Love and Light, Venus in Heart of the SUN

Your search for a heart of Gold is over now as Venus and the SUN conjoin June 3 at 13 Gemini 35 minutes at 10:44 am PDT/ 1:44 pm EDT/ 6:44 pm GMT. Venus is considered to be in the heart of the SUN until she reaches 13 degrees 18 minutes in GEMINI. This period lasts according to my calculations, using the Classic orb of 17 minutes until June 3 at 9:40 am PDT/ June 4 at 12:40 am EDT and June 4 @ 5:40 am GMT lasting around 11 hours. 

Venus at the heart of the Sun June 3 2020

Venus at the heart of the Sun June 3 2020

That’s an extremely special and rare event. A Good long time to Lighten up your heavy heart and bask in the heart of the sun.

Ishtar on Akkadian Seal Venus Retrograde Ishtar/Innana/Venus in Gold

Venus is in her Retrograde cycle, a 19-month transformation. She is in invisible and in darkness from our vantage point until she rises again as the morning star around June 11th. Venus Retrograde is enshrined in the Myth of Inanna in the Underworld also known as Ishtar.

This is LOVE And LIGHT for real. Use this rare and special time to send love and light from your own heart out into the world which needs it now. 

This is a time that completes the very rare and historic Venus crossing in front of the SUN on June 6, 2012 a once in a lifetime event. Think back to where you were 8 years ago. The number 8 is the number of infinity. This is INFINITE LOVE and LIGHT.

read more about that here

Venus  Cazimi should be a great day for creative and artistic pursuits and for developing love. Hit the drawing board, paint, dance, sing, tone. VENUS RETROGRADE in GEMINI, increases social media, texting, online dating, quick connections. yes, traditional cookbook astrology says old lovers will connect with you, You may be unable to stop thinking about them. 

WOMEN crown yourself with the SUN, You are Queen for the Day as is everyone because all genders even non-genders have a feminine aspect of receptivity, love and creativity within themselves, The Masculine and the Feminine is not gender-related necessarily. These are anthropomorphic, Patriarchal and sexist attitudes of good-bad, overlayed. Masculine and Feminine or active and receptive are equal polarities and that is what GEMINI is all about. The Sun can dissolve all boundaries. 

VENUS rules LUXURY and this conjunction can indicate a fall of the gold markets. Gold is the SUN in material form. Wear gold jewellery and gold and green clothing. It may increase socializing, luxuriating,  going out for fun and amusement.  

Cue the Neil Young song

This cycle ends with Venus in GEMINI squares Mars in Pisces and an ongoing square with Ceres in PISCES applies thru the whole 2-week transition. Ceres the Great Mother is conjunct MARS now. The GREAT MOTHER offers compassion, empathy an abundance of feelings and most importantly the realization that we are all ONE. Mars and Venus are locked in battle indicating the taking of sides and polarity exaggerating things.  Ceres Great Mother energy steps in to make sure her children dont squabble and scrap. 

Take time out to meditate, make love tinctures, and open your heart to the Source of LIGHT and LOVE and send it out 

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Mars day Capricorn to Aquarius moon


How did we get so far into November already? A rambling today’s news. 

i will write about Stan Lee’s life and death 

Happy Birthday to Robert Louis Stevenson Scottish author of Treasure Island

Comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg

Late night Talk Show Host comedian Jimmy Kimmel is 51

Just came across the quote from Northrop Frye the famous Canadian literary critic and theorist considered to be one of the most influential of the 20th Century.

Frye rose to international prominence as a result of his first book, Fearful Symmetry, published in 1947. Until then, the prophetic poetry of William Blake had long been poorly understood, and considered by some to be delusional ramblings. Frye found in it a system of metaphor derived from Paradise Lost and the Bible. His study of Blake’s poetry was a major contribution. Moreover, Frye outlined an innovative manner of studying literature that was to deeply influence the study of literature in general. He was a major influence on Harold Bloom, Margaret Atwood, writer of the Handmaiden’s Tale and other famous books.

“As long as [synchronicity is] acausal, in the same way that putting a thermometer outside the window doesn‘t cause but only records a change in temperature, not only astrology but any number of ‗mancies‘ or forms of divination might be alternative ways of recording the phenomena of human (or any other) life‖ (Bible, 326). Frye calls such recording a ―silent écriture‖ (ibid.). Synchronicity for Frye is somewhat broader than Jung‘s definition of ―meaningful coincidence‖ (Synchronicity, 104). For Frye it means that ―every object is an event & every event a signature of a total entity‖ (Bible, 205).”

Today Moon in Capricorn squares Venus sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus at night in PST/EST and GMT. You will be restless =dreams may be crazy- old wounds may appear.

The Moon will be Void of Course in the AM

Enters Aquarius at 7:45 am PST/ 10:45 am EST

The energy shift to detached cool, organizational, good for meetings, think tanks, networking and opening your mind.

Moon sextiles optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius

this is good for asking big questions. No so good for California fires.

An image of a hanging Man or the Hanged Man in the Tarot has been superimposing itself in my mind since Sunday evening on 11:11.

Piedmontese Tarot Soli wikimedia commons

The Hanged man #12 Tarot Trump Solesio Tarot 1865 wikimedia commons

This is usually an archetypal message or warning. The Hanged Man #12 is the larger number of the coming year. 2019= 2=0=1=9 = 12. 

The Hanged Man in the tarot is the Nordic God ODIN voluntarily hanging upside down suspended from the World tree Ygdrassil to obtain knowledge from the earth not the sky. Inverted knowledge or Gnosis, knowledge gained in another way. In this way Odin channeled the runic alphabet. 

In the Poem “Havarnal’ Odin claims “i know that I hung on the windy tree

for nine whole nights, wounded with the spear,

dedicated to Odin, Myself to Myself.”

The Hanged Man has the qualities of a scapegoat. In traditional tarot decks from Italy in the Renaissance, it showed a traitor being punished.

The Sacrificial god is very much related to the Christ Myth. Also Odin Osiris Attis Buddha Demuzi all Harvest Gods, and in the feminine Ishtar, Inanna, Persephone, Artemis making sacrifices amongst many more.

Neil Young and California Fires

In recent news Canadian Singer Neil Young who keeps on rockin’ in the free world and protesting -turned 73 on November 12- Belated Happy birthday wishes Neil- an old fave of mine since I was a teen. Lost one of his homes to the Fires. “California is a paradise for us all. We are sad not to be able to defend it against Mother Nature’s wrath,” Young wrote. Californians “are up against something bigger than we have ever seen. It’s too big for some to see at all. Firefighters have never seen anything like this in their lives. I have heard that said countless times in the past two days, and I have lost my home before to a California fire, now another.”

A Scorpio with Scorpio Ascendant and Venus in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius opposite Pluto and Scorpio Rising/Sun. A grand Air Trine dominates his chart. Losing two homes must be devastating. Interesting 

Neil has Saturn in Cancer in the 8th house of loss, conjunct Mars as zero degrees Leo, which the North Node just crossed and is still conjunct to. If I was Neil’s astrologer I would have warned him about his house burning down.

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Saturn Manifestation with Light Astrology

SERIOUS SATURNINE Tuesday as Sun and Saturn conjoin in Scorpio @ 25+ Scorpio.

SATURN is the planet of the Last Trump #21 THE WORLD or The UNIVERSE

The world Thoth Trump Tara Greene

THE WORLD and Saturn ruling it

The Sun is of course, THE SUN #19 in the Tarot

Rider Waite Tarot card reader Tara Greene

Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

This combo can be felt as both dark and light two in one, the heavier leaning side may feel suicidal. I have lots of client calling me in this state lately. The other side is to stay focused on the bright Light still shining in the dark

All latter degree of Fixed Signs, get the shakedown, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo.

Make major long-term commitments today.

You may feel the weight of Saturn’s gravity on your ephemeral soul.

“Don’t let it bring you down
It’s only castles burning,
Just find someone who’s turning
And you will come around.” – by Neil Young. is the perfect song for these times.

The motto might be Get serious and Keep on Keeping on.

It’s like an ice cold wake up call. It could feel very bare, lonely and empty.  But the Sun is there too, although in Scorpio it’s the Dark Sun, a Black Sun. But  Jupiter in Leo squares the Sun and SATURN  to bring  on the spotlight, the bravado, courage, passion, heart and helps us see the lighter side of the deep chirascuro between the Light and Dark.

The SUN KING and the Saturnine path with Leo could make you feel like singing King of the Road by Roger Miller, an old country song.

Stay focused on the Light. It is very hard to see it. JUPITER is FAITH. Thank God for Jupiter, Jupiter is God, Zeus, yahweh. We will turn the corner in a few days as Sun enters Sagitthilarious, the sign of comedians. I promise you.

light & dark Tara Greene psychic

The Matchmaker by Gerrit van Honthorst

Do make promises that you can keep.

With Neptune now moving direct I feel this means that you are waking up from La LA LA land

and can manifest your dreams. Saturn brings focus, discipline, hard work ethics.

That’s what Saturn is all about MANIFESTATION.

Saturn is the LAW. The karmic cosmic cop. Use the positive Sun and Jupiter influence to burn a bright spotlight onto your deepest Scorpio shadows and transmute them into positive actions and learned lessons.

Saturn is seniority. Grow up. Take responsibility.

Saturn was in Scorpio last 29.5 years ago at the end of 1982 and then September 1983 until the end of 1985.

For all of you in this group. I know you all incarnated under very difficult aspects. You are all finishing out your first Saturn return which for the ones born in later 1985 is particularly hard. You choose a very challenging soulful road.

Saturn will be in Scorpio until Dec 23 2014. Saturn serves us the first  few degrees of Sagittarius as an appetizer, then Saturn Retrogrades back into Scorpio  on June 16, 2015- Sept. 19 2015 where we won’t see him again till another 29.5 years.

What lessons have you learned from the great teacher of life Saturn?

Please share with me and the readers here.

I am feeling very tired from this aspect. So will get some beauty sleep now.

Please share widely

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there’s been an earworm in my head all day and its apropos of Saturn/Sun.

Don’t let it bring you down- Neil Young 




Moon Roar, Love SEXtile Kama Sutra Astrology from Tara Greene


and it has wreaked  havoc with my emails, banking and other confusions always associated with RETROGRADE planets

How’s your love/wealth/career life?

so we are still reviewing our old affections, relationship REdux.

Big beautiful very intense emotional Full WOLF MOON wanes


VENUS in Capricorn squares MARS in Libra early in day

Does anyone remember when the amazing comedian Andy Kauffman got into the boxing ring and wrestled with women?

VENUS square MArs Astrology


I’ll let a picture speak a thousand words.

and humor  is important

It’ll be a delish Leo ish dramatic, jostling for center stage, party hearty, ROARING time till Saturday early evening…

so make the most of those high spirited courageous passionate moon vibes.

Good night for dancing you asses off on Thursday & Friday nights.

Also declaring your heart wide open, LEO is very romantic.

Jan 16 late PST   & JAN 17 EST

LEO Moon opposes Mercury in AQUARIUS

– hearts beat speaks louder than intellect,

Moon SEXtiles URANUS  early in the day 

do I have to say anything about this?

Try out lots of different KAMA SUTRA positions

LEO MOON -always on top! Never forget that.

Speaking of Unusual positions- Try out QUINCUNX’s – these are 150 degree incompatible signs/angles.

LEO MOON quincunx’s CHIRON in PISCES -THINK water beds, showers, hot tubs, Aquariums, Oceanside, lubrication

Leo Moon quincunx’s PLUTO- THINK – Scary, dark, money, offices, medals, ticker tape machines, Wolf of Wall Street

Leo Moon quinncunx’s VENUS REtrograde- Think – cross dressing, vintage finery, old wine, garters, innocence, uniforms.

LEO Moon SEXtiles MARS in LIBRA- dominatrix time, play switcheroo, refined music, quality, artsy, expensive champagne.

Jan 18

Moon squares SATURN IN SCOPRIO in the wee hours-


Moon quincunx the SUN later in the day

irritable, cranky, come down off your high, sober up….



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FEVER Peggy Lee

Don’t let it bring you down- sung by Annie Lennox American Beauty

Neil Young Blasts Harper,Canada for Big Oil Killing First Nations

LEGENDARY CANADIAN Rock n Roll singer and writer, Neil Young  haas has begun a string of concert tours to benefit the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation {ACFN} Legal defence fund to support their fight against the Alberta Tar Sands expansion. Young was in Toronto for a press conference before the benefit concert tour he is launching on January 12 and severely lashed out at Prime Minister Harper and all Canadians.

“We are killing these people. The blood of these people are on modern Canada’s hands. HE toured the Alberta Tar Sands last year and called them “Canada’s man made Fukushima” said Young.”I see a government that is completely out of control. Money is Number 1 Integrity isn’t even on the map.” 

Mr. Bitumen Napoleon Brousseau Art Tara Greene

Mr. Bitumen  oil painting by Napoleon Brousseau 2003 

ACFN chief ALLAN ADAM told the press conference that Ottawa’s newly mined environmental assessment legislation, which expands Alberta’s oil sands is out of control. “We have a runaway train without a conductor controlling it. THE ACFN does not oppose Alberta’s oil sands development outright. The First Nations community wants oil sands developments to protect treaty rights and traditional land uses.

Ed Burtynsky art tara Greene astrology


NEIL YOUNG is a fascinating person. He has been a major rock music legend for 45 years. His music is passionate, highly personal, idiosyncratic, always growing, which is very unusual for someone at his age. Called the “Grandfather of grunge.” by some. Young had polio as a young child in Ontario and is an epileptic. He has always kept his Canadian citizenship. You can look up his WIKIPEDIA page.

I wanted to get right to his chart to see what has makes Neil tick and to have such outspoken passion on this huge environmental issue. The Canadian government has already hired a huge PR film to deflect Neil’s clout on this issue. Personally I think the government is totally in control of the wrong way of doing things. I totally back Neil. The Alberta Tar sands are a horrible ecological  blight and will be obsolete soon.

NEIL YOUNG was born November 12, 1945 in Toronto Canada at 6:45 am

Neil Young astrology Tara Greene Toronto

A TRIPLE THREAT SCORPIO with Sun Venus and the Ascendant in Scorpio.

A Triple Scorpio is 3 times more impassioned, obsessed, driven, soulful, deep, intense, broody, secretive. Scorpio’s lives are not easy. Their souls’ are running their ego’s and so much ups and downs, and constant change is their norm. 

Neil’s Sun is on the Ascendant. So he has his soul out in front, it’ s like his bumper. 

What makes Neil so outspokenly radical? He has his MOON in AQUARIUS at 13 degrees in the 3rd house of communications of course. He is emotionally OUT THERE, a free spirit, a rebel- “ALMOST CUT MY HAIR- LETTING MY FREAK FLAG FLY”- a revolutionary. He always has been true to himself, walked his own path and will always naturally go against the status quo. Neil’s Moon is opposite his Natal Pluto in the 9th house in Leo. He is a dramatic heart centered Political truth teller, whistle-blower, philosopher. Moon Pluto is focussed, powerful and the two planets square his SUN and ASCENDANT.  

His Mercury, planet of communications is in Sagittarius in the 1st house. He is a communicator, a magician with words,a truth teller, a natural voice for inspiring people, he is honest, naive and inspiring.

Mercury is opposite URANUS Retrograde in GEMINI in the 8th house {Scorpio naturally} Neil is naturally a higher consciousness being. Uranus in the 8th rules radical change, invention, interacting with the world at large, money, transformation, rebirth, death, sex. Uranus rules his Moon. He has electric eccentric emotions.

Venus at zero degrees Scorpio is in his 12th house. He is a private person essentially.  A mystical dreamer, artist, creative, transformer of people. He is tuned into the collective Unconscious. He loves to change, he lives in the depths. Incredibly imaginative, melancholy, loneliness but also compassion and love songs are very much part of his songwriting.

Mars is also at zero degrees LEO, indicating that both his masculine and feminine sides are on a new evolutionary growth stage in this lifetime. Mars Venus in square indicate a creative tension and balance. 

Mars in LEO is the performer, he has a need for fame to bare his soul on stage. Mars is conjunct SATURN planet of KARMA limitations obstacles, testing, his father.  Neil Young’s father was a well-known journalist in Toronto. Neil’s father cheated on his mother and his parents divorced when he was young.  Saturn in Cancer Retrograde indicates difficulty in his own family and with his own children. All of his children have some form of crippling disease.  Saturn in Cancer, he is sentimental, home loving, nurturing.

NEPTUNE the planet of creativity is at 7 degrees Libra in the 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams. Conjunct to Chiron the wounded healer at 15 degrees and Jupiter at 16. Neil’s forte is as that of an artist/ healer/ philosopher/ shaman who uses his musical talents to expand his gift of raising Libran harmony, consciousness, beauty.

His NORTH NODE or highest spiritual goal is also at Zero degrees of CANCER in his 8th house of transformation. Signifying he has taken major new intention lessons in this lifetime. 8th house NN in CANCER is the goal of transforming others through being the most nurturing, mothering, protector of life, emotionally sensitive, giving, flowing, water. He wants to feed the world.

Neil’s south node at zero degrees CAPRICORN in his 2nd house of resources, money, power, worldly fame, is something he has done in a past lifetime.  He knows all about that. So it is easy for him to attract that kind of power. He knows that world fame and fortune mean nothing, if “the next 7 generations” can’t be fed. 

That is exactly what Neil is denouncing Canada’s PM Harper about. And rightly so. Since Harper’s “reign of terror” he has kissed the asses of all major oil companies which have destroyed Canada’s Northern Alberta environment and polluted thousands of miles of land, water air and killed hundreds of Native people living nearby which is part of the plan. All to kow tow to OBAMA and the Plutocrats.

NEIL’s speaking up is not a mere celebrity shout out. He is trying to provoke and wake people up. The devastation and the greed are not easily halted even if all the  Alberta Tar Sands were to stop tomorrow. SHELL OIL is the big bad culprit. Mr. Harper is an idiot. the U.S. won’t even need Canada’s oil and he has destroyed our countries reputation in so many ways. 

I predict that PM Harper {who I call HERPES}, who has bullied the Canadian government, repealed monies for science research and is a total puppet of the big corporations,  will have to stand down.   I hope that NEIL YOUNG is the one who’ songs start his execution. 

My Canadian brothers and sisters , we have murdered, enslaved, ripped off the Indigenous people’s of this land since we arrived here in the 1600’s. We can invent environmentally clean ways of getting power, of restoring the land, of preserving trees, flora and fauna. We need to honour our original treaties with our Native people’s. Their cultures were virtually destroyed. SHAME on us. White guilt can be a positive motivator than so be it.

Please protest the TAR SANDS. Tell Harper to stand down. Revolt. Take your toque your  down winter coat and your Timmies coffee and protest in support of Neil Young’s stand. WE ARE NOT HELPLESS.

Please share widely. 

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More of Napoleon Brousseau’s artworks


OLD MAN Neil Young 

City of Toronto, Mayor scandal, Pluto Uranus T square-transits Astrology

Yes, cities like people have birth charts too. Toronto is supposed to be a Sagittarius city and that always made sense to me. It is so multicultural.

City of Toronto

Toronto’s nick name is HOGTOWN. As it was once a major animal butchery place.

Toronto is listed in some places as a Sagittarian city but I can’t find a date to back that up. Founded March 6 1884 as Toronto, it’s technically a Pisces town. Situated on Lake Ontario, one of the 5 Great lakes that kinda makes sense. Once known as the City of Churches, {and banks}. Yes we love films here, theatre, dance,comedy and the arts.

That also explains to me why we have a drug addicted, boozing mayor now too.Rob Ford the crack head lying rotund mayor who refuses to quit.

The recent amalgamation on January 1, 1998 incorporating Mississauga, etc and other outlying areas into one Megacity makes it CAPRICORN now. It has always had very conservative energy.

Yes Toronto’s new amalgamated SUN is going through its own PLUTO TRANSIT Pluto is conjunct its “world class” Sun identity, with Mayor Rob Ford’s large Plutonic shadow in the world’s news. LOL. I love Astrology. You can see it in the world. 

Uranus is also exactly squaring the Big Tomato’s energy now. So this town definitely need some spanking new hi tech improvements. Out with the old and adapt to the new or die.

Toronto keeps squabbling about literal Transit improvements to the TTC, such as LRT or extending the Subway. But what it really needs to focus on is its Astrology transits. Toronto has a large public transit system but it is outdated and doesn’t serve the full expanse of the city now. 

Toronto Ants Sculptures Napoleon Brousseau

Ten Ant Sculptures, the Cameron House Art Bar, Queen Street West  by Napoleon Brousseau 1982

Spirit always speaks in puns.


The largest city in Canada and the 4th largest in North America, Toronto is also the city with the largest cultural diversity in the world. Over 125 different ethnic groups live in relative peace here. Toronto has a low crime rate, is the major financial and cultural center.
Well known for its Film Festival, Hockey team, Blue Jays baseball, University of Toronto, Sick Children’s Hospital, It ranked as the 4th most livable city in the world, behind Vancouver. It was named the 2nd best city after New York, for business investment in 2013. TOronto currently has more building cranes active than any other berg on the planet.


Marshall McLuhan taught and lived here. “The medium is the Message.” 

The polio vaccine was developed here.


JIM CARREY, Lorne Michaels -SNL founder, John Candy, Mike Meyers,Catherine O’Hara, Rick Moranis, Will Arnett, David Furnish,

Howie Mandell, MAry Pickford, Walter Huston, Christopher Plummer, Film Directors -Norman Jewison, David Cronenberg, all native Torontonians.

Home of DeGrasssi TV Show. It’s a real place.

Toronto is hated by every other part of Canada. Toronto is going to go bankrupt soon as it supports the rest of Canada. If it doesn’t stop crying poor and being ruined by real estate developers,  A huge real estate boom in the last 10 years. But the downtown hasn’t been planned properly and traffic jams are also the worst in North America. it may end up going bankrupt as New York did years ago. It needs this Uranus Pluto overhaul to make it into a truly livable city. 

Are you experiencing a Pluto Sun conjunction just like T.O? Uranus squaring your SUN?  Then you know the grand whalloping of which I speak.

Free your soul. Learn to love chaos. Innovate, embrace your shadows.

I am a 2nd generation Torontonian.  Be careful what you wish for. They wanted to be world class.Look where that’s gotten them.


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More ART from Toronto artist Napoleon Brousseau

PIGGIES The Beatles  

HELPLESS by Neil Young Live in Toronto 1971