John Lennon’s spirit, Imagine the vision

October 9th is the anniversary of John Lennon’s birthday. He was and still is one of my heroes. The renewed interest in the Beatles generated by Ron Howard’s documentary about their early days is bringing the band that changed the world’s incredible music, energy, romantic, revolutionary creative energy back into the world again to inspire us all.

john lennon 1980

I wish he was still here in the physical plane to guide us. I can always tune into his wisdom in spirit. He told me to tell you that he hates most rap music because it’s so misogynistic.  

Moon’s in Capricorn for most of Sunday

The aspects are pretty easy, two sextiles to Venus and Chiron in Pisces. 

Moon squares Uranus in Aries bringing up Cardinal cross pressure again  in the day.

The Moon goes Void of course after that and most of the day is VOID OF COURSE.

The presidential debate is on tonight in the U.S. with more scandalous info about both Trump and Clinton under this chaotic AQUARIAN energy of change. 

#17 The Star Aquarius Thoth tarot

The Thoth Tarot deck which I use
#17 Aquarius The STAR

This is Good energy for chilling and relaxing. It is a holiday weekend in Canada where we are celebrating Thanksgiving and it is Columbus Day in the U.S.  So do chill.

The Moon enters AQUARIUS 1/2 hour before midnight in PDT. 

MONDAY October 10 

The HOLIDAY is AQUARIAN lunar energy which means it’s an easy-breezy, detached, airy mood. Our minds and emotions and moving lightning fast. There is a mood for Freedom, revolution and connecting with like-minded tribes. Viva La Revolution. It is coming in the U.S. it is being birthed now. Cue another John Lennon song. “Revolution.” Remember that the energy that was birthed in the 60’s has been reignited now. 

Moon trines Mercury

Stay open to new ways to communicate, to get your ideas across. 

Moon also trines JUPITER in LIBRA  in the afternoon

This is great for socializing, for feeling balanced, for finding some peace of mind. The mood is optimistic, fun, creative and striving for balance. 

Moon sextiles Saturn in SAGITTARIUS  late at night in PDT

Plan your serious long distance journeys or educational goals. This brings up longings for learning. There may be some interesting, philosophical exchanges this night for sure. This is a combination of serious and expansive energy.  

Wishing you a  wonderful Holiday. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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In John’s memory, his greatest song, IMAGINE a totally AQUARIAN SONG


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