A Sirius day, the Dog Days aren’t over yet. Aug 25 Astrology and Psychic leads by Tara Greene, Tarot reader

sirius constellations
Sirius, orion, constellations

The PLanet Mars is in Cancer conjunct SIRIUS the great star in the sky on Thursday August 25. Connected with the Egyptian God Osiris, also  connected to the U.S. Sun that is Why JULY 4 is  Independence Day, to connect the U.S. Sun with the Great Egyptian worshipped Star whose rise signaling the flooding of the Nile.

The Great Dog Star comes along behind ORION the Hunter, whose triple star belt is mirrored by the pyramids in Giza on earth. The degree, 14 of Cancer is one degree from the “Centre of the Universe,” shared with another bright Star Canopus {see book series written by Dorris Lessing}

The Star SIRIUS has super exalted significance. The connection to the Dog comes from the early HINdu Sivaanam, the dog in the Rig Veda which awakens the gods of the air and calls them to send rain to restore the earth.

Mars is also Square to Saturn today, usually a difficult, angry, confrontational energy. But  Saturn helps us bring stability,boundaries, also obstacles, karma,and ultimately  balance in Libra. Mars and Saturn are considered to be “malefics.” Mars in Cancer is waterered down, you could say whimpy.  Mars is not too happy laying down his arms when he’s at the proverbial Cancer home. Watch out for road rage, home rage, fires,accidents, hurricanes!   The Warrior God needs the waters of home to cool the warring fires. Saturn in Libra is all about the Balance, equality between the masculine and the Feminine.

That’s what we really need to focus on these days. Healing the war between the Masculine and the Feminine.

Cancer Moon, the strongest place for the Moon, its home sign also will square Saturn later and conjunct Mars around 6:00 am. PDT So if  you’re jolted out of sleep and fall out of bed. You know who to blame it on.

But later today there’s a very nice Venus – Pluto TRINE. from 5 degrees exact of Virgo to Pluto in CApricorn. EArthy, critical, hard working, perfectionist, tearing up of the old corporate and political structure.

and LAst but not leaast MERCURY goes Direct  at 18 degrees and change of LEO on Friday Aug 26. But it’ll take till Sept 10 before Mercury Recovers from where he initally was at 1 degree of Virgo when he began his retro journey Aug. 3rd.

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