarius THE MOST POWERFUL one helps us to invent new technologies to protect the environment. 

NEPTUNE at 19+ PISCES is Squaring VENUS and VESTA close by in GEMINI

this give us a great opportunity to stop and invest in our selves, and declutter our minds. 

I have to go. Blessings ot you on NEW MOON and EARTH DAY

I will be doing ceremony

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Supermoons of 2020

2020 is a big supermoon year.

There are 6 SUPER MOON’S in 2020 when the Moon is closest to the earth and appears larger.
Do you notice that Super moons have a stronger effect on you and your emotions?
March 9, April 8 will be the largest and May 7
then September 17, October 16 and November 15,

Pluto Discovery Anniversary, still a planet to astrologers

Happy Pluto discovery day. The Dark Lord with a Heart is 90 years old from our discovery of him. From the Cosmic Intelligence Agency CEO Julija Simas. Julia and I made a pilgrimage to The Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona where Pluto was discovered in 2014.

NOTE: In modern Tropical Astrology, Pluto was assigned to be the ruler of Scorpio.

Pluto entered Scorpio on November 5, 1983, and stayed at 0 degrees Scorpio until December 1st exact.

Pluto was at 0 Scorpio from April 12, 1984-May 18, 1984 and from August 28-September 29, 1984.

All of those very new Pluto in Scorpio generation people will be jolted woke by the Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020, at 0 Aquarius squaring their Natal Pluto in Scorpio at 0 degrees. 

Lowell Observatory Flagstaff Arizona Pluto's discovery place

Lowell Observatory Flagstaff Arizona Pluto’s discovery place, Julija Simas and Tara Greene

Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombach in Flagstaff Arizona on February 19, 1930. It turns 90 years old today from our perspective of integrating this powerful archetypal planet into our Psyche’s and souls once again.

No matter that a few astronomers downgraded Pluto to a dwarf-Planet. Modern Tropical astrologers still consider Pluto a formidable Transpersonal planet symbolizing the soul and psyche the Collective Unconscious, Power, the Plutocracy, super wealth, secrets, sexuality, hidden things, ancestors, atomic energy, death and rebirth, toxic energy and recycling. 

Please share widely. Dont you love, fear and honour Pluto?

Where is Pluto in your Natal Chart? He is one of the most potent planets there is. I have no idea how traditional astrologers do not include him as a Transpersonal planet in personal readings. 

here is an ancient HYMN to Pluto.

and this one from


Pluto [Plouton], magnanimous, whose realms profound are fix’d beneath the firm and solid ground,
In the Tartarian plains remote from fight, and wrapt forever in the depths of night;
Terrestrial Jove [Zeus Khthonios], thy sacred ear incline, and, pleas’d, accept thy mystic’s hymn divine.
Earth’s keys to thee, illustrious king belong, its secret gates unlocking, deep and strong.
‘Tis thine, abundant annual fruits to bear, for needy mortals are thy constant care.
To thee, great king, Avernus is assign’d, the seat of Gods, and basis of mankind.
Thy throne is fix’d in Hade’s dismal plains, distant, unknown to rest, where darkness reigns;
Where, destitute of breath, pale spectres dwell, in endless, dire, inexorable hell;
And in dread Acheron, whose depths obscure, earth’s stable roots eternally secure.
O mighty dæmon, whose decision dread, the future fate determines of the dead,
With captive Proserpine [Kore], thro’ grassy plains, drawn in a four-yok’d car with loosen’d reins,
Rapt o’er the deep, impell’d by love, you flew ’till Eleusina’s city rose to view;
There, in a wond’rous cave obscure and deep, the sacred maid secure from search you keep,
The cave of Atthis, whose wide gates display an entrance to the kingdoms void of day.
Of unapparent works, thou art alone the dispensator, visible and known.
O pow’r all-ruling, holy, honor’d light, thee sacred poets and their hymns delight:
Propitious to thy mystic’s works incline, rejoicing come, for holy rites are thine.

Mission to Pluto – a Rediscovery

Nirvana Day

February 15 is Nirvana day

I had been told about this day many years ago and it had always stuck in my memory. It’s not to commemorate the band or Kurt Cobain. It’s the day that Buddhists celebrate the death of the Buddha and his attainment of Nirvana. Other Buddhists use February 8th. Read more about that here.

Why Buddhists Celebrate Nirvana Day

Astrology and tarot cards of the Day 

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Scorpio Moon vibes continue until later tonight

Moon trines Neptune in Pisces a very romantic idealistic energy. This energy exaggerates deep emotions, there may have been many tears for many on V day.

Moon sextiles Pluto then Saturn to help us ground our dreams and anchor our emotions.

Scorpio Moon squares Aquarius Sun 

we are a week until the next moon cycle a new Moon in Pisces at 4+ degrees.

that’s right on my North Node.

MOON is VOID OF COURSE from 2:20 pm PST/ 5:20 pm EST/10:20 pm GMT

use VoC times to chill. Remember that MERCURY turns RETROGRADE on the 16th so its standstill in the sky. Mars is at the last degree of SAGITTARIUS the Most critical one get all your Sagittarius optimism together now to get you through the long haul in Capricorn

Moon is in Upbeat Honest adventurous Sagittarius tonight which switches gears. 

Please share widely all writing except noted is copyright of Tara Greene

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The winged horse is a vehicle to fly to Heaven like Pegasus in the Greek myths. I’ve always loved winged horse. This card related to AIR and the Mind or thoughts so imagine the winged horse coming to uplift you. Interesting synchronicity of this card. In Islam. Mohammed went to Heaven on a Winged Horse named Buraq with the Angel Gabriel which is the same mythology/symbolism as the Buddha attaining enlightenment/Nirvana. 

Harry and Meghan’s marriage astrology, what next

The shock news January 8th came of Harry and Meghan wanting to be half-time Royals under the effects of the powerful endings, tests and rebirth planets of Saturn and Pluto in conjunction in Capricorn and 2 days before Uranus the planet of rebellion, sudden change and freedom turned direct in Taurus, right on Her Majesty’s Sun sign, 2 degrees away.

January 18 the Queen and Prince Charles, Prince William and Harry have decided/ a DEAL OR NO DEAL or have been forced to give up their royal HRH titles but remain Duke and Duchess of Success. Their Trademarked SussexRoyal seems like it will have to be changed now that Harry is no longer a working Royal in Title and action anymore. The Queen said they had her blessings to lead a freer happier life. H & M have volunteered to pay back the recent renovation on Frogmore Cottage which they only lived in for 6 months, about 3 million, which the Public is absolutely furious about to save face. But they will keep the Cottage as a Wedding Gift from the Queen but they will pay commercial rent on it when they are living there in the UK. They will still be taken care of by Prince Charles though so really they are still on Daddy’s purse strings. Father’s don’t disown their sons for being hounded by the press. They can keep their own charities but no more tours or obligations and they do not represent the Queen anymore.  

Let’s look at Harry and Meghan’s combined relationship chart. This is a synthesis of the two people’s chart’s put together into one. It is their union marriage chart. 

You notice that all the planets are over to one side from the 2nd to the 8th houses.

The Ascendant is 17 Aries a fiery independent, militaristic, spontaneous, entrepreneurial spirit. They are firebrands in the world fighting and pioneering their own way. They are literally “lit.”

Their combines SUN is at 2 degrees Virgo. Which is the sign of servants, slavery, health, pets and work. Interesting the Royal Star of Regulus moved into Virgo on November 28, 2011 which shows a changing of the guard from Royalty to servants and we can see that this is exactly what forner Royals Prince Harry and Meghan are doing. 

The combined Moon at 29th Critical degree Cancer its’ sign of rulership on IC {home} opposite MC at 29 Capricorn with LILITH dominant. Fascinating. Lilith is the original woman, a dark necessary destroying Divine Feminine. No wonder Meg is so hated. OMG Obvious. I love Lilith. This makes so much sense now. The Moon at the 29th degree indicates the devotion these two will have to nurture each other, their own family, the children they have, their homes and food. It’s a sentimental, moody moon.The Mother plays a very strong influence. They need to be needed. 

The Moon squares Saturn and Pluto in Libra in the 7th House of marriage indicating the difficulties, obstacles. karmic challenges and endings which they will face emotionally {the Moon} around their home, their children, roots, childhood- Harry’s mother Diana of course and from others, the public outside themselves. 

The combo has Saturn and Pluto conjunct at 24 and 26 Libra. Their announcement on January 8 came as transiting Saturn Pluto in Capricorn squared their natal S & P in their 7th house of marriage and all “others.”

Their Mercury is in LEO at 20 degrees the sign of Royalty in the 4th house of privacy, home, childhood, and roots. They communicate royally, but they want to be hidden away from the outside world.

Mercury exactly Squares JUPITER in SCORPIO in the 7th

Indicating the tumultuous transformational, power, money and death and rebirth this couple will go through in their ideas, communications and thinking which can transform the hearts and wills of others, with Mercury in Leo. 

VENUS at 0 LIBRA conjunct JUNO exact conjunct MARS at 29 Virgo in the 6th House

A VENUS MARS conjunction is always very strong. They are united but in different elements. Venus represent Meghan at 0 LIBRA she wants peace, and embodies, beauty, grace, luxury, and needs to be in relationships which she defines herself by, even though she denies it and can be superficial at times in her choice of friends.  VENUS is money and beauty and Mars in Virgo is also intellect, organization and critical thinking. Its brains and beauty.

The Asteroid JUNO conjunct VENUS 

Is super important as she is traditionally the Goddess of Marriage. This indicates the very special strong balanced equality necessary in this marriage. Harry becoming a commoner like Meghan levels their status. JUNO is also i believe the feminine form of Genius and here is where Meghan gets to shine. She is a very intelligent, well read, and spoken and she can see all perspectives. Her feminine Genius is one of the reasons Harry is so attracted to her.  This also indicates Meghan’s dedication to women’s rights and feminism in her work in the 6th house.

MARS at 29 VIRGO symbolizes HARRY and their collective action and passion. At the critical degree of Virgo there is an urge to work, to heal the environment, to sustain, to harvest, to help heal others through humility. Harry is a Virgo too. 

Chiron at 0 GEMINI trines Venus at 0 LIBRA  indicating the healing communicative nature of their relationship. They will be the source of much media, news,and conversations. They will also want to talk about healing, balance, choices, and peace. 

Saturn and Pluto have been mentioned being in the 7th house of marriage. There are karmic debts and trials and tests in this marriage. Legal issues to. Libra is the law. 


This is a difficult challenging aspect and something their pairing is connected to around power and domination in the world. NEPTUNE is in SAGITTARIUS on the GALACTIC CENTER conjunct SOUTH NODE too. There is indeed a karmic debt which Neptune rules to repay. Neptune on the South Node can indicate a soul mates and also delusions, illusions, wasting money, self-sacrifice, and self-sabotage, addictions also mental health issues.

H & M can be tuned into a Higher cosmic vibe but must be careful of being delusional into how important they are and being sucked into abusing power and wealth in the world again. They can also fall into victim consciousness and self-sabotage. 


URANUS at 2 degrees SAGITTARIUS opposes Chiron GEMINI  squares VIRGO SUN

H & M are unique, freedom fighters, inventors, pioneers, liberators breaking away from the old traditions. From their own mental wounds, Chiron, they are global travelers, ambassadors and healers for young Gemini people, and teachers and will set up schools, books, foundations, publications using new media and technology. 

THE NORTH NODE, highest spiritual Goal is on the World Point at 0 Cancer 


H & M are destined to mother the world, to nurture the children, to provide nourishment, sustenance and care for the children especially the girls. They bring creative energy and beauty and the example of a balanced relationship of equals to the world. Whether this is a real balance or not is an issue with Neptune involved. There could be hidden secrets in this relaitonship and self-sacrifice. .

TRANSITS in 2020

CERES at 14 CANCER is conjunct Royal Star SIRIUS and the U.S. SUN indicated America is a strong nurturing home for them. Ceres is the great sacrificial mother, indicates the role of their own mothers in their lives as she squares the Ascendant.Descendant. Mothering nurturing and needing emotional support is so strong in the relationship. 

The whole of 2020 has JUPITER and SATURN transiting their 9th house of travelling, teaching, moving, publishing. 

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER at 2 ARIES has been opposing their Mars in Virgo, Venus and JUNO in LIBRA since their marriage in 2018 and squaring their Nodes now s

No wonder the past year has been so painful for the both of them. Mental health issues, being attacked  as if warred upon by others in the world has caused H & M much rief This grief will become a healing balm as they learn to be more empathetic to others wounds. 

NEPTUNE in PIsces in the 11tth house of organization, management and leveling the playing field is moving into a Trine to Jupiter in Scorpio indicating the financial and philanthropic nature of their ideals in the world. They will also be projected upon even more than before. If they think the press will stop hounding them or talking about them that ain’t gonna happen. Yes they are starting a new more private life but the Nodes change sign this year with the North Node entering GEMINI and the South Node Sagittarius and that generates more divisiveness and gossip. NEPTUNE is the planet of delusions. There is no real escape unless they totally disappeared from the worlds’s stage.

MEGHAN may get pregnant in December as JUPITER the planet of Fertility opposes the Moon in Cancer, this can indicate another move as well. 


It will be interesting when Jupiter and Saturn meet on Dec. 21, 2020 at 0 Aquarius conjunct the “world point” of 29 Capricorn of their chart. There should be a whole new 20 year cycle unfolding in the world for these two and they may be set to roll out their own revolutionary hi-tech red carpet.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of tara Greene 

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Wild Taurus Grand Cross Full Moon October 24

The Full Moon at 1 degree Taurus October 24 is known as The Hunter’s or Dying Moon.

Taurus is the first Physical sign, earthy, sensuous, stable, resourceful. A sign which seeks stability and creature comforts. Taurus, ruled by planet Venus is conjunct the Sun, opposite the Moon and moving Retrograde since October 5th.

The Freedom-loving eccentric planet Uranus is conjunct the Moon in Taurus opposite Venus and the Sun is exactly squaring the fateful South and North Nodes of the moon producing a Fixed Grand Cross in some kind of CRAZY wild and crazy heart-pounding energy.

This is a Loony Lunation.  The Retrograde Venus energy governing the Full Moon indicates having to stir up the ashes,to go over affairs of the heart, old lovers, family, and friends.

look to where that first degree of Taurus/Scorpio/ Leo/ Aquarius is in your natal chart. 

A Taurus Full Moon is a moon which doesn’t like to have to go anywhere but to the comfort zone and not forwards or backwards. Taurus resistance will be strong to let go of what no longer serves the Uranian impulse for new, different, revolutionary impulses.

This is an OUT of Your Comfort Zone Moon

The Moon is trining Saturn in Capricorn which brings the energy down to the ground and keeps us fully in our bodies. This is good as Uranus’s close conjunction to the Moon tends to make one feel in our heads cool and detached. 

Lilith in Aquarius is also squares the  Taurus Moon and Uranus

Lilith in Aquarius indicates a strong rebel energy to bring in rapid radical change. 

Mars in Aquarius is squaring Mercury in Scorpio

Mars in Aquarius is detached, radical, hi-tech, freedom loving, uniquely individual and indicates a fighting dialogue or championing of the need to communicate the soul; sexual needs and desires for freedom in sexuality in expressing oneself psychologically. This issue is in the news as the story is that the Trump  Government is considering dropping the term transgender  and redefining  “The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.” that

Ceres the Great Mother dwarf planet forms a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn and Eris

Disturbing ecological disasters may occur nearing to and after the Full Moon, earthquakes, more hurricanes etc.

Juno the Asteroid of Feminine Genius @ 29th degree of Taurus conjunct Algol opposite Jupiter

Algol has the baddest reputation of all the stars Medusa. She is a very powerful star I believe representing the Amazon warrioress which Medusa had originally embodied. I see Juno/Algol as a powerful feminine fighting energy. Jupiter is opposite Juno which is fitting as they were originally the Royal Couple of all the other Gods and Goddesses as Zeus and Hera. They are squaring the Great American eclipse of August 2017 degrees and squaring Donald Trumps Ascendant and Mars.  Marital troubles and women yelling off with their heads to reverse the silencing {beheading}.

Take time out at this Full Moon and sit and stay grounded. Be in the sensuous pleasure that is real. Take in physical beauty, anoint yourself with aromatherapy and massages. use lots of precious incense. Wear something lavish and silky or satiny velvety or otherwise lush. Indulge your senses.  Ask your gut to connect you with the Guardian Angels and review what your heart wants. Venus Retrograde rules this full Hunter Moon.

let your heart be the hunter, the seeker, the lover. This is a time to release renew and revolutionize your body your spirit and your soul.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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June Astrology planet guide

June 2018

Where that Moon? All times in E.D.T. and element

June1 Moon in CAPRICORN- Earth

June 2 @ 6:06 pm EDT Moon enters AQUARIUS-Air

June 5 @ 6:53 am EDT Moon enters PISCES -Water

June 7 @ 5:26 on Moon enters ARIES-Fire

June 10 @ 12:04 am Moon enters TAURUS -Earth 

June 12 @ 2:53 am Moon enters GEMINI- Air 

June 14 @ 3:20 am Moon enters CANCER- Water- its home

June 16 @ 3:21 am Moon enters LEO- Fire

June 18 @ 4:41 am Moon enters VIRGO- Earth

June 20 @ 8:29 am Moon enters LIBRA- Air

June 22 @ 3:11 pm Moon enters SCORPIO- Water

June 25 @ 12:29 am. Moon enters SAGITTARIUS -Fire

June 27 @ 11:52 am Moon enters CAPRICORN -Earth

June 30 @ 12:37 am Moon enters AQUARIUS- Air

Explanation of Aspects

Conjunctions- planets are aligned together strong aspect.

Squares- tension 90 degrees aspects

Oppositions- tense 

Trine-120 degree aspects- nice and flowy- easy but need to be worked

Inconjuncts- 150 degree aspects- the two planets can’t see each other and are in very different unrelatable elements

June 1 Mercury in Gemini trines Mars in Aquarius

June 1-2 lovely Venus in Cancer Jupiter in Scorpio Neptune in Pisces Grand Trine at 16 degrees

June 2 Mercury inconjuncts Saturn in Capricorn

June 5 Sun inconjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio

Mercury in GEMINI inconjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio

Sun conjuncts Mercury in GEMINI

June 5 Venus in CANCER opposite Pluto in Capricorn

June 6 Mercury in GEMINI square Neptune in Pisces

June 6/7 GEMINI Sun square Neptune in PISCES

June 8 Mercury in GEMINI inconjuncts Pluto in Capricorn

June 12 Mercury enters CANCER

June 13 NEW MOON in GEMINI @ 22 degrees

June 13 Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus & square Chiron in Aries

June 13 Venus enters LEO

June 14 Venus in LEO squares Uranus in Taurus

June 15 Venus in LEO trines Chiron in Aries

Mercury in CANCER opposes Saturn in Capricorn

June 16 Mercury in CANCER inconjuncts Mars in Aquarius

June 18 NEPTUNE turns RETROGRADE @ 16 degrees

June 18/19 Venus in LEO conjuncts the NORTH NODE @ 6 degrees Mars conjuncts the South Node

June 19 Venus in LEO inconjuncts Saturn in CAPRICORN

June 19 GEMIN SUN on North Star opposes VESTA at Galactic Center

June 20 Mercury in CANCER trines Neptune

June 21 SOLSTICE Sun enters CANCER @ 3:07 am PDT/ 6:07 am EDT/ 10:07 am GMT

June 21 VENUS in LEO opposes Mars in AQUARIUS

June 22 Sun in CANCER sextiles Uranus in Taurus

June 22 Vesta at Galactic Center Trines Ceres In Leo at 27 degrees Aug 2017 eclipse point

June 23 Mercury in CANCER opposes Pluto in CAPRICORN

June 23 SUN Squares Chiron in ARIES @ 2 degrees

June 24 Vesta in Sagittarius trines Juno at 27 ARIES

June 25 MERCURY in CANCER squares Eris in Aries

June 25 VENUS in Leo squares Jupiter in SCORPIO


June 27 SUN opposes SATURN in Capricorn @ 5 degrees

June 27 VENUS in Leo inconjuncts Neptune in PISCES

JUNE 28 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN @ 6 degrees

June 28 Ceres enters VIRGO

June 28 MERCURY enters LEO

June 30 Mercury in LEO squares Uranus in TAURUS

June 30 Mercury in LEO trines Chiron in ARIES

June 30 SUN in CANCER inconjuncts Mars Retrograde in AQUARIUS

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