2018 World predictions Psychic Astrology by Tara Greene

2018 predictions by TARA GREENE Psychic Tarot Astrologer

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2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11.  “STRANGER THINGS” indeed. When further reduced 1 + 1 = 2. We have two numbers guiding us this year.

This is a Master Number Year 11 and a #2 “High Priestess” year.

See full article https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2017/12/28/2018-numerology-predictions-by-tara-greene/


 2018 is a HUGE year of change the likes of which we haven’t seen in 84 years. Major economic shifts that already began in late 2017 will move faster as of May 15 when the revolutionary planet of new technology URANUS enters stable earth sign of resources TAURUS. Taurus is synonymous with a BULL Market. Amazon buying Whole Foods is typical of this symbol. Uranus is the disrupter planet it creates chaos, technological changes, freedom and radical revolution. Major money will shift to cryptocurrencies or be abruptly halted by governments resisting change in typical Fixed sign of Taurus.

Cryptocurrencies come into full swing. A scandal involving major tampering with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be unveiled. The U.S. government will create their own blockchain technologies as well as individual stores like Amazon and Wal Mart. Computer chipping of people will start to be implemented.

The stock market might be in the “upside down” due to this chaotic unforeseeable future energies. Expect the unexpected.  Things that are real stable and solid are favored. Gold COPPER- silver.

There will continue to be political unrest against President Trump in the U.S. and further chaos politically economically and environmentally everywhere in the world.


EARTH CHANGES will be one of the biggest problems the world will face with massive earthquakes volcanic explosions tsunami’s hurricanes tornadoes flooding drought and landslides creating much devastation. Many people will be homeless. Food shortages will cause major line-ups and riots in the U.K. Europe will be safe as Holland has started growing food in climate-controlled greenhouses. Russia as well.  Fires and droughts will be a major problem as of November 8th when JUPITER enters its home sign of SAGITTARIUS.

SATURN in its home sign of CAPRICORN

This year and for the next three years signify a major shift to more traditional values. Hard work practical things patience and seniority are the values that rule. Senior women will take the lead in speaking out in public and lobbying to change laws for women health the environment education etc.  Saturn in Capricorn can make things even more conservative in politics as well as the obstacles against it. 

We are moving from masculine Air and Fire signs over the past few years to predominantly FEMININE Earth and Water signs in 2018. Jupiter in watery Scorpio SATURN URANUS and PLUTO in Earth signs.  Neptune staying in oceanic Pisces as well. Flooding tsunami’s and rising coastal waters create havoc in low lying countries and cities. Expect major flooding in New York Florida up the Mississippi and in Britain and low-lying islands in the Caribbean.


The Mood will be intense-nothing is light and fluffy. Jupiter in Scorpio ensures there will be a lot of detective work secrets power cabals and very nasty sex money power control operations everywhere.


The climate deniers and the environmentalists will be battling it out. There will be an increased political activity to save the earth and animals who are being threatened. New technologies are being invented to help in the environmental crisis and to get energy from natural sources as URANUS enters TAURUS. Energy from water will fuel trucks eliminating the need for fossil or electric energy.  


There will be a continued liberal backlash. Uranus was in Taurus during the rise of Nazism. America’s protectionist stance on its own borders by not allowing refugees and Muslim immigrants will continue throughout most of Europe and there will be a backlash in Canada too. The feeling is entrenching back into one’s own safe secure world. 

PAGANISM the fastest growing “religion.”

This placement represents a radical shift into more pagan earth-based getting back to the land sustainable communities anti-consumer communes. Bartering will be a larger underground means of consuming.

#MeToo x two

Women will begin to revolutionize the world in politics finances and day to day life. TAURUS is the ancient Age of Matriarchal religions. Goddess worship will become the norm. If it doesn’t relate primarily to feminine values it won’t sell anymore. Women realize they have the purchasing power to pull the purse strings. There will be a stronger mover to natural materials un-processed everything – virgin pure and untampered with. A more natural looking beauty as well as extremely sensuous products- lotions creams aromatherapy. Women working with their womb wisdom to make decisions.  Menstruation will regain its sacred nature again. Women will demand and get period days off as wellness investments. This has already started in India. 


Yes A1 is here and it will be part of our daily life in ways that many won’t fathom. Many jobs will begin to disappear and you should plan to re-evaluate your life now for the next 7 years when most jobs will be gone. I’ll repeat what I predicted in 2017 that Universal pay will begin in many countries to keep unemployment down. Relaxed marijuana laws in Canada and other places are happening so that people can stay stoned and be content like cattle when the economy gets tougher.


The stock Markets may continue to rise although mid-May when Uranus enters Taurus there may be a big chaotic crash. Interests rates will slowly rise and there will be harder economic times for the lower classes. Food shortages will be a major expense for many to deal with. URANUS in TAURUS means a worldwide real estate market crash. Learn to live with less. Pay off all debts.


Healing with shamanism. The world’s most ancient form of medicine will be used on children with autism and ADD and to cure dis-eases. Sound healing and past life regression will become much more widely used. Firewalking will be popular again later in the year and into 2019. AYAHUASCA and psychedelics will be used legally at medical clinics to cure depression addictions and other complex issues. 



The stock Markets may continue to rise although mid-May when Uranus enters Taurus there may be a big chaotic crash. Interests rates will slowly rise and there will be harder economic times for the lower classes. Food shortages will be a major expense for many to deal with. URANUS in TAURUS means a worldwide real estate market crash. Learn to live with less. Pay off all debts. A huge shift as of May 15 when the planet of CHAOS New Technology and Change enters TAURUS the sign of the BULL MARKET. Cryptocurrencies may have a big choke hold on them at that time. Blockchain technology is the way of the future. The U.S. debt may be getting smaller but not fast enough. Trump’s bullying and recessions policies are further isolating the rest of the world against America.


Trudeau’s honeymoon phase is slowly going downhill. Trudeau is wasting millions paying back terrorists who should have sued the U.S. Astrologically Canada is under positive transits. But economically NAFTA failures with the U.S. put Canada in a negative financial state. It is now in most danger of real estate collapse. Canada’s increasing problems with declining health standards and rising elderly population need to be dealt with. Indian rights and land treaties will continue to be a major issue. Many Canadians will want Canada to buy back our own natural resources.



Difficulty with enemies and power struggles will be an ongoing issue with China. They may be forced to intervene in North Korea and take Kim Jong-Un down liberating and rejoining North and South Korea. China is going through some major economic reform. Later in 2018 their economy pics up.

NORTH KOREA and Kim Jong-Un

Capricorn Kim Jong-Un has been under the delusional influence of Neptune conjunct his Moon for all of 2017. Jan 31 Super Blue Moon Eclipse hit him hard. There may be outside restrictions or an assassination attempt. Other eclipses during the year indicate that China and Russia may step in to oust him.  Looking at North Korea’s birth chart watch out for January 1st or 2nd as a nuclear missile may be launched and backfire on itself. North Korea is in for some serious trouble. Look to February 15 Partial Solar eclipse as be a time when great restriction is on the country. North Korea has a self- destruct button in its own chart.


The new Saudi Liberality will make a huge change in the country. Saudi Arabia and the U.S. working together creates a new bloc.=came true


Has had a big buddy up from Trump but will be battered by allied Arab forces. They will be feeling the pain of Trump’s pro-Christian apocalyptic viewpoint. The Embassy will not be moved to Jerusalem. Trump will do his Gemini double-take. 


Very vulnerable and wounded Iran will strike like a wounded feral animal.


Their economy will soar. 

Travelling will be easier this year with Saturn in CAPRICORN. All countries and cities with Capricorn strong in their charts founded December 21-31st will be affected by SATURN transiting the first 10 degrees of the sign. Saturn in Capricorn is in its home sign-good but also tough for Capricorns. Saturn always limits brings obstacles and tests.


Donald Trump will be draining the swamp of Deep State which is both Republican-back to the original Bush era and Democratic corruption. That is a good thing. The fake news will settle down somewhat now that Saturn keeps it real Capricorn. Democrats in denial will still keep trying to get Trump. Backlash against Trump and his alt-right pro-Christians continues from human rights groups Blacks LGBQ and women’s rights groups will get stronger.  U.S. foreign policy is changing with America retreating and closing military bases and not supporting other countries I repeat what I predicted in 2017.  Women especially will be marching for the #MeToo women’s rights to be put into the U.S. Constitution. Women continue to march in anti-abortion and other restrictive teaching of creationism, celibacy, anti-science, and Biblical studies in public schools. Gays and the LGBT community will also be mobilized against Trump’s Christian fundamentalism.

TRUMP MAY DIE of a heart attack 

TRUMP is in congruence with Saturn in Capricorn’s old fashioned conservative energies in 2018. But he is still in danger from last Aug. 21 eclipse with another one opposite to it on Feb 15th. The effects of any eclipse lasts 9 months after it occurs.  He could be killed, by secret technology which appears as a heart attack. Trump was also born on an eclipse so he is doubly vulnerable.


May take a big fall.  The Constitution itself may be amended. Trump rewrites everything that President Obama made law in the last 8 years. Women blacks gays and immigrant supporters continue to fight against Trump’s protectionist policies in the U.S.  This will eventually cause a major revolution in 2020.


Putin and Trump get along so well is that their stars were aligned when they were born.


The simpler on the ground -drive a truck into a crowd terrorist attacks style continues. Major cities in the U.S. and in Europe and Italy will be struck. Knifings and stabbings as well. There will be major attacks again in London, Paris, New York, California India Indonesia and Germany.

The E.U.

BREXIT is the beginning of the E.U. falling apart. Greece Italy and Spain may default, their economies in ruins. The refugee crisis will continue to destabilize the economy which will be chaotic.


Problems with gang rapes persist. There will be public protests. Tightening of restriction on refuges, initiating much stricter limits.


Merkel will be ousted. More right-wing leaning parties take over.


Will continue to be under investigation. But I feel it is false. The U.S. and Russia could lay all the cold war fears to rest as the Trump only wants to do good business. Russia’s involvement in Syria is a power ploy around controlling the Oil. 


Economy is still in recession. But A1 and robots being introduced will help it this year. There will be more earthquakes contributing to a continuously unsolved Fukushima which has never been capped.


Turkey is not the West’s ally anymore. This is a critical mistake. Russia has gained ground with Turkey and will be able to supply Europe with their vast resources.


Will continue to be an ongoing part of the daily news. Chemical and viral warfare is a huge danger this year. Terrorists are getting more sophisticated.


It will be another year of extreme weather. Colder than normal in the U.S. and most of Canada which already began early this year and will continue until late April. But it may be warmer than normal in extreme North latitudes. It could be the warmest year in the Arctic and Antarctic ever recorded. We are beginning a mini-ice age. So prepare now. This has nothing to do with man-made global warming and pollution. It has to do with the Sun being in a low cycle itself.

DANGER! around May 15 

There may be dangerous CME’s unleashed especially May 15 which could wipe out every cryptocurrency and security feature in every computer and sattelite in the world throwing us back a number of years in development.

Repeating my 2017 weather predictions: Strong Earthquakes, in India, Central America, Indonesia, Italy. There will be droughts in California and Arizona and, forest fires in the drier West. Summer will be very hot throughout Europe. Torrential flooding will also hit Toronto in spring and summer.-CAME TRUE

MONSANTO now owned by Bayer will also see their powers further limited and curtailed. Courts make Monsanto pay millions. CAME TRUE

Battle between the old guard scientists, archeologists, researchers and new irrefutable evidence that will change the old order of reality. Trump is anti-science and anti-environmental which will be disastrous for the earth with pollution levels and destruction of natural habitats. 


The cover-up is over. Secret  Government documents reveal UFO technology deals created in the late 40’s.


Scientists will discover more and more ancient relics of civilizations in South America in Europe Arctic and the Antarctic as ice caps melt pre-dating all existing dates.


Danger from new sexually transmitted diseases and other types of viruses which spread rapidly due to Jupiter in Scorpio’s influence.


Major medical advances in transplants. New face grafts. Creating organs with 3D printing and genetic splicing will begin to remove certain diseases. “Birth” in a prototype artificial womb late 2017. Continues to improve. Advanced DNA research and surgery. Unlocking hidden clues to our origins in the oceans.


The city continues to boom with Condo and office development. The Canadian dollar will remain low compared to the U.S. Gun violence needs to be curtailed. Film Production will slow down as Trump gives big tax breaks. Weather patterns changing makes the population feel less motivated.


ROYALTY  –Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

I predicted last year that “Harry will meet a commoner from another country and fall very fast. She could be the One.  An engagement may be happening.” It all came true. The May 19 wedding. Meghan will be pregnant within 6 months they will use invitro to assist the process.-CAME TRUE from a 2016 prediction

They will first have a beautiful daughter with black curly hair and hazel eyes.

WHO will be the musician at the Royal Wedding?

Ed Sheeran -one romantic Brit and Beyoncé- the American.


Last year’s prediction. “They may decide to have a surrogate mother deliver another child for them later in the year. “Business as usual. CAME TRUE


Nobel Prize for Literature awarded posthumously.

Taylor Swift

2017 prediction” A Lunar Eclipse August 7th creates powerful karma in Taylor’s life. She could be meeting the One and decide to tie the knot”. She will be tops again.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez

They may get pregnant again and will have a boy.

Miley Cyrus

She has matured a lot. She may make a major film.

Justin Bieber

Big change in his behavior. Religion is good for him. Yes, he and Selena are back together. He may act in a film.


She will have another very creative year. She will begin to get involved politically and support women’s and Black causes more public ally.


“Feb 10 Lunar eclipse is like cupid’s arrow. She decided to get hitched up with someone much older than her.”- 2017 prediction. Recovering from Aronofsky’s debacle of Mother. She will take a break. They have a strong connection.


Another style change for her-Vegas. Going back to old-style American standards. A new romance in the fall with someone who is not famous.  CAME TRUE

George and Amal Clooney
He is going to retire and enter politics. I can see him running for Democrat Senator in 2020.


I think he is soured on relationships. He will put all his energy into being creative directing and being available for his kids.


The big karmic romance comes in spring-summer this year. It will be very fast. He is getting into producing films and acting again. His music will get more spiritual. Religion will become important to him. I predicted he may become a  father and he did. CAME TRUE- he has a son Adonis.


Will she win her tennis match after becoming a mom? YES!

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson will get some serious cred for his acting. He will meet a new woman she is also very different from any of the women he has been involved with before. She seems creative and may work in the background of the film business. CAME TRUE_ landed part of Batman  and appeare din the Lighhouse


Sir Ringo Starr; Sophia Loren; HUGH JACKMAN; Mick Jagger

John Depp

Needs help and to go to rehab for alcohol and drugs. He may fall apart on the set of his latest movie. He may have to file for bankruptcy. CAME TRUE


Financier George Soros

Jerry Lewis- predicted in 2017.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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10 thoughts on “2018 World predictions Psychic Astrology by Tara Greene

  1. Tara, here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year:) As always, one looks forward to your year-end predictions for the next year. I’m with you on George Clooney finally entering politics as a Democrat. Also, new mother Serena Williams will definitely win more matches:) I’m a bit concerned about Johnny Depp & wish him the best. The Robert Pattinson one leaves me scratching my head. Something tells me a reunion with his former fiancee, the very creative, unique & talented twigs, could very well be on the cards!


  2. The magnificent array of predictions offered here is a testament to this site and this astrologer being world class.

    I was particularly impressed with the mention of Jared Kushner possibly having ‘a fall’. I’ve been telling everybody I know to “watch Kushner” He’s got wild transits in 2018. This winter, transiting Pluto conjuncts his Sun. You don’t escape a rare occurrence like that unscathed. I haven’t looked at everybody’s chart who is involved in the Mueller investigation, but Kushner’s old life will be over in a few months, he’ll be ‘transformed’ and I’m wondering if he will figure in the take down of Trump, who has some wild transits of his own coming up, one of which is Saturn opposite his already natally-afflicted Mercury (bad news) this winter.


  3. Most of your predictions last year did come true, so I’m hoping for the same this year too. I just wanted your quick opinion on Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs. He gave his ex Kristen Stewart a second chance despite her very public cheating, so do you now see a possible reconciliation between Rob and twigs? No cheating was involved here, and it seems distance, busy careers split them up. Any possibility of a second chance at love?


  4. This is very interesting, thank-you. I share a birth date, although not year with Johnny Depp, so I’m somewhat saddened about that prediction. I don’t see any mention of Africa – I live in Cape Town, South Africa and we are having a serious drought and the other half of the country has been having floods and much political corruption and infighting!


    • hi Ann
      Thanks for your input. Nice to be a Gemini like Johnny. Johnny Depp who I have always adored for his incredible acting skills, as well as the beauty of his face, is dragging himself down. Each chart is actually individual and will not be replicated in 250 thousand years.Having the same date is a small factor in if your life will be affected the same way as Johnny Depp’s.
      South Africa sorry I didnt mention it. I scan the world when I do these predictions.South Africa didn’t pop out majorly to me. I am sorry to hear of the droughts and floods. That is part of my general world predictions. Blessings TARA

      Liked by 2 people

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