Queen Elizabeth II, Astrology of her life and death

May her majesty RIP. I feel very sad and a bit teary even hearing the news of the sudden death of Her Majesty. As a Canadian I sang God Save he Queen every morning at school for most of my life. I loved that fact that there was a Queen and not a King.

In other ways I should not have been surprised as I did predict on November 19,2021 that the Queen would be unlikely to survive even past her 70th special celebration of being on the Throne because.

PLUTO is slowly moving up and when it hits AQUARIUS in March 2023 it will square Her Majesty’s SUN CHIRON conjunction at 0 TAURUS in and that would to me signify her death or a very serious illness which would make her give up the throne to Prince Charles at long last although.” https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2021/11/18/queen-elizabeth-and-lunar-eclipse-nov-19-royal-tea-astrology/

I also did an interview for Marie Claire about the Queen’s future but thought it best to avoid any negative predictions for that article. https://www.marieclaire.com/celebrity/queen-elizabeth-platinum-jubilee/

In another article, i also precited her Majesty’s death for her 95th Birthday


Threat of Death in 2022

PLUTO is squaring the Queen’s CHIRON the Wounded Healer at 28 ARIES all of 2022 in the Queen’s 2nd house of resources values and tools. Pluto also always brings death and destruction and is another signifier of losing someone close to you. Pluto rules the soul’s path and the Queen is dedicated to being the warrioress, the Aries leader who will never surrender until she has no more life left in her.

The NODES OF FATE are in TAURUS the Queen’s Sun sign and the SOUTH NODE in SCORPIO the New King Charles Sun sign. Their Sun’s are directly opposite to each other.

That life ended September 8, 2022 at around 4:30 pm GMT which is when the Prime Minister was given notification of the Queen’s death.

Look at the Astrology chart of Queen Elizabeth and the transits Sept. 8

Queen Elizabeth natal chart and Death chart September 8 2022

The QUEEN has CAPRICORN rising.

Her ascendant is her chart ruler governed by SATURN symbol of responsibility hard work maturity seniors patience and her father who was the former King George VI. The Queen also has her SOUTH NODE, her past lives and karma conjunct her Rising sign, These are both ruled by Saturn. She was born for the role in a karmic contract with her father and was likely a former Royal in a past life. In True Capricorn fashion, the stiff upper lip is a very Capricorn stance. Saturn also governs history and the legacies we leave behind and she is the longest-serving monarch in the 100 years ling British history a feat which will never be replicated.

Her LEO MOON shows her natural affinity for really being the QUEEN. . 

PLUTO, planet of Death, Psychopomp, guide of souls, transformation was sitting in the Queen’s 1st house of identity and squaring Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries in her Natal 2nd house. Pluto is the God of wealth, the Underworld. The Queen was missing her husband Prince Philip.

SATURN the planet of endings, Father Time, The Grim Reaper is Retrograde in Aquarius conjunct the Queen’s Mars, Jupiter and Juno, originally the feminine form of Genius and who was also symbolic of the Perfect Wife, she was the Queen, she was Jupiter’s wife. Saturn is opposing the Queen’s Neptune and Lilith.

Saturn Squares her natal Saturn too. These are deathly transits. Uranus and the North Node is squaring Her Moon, the unconscious, home, children, emotional safety and security.

JUPITER in ARIES Retrograde is conjunct Her Mercury her consciousness and opposite Mercury about to turn Retrograde in LIBRA conjunct Psyche which symbolizes the soul. Mercury is also a Psychopomp a Guide who can traverse the Underworld, the Middle World and the Upper Heaven world.

Juno, the Feminine Genius symbol in PISCES is conjunct The Queen’s Venus in Pisces, she was deeply spiritual, compassionate and forgiving. Juno widely opposes the SUN.

MARS at 11 GEMINI squares the Queens VENUS in PISCES

Mars is pushing Venus the Feminine into the realms of spirit and ether.

Neptune in PISCES is conjunct her URANUS in PISCES

This is a transpersonal planet Aspect. The outer planets Neptune and Uranus bring higher spiritual energy and sudden freedom, liberation and innovation.


The Great Mother, The queen was very close to her own Mother, Ceres is the nurturer and the harvest Queen, The queen’s life has been harvested. Ceres Opposes Her Jupiter Mars JUNO square the NORTH NODE her Majesty’s highest evolutionary goal.

The day before the Queen passed away from this earthly realm, double rainbows appeared over Buckingham Palace. Rainbows are associated with spirit sending a message of bridges from heaven and earth a sign of faith and peace. A fitting cosmic message of her Majestys passing over the Rainbow Bridge.

The Transiting Moon is in PISCES the sign of Spirit, the sign of endings and returning to Source energy. No matter how powerful the Queen was, one of the richest and most powerful women in the world, she is also human and a soul who transmigrated into the flesh to wear her heavy precious crown jewels which are stones of power and clairvoyance on her head for 70 years. The Queen has returned to spirit from when she came leaving behind an incredible 70-year career of service.

Many will be in mourning, many will be seeing her passing as a new era being born. The New King Charles III will face many tasks and challenges in the year ahead. I will look at the new Kings chart shortly. Pay attention to major changes in world money and power issues in the months to come as Queen Elizabeth was also a big cabal head but she isn’t the same as Charles.

all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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4 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II, Astrology of her life and death

  1. Excellent reading of the Queen,
    clearly the Queen was one of a kind.
    I hope King Charles will reign as will as his mother!
    I often wonder if the British people will really accept King Charles’ wife.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They seem to have accepted King Charles but the Monarchy will not last. As Pluto goes through Aquarius and Saturn and Neptune enter Aries in 2025/2026 people will not need the illusion of some greater power than themselves and that we must co-operate with everyone to have the same equal power. Revolutions on every level and in spirituality are coming.


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