Heavy Light Astrology by Tara Greene

Nov 17

Monday starts out Virgoish and

the energies will feel off kilter and it will be frustrating to get as much work down as you’d like to in Virgo workaholic fashion what with MERCURY in Scorpio Virgo’s planetary leader which is in quincunx to Uranus in Aries.

Mercury also Trines Chiron in Pisces

clear deep thinking about an unconscious issue which may be out of your mind but deeply felt.

Moon enters LIBRA @ 11:30 am PST/ 2:30 pm EST

ah striving for that perfect balance of work v.s. play, us vs them, 

LIBRA is an AIR SIGN- TIME TO PARTY its social season

 OMG Holiday party season, XMAS is 37 days away. 

Libra is an Air sign remember to BREATHE

YOU CAN STILL HIRE ME TARA GREENE and my merry guild of PSYCHICS and other awesome entertainers for your corporate or private parties, events, soirees, meetings, cocktails etc. 

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LIbra moon sextiles Venus- nice kittenish

And Quincunx Neptune- don’t get disillusioned.

November 18

A ponderously serious heavy day. SUN CONJUNCT SATURN.

She ain’t heavy?  I don’t think so….

yes it happens once a year, always in a different rendezvous spot though.

You may be feeling depressed, slow, tired, sick, sentimental, melancholy, old.

The heavy leadeness of Saturn urges you to slow down to molasses pace. We need this. Life is too fast and too distracting. Put down your tablet, iPad, cell phone. Get in touch with nature, your body, walk, move, be present. 

Feel the deepest feeling shut away in the depths of your own shadow. There may be grief you have never truly allowed yourself to feel, mourning for a parent, child, lover,or yourself. Saturn teaches us how to be in this 3D earth plane of physicality. We need Saturn to show us the density, the fabric of it all. Saturn is  father time and death and a lesson on eternity and illusion. Saturn is THE DEVIL in the Tarot.

The Sun is in the home stretch of Scorpio for this year.  We will be in a new element in a few days.

Sun will enter OPTIMISTIC SAGITTARIUS on Nov 22 and have a NEW MOON celebration at zero degrees thee as well.

Planets are planets and aspects like energy or consciousness is all in how you use it.


recycle, de-clutter, feel the angst, get goth, wear black, cry, mourn, scream, masturbate.

It’s also the CARDINAL CROSS energy day with Moon square PLUTO, oppose Uranus and square MARS too.

What with Vladimir Putin’s heavy-handed antics. some ante will be upped someone’s Uranus in the world.

Indigenous tribes will be fighting the Keystone pipeline business, so that long forecasted civil war in the U.S. will be heating up now under these cross aspects.



Inner Guide Tarot astrology Tara Greene

THE INBETWEEN TAROT by Janine Worthington 201o


The Inbetween traot is a new concept of 22 cards which straddles one tarot arcana to the other. Its a brilliant concept.The card of the Inner Guide straddles the #8 card Strength and #9 the Hermit.

LESSON: you need time to ponder the timeless, go within for the answers.

The heavyness of Saturn urges you to slow down to molasses pace. We need this. Life is too fast too distracting. Put down your tablet, iPad, cell phone. Get in touch with nature, your body, walk, move, be present. 

All the answers are within. 

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene



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