Aquarius Moon, wild fire trine

Moon enters Aquarius Aug 16 on the way to the Aquarius Full Moon on the 18th which is NOT officially an eclipse as some people are saying. Go to NASA to check this  out.

The LEO SUN gets complicated with Chiron in PISCES in an inconjunct

Leo sun is fierce proud commanding REGAL, the Queen of KING, dramatic and fiery.

This kind of demanding selfie, all about me ego posturing does not sit well with compassionate CHIRON.  Be careful not to ride roughshod over more sensitive souls.


Fire Trine Sun Trine Uranus Tara Greene astrology

The BIG WILD FIRE TRINE IS LIT! A Big Extravagant lightbulb goes ON. Uranus is higher consciousness, that bolt of lightning that hits you over the head and destroys the Tower, as in the Tarot, the ego. A great day for BRAINSTORMING, think tanks, generating new forms of connectivity, finding your tribe, riding a lightning bolt. It’s Also good for SAGITTARIUS @ 24 degrees.  ERIS is also in that mix staying 1 degree away from Uranus.

DO BE CAREFUL around the BBQ, with guns to say the least, or any potentially dangerous fire implement. There is the Danger of explosions and terrorist attacks. 

MOON Sextiles Mars and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS { next day for Saturn in EDT and GMT} 

This will be a high-energy fire day. Watch out for the caffeine intake. Burn off the excess energy if you must at the gym. This is an inspirational optimist think outs abounds free flow of ideas day. Think outside the Box, get outside the Box, love outside the box

Think outside the Box, 

get outside the Box, 

love outside the box

Imagine outside the box,

connect outside the box.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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