11:11 Remembrance Day, May the Force be with you, from Tara Greene

November 11, is Remembrance Day. “In Flander’s Fields the poppies grow”. They used to read this over the P.A. system when I was in public school on this day. Established after the devastation of World War 1,in Commonwealth countries  it now honors WW 11 and every other war.  We do need to think about and honor those ancestors, friends; those who gave up their precious lives fighting  for wars, whether they are just wars or not, and those killed in Peacekeeping missions. 1,400 Canadians were killed in Afghanistan doing that.

But 11:11 is also  pre-encoded memory trigger. Seeing the digits  11:11 on your clock is a world-wide spiritual trigger, a  recognized phenomena.It’s a spiritual WAKE UP call. A reminder to be present, your innate mastery. YOU already have all the answers with in you.

11 is a MASTER number, like 22, 33, 44 and such. 11:11 is two master numbers which  equal 22.

In the Tarot # 22 is the symbol of ENLIGHTENMENT,  symbolized by The Fool. The wise fool, the innocent Fool. Like Forrest Gump. Zen wisdom. If you are a pacifist,or  a Buddhist-fighting to defend your country is considered to be insanity which creates much more heavy karma.

sacred India Tarot Tara Greene brahmanSACRED INDIA TAROT – Rudra Brahmna 

In the Tarot # 11 can be either STRENGTH related to LEO the LION {Katy Perry’s big hit song  – ROAR

and it can be interchanged with # 8 which is JUSTICE. Related to the sign of LIBRA the scales of Justice. Karma.

In the flow of astrology symbols in the Tarot 7 is the Chariot and related to Cancer and 8 should follow with LEO Strength.But I use the THOTH TAROT mainly and in it 8 is Justice and 11 is STRENGTH.  It’s too complicated to discuss the various metaphysical schools and why they chose to change it up.

Anyway 11:11  = 8 turned on its side which is INFINITY.

Do we ever die?


It’s a fab day to meditate and to tune into the departed,  as all the planets support you. Yes the Force is with you.

Practice doing Mediumship or get a reading.- see link below

I do medium work, but  I AM NOT  TARA- MEDIUM a totally fake site which also operates under many disguises.

I have publically complained about Tara- Medium which phishes on complaintsboard.com as I get hundreds of emails and calls every day for “Free” readings from people thinking that I was that “Tara.”  Naive, desperate and gullible people keep getting taken in by a computer Astrology programme. There is no real “tara- medium.” It is all done through emails. Astrology works so the programme works. So I don’t usually advertise that I do mediumship work for that reason.  I do this work best  if people have objects, or photos. I also use birth dates.

The MOON is in the most spiritual sign of PISCES  as of Sunday.
Moon trines MERCURY in Scorpio for deep insights.

Moon conjuncts Neptune do tune in please pay attention to your dreams.

Moon sextile Venus in Capricorn and conjuncts Chiron in Pisces – we will feel the sorrow in our bodies.

Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn- Pluto rules the land of the dead, Do connect with the dead who are not dead. It will be easy to access.

MERCURY in Scorpio RE-trines Neptune in Pisces a deja vu-

very great for visualizing and connecting easily. Choose a historical figure you’d like to speak to. You can ask any departed person to be your guide. Many writers use this technique.Who would you like to be your mentor? 

I’d like William Blake, Rumi, Freida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe, Joan of Arc,John Lennon.

Moon also Trines Saturn in Scorpio so yes sit and meditate

breathe,  always set up an alter, call in the four directions. Protect yourself. Use lavender oil.

Visualize the departed and ask them to come to you. Breathe, wait, be patient. 

Get a reading from your departed loved ones with Tara http://www.taratarot.com


All writing copyright Tara Greene.

MEMORIES from Cats Barabara Streisand -{ made me cry}  

AS TIME GOES BY from Casablanca 

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