Mercury in Scorpio, the sexy power of the Mind

Sex, power, control, Death, obsessive minds Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury is in Scorpio Nov 5 until November 24 when synchronistically, Mars the ruler of Scorpio leaves that sign. So during that 19 day period our minds and our desires on one thing and one thing only SEX. Also money, power, control, secrets, death, jealousy and big transforative emotional tsunammi’s and shadow work time.

I hate to mention it but the Travis Scott Astroworld concert where 8 people died as the crowds crushed forwards plus laced drugs being handed out occurred as Mercury entered Scorpio on November 5.

Fast-tracking Mercury is in Scorpio approximately once every year.

Mercury, in Scorpio communicates its needs for sex, power, wealth and control issues. The big essentials. They may be able to do this subtly and almost secretively. Stalking is a Scorpio thing. The trickster planet in Scorpio sexting, setting up to ghost people, revenge porn and the like obsessive messaging we can’t let go of,but need to.

 Sex, power and control issues are hotter than hot topics with women speaking out about being raped, sexually abused and assaulted, abortion too. It is women’s life under a shadowy, power-hungry Patriarchal world where men have dominated women sexually for thousands of years. This is not a secret anymore.

Of course if you have Mercury in Scorpio this transit is your Mercury Return but Mercury will be the Big black Light illuminating The Underworld for all Scorpio planet placments in everyone’s charts. This means you can illuminate your own shadows and especially potent in Scorpio season.


Nov. 10 Mercury squares SATURN in AQUARIUS and Mars squares Saturn too

This is a heavy day of breakthroughs and anger management.

No. 11 REMEMBRANCE DAY Mercury inconjuncts Chiron-

this is a perfect symbol of remembering the wounded soldiers, Aries is the military ruled by Mars now in Scorpio. Also a day of wounded mental fatigue and feeling that splinter in your mind throbbing.

Nov. 20 Mercury square Jupiter

this can be a good day in finance and for breaking out of old routines and mental obsessions.

Nov. 21 Mercury sextile PLUTO

this is also a big power player game. Make your move now.


Tantric sexuality is a very Mercury in Scorpio issue. This is not a current fad. It’s an ancient spiritual tradition requiring much yogic and meditation practice. Tantric sex is healing and unites lovers as one physically sexually emotionally and spiritually.

 Dark Minds- Black Ops- Obsessions- Death- Rebirth

We can more easily connect with our own soul’s desires, our psyches and get laser-like insights into our own and other people’s natures.  More sexual secrets will out. 

 Mercury is the MAGICIAN – in the Tarot – thoughts are magic. Mercury is also known as the TRICKSTER indicating how our minds can play tricks on us. It is also the ruler of thieves and merchants. 

 This powerful mental energy is very focussed and can be used to transform many old emotional blocks be they sexual, poverty, abundance mentality and abundance, power or lack of it and control issues.

 Mercury in Scorpio governs depth psychology, detective work and deep analysis. Good time to do deep excavation in your shadows. Surgeons and people who need very exacting skills need Mercury in Scorpio. This would be an excellent time to get a surgery done. Scorpio governs the reproductive organs, any issues you may have in these areas require your attention and will be exacerbated while Mercury and especially Mars is in Scorpio.

This is an underlying soul mate energy as the 8th sign/House association also symbolizes transforming into “the other.” 

Yes, there will be big power struggles over finances banking and underhanded dealings money laundering and scandals. Politically and economically this can be a fast little roller coaster of changes of CEO’s and heads of state and policies at this time.

 People born with Mercury in Scorpio have a very insightful, deep analysis of the world. They can be mesmerizing speakers. Mercury in Scorpio is like a film noir characteristic.

 Scorpio is a fixed sign of phenomenal willpower. If know that you are walking your souls’ path you should be able to create what you want. “Do what thou wilt and harm none.” Is the whole of the Law. Scorpio energy at its darkest uses, abuses, rapes, torture, puts fear into others, manipulates, and plays with S & M. These topics are already hot and getting hotter.

Be careful not to fall under the spell of any ruthless manipulators at this time. Be carefull not to unconsciously sting others or yourself. Use this time for deep inner transformation in yourself and any relationships with power imbalances. Rise like the Phoenix. 

S & M is a Scorpio thing. I do not believe it is a healthy choice. Pain is not love. Better go get some deep psychoanalysis and transpersonal healing of your own pain and not inflict it on others or yourself. 


Scorpio magnifies all your feelings and thoughts so be careful of getting gobbled up by demons, your own or the very real demonic forces that exist everywhere around us.  Suicidal thoughts and rates may higher. If you feel suicidal please call a suicide hotline and get hep ASAP. Do not keep your pain and shame a secret any longer. to resolve your pain and transmute it and become stronger.

 Famous peeps with Mercury in Scorpio

KIM KARDASHIAN of course. Sex money power. She is just learning to be more secretive.


Hilary Clinton, Prince Charles-did yoou hear his speech at the Climate Conference in Scotland- watch it and weep, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandi, Condoleeza Rice, David Cameron, Theodore Roosevelt, 


John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Katy Perry, Rapper Eminem,-Miley Cyrus, Drake, Snoop Dog, Puff Daddy, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Usher, Lorde, Keith Urban, Julie Andrews, 

 ACTORS and Directors

Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Tyra Banks- model. Viggo Mortenson, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Jodi Foster,  Ryan Gosling, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Grace Kelly, Bruce Lee, Charles Bronson, Kim Bassinger, Julianne Moore, RuPaul, John Malkovitch, Owen Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorsese- film director, Josh Hutcherson,  Mark Ruffalo, Raven-Symone, 


Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Oscar Pistorius, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, 

 ARTISTS and writers

 Pablo Picasso,  Arthur Rimbaud, Walt Disney, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath,  Eugène Ionesco, Mark Twain, Seth MacFarlane, 

OCCULTISTS and spiritualists

Aleister Crowley, Deepak Chopra,  

PLease share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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