October 10-16 Major Astrology Aspects

A big week, chock full of major aspects with the SUN, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus and Neptune involved.

Oct. 10 VENUS in Libra opposes CHIRON in ARIES AT 9:15 am EDT

 This is a rebalancing for broken hearts and releasing toxic rage

Oct. 10/11 MERCURY re- enters LIBRA at 7:51 pm EDT

Mercury Re-enters Libra October 10/11 while still in its own shadow phase. Issues that we were working through in late August can be resolved now. Mercury leaves is shadow on October 17th and then its clear sailing again. I reblogged the original article which references todays return to Libra. Its major Socializing time.

Oct. 11 SUN quincunx URANUS in TAURUS Inconjuncts are always problematic

Unexpected where did that bit of chaotic mess come from?

Oct. 11   SUN trine SATURN in AQUARIUS

This is a nice AIRy aspect for getting shit down with a tem, for managers, organizers and launching something non the Internet a course of anything with social media and with any long term social commitments and long term plans. Thinking about relationships, balance, beauty, justice and injustices. Stand with the women in IRAN


There are two ways to look at this of course.

Mars in GEMINI can be divisive and inquisitive or debating and sucker punching. Some say use this energy to manifest your dreams. I’d say analyze your conscious and unconscious mind. It can be good for enquiring about spiritual and dream work things. Lucid Dreaming has been trending on TikTok.

Oct. 12 Mars square NEPTUNE at 1:46 am EDT


Mars in Gemini will debate both sides of hot take but Jupiter in peace loving Libra will wage for peace at any cost. his is an excellent opportunity to get the word out there NOW especially because MARS will turn retrograde in GEMINI on October 30.

Oct. 13/14  VENUS QUINCUNX URANUS in TAURUS at 12:57 pm EDT

These irritating blind spots of inconjuncts. Expect bulls in China shoppes to upend the social niceties. Uranus in Taurus is def a bucking wild bull while Venus in Libra in her realm is trying to bargain for social graces and don’t destroy that precious tea cup. Very up and down in the financial markets. Heart palpitations may appear.

Oct.13 VENUS Trines SATURN at 11:21 pm PDT

This is good for long term love and relationship commitments, bringing the love to the earlier SUN SATURN trine on the 11th. Elope, make up your own commitment ceremony, Say I do and have an unconventional “marriage.” Uranus is the sign of LGBTQ and anything unconventional radical different,or outside the box. Great for breaking free from old ideas of what relationships are all about. Innovation sparks the love. Be inventive, try something different with both parties agreeing of course, Kinky love quirks adds spice. A good aspect for business partnerships and collaborations.

This is also good for NFT’S and digital art, and al type of artists to explore, radically innovate and get out of their always doing the same old same old damn ego signature art, which I personally find boring as hell. Phillip Guston is one of my fave modern artists because he was willing and did radically change his style three times in his life until he finally found his own authentic voice in his 60’s when his art dealer told him not to pain like that- she was offended by the rough honest cartoony ish paintings which are so powerful. and those pinks! No one does pink like Guston. Political commentary and addictions.

Oct. 14 VENUS in LIBRA trines SATURN at 2:21 am EDT

Unexpected love upsets, chaos in relationships.


Libra rules human love, Neptune rules “higher love” unconditional non-ego love, that demands and expects nothing in return for giving love to another without conditions. Relationships addictions and unconditional love are not seeing each the patterns. other’s aspects at all. This is a bad combo but good if used wisely/ Expect disagreements, love problems, arguments, illusions, addictions denial. Look at how you are self-sabotaging and victimizing yourself. Love isn’t supposed to hurt. Love doesn’t require sacrificing yourself to another’s ego desires. Its time to look at the patterns and heal them.

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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