18 and 23 ° Astrology Numerology, Magical thinking

Two very interesting and powerful aspects in effect October 12 and 13.

18° in degree theory is Virgo-ruled. This governs the SUN and SATURN in trine right now in LIBRA and AQUARIUS. Shine a light on the details, and get some mundane jobs done.

23 degrees is AQUARIUS association. which fits perfectly into MARSin GEMINI and NEPTUNE in PISCES squaring each other now.

If you have any planets or angles modes etc at 18 or 23 degrees you are impacted directly.

Saturn, Lord of patience, hard work, Discipline, Father Time/ Chronos Lord of Time and Timing trine each other at magical 18° today of Aquarius Rx almost direct and Sun at 18° Libra.

The Sun is you- living your light, your purpose, it’s your ego, and vitality.

Saturn is the builder and architect, the Buddha touched the earth, the material world,as witness to his enlightenment, Uranus takes apart what Saturn built and innovates, revolutionizes and wants a higher purpose which benefits all. Not just Saturns old boys club. Uranus is the disrupter, and the bringer of the shock of the new.

Best use for these energies is to work hard doing something different, alternative, putting a creative spin on things.

This can be used to break up old stake routines and habits, even enabling you to do things you don’t really want to do, or have been procrastinating about maybe like forever. Use the Urania energy up boldly blast through a lot of old shit.

Mars in Gemini is EXACTLY square Neptune in Pisces at 23° a magical number. It’s the degree of the present axial tilt of the earth abs a number which can’t be subdivided no how.

This tough aspect can be used to bring the power of positive intention but also can be delusions illusions projections and denial in the media and with friends and acquaintances. This aspect brings Magical thinking and communication. Neptune is creative inspiring, and intuitive. Have inspired conversations. It’s great aspect for artists filmmakers and all creative types.

This is also a wonderful aspect to dialogue with your dreams..do you dream journal? Start now under this beneficial influence.

Want to learn how to decode your dreams?

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Aquarius Full Moon, Free Astrology Magic Workshop

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Aquarius Full Moon July Astrology Magic Workshop Tara Greene
Aquarius Full Moon July Astrology Magic Workshop Tara Greene join https://youtu.be/_5YVIOw8DX4

An AQUARIUS Full MOON is radical and we reset ourselves to December 21,2020.

This lunation called us to work with our dreams and shadows. There will be a Guided Meditation

Bring your dream journals and astrology charts
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Here are the aspects.

All 4 Major Archangel Stars are aspected plus the Moon is conjunct Altair the Flying Eagle.

There is a Grand Air Trine, Venus and Jupiter the two beneficial stars balances each other out and call us to work with dreams in a practical way.



Love and Forgiveness December 30

VENUS in SAGITTARIUS squares NEPTUNE in PISCES at 18+ degrees December 30





Drink chocolate out of copper cups for Venus and Neptune.



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How to transcend irritating planets

The SAGITTARIUS optimistic Moon’s mood will be tested today as will ours.

The Moon squares the SUN as we are in the 1st Quarter Moon and a week until the Full Moon in Pisces.  This is also a MERCURY retrograde in VIRGO which tends to make the communications stuff go off the wall even more so. 

SUN @ 6 degrees VIRGO semi-squares Jupiter at 21 degrees LIBRA

This 45-degree angle is sorta pushy slightly irritating. The Virgo Sun’s grounded hard-working perfectionism doesn’t feel good to Jupiter in Libra’s let’s do social nice and superficial all the time.

The MOON Squares NEPTUNE in PISCES in the evening 

Dream Lucid astrology Tara Greene

 by Jason Limon 2016

This is a great energy to do yoga under and meditate. Stay calm and peaceful and centered and grounded.  Get into a long soaking rebirthing bath with Epson salts and aromatherapy oils like lavender. We are under intense pressure its only been a week since the ECLIPSE! 

This is great energy to listen to music or do Kirtan or sit by water a lake or river and stay in a dreamy half focussed connection to the cosmos. In spite of all the terrible things happening in the world you can create and send energy from your own blissed out heart space to help others. 

Use this energy to program Lucid Dreaming tonight.

Also be on the alert for a SOLAR STORM from a CME hitting earth probably on Aug 31. 

I started to feel dizzy as if everything begins to go sideways. check out  http://www.solarham.net 

Gotta go blessings to all the people in Houston and in the path of the Hurricane.

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Inspirational Card of the Day

May 21 The Moon enters ARIES and begins a whole new cycle @ 3:10 am PDT/6:10 am EDT/10:10 am GMT.

The ARIES moon makes us really energized, impatient and wanting some new stimulation and action every moment.

ARIES MOON in initiates things. Start doing something new. 

The ARIES Moon sextiles the newly hatched GEMINI SUN

This is a nice aspect for meeting new people. For starting new conversations and being able to initiate new dialogues. An excellent day for open dialogues and to analyze things in a new way.  It’s a good day for feeling upbeat, curious, lite, flirty and being in a child’s mind mode. Act spontaneously, do things for fun. 


steampunk Tarot card of the MOON #18 Tara Greene

The MOON Tarot Card major #18 STEAMPUNK TAROT

The Moon Card is associated with the Astrology sign of PISCES, the last sign of the Zodiac. This is not the face of the moon which we always see. This is the unknown face of the dark side of the Moon, the super mysterious side which is totally hidden to us from earth. This card symbolizes the need to go into the unknown, emotional, watery realms of the Unconscious, of our cellular memories, into the dream world, and back to the cosmic womb state which is the spiritual source of all. 

This card reminds us to focus on the spiritual world which is largely invisible but still the real foundation of our lives here on the material plane.  Spend time daydreaming, imagining, drawing, painting with watercolors, singing or dancing.  Chanting mantras or praying is also recommended. 

Pay strong attention to your feelings and intuition today. With the Moon now in upbeat out there Aries, the challenge will be to maintain the balance. 

Spend time meditating on your inner womb space, the emptiness within. Men are said to have spirit wombs too. But we all remember being within the safety and darkness of our mother’s wombs on an unconscious level. 

The Steampunk Tarot is so feminine, so mysterious and foggy, so eerie and magical, it perfectly sums up the energies of this card. Remember this is a PISCES landscape. It is the imaginal, the liminal, the twilight world, the lucid dreamscape. PISCES is not substantial, it is ephemeral but nevertheless real, it is creative, anything you can image is real.

Traditional Tarot cards always show two wolves howling at the full moon indicating the animal instinctive nature’s connection to the moon’s cycles. The lobster also symbolizes a sea creature, one who has never left the ocean where all life evolved from on the earth. We are also still part of the literal ocean and the ocean of consciousness and spirit. We are the drop and the ocean. Pat attention to your dreams when you go to sleep. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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“As above, so below” news, Dragons and Dreams

Yes Mercury is in GEMINI its own sign and slowing down to go Retrograde  May 18 on a New Moon. Here’s the “As above, so below” News. 

Mercury the planet is literally Mercury the toxic alchemical metal. On May 11 @ 3:17 pm in Simi Valley close to Los Angeles, HAZMAT firefighters were called  because of a Mercury spill at this location. Several people were evacuated from their homes! Here’s the Astrology chart of the event.

-see link to news item below 

Mercury spill Astrology Tara Greene

Mercury is in Gemini at 11+ degrees, widely opposed to Saturn in Sagittarius which is Retrograde. Mercury is squaring Neptune in Pisces  indicates that perhaps someone was spaced out, high, emotionally out of it and not paying attention who caused the spill. Apparently the Mercury spill was caused by some electrical equipment. That is Uranus which is sextiling Mercury as is Jupiter in Leo which also indicates excess, drama. Mercury also squares the vertex a karmic intake point. 

These degrees are opposite to where Pluto was 12 degrees on 9/11. Saturn was at 14 degrees of Gemini at the World Trade Centre take down. Mercury rules the Mid-Heaven or world fame point. This is conjunct to the North Star.  

Sometimes you need to take the poison to get the immunity. You know what I mean?

Children and adults get Mercury poisoning in their systems all the time in vaccinations. Nobody thinks this is a toxic danger. I wonder why?


The Moon is in Pisces so we are sweetly dreaming, row, row, rowing gently down the stream of consciousness.

May 13 the Moon makes 2 sweet sextiles to Pluto and the Taurus SUN and a Picasso painting {art} sold for a record amount {Pluto= wealth from the dead}. Picasso was a Scorpio with 4 planets + Chiron in Taurus.

Inbetwixt that the PIsces Moon kisses Chiron-

it’s like having the Great Mother Goddess kiss your boo-boos.

Speaking of the Great Mother, I attended a powerful Women’s Priestess initiation which I can’t really talk about on Mother’s Day. I was reunited me with an old teacher I hadn’t seen in about 22 years. I was asked which Goddesses I was called to serve. One was ISIS, the Great Ancient Egyptian great Goddess, one was the Hindu Goddess Mahalakshmi, Goddess of wealth, beauty and the arts and the Chinese Goddess Quan Yin of great Compassion.


Dragon Power dreams Tara Greene

Then last night I had this dream. I am at a modern concrete building. It is a spiritual retreat. There are attendants dressed like Sufi’s in all white with turbans. I go outside and there is a beautiful blue sky and sunshine. I look up and I see a huge white dragon. I am stunned. The dragon looks at me and dives right down towards me. I rush straight forwards across this field to meet the dragon, I know it will not harm me. The dragon flies lower and straight towards me and implodes as it goes right through me. I am invested with the White Dragon’s energy. I look up and I see it now looks like a balloon, or a huge puppet it’s form is deflated. I understand it is formless as I have been given the white dragons powers. I haven’t even watched Game of Thrones yet! Then there is a huge cleansing downpour.

But then I remembered that Quan Yin rides a dragon.

SO do watch your dreams while the Moon is in Pisces until May 13 @ 10:12 pm PDT/ MAy 14 @ 1:12 am EDT.

Sending you dragon dream wishes too.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Running to stand still U2  


World Environment Day, Earth Trines from Tara Greene

June 5 is World Environment Day so how’s the environment doing? Pretty Bad.

There’s a new $1.9 billion dollar, 260 kilometer Liquid Natural Gas LNG  pipeline that is being proposed to be built in the North East of British Columbia by competing Canadian, Malaysian and Canadian subsidiaries of Chevron and Apache who own Kitimat one of the companies competing.  The pipeline would transport gas to tankers for thirsty Asia markets. Many Indigenous groups have opposed the Northern Gateway project. – see article link below

GERMANY’s love affair with renewable energy which started in the 90’s is using almost 75% renewable solar and wind energy for several hours a day is apparently hitting some major roadblocks as it is unreliable and chaotic in its present state. Germany has had to implement the use of lignite a cheap fuel source to breach the gaps but it spews more greenhouse gases than any other fossil fuel something which the Greens are not pleased about.  see link below

Yes many thousands of tree huggers are out today which is good but the  constant whispers I hear these days from people who are aware is that the environment is Fucjked and that in 20 years or less life will be unbearable on earth.

We have clearly gone beyond the point of no return as the Oceans will be devoid of life, glaciers are melting at a totally astonishing rate, there will be no water for billions of humans to drink, and the man-made climate change caused by pollution from our greedy over consumption of fossil fuels, nuclear power,and  filthy over- industrialization are causing  major havoc and destruction through flooding, droughts and severe weather patterns.  In spite of environmentalist warnings for over 40 years to clean up our environment and fuel sources we have been asleep. The brilliant Nikola Tesla  proved that there has always been FREE electricity for all humans to use. He was killed by GE. There is solar, wind ,water and all kinds of new environmental saving devices being created every day now by teenagers  to help solve all our environmental problems. Will we use force the NWO to use them? It’s up to each and every one of us. This to me is the main purpose of the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS energy.

We have allowed the powers that be to call the shots as most of seek all the ease and comforts of life without being conscious of the effects of our footprint, like little children. Indigenous cultures always lived in reverence of nature, they knew their lives depending on Her for life. 

In the  Old Testament ” dominate the earth” mentality we have destroyed our own environment. No wonder cancer is the real threat. IT’S’A METAPHOR for the way we live. We are consuming ourselves from the inside out.

MOON is in VIRGO the sign of the VIRGIN GODDESS and the Harvest. Karma -what we sow is what we reap.

Virgo rules the upper Intestines, how we digest our food. YOu are what you eat. Oh yeah and oppose MONSANTO and all GMF’s as well.

June 5

What were you dreaming last night? Moon opposed Neptune?

EARTH TRINES – nice and grounded


Dreaming of Virgin Goddess frolicking in the woods with satyrs, hunting like Goddess DIANA in the woods, or some antique GAME OF THRONES type of feast scene?

Moon trines PLUTO IN CAPRICORN at 12:24 pm EDT At 12 degrees of the 10th sign

Good for Capricorn to plant their long-term gardens today. Hard work is rewarded. DISCIPLINE comes easy today.

Set that new diet regime. Stop eating junk foods, white foods, sugar consumption.  Balance your chequebook. Do something nice to clean up your local environment. Lobby for change in environmentally healthy benefits. 

Moon squares Sun we are a week from the next Full MOON in Sagittarius

an awkward quincunx from Uranus could produce major chaos from environmentalists, and protestors of all types world wide.

Moon opposite Chiron makes us feel how fragile we are 

Saturn and the Moon sextile each other

some serious deep-rooted tactics can be brought up and intellectually analyzed. 


Ace of Cups Tarot Tara Greene psychic


is the inherent potential of all the CUPS- water, emotions, the heart flow. It is the HOLY GRAIL, the Feminine, open, receptivity, the womb. Stay very open emotionally today.  Allow all feelings to arise, accept everything that arises with unconditional love.

June 6 

Is an easy aspect day. Moon sextiles Jupiter  then goes VOID OF COURSE all day at 5:13 am EDT

VOID OF COURSE MOON’s are good for doing very mundane things. Don’t start new things. Catch up regroup, rest, your emotions want to chill.

Sun sextiles Uranus in Aries early in the day.

Moon enters LIBRA at 10:01 pm 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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EARTH SONG by Michael Jackson 


Decoding dreams, healing. Reptilians, spiritual night work.

Do you keep track of and remember your dreams? A night with out a dream is like a soul’s message missed. It’s so important to your overall health to track your dreams. I have done so since I was a child and have dream notebooks going back 30 years.

Tonight as the Sun opposes Chiron in Pisces ask to receive a healing dream. Chiron is connected to the Asclepius the place of healing in Ancient Greece.  Psychotropic plants, like Datura  and magic mushrooms and other herbs were used to induce altered states of consciousness. Dreams were considered to be the essential mode of healing in the Asclepius.


Get comfortable before you go to bed, stay in a half awake state and imagine that you are on the steps of an ancient Greek temple. See its beautiful symmetry and architectural details. Go inside. There is a small fire burning and men and women in togas walking around. Go into another anteroom where there is alow bed. Lie down. See yourself drinking a healing potion to detox and remove negative energies. Ask Chiron to come and bring you a healing dream, a dream from which you will wake up feeling in perfect health, as if reborn.

Dreams seem nonsensical but the soul speaks in images, symbols and puns.  There is a collective archetypal symbols in all dreams but each individual had their own set of symbols which have personal meaning. The Aborigines in Australia are so connected to what they call the Dreamtime that is how they can follow ancient trails. They say they come from the Dreamtime or a parallel Universe 30,000 years ago. Stuart Wilde also said a similar thing. That humans are not part of any genetic lines to monkeys or apes and are a completely new type of being who appear around 35- 30,000 years ago. INteresting.

Wow I was dreaming so deeply last  night.

In one part of the dream a very muscular man who was working with my husband, they were going to renovate an Indonesian looking home together  pulled a yellow crocodile out of a floor. I believe I was in Indonesia or some exotic location in my dream. The crocodile was bright yellow.

Thoth Sobek Crocodile Reptilians Tara Greene

From Nefertari’s temple walls The great scribe Thoth and Sobek

Crocodiles symbolize ancient reptilian knowledge. In Ancient Egypt SOBEK was a chief deity, one related to impregnation, robbery, fertility,pharaonic power, the military, He was mainly worshipped at Faiyum, Shedet and Kom Ombo.

Sobek was worshipped from 2686 – 2181 BCE to the Roman Period 30 BCE- 350 Current era. That is over 3, 000 years. His names was originally UNIS which is very US like, and he was Hathor and Neith’s son -she was Goddess of the Sky. He worship became more prominent in the Middle Kingdom. Over that time he changed and Sobek was incorporated with Horus and solar deities. and his  parent were Osiris and Isis.

David Ike and Stuart Wilde and Barbara Hand Clow and others speak of reptilians who are  E.T.’s disguised as humans who run the planet disguised as The Queen, Obama, the Pope etc. and represent the secret governments who  control the power money and keep people ignorant and in fear which is their food on earth. They also run rampant in other worlds as well. As far out as that may seem David Ike is the most popular individual website in the world.

So that part of the dream seems to me a revelation about a secret reptilian agenda being uncovered or unmasked.

I do remember being in Egypt in past lives. I myself am more aligned with the SIrians.

Do you believe in reptilians secretly controlling the world?

What have your dreams been like lately?

do you want to learn more about your dreams?

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Pisces Bliss, Egypt, wet & wild T-square Humpday Astrology

Full Moon’s a comin’ tonight. I had gloriously Technicolor lucid like dreams last night. Did you?

Manana -Its mainly swimming in the ocean of Bliss till Friday as the Moon will be in the big swim of Pisces.

Aug 21 XACT  Jupiter in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries – Expect the Unexpected Big time, big teachings it’s WET AND WILD 

Jupiter has joined the fray to pour more energy into those ongoing Major Squares of Pluto and Uranus.

Jupiter rules politics, Higher Law, in Cancer it is the politics of the belly.

Uranus in Aries is revolutionary violence- we see that climaxing in Egypt.

It’s hard to know which country is backing the current military revolt in Egypt.

Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, the fishes, Christ’s symbol. Pisces is oceanic consciousness, the cosmic womb.

The beginning and end of life.

Fukushima has sprung another dangerous leak, we all need to educate ourselves about this.

NO SUSHI for you with fish from the Pacific ocean, stock up on iodine tablets, eat miso.

Jupiter the philosophy teacher is activating those Grand WATER Trines again along with the moon

Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune ruler of the 12th sign, the hidden doorway into the Unconscious realms.

The Monthly conjunction begs us to sit and meditate by a lake, pool, into a bowl of water if needs be,

Meditate on endings, where you came from, what your Divine purpose is and what needs to be  completed to move on.

Meditate on what BLISSES you, and ask for guidance from your Higher Self, listen.

Do some lucid dreaming incubation.

The Moon also Trines SATURN before noon, conjuncts Chiron and Trines Jupiter in the evening

An auspicious day.

It’s the last day of Leo, bye-bye Sun King.

SUN enters VIRGO on Thursday big energy shift – HARVEST time

The Ancient Ruling Star of Leo FIXED STAR REGULUS is at Zero degrees VIRGO now. So have a REGULUS celebration,

Regulus, not just in Harry Potter, is “the heart of the lion” ArchAngel Raphael, who heals hearts, now in Royalty down to earth mode, frugal, disciplined, of service, sign of the VIRGIN. 

We have definitely entered the Feminine age. Since 2000 we are in the Age of The High Priestess. Celebrate the Leonine-like courage, daring, open-hearted will of the LIONESS, with the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.

Egypt Sekhmet Goddess Tara Greene

SEKHMET, a solar warrior Goddess was worshipped daily by her Priestesses.

Hundreds of statues  dedicated to her adorned ancient temples. She is depicted with the head of a lioness, dressed in red, the colour of blood. In the myth about the end of Ra’s rule on earth, Sekhmet is sent to destroy those who plotted against him, she had blood-lust and almost destroyed all of humanity. Ra gave her beer to make her drunk to stop her.  In annual Ancient rituals Egyptians danced to music and drank extreme quantities of wine because Sekhmet needed to be intoxicated to stop her ravages. There were porches of drunkenness built into her temples. 

Pisces Moon, rules addictions. I would be very careful, as this makes one extremely sensitive.

Don’t drink and drive or do drugs, your judgement will be clouded. As in Corey Monteith’s recent death.

If you feel so inclined I  would recommend calling on the Goddess Sekhmet, divine arbiter of the Goddess of Justice Ma’at 

in a ritual dedicated to ending the bloodshed in Egypt. I will do so tomorrow. So tune in with me. I will post a You tube video.

On a more sobering note Mercury,Virgo’s ruler follows on Friday. The energy will naturally be back to school, work, serious, organized.

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War song of Sekhmet and Horus Ancient Egyptian Music by Jeffrey Goodman

Drunk by Ed Sheeran he’s an Aquarian by the way 

Virgo Let’s get physical Astrology Daily Ritual Card from Tara Greene

Moon entered Virgo  Mars entered Taurus April 20, good weekend to get things in physical order.  Do your taxes. Moon in Virgo is very focused, analytical naturally the place of accounting. 

We’ve got Sun + Venus in earthy sensual GET REAL practical  Wooly Bully sign. South Node is in Taurus, this is where we are coming from. + Pluto in Capricorn, do the math. A huge relief after the fiery burn of excess Aries energy.

Except I am feeling very exhausted. I had one of the busiest weeks workwise since Christmas which is great and very unusual for April. Things are changin all over.

Are you doing the Blessings of the 5 day ritual?  This is day 2.

1st day’s card was the Lovers,


Two and nice trines on Saturday

Physical expression and Metaphysical 

You will have very PSYCHIC  dreams Night of 4/20 with Moon opposite Neptune in PISCES. 

Write them down.

 U may have rude awakening Mercury in ARIES Square Pluto in CAPRICORN, just face the music

Sunday is  busy body Virgo nitpicky moon day. MANY APECTS NOT A LAZY SUNDAY

2 nice EARTH TRINES MOON and VENUS in TAURUS before noon

good to state somewordsof love to your BELOVED and make them a great breakfast in bed

and then help with practical chores, gardening, reno’s. 

VIRGO moon Trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN later in day

EAsy to get long-range goals scoped out. What will you spend your tax return on? Think about  and plan ahead.

Moon quincunx MERCURY in ARIES interesting Mercury Rules VIRGO

don’t rush ahead you may make mistakes and have to redo

Virgo Moon Opposite CHIRON in PISCES in evening

THIS IS VERY HEALING- think about where your body hurts, where it hurts at work

where are you most vulnerable in your job? 

HOw is your perfectionism hurting you and others? 


The urge to run off and chat about something else and get distracted are high.

Mythic Tarot Greene

KING of Disks/Pentacles/Earth

THis card goes so well with the VIRGO MOON and all the new Earthy TAURUS planets 

KING’s are mature responsible shamans of the earth, wealth, body knowing.

and this specific card rules Late Leo – VIRGO territory

It all fits. Get embodied, the body is very wise and always knows.

Your feedback is most welcomed. Please SHARE GENEROUSLY, 

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