Saturn Manifestation with Light Astrology

SERIOUS SATURNINE Tuesday as Sun and Saturn conjoin in Scorpio @ 25+ Scorpio.

SATURN is the planet of the Last Trump #21 THE WORLD or The UNIVERSE

The world Thoth Trump Tara Greene

THE WORLD and Saturn ruling it

The Sun is of course, THE SUN #19 in the Tarot

Rider Waite Tarot card reader Tara Greene

Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

This combo can be felt as both dark and light two in one, the heavier leaning side may feel suicidal. I have lots of client calling me in this state lately. The other side is to stay focused on the bright Light still shining in the dark

All latter degree of Fixed Signs, get the shakedown, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo.

Make major long-term commitments today.

You may feel the weight of Saturn’s gravity on your ephemeral soul.

“Don’t let it bring you down
It’s only castles burning,
Just find someone who’s turning
And you will come around.” – by Neil Young. is the perfect song for these times.

The motto might be Get serious and Keep on Keeping on.

It’s like an ice cold wake up call. It could feel very bare, lonely and empty.  But the Sun is there too, although in Scorpio it’s the Dark Sun, a Black Sun. But  Jupiter in Leo squares the Sun and SATURN  to bring  on the spotlight, the bravado, courage, passion, heart and helps us see the lighter side of the deep chirascuro between the Light and Dark.

The SUN KING and the Saturnine path with Leo could make you feel like singing King of the Road by Roger Miller, an old country song.

Stay focused on the Light. It is very hard to see it. JUPITER is FAITH. Thank God for Jupiter, Jupiter is God, Zeus, yahweh. We will turn the corner in a few days as Sun enters Sagitthilarious, the sign of comedians. I promise you.

light & dark Tara Greene psychic

The Matchmaker by Gerrit van Honthorst

Do make promises that you can keep.

With Neptune now moving direct I feel this means that you are waking up from La LA LA land

and can manifest your dreams. Saturn brings focus, discipline, hard work ethics.

That’s what Saturn is all about MANIFESTATION.

Saturn is the LAW. The karmic cosmic cop. Use the positive Sun and Jupiter influence to burn a bright spotlight onto your deepest Scorpio shadows and transmute them into positive actions and learned lessons.

Saturn is seniority. Grow up. Take responsibility.

Saturn was in Scorpio last 29.5 years ago at the end of 1982 and then September 1983 until the end of 1985.

For all of you in this group. I know you all incarnated under very difficult aspects. You are all finishing out your first Saturn return which for the ones born in later 1985 is particularly hard. You choose a very challenging soulful road.

Saturn will be in Scorpio until Dec 23 2014. Saturn serves us the first  few degrees of Sagittarius as an appetizer, then Saturn Retrogrades back into Scorpio  on June 16, 2015- Sept. 19 2015 where we won’t see him again till another 29.5 years.

What lessons have you learned from the great teacher of life Saturn?

Please share with me and the readers here.

I am feeling very tired from this aspect. So will get some beauty sleep now.

Please share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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there’s been an earworm in my head all day and its apropos of Saturn/Sun.

Don’t let it bring you down- Neil Young 




2 thoughts on “Saturn Manifestation with Light Astrology

  1. Thank heavens for astrology and how it has helped explain what I’ve experienced with Saturn in my tenth house for the last two years ( date of birth, 7th Feb 1973, 5.16am, London UK). I made a big move interstate to go to Uni, I did well and had a great feeling about my change of career. Little did I know what the astrology spoke of at the time and so have been somewhat very disheartened to see and feel and experience the frustration, the depression, the blocks, the no forward momentum despite all the hard yards! So I began studying astrology a little and Saturn has been testing me in the career aspect. It has been very depressing, I have felt very down for a long time. I have gone down many varied different paths and I’ve been asking with still no direction. Up until last July I continued to work as a registered nurse and felt very sad and confused as to why I had made all the effort to change career direction with no positive movement in a new and much desired direction. Its not like I’ve been sitting at home waiting for my career in shining armour to arrive. I have empathy, honestly I do for anyone who has Saturn giving them a hard time. My faith has been tested under this transit. While I’ve had a few transformative Pluto transits, I feel Saturn to be ten times worse. Frustrating beyond belief. Maybe its all my midlife transits too, Neptune square neptune and uranus opposition uranus approaching. Nothing seems clear! Saturn is about to move into Sag and I’m dreading him moving back into Scorpio mid next year. It feels like a heavy cloak i just want to throw off! To anyone experiencing frustrations or difficulties, study astrology. Get informed about what is occurring, why it may be occurring, the best way to navigate it etc. Knowledge empowers you. Saturn wanted a change, I felt I delivered it, but still no forward momentum. He wanted more than a change, I still am unsure how to satisfy him and get him the hell off my back. I am a positive happy person generally but Saturn has really knocked the wind out of my sails. I am going to thank him one day, I know this in my depths. My advice, just keep going, even when you dont know, just keep going and study astrology, it has so many answers!!


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