18 and 23 ° Astrology Numerology, Magical thinking

Two very interesting and powerful aspects in effect October 12 and 13.

18° in degree theory is Virgo-ruled. This governs the SUN and SATURN in trine right now in LIBRA and AQUARIUS. Shine a light on the details, and get some mundane jobs done.

23 degrees is AQUARIUS association. which fits perfectly into MARSin GEMINI and NEPTUNE in PISCES squaring each other now.

If you have any planets or angles modes etc at 18 or 23 degrees you are impacted directly.

Saturn, Lord of patience, hard work, Discipline, Father Time/ Chronos Lord of Time and Timing trine each other at magical 18° today of Aquarius Rx almost direct and Sun at 18° Libra.

The Sun is you- living your light, your purpose, it’s your ego, and vitality.

Saturn is the builder and architect, the Buddha touched the earth, the material world,as witness to his enlightenment, Uranus takes apart what Saturn built and innovates, revolutionizes and wants a higher purpose which benefits all. Not just Saturns old boys club. Uranus is the disrupter, and the bringer of the shock of the new.

Best use for these energies is to work hard doing something different, alternative, putting a creative spin on things.

This can be used to break up old stake routines and habits, even enabling you to do things you don’t really want to do, or have been procrastinating about maybe like forever. Use the Urania energy up boldly blast through a lot of old shit.

Mars in Gemini is EXACTLY square Neptune in Pisces at 23° a magical number. It’s the degree of the present axial tilt of the earth abs a number which can’t be subdivided no how.

This tough aspect can be used to bring the power of positive intention but also can be delusions illusions projections and denial in the media and with friends and acquaintances. This aspect brings Magical thinking and communication. Neptune is creative inspiring, and intuitive. Have inspired conversations. It’s great aspect for artists filmmakers and all creative types.

This is also a wonderful aspect to dialogue with your dreams..do you dream journal? Start now under this beneficial influence.

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