Jealousy, Posession and freedom.

Venus in Scorpio is inconjunct to Uranus in Aries Dec 18 .
Think of an inconjunct, a 150 degree aspect between the planets as an Inconvenient Truth.  Something you don’t want to deal with but must even though you can’t figure out how to combine the oil and water together. You can’t and they don’t blend.
Venus in Scorpio is jealous. Terribly jealous and possessive.
This aspect triggers rebellion which is a great thing. Are you feeling possessed by the insecurity of the Scorpio energy person who wants to control your behaviours to meet their own selfish needs?
Possession is a very real thing. Emotions are real energies and become negative entities. You don’t need an exorcism by a Catholic priest but you do need to establish some healthy boundaries. Imagine a circle of white light around you. Call upon the angels to guard you at each direction.Michael in the East, Gabriel in the South, Ariel in the West, Raphael in the North.
If so this is a great opportunity to see the light and RUN>.
This is a good healthy thing. Avoid those who are trying to manipulate you to their own ends. This includes gazillions of phony psychics out there, professing to remove curses, bring back the ex-lover, bring you good luck etc. As well as anyone who holds the proverbial carrot on the stick out for you. Think about the encultured manipulations as well. This is all media, whatever the media serves up to the public is a manipulation to get your attention to go -there. Where they want you to go. 
I would use the wild chaotic need for freedom energies of Uranus quincunx VENUS to get the hell out of any toxic relationships asap. Don’t be afraid to be alone over the holidays, Don’t stay in toxic relationships. The unknown is the portal where you discover your real self. 
Let’s pull a card to guide you. 
Ace of pentacles or Disks Tara Greene Tarot
This is perfect of course, as the cards always are. The Ace of Disks is the initiating and most powerful potentiality of any new physical situation, event or reality. It is a new beginning. It is the acorn who knows it must become the giant oak tree.  Trust in this impulse to grow in a new way. To plant new seeds, to begin a new path, a new way of life. 
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Full Moon Plenty in Capricorn, Tara Greene

Full Moon Capricorn Cornucopia Meditation, July 1st and 2nd

All full Moons are completions. This earthy Capricorn Full Moon marks the half way point in 2015. We are half way through the year and need to take stock of what we’ve built till now and what, where, when and how we want to put our energies over the next six months when the Sun is at 9 degrees Capricorn, December 31st/ Jan 1st 2016.

Capricorn Full Moon Constellation Tara Greene

Capricorn, the 10th sign is earth, practical, Feminine and signifies career and the heights of worldly success.  Capricorn is ruled by stern, disciplined, responsible, hard working planet Saturn, aka Father time, the karmic cop, limitations, obstacles, taxes, sexuality, maturity and death. The sign marks Winter Solstice in the North and summer’s beginning in the Southern Hemisphere.

Capra means a she goat and corn means a horn. Horns were considered to be ancient symbols of divinity, symbolizing drawing power from the gods. The pagans saw Pan as the God originally associated with Saturn. Pan is earthy, sexual, and animalistic and was turned into the Devil by the Christians, symbolizing earthly temptations and sin. The number seven is associated with Saturn as it rules our bodies and cells which replenish themselves every seven years.  Saturday is Saturn’s day.

The ancient symbol for the sign was a mythological fish tailed, goat headed creature indicating that Capricorns have the connection to both the unconscious and the heights. Capricorn is feminine and receptive. We think of Capricorn standing for corporate structure and the Patriarchy these days. We need to remember that Capricorn has both masculine and feminine attributes.

The word Cornucopia or horn of plenty is derived from Capricorn. From the Greek myth of Amalthea, the she goat who nourished the infant Zeus/Jupiter with her milk. This Moon symbolizes the fulfillment of the Horn of plenty and the steps needing to get there.

Capricorn is solitary, strong, goal oriented, ambitious, dry, patient and sure-footed. Dependable, responsible, totally pragmatic, loyal, business-like and quite unemotional. Capricorn’s learn very early to adapt to the school of hard knocks, Saturn’s reality test.  When you fall down it hurts. But because Capricorn’s master and accept the limitation of the lowest density as the realm of spirit they are confident in reaching their goals, and they become younger as they mature.

Capricorn rules business, governments, fathers, time, architects, history, museums, senators, seniors, churches, contracts, antiques, watches, anthropologists, deserts, civil servants, mathematics,  granite, sculptures, bronze, chiropractors, caves, mountains.  Capricorn rules the spleen, and bones of the skeleton.

The sign of Capricorn in the Tarot is symbolized by Trump #15 THE DEVIL, the ancient God Pan. We can sell our souls to the Devil for worldly material success, he is temptation. The other card symbolizing Capricorn is the Court card, the Queen of Disks.

Goats are also scapegoats and there is lots of that going on these days.

This Full Moon is an intense one as Mars is conjunct the Sun in Cancer. We are aggressively emotional and defensive about our family’s safety and protection.  The Sun and Moon are square to the Lunar Nodes in Libra and Aries. This is an intense time of choosing our highest pathways in life.

Saturn is back at the critical 29th degree of Scorpio again, where we were in December 2014. We all have karmic lessons to finish off, somethings that must die and be sacrificed for new growth to occur.

Venus and Jupiter make their awesome conjunction today. Sun trines Neptune in Pisces do make your highest dreams desires and wishes. its really super positive.

Saturn/Capricorn is the manifestation of spirit on the densest, slowest vibrating levels, worlds or dimensions. We are all here in 3D as incarnate spirits, souls embodied, wearing a meat dress like Lady Gaga, for a karmic purpose. We need to respect this physical plane as it offers us all types of experiences which soul desires to learn from. We can enjoy the material world as a mirror of the higher dimensions too.

I know Saturn has a bad rep. but Saturn is really a wise teacher and not to be feared. If you respect Saturn as the great architect he will help you, but only if you are willing to do the work. No pain no gain is Saturn’s motto. Saturn does not give easy or instant fixes. His way is traditional and about accepting limits and obstacles.  Saturn was originally feminine as Mater/ Mother which became matter.  

Capricorn’s symbols

Day: Saturday-

Colors, dark grey, somber colors

Metal:  Lead

Stones:  ruby, garnet, onyx, agate, lapis lazuli, jet, black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, malachite, fluorite, smoky quartz, peridot

Plants:  comfrey and hemp.

Foods: potato, spinach, barley, beets and malt. Sour and bitter flavors.

Birds: pheasant and the eagle.

Animals: Goat and all cloven hoofed animals.

Musical note: A

Angels:  Hanael and Azrael

Capricorn Incense/ oils: Sandalwood, Benzoin, patchouli, desert sage, vetiver, mugwort,


Gather the items you will need to set up your sacred circle and alter with any associated images, a goat, cornucopia, or mountain scene or symbol as you wish. Connecting with the earth element, barefoot is recommended.  Being indoors is fine too. Have a potted plant in earth and crystals, stones or animal bones representing Capricorn.  

Begin by smudging with the appropriate incense or oils. Center yourself by breathing. Light your candles one by one for each direction. I always work EAST to SOUTH, WEST and NORTH. Different traditions use different orders, use whichever feels right.  Always move clockwise. Call in the four elements, directions and the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael and then close your eyes.

Give thanks for what you have learned since the Sagittarius Full Moon. Set your intentions on connecting with Saturn as the great teacher to give you practical guidance into reaping from the Cornucopia.

Breathe in through your nose, send your intention and breathe into your root chakra. Visualize or feel your root chakra growing like a tail slowly through the floor, down through the earth, past the crystals and minerals into the molten iron core.  When you feel the connection to the earth’s fire, breathe it back up again through the rocky strata back into your root chakra and then breathe it up from the lowest, 1st root chakra through each chakra one by one to the  7th chakra. You can also send your intention out beyond your crown chakra to the 8th and 9th chakras. The 8th is your Higher self, it is Gold about 1 foot above your head. The 9th chakra symbolizes the Galactic Center and beyond. Direct your energy out there, and call upon your Holy Guardian Angels to be present with you.

Now direct your attention within.  Visualize and feel yourself as a goat climbing the mountain peaks towards your goal. If you aren’t clear about your goal yet that is OK you will try to discover it now. Feel yourself prancing easily and gracefully from one rocky precipice to another. You have no fear of heights or of falling. You are confident and focused on reaching the peak. Once you have arrived at the peak of your personal mountain ask Saturn to help you see any unconscious obstacles or karmic blockages you may have overlooked. Take your time and keep breathing.

See everything on your life’s journey from this higher perspective. The eagle comes to talk with you. You are on equal level with the bird of spirit now. Look critically at the levels and tests you need to pass in order to get to the top. Take notes. Ask Saturn for wisdom and maturity and for how to overcoming any obstacles. This is not making a pact with the devil but respecting physical boundaries.  See Saturn as a wise old man with a white beard although he can appear as any image. Sit and listen, be patient, know that you are being tested. Saturn will show you what you need to discover about yourself.

See yourself transform into an older wiser white haired elder mature version of yourself. Feel that you have eons of experience in your bones and a long memory. Visualize all the goodies that the Horn of Plenty offers you. Choose which of the goodies are the most valuable to go after. Take what you learn in this meditation into your bones. May a vow which you MUST keep to do the work to get to your goal and complete the tasks. Ask Saturn for patience.

Take the time you need. When you feel complete. Give thanks. Come out of your meditation and write down what you learned. Make a short term goal list of things you will complete in the next six months and longer.

Go out afterwards and walk, feel your body, do something practical. Be grateful for being alive and in the beauty of the physical world.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

also published on Cosmic Intelligence Agency by Agent 129 

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11:11 Remembrance Day, May the Force be with you, from Tara Greene

November 11, is Remembrance Day. “In Flander’s Fields the poppies grow”. They used to read this over the P.A. system when I was in public school on this day. Established after the devastation of World War 1,in Commonwealth countries  it now honors WW 11 and every other war.  We do need to think about and honor those ancestors, friends; those who gave up their precious lives fighting  for wars, whether they are just wars or not, and those killed in Peacekeeping missions. 1,400 Canadians were killed in Afghanistan doing that.

But 11:11 is also  pre-encoded memory trigger. Seeing the digits  11:11 on your clock is a world-wide spiritual trigger, a  recognized phenomena.It’s a spiritual WAKE UP call. A reminder to be present, your innate mastery. YOU already have all the answers with in you.

11 is a MASTER number, like 22, 33, 44 and such. 11:11 is two master numbers which  equal 22.

In the Tarot # 22 is the symbol of ENLIGHTENMENT,  symbolized by The Fool. The wise fool, the innocent Fool. Like Forrest Gump. Zen wisdom. If you are a pacifist,or  a Buddhist-fighting to defend your country is considered to be insanity which creates much more heavy karma.

sacred India Tarot Tara Greene brahmanSACRED INDIA TAROT – Rudra Brahmna 

In the Tarot # 11 can be either STRENGTH related to LEO the LION {Katy Perry’s big hit song  – ROAR

and it can be interchanged with # 8 which is JUSTICE. Related to the sign of LIBRA the scales of Justice. Karma.

In the flow of astrology symbols in the Tarot 7 is the Chariot and related to Cancer and 8 should follow with LEO Strength.But I use the THOTH TAROT mainly and in it 8 is Justice and 11 is STRENGTH.  It’s too complicated to discuss the various metaphysical schools and why they chose to change it up.

Anyway 11:11  = 8 turned on its side which is INFINITY.

Do we ever die?


It’s a fab day to meditate and to tune into the departed,  as all the planets support you. Yes the Force is with you.

Practice doing Mediumship or get a reading.- see link below

I do medium work, but  I AM NOT  TARA- MEDIUM a totally fake site which also operates under many disguises.

I have publically complained about Tara- Medium which phishes on as I get hundreds of emails and calls every day for “Free” readings from people thinking that I was that “Tara.”  Naive, desperate and gullible people keep getting taken in by a computer Astrology programme. There is no real “tara- medium.” It is all done through emails. Astrology works so the programme works. So I don’t usually advertise that I do mediumship work for that reason.  I do this work best  if people have objects, or photos. I also use birth dates.

The MOON is in the most spiritual sign of PISCES  as of Sunday.
Moon trines MERCURY in Scorpio for deep insights.

Moon conjuncts Neptune do tune in please pay attention to your dreams.

Moon sextile Venus in Capricorn and conjuncts Chiron in Pisces – we will feel the sorrow in our bodies.

Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn- Pluto rules the land of the dead, Do connect with the dead who are not dead. It will be easy to access.

MERCURY in Scorpio RE-trines Neptune in Pisces a deja vu-

very great for visualizing and connecting easily. Choose a historical figure you’d like to speak to. You can ask any departed person to be your guide. Many writers use this technique.Who would you like to be your mentor? 

I’d like William Blake, Rumi, Freida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe, Joan of Arc,John Lennon.

Moon also Trines Saturn in Scorpio so yes sit and meditate

breathe,  always set up an alter, call in the four directions. Protect yourself. Use lavender oil.

Visualize the departed and ask them to come to you. Breathe, wait, be patient. 

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