Mars Saturn, Anger, Limits , Revolution Astrology

Mars, the warrior is having a serious meeting with heavyweight, karmic “Put a ring on it” Saturn in the freedom-loving rebellious new hi-tech sign of AQUARIUS March 31 at ZERO DEGREES AQUARIUS.

This is a new beginning in long term hi-tech scientific advancement which will change our lives. This is a date with DESTINY. Saturn GOVERNS REALITY. 

NOTE that JUPITER And SATURN will meet in a very rare once in 200 years meeting December 21 2020 at 0 degrees AQUARURIUS too. Jupiter and Saturn meet every 20 years but this meeting heralds their meeting ONLY in AIR SIGNS for the next 20 x 10 meeting. The two planets have been meeting in Earth Signs for last 200 years since the beginning of the Industrial revolution with only one appeteaser meeting in Airy sign Libra in 1981-1983.

NOTE PLUTO will enters AQUARIUS on March 23, 2023 and also activate this point. 

Lockdowns have started because of Covid-19. We are being faced with major disruptions in movement. As people will not be travelling, people will be working virtually with Mars/Saturn in Aquarius. 

Mars is war and Saturn is law. Martial law and restrictions in movement is one very obvious outcome. MArs and Saturn are a war machine energy, something militaristic will come out of this. 

Mars is energy and Saturn is old age. Seniors will be having a hard time.  It’s a driving with the brakes-on scenario. People will be frustrated. This is a RED LETTER day.

Be aware of karmic issues starting now with authorities, organizations, networks, rebels, freedom fighters, scientific inventions and technology. The new hi-tech inventions could have major karmic consequences with prices to pay later on.

Mars is sharp things, weapons. Vaccines to fight Covid may take a while to develop. Latest news

The internet may go down please back up your computers. 

Aquarius rules cryptocurrencies, This could be a major turning point in Bitcoin. Today’s price is around $6,800 U.S. expect Bitcoin to stake its place as Saturn represents maturity and reality and MArs is action.

LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN- Mars Saturn are the worst malefics but with iron will you can make these two work for you. Look at where 0 Aquarius is in your chart for this frustrating energy and to how it will affect you later this year and into the future.  

ARIES and SCORPIO are affected the most ruled by MARS as are CAPRICORN AND AQUARIUS ruled by SATURN. 

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PLeas share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Watch today’s video. Tarot card is from The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

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