2020 world Predictions, Very hard year ahead

These predictions had disappeared in my drafts. I have looked for this all year but not here. I accidentally deleted my 2019 predictions and couldn’t find them anywhere but I just found these now. January 21, 2020, in the Mercury Retrograde shadow so Better late than never.

Originally when I looked into 2020 all I saw was Black for months before. A sign that this is a symbol of death. I had originally seen this same thing in the 2016 Elections when I asked would HIllary Clinton win and that black screen came up which means she would lose. 

2020 predictions by  Tara Greene www.taratarot.com

December 31, 2019, I am using Astrology, and my psychic impressions to envision what 2020 will be about.



2020 will be a very very difficult, hard and heavy year of tests.  Saturn is The GRIM REAPER, DEATH, in his home sign of Capricorn where the planet is strongest. SATURN  rules seniors, obstacles, endings, Corporations, work, power and PLUTO is the LORD Of DEATH and wealth, recycling, endings, Plutocrats. you can’t get more literal than reading those symbols. You cannot sugar coat these two heavies. Plus January 10 2020 there is a LUNAR ECLIPSE at 20 Cancer with Sun-Mercury Saturn and Pluto in conjunction opposite the Moon to add emphasis. 


A Civil War may break out in the U.S. There will be Major cyber attacks take down major banks and credit card companies worldwide. The energies of 2020 begin with a major bang that could initiate wars. It is the end of a long-term cycle of karma and the death knell for the Patriarchy and corporate structure which can be very heavy. The world will get more chaotic because of this and URANUS in TAURUS.

Major Viral WARFARE a major issue worldwide from Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in PISCES from November 2019. These two are planets related to death endings, mental illness, incarcerations, addictions, fake news, projections, oil, and debt.

Economic downturns. Protesting is a new “job.”


At the end of 2020, the conception of a new 20-year long cycle and a new 200-year cycle when these planets meet in Only AIR signs. This also marks the end of the Industrial Age where these 2 major planets met in only EARTH signs for the last 800 years. The historic JUPITER SATURN conjunction at 0 AQUARIUS on WINTER SOLSTICE December 21 eight years after the supposed end of the 2012 Mayan calendar cycle. Yes, the song from the Musical Hair is becoming a reality. This is the second new Information AGE beginning. A much more forward-thinking begins. A new cycle like fresh Air.  URANUS the ruling planet of Aquarius is in Taurus grounding new values. 

REVOLUTIONS continue and explode in 2020

 As if have been predicting for over 3 years now, major economic crises in the world can peak now due to the stressful planetary alignments of Saturn and Pluto. Younger people are not working and see no future. The populous is waking up and will continue to try and take back their power from the 1%.  This is the new normal. It is like the 60’s all over again, with POWER to the PEOPLE is the slogan especially after December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and SATURN meet at 0 Aquarius. 

Pagan, Goddess worshipping, anti-organized religions, the explosion of Astrology in the mainstream along with witches and Magic and anti-status quo lifestyles will continue to grow and expand being incorporated into the mainstream. 


There will be a continued backlash to both progressive and conservative elements. We will see more right-wing, conservative, anti-refugee anti-liberal backlashes in Europe and in the rest of the world. There is an anti-New World Order energy as people begin to connect the dots and the money trail. People are building walls, not bridges to feel safe within their own boundaries.  Many illegal refugees and those seeking political refugee statues will be sent back to their countries of origin now.


The plant-based burger revolution is part of the Uranus in Taurus energy. Many younger people are turning their backs on hi-tech and corporate jobs to live simply back to the land.  Small sustainable bartering communities of shared interests will spring up for young and senior citizens too.


 2020 reduced to #22 a Master Number which symbolizes the Fool in the Tarot which is also 0.  2020 is truly a WILD CARD YEAR energy initiating the 2020’s decade. Number #22 reduces to 4 which is the King or the Emperor in the Tarot. It is about new beginnings it is Aries, war, masculine power, new initiatives, a starting over from scratch 0 energy a rebuild.

ROBOTICS Drones implants

Robotics will take over increasingly fast via Amazon and with many people being out of work and needing to be retrained. Universal pay will begin to be instated in many countries to keep unemployment down. Many people will opt to be micro-chipped and wired up to the Net. Robots sex dolls and pets will increase.


Even though the market is set to go to a new high in the U.S. Economics will be in more of a recessionary belt-tightening phase worldwide.  There is still an economic crash with debt. Learn to live with less. Pay off all debts. OIL may be flooding the market in the fall. Food prices skyrocketing.


It won’t be an easy year, P.M. Trudeau’s honeymoon phase is over. He has rescinded on Native treaties and promises he has made. Trudeau has to be careful, Canada’s Increasing problems with declining health standards need to be addressed.  Canada and the U.S. not so friendly terms. The borders may even be closed. This impacts the economy. Oil prices will be manipulated and there may be an overload of Oil. Bad timing for Alberta.


Unemployment levels will be higher. Goods and services will get much more expensive. The economy will be really slowed down to a virtual standstill and stressed especially because of world situations.


Will take off in late 2020 after being dormant since early 2018. Especially at the historic Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius which rules the Internet. This will be the new money as there is too much debt and the old monetary system is crumbling.


Going into a major recession. Will be in conflict with the U.S. as Trump hits back and places huge tariffs onto China. THE SATURN PLUTO conjunction falls right on China’s JUPITER in CAPRICORN which may lash out at the U.S. in a very underhanded way in retaliation. Saturn/Pluto rules secrets, manipulation and power. The SATURN IN CAPRICORN SEXTILE TO NEPTUNE IN PISCES MAY IGNITE GERM WARFARE which I have predicted previously since 2017.


The U.N. will become more of a force in controlling the world. Which is not a good thing. But the Middle East is also getting more open and new trade deals and even peace treaties with Israel could happen. Israel will have a relatively quiet stable year. Trump is a big Israel backer.


We have entered a new legal, educational and foreign policy era which is more restricting and much less liberal than it has been. Refugees will be limited and subjugated to very rigorous tests to enter in any foreign or E.U. country. Refugees and undesirables may be put into camps in the U.S. and Canada and deported.


Another year of major setbacks in travel industry, Saturn and Pluto are restrictive on every level. Its a NO-FLY ZONE with South Node in Sagittarius which rules foreign flights and international travel.


Donald Trump will be dodging bullets every step of the way. Everyone is after his hide from major media, Democrats and human rights groups. U.S. foreign policy is changing with America retreating and closing military bases and not supporting other countries. I am making a prediction about the 2020 U.S. election. It is a bit of a conundrum. I initially see Biden win standing at the podium but then it fades and shifts to Trump saying “we won fair and square.” So I am predicting Trump wins but I am seeing a dual very Gemini like Trump vision. 

I do predict he will be re-elected in 2020 unless there is manipulation from within and foreign -not Russia though- in a steal of the election which is also in line with the coming Pluto Return of the U.S. approaching in 2022.


The Constitution may be amended in 2020 or within the next couple of years. A new ultra-conservative energy will be the cause of a major revolution in 2020 which could be thrown at TRUMP as the major source of America’s problems.


Declares himself an Emperor like China’s Leader? People will start resisting. Remember revolutions are incoming everywhere.


This may be a quieter year for attacks but there can be chemical warfare and germ warfare then on the ground terrorist attacks. Knifings and stabbings are simple ways to kill. Domestic terrorism in Germany.

The E.U.

Greece Italy and Spain may default, their economies in ruins. The refugee crisis will continue to destabilize the economy which will be chaotic. The E.U. is starting to unravel totally. Britain will finally BREXIT by year’s end.


Germany’s economy is tight. Norway and Sweden perking along.


Is smart and spending resources on organic food production. Russia is backing Syria and China.


Will take a long time to find stability.  It’s not over yet. 


Has opened relations with Russia. Their economy is still in recession but could rebound at year’s end. Fukushima has still not been capped.


Turkey is not to be trusted. Erdogan is a dictator.  


Chemical and VIRAL WARFARE is a huge danger this year. Written originally in 2017.


It will be another year of extreme weather. Colder than normal in the U.S. and most of Canada which already began early this year and will continue until late April. But warmer than normal in extreme northern latitudes. It could the warmest year in the Arctic and Antarctic ever recorded. We are beginning a mini-ice age. This has nothing to do with man-made global warming and pollution. Its the Sun’s solar minimum cycle itself.

MAJOR FLOODING in many parts of the world and major droughts.

 Earthquakes, in Europe, India, Central America, Indonesia, Hawaii, China and the entire ring of Fire. There can be major food shortages, continued droughts in California and Arizona with major fires in CALIFORNIA again. Summer will be very hot throughout Europe and the U.S. with major fires in CALIFORNIA again. Torrential flooding will also hit Toronto in spring and summer. Melting glaciers.

MONSANTO now owned by Bayer will also see their powers limited.

Battle between the old guard scientists, archeologists, researchers and new irrefutable evidence that will change the old order of reality. Trump is anti-environmental and pro-business which will be disastrous for the earth with pollution levels and destruction of natural habitats and lack of protection for endangered species.


ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS and PISCES are the featured signs this year.

GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS as the nodes enter these signs in 2020 will also feel the pressure.


Danger from other types of viruses discovered which spread rapidly.  Polluted water management will also be a major issue. There will be very difficult to get over strains of flues and viruses this year.  


Maple Leaf’sSame old thing. Keep rooting for the underdogs.

Blue Jays Nothing spectacular.


After winning the US World Championship Basketball last year because of Kawhi Leonard the Raps still have some good players but won’t get that far. Kawhi will flunk out with the Clippers in L.A. I know he is a sentimental Cancer but could’ve gone two for two if he’d stayed in Toronto.


Major traffic problems make Toronto a place to stay away from. CRIME RATES ARE SKYROCKETING, but maybe not as bad as 2018-2019. A major sinkhole appears on the DVP. Water and sewage problems in the city. People may begin to move out of the city as it is too expensive and overcrowded.


Will be awarded many posthumous awards including the Nobel Prize for Literature.



Prince Harry

He is set for a major new beginning in 2020 and into 2021 which will see him achieve a position of great power and influence on the world’s stage. Meghan will get pregnant in 2020.


There are some good and some bad things coming their way. Kanye may need long term psychological counselling their marriage is in danger. Endings in her life. Kim becoming a lawyer is very inspiring, following in her Father Robert Kardashian’s  foosteps.

Taylor Swift

May get married this year. Will have a very successful year,

Miley Cyrus figuring out who she is but coming back stronger than ever, Major hits for her this year.

Justin Bieber marriage makes him more religious and compassionate. His music will be more religious and Big change in his behavior as he settles down.


Everything she does is over the top. She will have huge success this year.


Another style change for her. A new serious romance.

HARRY STYLES- breaks the internet with his feminine new masculine poster boy look. Great success. New acting roles. He continues to be the most successful of all of ex-One Direction boys.


Will get arrested and spend time in jail.

George and Amal Clooney– moving into quieter home life
BEN AFLECK- still a rocky road.


Is back. He has weathered the storm and is healthier sober and more productive. He is seeing his kids more and is making sculptures will produce more films this year. He may direct as well and win an Academy Award.


BIG serious soul mate romance. Someone very different than all the women he has been dating. His music will get much more spiritual.


Robert Pattinson

finally being taken seriously and getting big starring roles. He is keeping his private life private.


Jack Nicholson, HUGH JACKMAN, The Queen and Prince Philip
John Depp ship has all but sunk. His arrogance alcoholism and spoiled brat attitude have left him unbankable. He will need rehab for alcohol and drugs.

PAUL McCartney– needs to watch his health.


2018 World predictions Psychic Astrology by Tara Greene

2018 predictions by TARA GREENE Psychic Tarot Astrologer

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2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11.  “STRANGER THINGS” indeed. When further reduced 1 + 1 = 2. We have two numbers guiding us this year.

This is a Master Number Year 11 and a #2 “High Priestess” year.

See full article https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2017/12/28/2018-numerology-predictions-by-tara-greene/


 2018 is a HUGE year of change the likes of which we haven’t seen in 84 years. Major economic shifts that already began in late 2017 will move faster as of May 15 when the revolutionary planet of new technology URANUS enters stable earth sign of resources TAURUS. Taurus is synonymous with a BULL Market. Amazon buying Whole Foods is typical of this symbol. Uranus is the disrupter planet it creates chaos, technological changes, freedom and radical revolution. Major money will shift to cryptocurrencies or be abruptly halted by governments resisting change in typical Fixed sign of Taurus.

Cryptocurrencies come into full swing. A scandal involving major tampering with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be unveiled. The U.S. government will create their own blockchain technologies as well as individual stores like Amazon and Wal Mart. Computer chipping of people will start to be implemented.

The stock market might be in the “upside down” due to this chaotic unforeseeable future energies. Expect the unexpected.  Things that are real stable and solid are favored. Gold COPPER- silver.

There will continue to be political unrest against President Trump in the U.S. and further chaos politically economically and environmentally everywhere in the world.


EARTH CHANGES will be one of the biggest problems the world will face with massive earthquakes volcanic explosions tsunami’s hurricanes tornadoes flooding drought and landslides creating much devastation. Many people will be homeless. Food shortages will cause major line-ups and riots in the U.K. Europe will be safe as Holland has started growing food in climate-controlled greenhouses. Russia as well.  Fires and droughts will be a major problem as of November 8th when JUPITER enters its home sign of SAGITTARIUS.

SATURN in its home sign of CAPRICORN

This year and for the next three years signify a major shift to more traditional values. Hard work practical things patience and seniority are the values that rule. Senior women will take the lead in speaking out in public and lobbying to change laws for women health the environment education etc.  Saturn in Capricorn can make things even more conservative in politics as well as the obstacles against it. 

We are moving from masculine Air and Fire signs over the past few years to predominantly FEMININE Earth and Water signs in 2018. Jupiter in watery Scorpio SATURN URANUS and PLUTO in Earth signs.  Neptune staying in oceanic Pisces as well. Flooding tsunami’s and rising coastal waters create havoc in low lying countries and cities. Expect major flooding in New York Florida up the Mississippi and in Britain and low-lying islands in the Caribbean.


The Mood will be intense-nothing is light and fluffy. Jupiter in Scorpio ensures there will be a lot of detective work secrets power cabals and very nasty sex money power control operations everywhere.


The climate deniers and the environmentalists will be battling it out. There will be an increased political activity to save the earth and animals who are being threatened. New technologies are being invented to help in the environmental crisis and to get energy from natural sources as URANUS enters TAURUS. Energy from water will fuel trucks eliminating the need for fossil or electric energy.  


There will be a continued liberal backlash. Uranus was in Taurus during the rise of Nazism. America’s protectionist stance on its own borders by not allowing refugees and Muslim immigrants will continue throughout most of Europe and there will be a backlash in Canada too. The feeling is entrenching back into one’s own safe secure world. 

PAGANISM the fastest growing “religion.”

This placement represents a radical shift into more pagan earth-based getting back to the land sustainable communities anti-consumer communes. Bartering will be a larger underground means of consuming.

#MeToo x two

Women will begin to revolutionize the world in politics finances and day to day life. TAURUS is the ancient Age of Matriarchal religions. Goddess worship will become the norm. If it doesn’t relate primarily to feminine values it won’t sell anymore. Women realize they have the purchasing power to pull the purse strings. There will be a stronger mover to natural materials un-processed everything – virgin pure and untampered with. A more natural looking beauty as well as extremely sensuous products- lotions creams aromatherapy. Women working with their womb wisdom to make decisions.  Menstruation will regain its sacred nature again. Women will demand and get period days off as wellness investments. This has already started in India. 


Yes A1 is here and it will be part of our daily life in ways that many won’t fathom. Many jobs will begin to disappear and you should plan to re-evaluate your life now for the next 7 years when most jobs will be gone. I’ll repeat what I predicted in 2017 that Universal pay will begin in many countries to keep unemployment down. Relaxed marijuana laws in Canada and other places are happening so that people can stay stoned and be content like cattle when the economy gets tougher.


The stock Markets may continue to rise although mid-May when Uranus enters Taurus there may be a big chaotic crash. Interests rates will slowly rise and there will be harder economic times for the lower classes. Food shortages will be a major expense for many to deal with. URANUS in TAURUS means a worldwide real estate market crash. Learn to live with less. Pay off all debts.


Healing with shamanism. The world’s most ancient form of medicine will be used on children with autism and ADD and to cure dis-eases. Sound healing and past life regression will become much more widely used. Firewalking will be popular again later in the year and into 2019. AYAHUASCA and psychedelics will be used legally at medical clinics to cure depression addictions and other complex issues. 



The stock Markets may continue to rise although mid-May when Uranus enters Taurus there may be a big chaotic crash. Interests rates will slowly rise and there will be harder economic times for the lower classes. Food shortages will be a major expense for many to deal with. URANUS in TAURUS means a worldwide real estate market crash. Learn to live with less. Pay off all debts. A huge shift as of May 15 when the planet of CHAOS New Technology and Change enters TAURUS the sign of the BULL MARKET. Cryptocurrencies may have a big choke hold on them at that time. Blockchain technology is the way of the future. The U.S. debt may be getting smaller but not fast enough. Trump’s bullying and recessions policies are further isolating the rest of the world against America.


Trudeau’s honeymoon phase is slowly going downhill. Trudeau is wasting millions paying back terrorists who should have sued the U.S. Astrologically Canada is under positive transits. But economically NAFTA failures with the U.S. put Canada in a negative financial state. It is now in most danger of real estate collapse. Canada’s increasing problems with declining health standards and rising elderly population need to be dealt with. Indian rights and land treaties will continue to be a major issue. Many Canadians will want Canada to buy back our own natural resources.



Difficulty with enemies and power struggles will be an ongoing issue with China. They may be forced to intervene in North Korea and take Kim Jong-Un down liberating and rejoining North and South Korea. China is going through some major economic reform. Later in 2018 their economy pics up.

NORTH KOREA and Kim Jong-Un

Capricorn Kim Jong-Un has been under the delusional influence of Neptune conjunct his Moon for all of 2017. Jan 31 Super Blue Moon Eclipse hit him hard. There may be outside restrictions or an assassination attempt. Other eclipses during the year indicate that China and Russia may step in to oust him.  Looking at North Korea’s birth chart watch out for January 1st or 2nd as a nuclear missile may be launched and backfire on itself. North Korea is in for some serious trouble. Look to February 15 Partial Solar eclipse as be a time when great restriction is on the country. North Korea has a self- destruct button in its own chart.


The new Saudi Liberality will make a huge change in the country. Saudi Arabia and the U.S. working together creates a new bloc.=came true


Has had a big buddy up from Trump but will be battered by allied Arab forces. They will be feeling the pain of Trump’s pro-Christian apocalyptic viewpoint. The Embassy will not be moved to Jerusalem. Trump will do his Gemini double-take. 


Very vulnerable and wounded Iran will strike like a wounded feral animal.


Their economy will soar. 

Travelling will be easier this year with Saturn in CAPRICORN. All countries and cities with Capricorn strong in their charts founded December 21-31st will be affected by SATURN transiting the first 10 degrees of the sign. Saturn in Capricorn is in its home sign-good but also tough for Capricorns. Saturn always limits brings obstacles and tests.


Donald Trump will be draining the swamp of Deep State which is both Republican-back to the original Bush era and Democratic corruption. That is a good thing. The fake news will settle down somewhat now that Saturn keeps it real Capricorn. Democrats in denial will still keep trying to get Trump. Backlash against Trump and his alt-right pro-Christians continues from human rights groups Blacks LGBQ and women’s rights groups will get stronger.  U.S. foreign policy is changing with America retreating and closing military bases and not supporting other countries I repeat what I predicted in 2017.  Women especially will be marching for the #MeToo women’s rights to be put into the U.S. Constitution. Women continue to march in anti-abortion and other restrictive teaching of creationism, celibacy, anti-science, and Biblical studies in public schools. Gays and the LGBT community will also be mobilized against Trump’s Christian fundamentalism.

TRUMP MAY DIE of a heart attack 

TRUMP is in congruence with Saturn in Capricorn’s old fashioned conservative energies in 2018. But he is still in danger from last Aug. 21 eclipse with another one opposite to it on Feb 15th. The effects of any eclipse lasts 9 months after it occurs.  He could be killed, by secret technology which appears as a heart attack. Trump was also born on an eclipse so he is doubly vulnerable.


May take a big fall.  The Constitution itself may be amended. Trump rewrites everything that President Obama made law in the last 8 years. Women blacks gays and immigrant supporters continue to fight against Trump’s protectionist policies in the U.S.  This will eventually cause a major revolution in 2020.


Putin and Trump get along so well is that their stars were aligned when they were born.


The simpler on the ground -drive a truck into a crowd terrorist attacks style continues. Major cities in the U.S. and in Europe and Italy will be struck. Knifings and stabbings as well. There will be major attacks again in London, Paris, New York, California India Indonesia and Germany.

The E.U.

BREXIT is the beginning of the E.U. falling apart. Greece Italy and Spain may default, their economies in ruins. The refugee crisis will continue to destabilize the economy which will be chaotic.


Problems with gang rapes persist. There will be public protests. Tightening of restriction on refuges, initiating much stricter limits.


Merkel will be ousted. More right-wing leaning parties take over.


Will continue to be under investigation. But I feel it is false. The U.S. and Russia could lay all the cold war fears to rest as the Trump only wants to do good business. Russia’s involvement in Syria is a power ploy around controlling the Oil. 


Economy is still in recession. But A1 and robots being introduced will help it this year. There will be more earthquakes contributing to a continuously unsolved Fukushima which has never been capped.


Turkey is not the West’s ally anymore. This is a critical mistake. Russia has gained ground with Turkey and will be able to supply Europe with their vast resources.


Will continue to be an ongoing part of the daily news. Chemical and viral warfare is a huge danger this year. Terrorists are getting more sophisticated.


It will be another year of extreme weather. Colder than normal in the U.S. and most of Canada which already began early this year and will continue until late April. But it may be warmer than normal in extreme North latitudes. It could be the warmest year in the Arctic and Antarctic ever recorded. We are beginning a mini-ice age. So prepare now. This has nothing to do with man-made global warming and pollution. It has to do with the Sun being in a low cycle itself.

DANGER! around May 15 

There may be dangerous CME’s unleashed especially May 15 which could wipe out every cryptocurrency and security feature in every computer and sattelite in the world throwing us back a number of years in development.

Repeating my 2017 weather predictions: Strong Earthquakes, in India, Central America, Indonesia, Italy. There will be droughts in California and Arizona and, forest fires in the drier West. Summer will be very hot throughout Europe. Torrential flooding will also hit Toronto in spring and summer.-CAME TRUE

MONSANTO now owned by Bayer will also see their powers further limited and curtailed. Courts make Monsanto pay millions. CAME TRUE

Battle between the old guard scientists, archeologists, researchers and new irrefutable evidence that will change the old order of reality. Trump is anti-science and anti-environmental which will be disastrous for the earth with pollution levels and destruction of natural habitats. 


The cover-up is over. Secret  Government documents reveal UFO technology deals created in the late 40’s.


Scientists will discover more and more ancient relics of civilizations in South America in Europe Arctic and the Antarctic as ice caps melt pre-dating all existing dates.


Danger from new sexually transmitted diseases and other types of viruses which spread rapidly due to Jupiter in Scorpio’s influence.


Major medical advances in transplants. New face grafts. Creating organs with 3D printing and genetic splicing will begin to remove certain diseases. “Birth” in a prototype artificial womb late 2017. Continues to improve. Advanced DNA research and surgery. Unlocking hidden clues to our origins in the oceans.


The city continues to boom with Condo and office development. The Canadian dollar will remain low compared to the U.S. Gun violence needs to be curtailed. Film Production will slow down as Trump gives big tax breaks. Weather patterns changing makes the population feel less motivated.


ROYALTY  –Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

I predicted last year that “Harry will meet a commoner from another country and fall very fast. She could be the One.  An engagement may be happening.” It all came true. The May 19 wedding. Meghan will be pregnant within 6 months they will use invitro to assist the process.-CAME TRUE from a 2016 prediction

They will first have a beautiful daughter with black curly hair and hazel eyes.

WHO will be the musician at the Royal Wedding?

Ed Sheeran -one romantic Brit and Beyoncé- the American.


Last year’s prediction. “They may decide to have a surrogate mother deliver another child for them later in the year. “Business as usual. CAME TRUE


Nobel Prize for Literature awarded posthumously.

Taylor Swift

2017 prediction” A Lunar Eclipse August 7th creates powerful karma in Taylor’s life. She could be meeting the One and decide to tie the knot”. She will be tops again.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez

They may get pregnant again and will have a boy.

Miley Cyrus

She has matured a lot. She may make a major film.

Justin Bieber

Big change in his behavior. Religion is good for him. Yes, he and Selena are back together. He may act in a film.


She will have another very creative year. She will begin to get involved politically and support women’s and Black causes more public ally.


“Feb 10 Lunar eclipse is like cupid’s arrow. She decided to get hitched up with someone much older than her.”- 2017 prediction. Recovering from Aronofsky’s debacle of Mother. She will take a break. They have a strong connection.


Another style change for her-Vegas. Going back to old-style American standards. A new romance in the fall with someone who is not famous.  CAME TRUE

George and Amal Clooney
He is going to retire and enter politics. I can see him running for Democrat Senator in 2020.


I think he is soured on relationships. He will put all his energy into being creative directing and being available for his kids.


The big karmic romance comes in spring-summer this year. It will be very fast. He is getting into producing films and acting again. His music will get more spiritual. Religion will become important to him. I predicted he may become a  father and he did. CAME TRUE- he has a son Adonis.


Will she win her tennis match after becoming a mom? YES!

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson will get some serious cred for his acting. He will meet a new woman she is also very different from any of the women he has been involved with before. She seems creative and may work in the background of the film business. CAME TRUE_ landed part of Batman  and appeare din the Lighhouse


Sir Ringo Starr; Sophia Loren; HUGH JACKMAN; Mick Jagger

John Depp

Needs help and to go to rehab for alcohol and drugs. He may fall apart on the set of his latest movie. He may have to file for bankruptcy. CAME TRUE


Financier George Soros

Jerry Lewis- predicted in 2017.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Divine balance, Autumn Equinox Astrology

The ingress of the Sun into Libra marks the end of summer and the Autumn Equinox on Sept 22 @ 7:29 pm PDT/ 10:29 pm EDT/ Sept 23 2:29 am GMT. Spring is beginning down under in the Southern part of the hemisphere. It is celebrated as MABON in Pagan spirituality. 

Sun in Libra brings our consciousness and the Light into focusing on being in balance, relationships, love, marriage, the fine arts, and choices.

Day and night are only equally twice a year. The SCALES of MAAT, is the symbol of the constellation LIBRA. The great Ancient Egyptian goddess weighs the hearts of the deceased to see if they are as light as her ostrich feather diadem or not. We are in the KARMIC balance and being judged.

PLUTO, Lord of Death and Rebirth turns DIRECT 2 hours before the Equinox at 11 degrees Capricorn. This is a very powerful SOUL station turnabout. Picture yourself swivelling on your souls’ toes. If you are born within 5 days of  Dec 31- Jan -7 you will feel the heaviness of this anchoring. Check out where the 11th degree of Capricorn falls in your natal chart. That is a soul “pull your socks up” to say the least. 

The equinox chart is a forecast of the next 3 months. It’s a karmicaly complex Equinox. 

autumn Equinox astrology Tara Greene

Lots of 6th house type of VIRGO action in this chart. The Moon and Venus are in Virgo. Sun, Mercury, the North Node plus Athena Goddess of Wisdom and the warrior Goddesses energy is in LIBRA. But here they are focused on Virgo/Hermit overview energies of hard work, service, health, discipline, organization, accountability, conservation, the harvest, the environment and worry.

Moon in Virgo means the people’s mood may be worried about scarcities, health and jobs.

MOON and VENUS are conjunct in VIRGO and VENUS rules the new-born Libra SUN.

This is an emotional time and points to being accountable in love, which also alludes to being fiscally responsible.

The Moon is the mood of the people and Venus is love. Together in Virgo they make for a romantic, earthy, money focused tightening of the belts. Women or anyone into weight loss will rejoice.  There will be Romance on the job. Do you love, love, love your work? How much in service are you?  This also indicates workaholics.

How much worrying do you do about

1. your health, 2 money 3. diet 4.finding love v.s. being a HERMIT?

Aren’t these the 4 main things that everyone worries about?

MOON VENUS is opposite CHIRON the wounded healer in PISCES which is square Mars at 6 degrees of Sagittarius.

Neptune in Pisces is  Square to Mars.

The feeling body, the mind/emotional connection which Venus and the Moon in Virgo represents may be feeling very vulnerable and wounded. Love hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? Bringing spiritual compassion and unconditional love into relationships with yourself and at work is important.  It may be hard to keep from flying off the handle and exiting for the road less travelled-square to Mars in Sagittarius.  Be careful not to be seduced by numbing out escapism to drugs, alcohol, workaholism, delusions, illusions and false prophets/False profits.

 There may be more sad news about mass shootings in the U.S.  because of antidepressants making people psychotic.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node in Libra, good for socializing, grace, balanced viewpoints, Fairness is important. 

JUPITER is at the 15th degree of Leo trine Uranus in Aries in a wide trine to Mars in Sagittarius.

It’s all about opening your heart to creative self-expression, childlike delight and passion which in itself sets the heart alight and revolutionizes actions to be free, to learn higher wisdom, knowledge and philosophy, in other words broadens ones perspective. Becoming a  Dharma Bum as Jack Kerouac would have put it.  Have you read that classic book?

Jupiter is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, exact the next day.

Don’t try to hide the wounds behind braggadocio and partying too much.

Saturn is at 19 degrees Scorpio conjunct CERES the dwarf planet of the Earth, the Great Goddess called Demeter to the Greeks. Saturn is karma and our own survival is totally dependent on our right relationship with the earth Mother Herself. Vesta ancient goddess of sacred sexuality and focus is also conjunct Saturn. We must work on healing, integrating and Honoring the split between the Mother and the whore, in our culture, an ancient Patriarchal, SATURN, split. Sexuality is sacred. The treatment of women parallels the treatment of the earth herself and her children.  

Saturn is sextile to the Moon and Venus in Virgo and the three planets form a FINGER OF GOD or Yod aspect to Uranus conjunct the South Node in Aries. Quincunx’s are difficult aspects but ones which must be dealt with. Issues of accountability, renewal of resources, creating new technologies and freedoms for women {Moon and Venus} and children and agricultural resources is very important.The work force is going through huge upheavals, the use of high tech and who gets to use it and how we use it responsibly are crucial.  Uranus is the God of higher consciousness liberation and freedom. 

ASTRO CARTOGRAPHY of the Autumn Equinox

astro equinox Tara Greene

Pluto and the Sun cross in the middle of Australia.

Could be a nuclear waste dump or an  explosion.

Uranus and Pluto converge around Mexicali Mexico and in the ocean off of Baja.

This could signify a huge undersea earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. The big one.

Pluto and Uranus also cross each others paths off of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean 

Cool be HARP activity, another undersea earthquake and tsunami.

MARS and the Sun cross North of  Sapporo Japan.

Mars and Sun are a most difficult combo. Nuclear power issues. This is serious karmic testing in these areas to the degree to which cultural inheritance and unconscious urges have been suppressed. This could be another tsunami or undersea quake.

Saturn Neptune cross over Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

fighting over oil and resources and land rights. Religious opposition to China’s rule. This is ancient Buddhist country.

Mars Neptune cross in Southern Libya. and over northern waters of Malaysia. 

religious wars, Fighting over oil rights. Religious terrorists emerge about the downed Malaysian plane. 

Neptune Mars cross in Brasil in Central eastern areas.  Oil wars, 

Mars and PLuto cross in central ALASKA, 

Oil pipeline leaks or explosion. Native rights resistance and proclamations.

All the planets converge in the North West Territories in Canada indicating struggles with Indigenous Peoples over land rights, Keystone pipeline, etc. and who owns the polar waterways,

Neptune Mercury and Uranus overlap in Seattle and Boise Idaho down to Las Vegas.

This HOT SPOT indicates much chaos, addictions, delusions, crazy hostage taking, religious fanatics. Water rights issues.

The autumn Equinox is a time to harvest what you have sewn in the Spring of this year. Look back and see if you are satisfied with your growth. The energy is more fiery now for the last quarter of 2014 especially with Mars in Sagittarius.

There is a new moon Sept 23 at 1 degree Libra.

Jupiter Trines Uranus on Sept 25 during Rosh Hashanah 

Some unexpected freedoms granted for the imprisoned.

Mars Trines Uranus Oct 4/5 on Yom Kippur

This can re-ignite an already totally incendiary situation in the Middle east.


Mars Trines Jupiter in Leo and this eclipse hugely exposes hidden agendas and brings in the Grand Cardinal Cross energy. Venus in Libra also Squares Pluto- big money secret agendas will out.  More later.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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MABON by Lisa Thiel 

John Michel Jarre Equinox part 5 1978  

Epic launch,best Astrology dates,accentuate the positive

Timing is everything. Divine timing is even better.

If you are looking for one of the best dates to launch any new product, project, venture, lifestyle- its coming right up @ April 10 NEW MOON.

BUT  ALSO 5 ALARM FIRE  WARNING–North Korea-ARIES is IMPULSIVE and we’ve seen Kim Jong Un

Acting definitely ARIES MARTIAL -War mongering IMPULSIVE – trigger happy, firing and threatening nuclear missile launches since the planets began lining up in ARIES  mid March.

THIS IS very dangerous . I had predicted war starting from North Korea at this time in my 2013 predictions in 2012 which were published on the web.

Also can be more volcano explosions like the ones that have started in Russia recently

Volcano Russia Astrology Tara Greene

Russia Volcano explosions 2013

ON the positive side-  YOU gotta ACCENTUATE the positive -see link below

All New Moons are great beginnings but a quadruple ARIES conjunction is 4 times as powerful.

April 10 NEW MOON -Sun & Moon at 20 degrees Aries @ 2:36 am PDT 5:35 am EDT 9:36 am GMT

where Venus and Mars were conjunct April 6/7

The New Moon is now taking that sexy Sacred Marriage energy into

the VOID -the Dark Moon

where all Magic and mystery are made- the cauldron, the Womb pure Potential.

This is conception time.

later this day New Moon conjuncts Mars & Venus to bring the DIVINE FEMININE Energies to it.

A very fertile Moon, although in Aries this is a masculine Fire sign – new inspiration

Uranus is in Aries too. A rad conception, revolution urge for freedom.

This would be Day 5 of working with the VENUS MARS energy Conjunction.


Where is 20-22 degrees ARIES occur in your natal chart?

It’s in my 5th house, on the cusp of my 6th house. For me it pertains to creative self-expression and new work. I am working on new CD’s and on-line classes and tours.

Does 20-22 Aries conjunct square or oppose any other planets or angles in your chart? Does it quincunx anything -that’s a 150 degree difficult angle with two different elements not speaking the same language.

That is where the new energy is being conceived.

This is a powerful year for all ARIES  born April 9th-13th of course who get hit exactly with the energy

Works well for Libra’s born opposite Oct 13-17th

and Capricorn’s born Jan 10-14 get the pressure of the square

and CANCER’s born July 12-16 also get squared

SUN will conjunct MARS on April 17 at 28 degrees ARIES

so you have a whole week to work in the dark then SUN MARS energy like a Divine spark begins to move it out.

Let me know how you are feeling this energy.

Personally I am feeling  exhausted on some level. I have pushed forwards and gotten quite a few deadlines met last week.

Need help to choose what your new path is? Get a reading? http://taratarot.com/id78.html

Accentuate the positive  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xJlyxygLh4