Phoenix Love, very Virgo wealthy weekend

I did karmic cord cutting for myself and a number of people who requested it tonight. We will process and move forwards.  Still time tonight and tomorrow if you would like to release karmic ties from old relationships.  please email me

I found the New Moon energy to be very intense and passionate. LEO! . Probably because it was exactly on my Natal PLUTO!!!!

Aug 15. Moon already squaring Saturn as I write this. 

serious heavy deep sleeps tonight. 

Moon enters VIRGO one of the Big SIGNS in the spotlight this year and next.

 Yes let’s hear it for you Virgo’s who are very humble. 

Moon conjuncts JUPITER at Zero degrees which Uplifts the Saturn heavies. 

SUN Conjunct VENUS Retrograde- Love & Light literally. PHOENIX WOMAN { 21+ degrees Leo}

Phoenix, Astrology, tara Greene

Venus is Retrograde and she is being brought back to life by the Sun, great spirit, Light.. She is reborn as the phoenix from the Source and the Light of Love. . LOVE, Venus, is the source of all.  

This aspect symbolizes a renewed spark, a  new beginning in everything Venus governs, Beauty, love relationships, the arts, finances, pleasure. but one that will not be apparent right now. You need to be in the Light to reach the Light. For some people an old love can be rekindled, for some it is an excellent time to redo your marriage vows. For others it is a cleansing, a purification by fire. 

 The LIGHT And LOVE aspect in LEO at 21+ degrees gives one something to crow about. A good party and romantic passionate day. But also may be a LIGHTBULB awakening day ” I see it now” about old relationships and past loves.  Also good for positive money intentions for Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus at those degrees. 

Mercury trines pLUTO a MENSA catagory aspect

Excellent day for journaling, to meditate to listen to the wisdom of the body temple. Also good for Taurus. check out which houses the earthy trine happens. Pluto is soul riches. 

VIRGO Moon opposes Neptune

Good for Pisces who need to come down to earth, dry out and actually  do something about their addictions. Later in the evening this is a practically dreamy romantic evening. Go out on a nice date but don’t blow the budget. Virgo’s like nature, a good well organized, camping and ghost story telling night, a day to gamble but cautiously. Your body will be hypersensitive to any drugs or alcohol so listen to your body before you are tempted to overindulge. 

Keep doing your karmic cord cutting and preparing for 888 again.

Gotta go. 

Have any of you had trouble trying to sign up to follow my blog? Someone reported this to me. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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