Alchemy today The Philosophers stone

This is a Grand Alchemy day. The Philospher’s stone is in your heart, bones and in your soul.  

alchemy philosopher's stone, tara Greene astrology

Turn Lead into Gold Saturn conjuncts the Sun

Sun conjuncts Saturn today @ 3:52 am PST/ 6:51 am EST/ 11:51 am GMT @ 18 degrees SAGITTARIUS, with JUPITER in LIBRA sextiling the duo.  URANUS is opposite to Jupiter too. The Sun and Saturn are trining URANUS. JUPITER is SQUARING PLUTO. This is Grande CARDINAL Mutable Alchemy. 

Philosophers stone Tara Greene





VERY AMAZING. you can create whatever you wish and keep it balanced. Jupiter the ruler of SAGITTARIUS is in LIBRA, THIS IS KARMIC JUSTICE TIME. 

Be the change, be the gold, be the visionary, revolutionary, freedom fighter, 

Be optimistic, have faith baby. You’ve got the gold. 

Focus on knowing that your body is an alchemical furnace like the SUN, You the Magician can turn anything into anything. Remember 2017 = #1 a MAGICIAN year. 

The symbol of this aspect is SO LITERAL, SUN = GOLd Au or Aum or Om 

the TAROT CARD of the SUN #19

SATURN = LEAD Pb in atomic symbol. Saturn is the planet of THE WORLD Tarot card or the UNIVERSE, #21 

The world Thoth Trump Tara Greene

THOTH TAROT card of the UNIVERSE or WORLD #21 with Saturn’s symbol

What’s that mean? A L C H E M Y turning Lead into Gold 

You are the Alchemist, you change the base metals Lead into Glory The SUN

Lead is a spiritual psychological substance. Anything heavy, depressing, limiting, blocking, is a leaden weight.  Saturn is that, is gravity, very literally. 

Did you read that delightful little book The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo?

The Alchemist Paolo Coelho Tara Greene

Read it if you haven’t. It’s very easy to read, a modern fable.

Be the LIGHT. 

inspirational Card of the Day 

9ofcoins/pentacles Tarot Tara Greene

The URBAN TAROT by Robert Scott

the 9 of discs is so appropriate. The 9’s are completions. 

If you have planets at 18-19 degrees of Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, or Cardinal Signs -Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you get the full impact. Don’t worry Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, You will get your time soon. Everybody benefits under the SUN.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING To transmute today? Let me know. 

What will you do with all your gelt, gold, riches?


please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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