“You’re so vain” Donald Trump by Carly Simon

Caught between a bullying, sexist, narcissistic, patriarchal, lying man with no morals or ethics and terrible taste and Hillary is a lying, cheating, power hungry, scam, artist of the worst order. There are no choices here. Each is as despicable in their own way as the other. As a feminist woman, Hillary makes me more ashamed than Donald who is just a crass, rich, white, patriarchal, “good ‘Ole Boy”  white supremacist. Power corrupts completely. They are equally as bad each in their own ways.  Sad. Good use of Carly’s song here.

6 thoughts on ““You’re so vain” Donald Trump by Carly Simon

  1. Thanks for totally dissing Hillary Clinton without providing one iota of documented proof of her total corruption. If this is what your political, social and astrological studies have taught you—how to demonize people without any real comprehensive analysis of their activities, policies and personal lives–then I’m pretty sure you don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

    And hey, way to go by determining that a patriarchal bull-shit artist like Trump is a better person than someone who’s been in politics, serving the USA for 40 years. Give us some fucking facts to back up your opinions about Hillary Clinton’s so-called evilness please.


    • Susan we are all entitled to our opinions and I was saying that as a woman I a very disappointed in Hillary clinton being bought off by Wall Street. If you do your research and there is ample evidence put there the Clinton have scammed millions and bumped people off on the way. Wiki leaks and the defence department are investigating and releasing ding those thousands of


    • Sorry this got sent before I finished. Im not saying that Trump is better at all of course. Hillary has been in politics a long time. She has done done good things for women and I respect that but she is a corrupt person a war monger and covers up for her husband. It’s obvious she is being paid off by the powers that be. My opinion is not a reflection of your judgement on my capabilities. I didn’t go into details because it is all over the news about Hillary and her Benghazi and all the other duplicity . Thank you


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