Inspirational Card of the Day

for Sunday June 22

The 5 of Disks

 EROTIC TAROT Tara Greene Tarot



all 5’s symbolize a test- rather Saturnlike, it is the middle of the 1-10.

In the Erotic Tarot a woman looks to me like she is in labour. As if her water had broken and she is sudddenly in labour but she is on the street squatting in the traditional posture of birthing and overcome by her bodies natural labour pangs. 

The card carries the symbol of Mercury communications and Taurus as Earth sign.

the Moon is in TAURUS today. Mercury doesn’t communicate easily in grounded,stubborn -“I hate change”- Taurus.

But the number 5 is also the PENTAGRAM sacred to VENUS and depicts her 5 petalled 8 year circuit.

Many flowers have 5 petals.

Usually this card represents being out of money, stuck in the limitations on the physical plane, needing to cross a chasm to get to the treasure.

WHERE Are you stuck in the material world?

What labour must you surrender to in order to birth your dream, wealth, goal, baby?

The TEST is always a test of ourselves, of our own self- worth, self-image.

In DISKS, earth it is a physical test of strength. BE STRONG LIKE OX.

How strong are you feeling?

Many clients I am hearing from feel that they are at the brink of breaking, almost suicidal from the stresses of the physical world testing them,

I lost my job, I have been sick and hospitalized, there were complications, the doctor is warning me I can have a heart attack at any moment, I have no hope, what’s the point of living…

See beyond the hurdle. YOU CAN DO IT. The Universe never gives us more than we can handle. 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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3 thoughts on “Inspirational Card of the Day

  1. Just for your info, she is not in labour: she’s in heat. If I remember correctly, the image is taken from one of the “Click” comics by Milo Manara (can’t remember which of the four in the series): a remote-controlled device is implanted into the brain of the woman depicted, and when it is activated she becomes sexually insatiable. She is hungry for sex, but no one cares about her, and she ends up masturbating on the street: the 5 of Pentacles, in an eros (sexual attraction) perspective.


    • Wow great thanks for letting me know. I am not familiar with that tarot deck. I do my research after I pick a card by scrolling through the many variations of cards from the thousands of decks available now. I also put my own interpretation on to the image as although each artist imbues their deck with their specific imagery choices, each image is also open to interpretation. Labour, is also extremely sexual. That’s what my midwives taught me and that is correct in my experience. 5 of discs, is stuck in the body so that makes sense. Thanks for your great input.


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