Prepare for extreme astro-weather ahead

I am sure you have been feeling the INTENSE emotional energy from yesterday’s CANCER moon energy and the Cardinal squares. We are also feeling the upcoming Lunar eclipse and the even more important solar eclipse on Feb 26 at 8+ degrees PISCES.

Drawing down the moon, Goddesses, tara Greene

Drawing Down the Moon by *Shylydrya on deviantART

There is a lot of deep karmic shit being brought up right now. I know I am in the thick of it too. I may talk about this soon. We don’t want to wallow in the shit, especially if it coming at us from other people. We want to compost that shit and turn it into nice fresh humus so we can grow new vital things from it. 

MOON enters LEO on the 9th in the a.m.

We are in the frying pan now. Moon opposes a cool Aquarian Moon.

Moon opposes a cool Aquarian Mercury

Use your head to balance out the emotional overload. 

There’s a FIRE TRINE in the making

The big pussy cat moon trines VENUS in ARIES and later MARS too and it takes until the eclipse to have a Grand Fire Trine with Uranus And Saturn.

back to the 9th

SUN sextiles URANUS in the afternoon

This will help us to think lighter higher and see from a larger perspective.

Moon inconjuncts Neptune at night

this may disrupt your sleep patterns. The will and the spirit are unbalanced.
It would be good to stop and meditate and take stock of the last few days. Ask each part of yourself and your chakras, WILL is THIRD CHAKRA, SPIRIT is 6th and 7th what they need.  Get them to negotiate at the peace table. Go to sleep happy. Incubate some dreams. Remember them upon awakening. 

prepare for the LEO LUNAR eclipse its 4:33 pm PST/ 7:33 pm EST/ Feb 11 @ 12:33 am GMT.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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