Mermaids, magic and love Astrology

Aug 11 La Luna’s mystic rays envelop us on a new monthly emotional journey as she spontaneously ups our energy in ARIES this morning.

There’s a very beautiful spiritual unconditional loving energy today one of the loveliest most connecting, most melt into your beloved’s arms energy. 

Calling all MERMAIDS

VENUS the Goddess of human LOVE trines Neptune the “higher octave” of VENUS

This is so beautiful with VENUS in CANCER the GREAT MOTHER, call her Mary, Isis, Ceres, Kwan Yin, Tara, the Mermaid Queen, she has thousands of names.

NEPTUNE in PISCES is the source of all oneness, the Great heart/womb from which we were all birthed and to which we all return. Mermaids and mermen, the people of the unconscious reside here. 

Neptune rules artists, music, creativity, unconditional love, spirit, forgiveness, oneness, endings, Source. 

The trine is a 120-degree aspect and is super positive.This is pearls of wisdom and beauty. Pure bliss.

Love yourself unconditionally with all your human frailties. Neptune in Pisces brings an ocean of unconditional love along with Venus in CANCER. This is a tidal wave of spiritual cleansing, an outpouring of the mother’s milk of human kindness, nurturing from the Goddess Herself, let yourself go into the Lap of the Divine Mother, she will nurse you feed you, nurture you and care for you always infinitely and forever. 

Love yourself and honor yourself for being born a woman, a powerful spiritual gift. Women are the Creatresses of life and are Goddesses.  Love all of yourself woman, love your mother, love everyone in the world. 

This aspect increases psychic sensitivity. Do meditate and visualize today. Take a cleansing bath or do a water purification ceremony.

Send a shower of love to the entire world. With the critical energies building in North Korea between its dictator and Trump we need that Oneness energy now. 

Express your love for your children if you have real children, or other peoples children, practice random acts of kindness today. Neptune rules charity. Especially give food, or money for women’s shelters or to help stop sex trafficking of children and indigenous women being killed and 

Neptune rules charity. Especially give food, or money for a food bank, or for women’s shelters or to help stop sex trafficking of children and indigenous women being killed and for the homeless or to support millions of people who have no access to fresh water in the world.

Be grateful that you have a safe roof over your head and food to eat. Millions do not. 30,000 children die every day in the world. Understand that we in the west no matter how poor, unless you are homeless, are living better than millions of other people who we are intrinsically connected with. 

Sing, dance, make art, make love, send prayers to connect with your beloved. Eat really well, curl up at home or invite friends or family over. 

Enjoy this bliss we are only 10 days to the Big eclipse. 

Moon squares Venus in Cancer at night to bring it all back home.

Inspirational Card of the Day 

Rumi Tarot VEnus Tara Greene

The EMPRESS #3 /Venus Rumi Tarot

“Woman is a ray of the divine light”

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Lunar eclipse Tarot reading-get grounded

Let’s pull a Tarot card for today’s Lunar eclipse and comet Honda appearing too.

These are both traditional harbingers of ill omens.  


Priestess of Disks Thoth 

The Priestess of Disks or Princess of Coins is the most earthy of cards. She symbolizes the earth of earth.
In the I CHING she would be totally RECEPTIVE all YIN lines. The Hexagram #2 K’un. The # 2 in the tarot and in the alpha bet is the High Priestess, the Moon, also totally feminine. I wonder if this Chinese word for receptive, total feminine energy, K’un isn’t the root word for Kunt.
In Sanskrit, the Goddess Kunti was the root for that word as well as the Patriarchs took the honored Goddess and inverted her energy as they always do and” spit on her snatch” as Marianne Faithfull wrote in a song years ago. 
 She is like CERES or DEMETER, or the Constellation of VIRGO, a very ancient constellation of the Great Mother.
She gives birth to everything that is why she is shown pregnant.  She has the ram’s horns symbol of Aries Mars and the male spiritual force on her head. She initiates ane fertilizes all consciousness as well. 
She holds a diamond-tipped scepter of regal power which is rooted in the earth. This symbolizes the conception of clarity from the hologram that is ALL THAT IS, in the most manifest physical vibration of matter. 
She is the goddess of MANIFESTATION. 
She is also The Goddess Freya, and today is her day FRIDAY, She is VENUS, Goddess of love beauty harmony and the arts. She stands in a sacred grove of trees, an ancient natural “church” in front of an altar which represents a wheat sheaf, the symbol fo Demeter.
The Thoth card shows her holding a Chinese yin/yang shield or symbol of the balanced forces of duality, the masculine/feminine nature of everything which bring equilibrium.
This Priestess governs the WOMB, pregnancy, and symbolizes all womben. Feminists use language to correct misogynistic language. I like womben.  What do you think?
Stay grounded to use the eclipse energy positively. Stay in touch with your body. Eat grounding foods. Touch the earth if you can. Walk barefoot where you can. The Buddhists say that all mantras or actions today are amplified 1,000 times for better or worse. Manifest GRACE today.
Use your intention wisely.  
The physical is the real manifestation of soul and spirit.  
We are pregnant with all possibility.
Call upon the GODDESSES, Venus, Demeter, Freya, Kali, and Persephone, and all the earth mothers and Goddess of the Underworld, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Mictecacihuatl, Chief death Goddess of Mictlan.
And call upon Durga, Hindu Goddess who destroys all demonic Forces, and she rides a lion, very appropriate for a LEO eclipse.
Goddess DURGA

Invincible Warrioress

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Mercury, Grand Earth Trine Tarot and Astrology,Tara Greene

Its’a MERCURIAL day on Mercury’s day, Wednesday. In French, Mercredi. 
Mercury is the fleet-footed messenger of the Gods also the closest and fastest moving planet to the Sun.
Mercury trines URANUS
the higher octave of Mercury in the wee hours of July 27. Expect some wild dreams and many light bulbs to go off in your dreams! These two planets are the rulers of CHAOS, change, freedom, revolution, brilliant ideas and new technologies.
You may be restless, wired and too energized to sleep. Uranus is electrical energy. Keep your mind open, Mercury is in LEO and is connected to your HEART CHAKRA. Listen to your heart and allow new strategies in which can help you to approach anything where you feel stuck.
Mercury inconjuncts CHIRON the SHAMANIC HEALER in PISCES
There is a disconnect between the Mercury in LEO ego and the deeper intuitive knowing that your psyche contains. Take some time to sit with and feel into your own intuition, your cellular consciousness, your sleeping dreams and waking dreams for the answers to all of this chaos that is going on in the world around us. I certainly feel overwhelmed by it all.  STRONG BOUNDARIES are needed. That is one of the ego’s most positive roles, to define the  “I.”  At this time of the great polarization of ” I am not you.”  Chiron in PISCES begs to differ and says “
” I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. 
See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.
I’m crying.
Sitting on a cornflake,waiting for the van to come.
Corporation Tee-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday.” -John Lennon I am The Walrus 1967
The Mood is certainly obstinate and stubborn  as the TAURUS MOON inconjuncts SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and later Moon squares Venus in LEO .
This translates as: Difficult issues with authority figures, politics, pissed off with women leaders. And can make things difficult in personal up close relationships. Be aware of where you are being too pushy, demanding and stubborn. Reigning in that behaviour will get you what you really want. Try it. 
3 of Pentacles, Tarot card reader Tara Greene
3 of Pentacles by Cathy McClelland. 3 of disks/earth
This card illustrated the Grand Earth Trine energy. I love the three turtles for the 3 of Pentacles. It is very magical earth trine symbol.  
TAURUS MOON trines Pluto in CAPRICORN and JUPITER in VIRGO @ 21+degrees
This is an excellent day to get down to really practical details. Money and investments, creating with your hands, getting down and dirty literally, being in Nature, fact checking expenses, setting long-term education and travel goals. A good  day to ask for a raise, get a promotion and start a new diet or health regime.  All earth signs benefit.
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Numerology 2016, Card of the day

2016 Numerology reduces to the number 9. The Number 9 symbolizes completion. During 2016  we are ending what we began 9 years ago in 2008. It is the Arcana of The Hermit. Get used to the idea of being a hermit. If you don’t like your own company how will you be able to be in a relationship?  Knowing and liking  one’s self is a prerequisite for being in a good relationship.

We need to turn within for down time.  Living a quieter life, being introspective, listening to you  inner authority is the way to go. Hermits drop out of the rat race, they follow the wisdom of their own Higher selves, they do not need to communicate with others 24/7. Hermits value simplicity, DIY, live slow, 100 mile diets, enjoy nature more than clubs and live a simpler more down to  earth humble existence. 

The Hermit 2016 Tara Greene

The HERMIT, card of the day 

We are winding down in 2015.

VERY RARE Big Full Moon on Christmas Eve.  The Moon will be in Cancer perfect for family gatherings. Werewolves, alcohol, Santa Claus. May be very difficult for some with all the emotional stuff being stirred up. I will write about that separately.

Gotta Go.

Will be doing ceremony for Solstice with my friend Songstress sound healer Pam Gerrand and friends.  How about you?

blessings to you

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10 Modern Day Hermits

Jealousy, Posession and freedom.

Venus in Scorpio is inconjunct to Uranus in Aries Dec 18 .
Think of an inconjunct, a 150 degree aspect between the planets as an Inconvenient Truth.  Something you don’t want to deal with but must even though you can’t figure out how to combine the oil and water together. You can’t and they don’t blend.
Venus in Scorpio is jealous. Terribly jealous and possessive.
This aspect triggers rebellion which is a great thing. Are you feeling possessed by the insecurity of the Scorpio energy person who wants to control your behaviours to meet their own selfish needs?
Possession is a very real thing. Emotions are real energies and become negative entities. You don’t need an exorcism by a Catholic priest but you do need to establish some healthy boundaries. Imagine a circle of white light around you. Call upon the angels to guard you at each direction.Michael in the East, Gabriel in the South, Ariel in the West, Raphael in the North.
If so this is a great opportunity to see the light and RUN>.
This is a good healthy thing. Avoid those who are trying to manipulate you to their own ends. This includes gazillions of phony psychics out there, professing to remove curses, bring back the ex-lover, bring you good luck etc. As well as anyone who holds the proverbial carrot on the stick out for you. Think about the encultured manipulations as well. This is all media, whatever the media serves up to the public is a manipulation to get your attention to go -there. Where they want you to go. 
I would use the wild chaotic need for freedom energies of Uranus quincunx VENUS to get the hell out of any toxic relationships asap. Don’t be afraid to be alone over the holidays, Don’t stay in toxic relationships. The unknown is the portal where you discover your real self. 
Let’s pull a card to guide you. 
Ace of pentacles or Disks Tara Greene Tarot
This is perfect of course, as the cards always are. The Ace of Disks is the initiating and most powerful potentiality of any new physical situation, event or reality. It is a new beginning. It is the acorn who knows it must become the giant oak tree.  Trust in this impulse to grow in a new way. To plant new seeds, to begin a new path, a new way of life. 
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Earth to Republicans, Card of the day

Sun squares Chiron

You may feel very vulnerable. I am sure some of the GOP candidates are.  Go ahead and cry its good for your soul.

Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius @ 2:25 a.m. PDT

Will the real slim shady please stand up? We need truth,and  arrows of inspiration. 

Mercury enters Capricorn @ 6:34 pm PDT 

Brains is down to business. Put a conservative suit and tie on. 

Will this help the U.S. election to get grounded?  They looked like a bunch of lunatics. 

I am so glad we have a wonderful open-hearted Liberal Prime Minister now in Canada. We were in Hell for 10 years. Trudeau was crying in public yesterday. What a guy. The new Masculine. 

Inspirational card of the Day 

7 of swords Tarot of the Ages Tara Greene

  7 0f swords

Too many swords in the pot.  Betrayal, deception, getting away with something, stealth. To much aggro. Too much arguing. Battling an endless monster. The mind is overwrought. What are you battling with? You are standing on a slippery slope. 

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Sun, Saturn, Neptune, optimism or oblivion?

The Sun ignites and highlight the SATURN/ NEPTUNE SQUARE on Sunday, as Sun and Saturn connect for a sobering fatherly get together at 7+ degrees of Sagittarius.  That was a mundane preview on Thanksgiving at Saturn Neptune’s first exact square. 

The Sun will really illuminate the Shadows of the Neptune side of unreality beginning on the 29th and continuing for most of 2016. This is a very powerful alignment that date translates as 11/11 and it’s my birthday. 

Saturn is responsibility,and sobriety. Neptune in Pisces is addictions, the scapegoat blame game and self-made martyrs. The two planets couldn’t be more opposites and we can see that extreme quality everywhere. Saturn in Sagittarius rules politics as well. Neptune in Pisces is illusions, fakery, magic shows, hype. 

Highlight include, faith healers being exposed for tax evasion. Julian Assange being freed after almost 5 years of being locked up for no specific reason. Who know which end is up?  Economic downturn.

These are mutable times, everything is always slip sliding away. 

Speaking of Saturn/Neptune Sun in the news.

CERN Smashes new levels of energy productions for the first time since 1954.

This week, just under three decades since the Tevatron reached 1 TeV, the LHC resumed its programme of colliding so-called “heavy ions”. More precisely, these are the nuclei of lead atoms. Since these nuclei contain the electric charges of 82 protons, the machine can accelerate them to 82 times the energy**, reaching 1045 TeV in the collisions, breaking the symbolic barrier of a quadrillion electron-volts, or 1 PeV (peta-electron volt

Saturn is Lead, and Neptune is the god-article they are searching for, supposedly. Neptune is veils of illusion. Further  Astrology symbolism. Jupiter the largest planet which governs expansion, trust, risk taking, and seeking new territories  governs both Saturn and Neptune right  as their planetary lord. 

CERN in Geneva Switzerland uses LEAD ions to replicate matter moments after the universe was created in the largest experiment ever. On November 25 the day before the Saturn {lead} square Neptune {source energy} squared. 

‘The first lead-ion collision achieved energies that were twice as high as that of any previous experiment, reaching 1045 trillion electron-volts (TeV).

An immense amount of energy was released as the streams of positively-charged particles, which had been stripped of negatively-charged electrons, collided. A primordial mass of particles with a temperature of several trillion degrees–about a quarter million times higher than the temperature of the core of the sun-was also created because of the collision.”

every time CERN powers up like this usually earthquakes follow.

Just stay in the Light.

we have a heavy Cancerian mood on November 28

Moon trines Neptune and Chiron early and late in the day.

lots of emotional sensitivity welling up. protect your inner child. 

Moon quincunx’s Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Sagittarius 

If you tune into the higher inspiration you may overlook the tender sentiments of the feminine side of things.


Moon squares Mars in Libra and opposes Pluto and squares Uranus 

Every time these planetary energies collide we need to go deeper into our souls. 


queen of swords Tarot Tara Greene

Queen of Swords 

Use your mind to discriminate. The Queens are feminine the combination of feelings and thought control is very powerful/.

Blessings TARA

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SLip Sliding away- Simon & Garfunkel 



Aquarius detachment prior Super Moon lunacy.

Moon is in Aquarius as of earlier today August 27.

The mood is definitely lighter and we have the ability to be detached, cool, and observe everything from a higher perspective. Aquarius is the sign of eccentricity, electrical energy, independence and revolution. You need to be with your tribe yang. 


Aquarius Tarot Tara Greene


KEYWORDS: New projects, fresh ideas, team work, intellectual expansion,

Two awkward inconjuncts from Moon to Jupiter and sun may have had us jitterbugging around.
Mercury enters Libra today and it’s all about social networking, talking about our relationships review with Venus in Leo and our need to have peace, balance, harmony and grace in our lives.
Moon opposes Mars in Leo tonight PDT so party on dudes and then opposes Venus, Retro dudettes, early a.m. EDT and PDT. A night of detached passions. Otherwise a rather light Friday is ahead.

Rest up for the very powerful PISCES Super Moon.

I am finishing my article for the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY NOW> I have been sick with a head cold flu all week. and lost my nice Venus Mars article through a computer snafu.

Mars will inconjunct PLUTO early Saturday morning. A very difficult Scorpion like energy passions will be high, anger and deep resentments may surface. Stay aware and avoid difficult energetics and situations. Don’t try to save anyone. 

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inspirational card of the day

wow the energy is feeling very intense to me. How about you?

The Sagittarius Full Moon has some really difficult aspects. This Moon will activate any natal planets in Mutable signs. Gemini Virgo and Pisces as well as Sagittarius.

There is a FINGER OF GOD  between Mars in Gemini sextile Jupiter and both are inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a 150 degrees aspect. Pluto in Capricorn is still at the 15th degree, the most powerful and reigniting the last Grand Cardinal Cross degrees but from a new perspective of mutability.Think psycho-babble and irritation,  the warrior, the King and the Lord of the Underworld cant agree on anything.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is less than 1 degree away from my Natal Moon so I am being rebirthed but feeling rather sick to my stomach. 


Tarot of the sacred feminine Tara Greene

Tarot of the Sacred Feminine

The Knave/Page Princess of Disks is the messenger of nature. 

The earth of earth. This is about yearning to manifest your gifts in the material world. 

study, scholarship reflection, Leaning on the Goddess for her protection, psychic energy and manifestation.

Listen to your body. 

Stay grounded there is much change and deeply rooted old patterns surfacing now. 

This is root cause. Don’t be afraid of it. If you go straight to the root now you will cross the rainbow bridge to heaven. Remember we are embarking on the dark journey as Saturn will re-enter Scorpio June 14, I am planning to do an online course. stay tuned.

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Fast furious Friday and the Hermit

Fri April 17 Aries Moon is very energizing today.

This is Cardinal Cross energy day today so people may be testy. The energies between Uranus and Pluto will continue to be in  aspect for the next year. It ain’t over until it’s over.
We are headed for the New Moon in Aries tomorrow so energetically we are unconsciously and emotionally turning inwards into the inner planes, into the quiet darkness of the void, back to the womb of all potential, no matter which sign the New Moon is in. So prepare for new beginnings. 

I am feeling very up. I got up really early today which is not usual for me.

Aries Moon Trines Jupiter at 1:30 pm EDT –

You are feeling LUCKY! feels positive strong, energized, faith is renewed. It’s a YES!
MOON squares PLUTO – 

initiate your power drives. Delve deeper into your souls desires. 

MARS SQUARES JUPITER – clash of the titans 
-Mars the ruler of Aries in Taurus gets us in touch with our sensuous earthy nature side. Jupiter in Leo is big hearted and has much faith. we can trust the energy in our bodies.
This can also be stubborn will powered enemies – fencing it out, bot fixed signs.Watch out for bullies on the negative side this evening. 

MOON conjuncts URANUS later –

have some wild crazy risky fun, but make sure to wear a helmet, use condoms, stay connected to your gut instincts.



Hermit by Collantes

THE HERMIT by Francisco Collantes 16th/17th Century painting

The Hermit

Trump #9 The Hermit is traditionally shown in a profile holding a lamp. I love this painting of  an Egyptian hermit called Onuphrius who lived about 300 A.D.    

is very appropriate for that turning inwards feel of course! Hermit time is time to tune inwards, turn on your inner wisdom, and access your ancestral knowledge, and drop out. Take time to meditate, to reflect, its a good time to journal.

For those of you who are feeling like Hermits and wish you were in a relationship. You must learn to enjoy your own company first and be happy to be alone in order to enable a partnership to come into manifestation in a positive way.

It’s VIRGO type energy, so clean up, organize your space. The Hermit also calls us to pays attention to our stomachs and digestion. Watch your diet, chew your food slowly and carefully.

Famous Birthday Today

Jennifer Gardner, Victoria Beckham, Don Kirshner -invented bubblegum music, Theo Angelopoulos Greek film producer, Daffy Duck!, composer Jan Hammer, Olivia Hussey who played Juliet in Zefferelli’s version, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Canadian wrestler, actor Sean Bean of Game of Thrones, Maynard James Keenen of Tool and Cadeusus wineries, Harry Reasoner, William Holden, 

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Forty 6 + 2 by Tool explained by Drunvalo Melchizedek