Tarot Trumps and Donald Trump in the news

The Huffington Post published an article about Tarot readers, and Donald trump asking three American readers for their tale on how their clients have changed because of Trump.

It’s nice to see the Tarot covered in this way. No one mentioned the spiritual pun of Trump’s name and the 22 Major Tarot Trump Cards. Trump is short for triumph or Trumpets or to sound, a blast from the Angels, is my way terminology. Anti-Trump readers will not mention “he who shall not be named” anymore, in reference to their beloved Tarot cards, preferring to use the term Major Arcana.

No one mentioned the Economist cover which used the major arcana and altered them in a mysterious 2017 prediction.

By the way, Trump’s numerology based on his birthdate makes him a #22 personality THE FOOL, the most important card in the deck, and his root or soul number is #4 The Emperor or King. His “hidden teacher” number is #13 Death, which is like Scorpio, transformation, change secrets, power. Makes perfect sense to me. Trump is currently in a #11 a Master Number year usually called Strength or Justice and its a #2 Year for him. To find out more www.taratarot.com


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