MARS in LIBRA, Men are from Venus in 2014 Astrology from Tara Greene

Men are from Mars and Women from Venus so they say. Did you read that book?

So what happens when Mars, the fiery fearless WARRIOR GOD stays in Venus’s oh so beauteous AIR STREAM trailer home sign of LIBRA?

MARS IN LIBRA = MR. NICE GUY.     Venus, the balls are all in your court.

Mars  is considered to be debilitated weak by Macho standards. He’s in the kitchen, learning to cook, wearing panty hose, and fixing his pretty face. O Bla Di O bla Da is his theme song. 


Sun in LIBRA & Mars in LIBRA

Men in love, sex and war in love, divorces, custody battles. Is love a battle? Sex? Do you use sex for power?

These are important questions. Is love a blessing or a curse in your life?

Venus meanwhile, starts 2014 RETROGRADE, beginning her journey into the Underworld on WINTER SOLSTICE 2013 @ 28 degrees 58 minutes of CAPRICORN. Not good for the economy or relationships. She turns DIRECT @ 13  degrees 38 minutes Capricorn on Jan 30. It will take till March 5 when she reboots from her start point.  Venus ends 2014 three degrees away from her start point @ 25 degrees Capricorn.

Women in Love? A famous D.H. Lawrence book made into a great movie by Ken Russell.

Who wrote the book of LOVE?

WELCOME TO THE GRAND INITIATION of the Masculine into the Feminine

Trying to RE-BALANCE “Marriage” and committed relationships, BIG TOPIC until July 25 2014.

No to mention JUSTICE in general.

It starts December 7 2013 when Mars enters Libra.

MARS GOES RETROGRADE @ 27 degrees 32 minutes LIBRA on March 1st until May 19 @ 9 degrees 02 minutes. It will take till July 21 till Mars can move forward.

Its not that everything stops its just that Mars is desire, sex, action, life force, war. PEACE may descend. 

It’s a very KARMIC year. The Scales of Justice are Goddess Maat’s scales. She weighs your heart and your past deeds.


Especially the PLUTO In LIBRA generation born during 1971-1984.  Plus the SATURN in LIBRA group born September 1980 till August 1983.  Mars is going to be shaking the scales and activating by forward and Retrograde motion all of that Generation’s relationship issues. Those whose karmic soul lesson it is to uncover this very lesson. Which is, in part is to rebalance old karmic debts in relationships as Pluto is the Soul and Libra is KARMA and SATURN is double karma.  This generation was born at the beginning of the Women’s liberation movement when divorces and single mothers became common. 50% of all children now come from single or divorced families. 

This Pluto in Libra generation is now at the oldest, 42 and experiencing their mid-life crises.

Those born from Autumn 1983 and younger are the ones most affected by these transits of Mars in LIBRA.

Pluto in Libra is seeking the true equal relationship.

MARS in Libra is all about diplomacy, fairness, balance, but striving for it, it doesn’t have it, needing equilibrium, aplomb.

Mars is where all the sexy action is. It’s hanging in the Balance, being judged. 

Mars in Libra is very social, loves the Arts, romantic, want to be loved back in Libra.

Those T- squares come in and it will be very intense on April 15 Total Lunar Eclipse. I am feeling that I have to organize a tour to SEDONA in APRIL to help balance these powerful energies. YOU WANT TO COME? 

I’m mulling this over, Mars in Libra means we will need all of our energy and firepower to keep things in Balance.

Relationships will definitely get REVIEWED REWIRED, re-evaluated, REST, all the RE- things with Mars Retrograde. 

“He loves me, he loves me not, Does he love me? Do I love him?” over and over BECAUSE LIBRA, a dual sign, just can’t make up their minds.

Remember PLUTO in CAPRICORN will be applying practical nails into that cross your heart and hope to die marriage vows you took.

URANUS in ARIES- will be also waving the FREAK FLAG HIGH for equal rights marriages, laws, revolutions, fomenting new beginnings, new technologies, of the Sacred I am hoping, not the PROFANE.


Total Lunar Eclipse Astrology Tara Greene

check this out against your NATAL CHART- any planets or angles you have with stuff between 12-28 degrees of those CARD signs is IN.

Mars rules the SUN MERCURY URANUS Juno &  SATURN in Scorpio in this chart

NOTE also the NEPTUNE VENUS CHIRON CONJUNCTION IN PISCES which means SPIRITUAL HEALING COMPASSION FORGIVENESS, BUT it is in QUINCUNX – they no speak the same language- to MARS Retrograde at 16 degrees LIBRA.

This is a key chart for all of 2014. 

FROM WOMEN IN LOVE – “When we really want to go for something better, we shall smash the old. Until then, any sort of proposal, or making proposals, is no more than a tiresome game for self-important people.” D. H. Lawrence 1920 

yep that about sums it up.


Four 1 hour weekly sessions over a months time or we can tailor to suit you. –

all writing is copyright Tara Greene



LOVE IS STRANGE- Mickey & Sylvia 1956 


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