Today’s Numerology

I love the synchronicity. February 21 Numerology 2/21/2021 repeating.

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JUNO Asteroid Goddess of Relationships and Feminine Genius


Discover the original pre-colonized deeper meaning of asteroid Juno one of the 4 main asteroid Goddesses.
She’s much more than the Goddess of marriage to her philandering husband Zeus. The Goddess honoured by the month of June and whose breastmilk created the Milky Way has much richer,  more significant powers and meaning for our times to all genders.

Find out how Juno appears in your natal chart and through the signs.

75 mins plus Q and A

Thursday Feb 25th   – 8pm EST,  5pm PST,
same as
Friday Feb 26th – 12:00pm AEDT

RECORDING  and NOTES will be sent to all who Register

LINK to attend webinar will be sent to ALL 1 week before event and reminder 1 day before event!

FREE for C*I*A Members no need to register

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