Zen koan, Mars, December -2014 Horoscope from Tara Greene

Just wanted to mention,  MARS in late degrees of Virgo since Nov. 27 is SQUARING the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees Sagittarius.

Irritating, like a ZEN Koan metaphor for “what’s the sound of 9 cats scatching on the chalkboard?”

Virg-oish Mars tries to do the impossible… like clean up a Black Hole. 

NIT PICKY perfectionist Mars in Virgo is also irritating the upper intestines, communications, getting angry and slighted over misinterpretations and other coversationals, NTM wreaking havoc in the Info department where info seems to be disappearing into that humungous Black Hole. Mars in Virgo is in detriment and has been causing accidents. Sending healing to those injured. 

MARS Squares the SAGITTARIUS GIGANTIC BLACK HOLE  Dec 3 and 4th. Magnifying the issues. Be mindfull.

supernova astrology Tara Greene

I have my Natal Mercury at 27 degrees Sagittarius, Mars has been squaring it and causing all kinds of hoof in mouth problems this past week. Lets just say some feelings were hurt involuntarily when words flew out of my mouth as if being sucked out by the G.C. 

Fellow peeps with Planets somehow sitting on the event horizon. Do you have MERCURY on the G.C. or other planets? Feeling Zonky?

How’s it been going for you?

Mars in Virgo loves to analyze so here’s a real ZEN KOAN for MEDITATIONS

imagine the cosmic image above

“Those who speak against killing and who desire to spare the lives of all conscious beings are right. It is good to protect even animals and insects. But what about those persons who kill time, what about those who are destroying wealth, and those who destroy political economy? We should not overlook them. Furthermore, what of the one who preaches without enlightenment? He is killing Buddhism.” 

DEC 4 Mercury enters SAGITTARIUS 
Further just horsing around energy to our finely crafted communications. This is MERCURY’s only visit to the centaur this year and a quick gallop too. It’ll be short fun, horsey, indelicate. 

Here’s the December run down 

Dec. 2  SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON  @ 10 degrees +

Dec. 4  MERCURY ENTERS SAGITTARIUS – plenty of horsing around lots of yuks.

Dec. 7 MARS enters Libra – – begins an extrememly long till JULY 25 2014 stay in LIBRA!!! I’ll write about that separately.

Focus will be on rebalancing relationships. 2014 will be very intense as Mars in Libra in a HUMUNGOUS CARDINAL CROSS with PLUTO URANUS AND JUPITER- especially in mid APRIL 2014.

DEC 17 GEMINI Full Moon- TWIN antenna’s are up  SUN on the GALACTIC CENTER.

DEC 17 Uranus goes Direct- full speed chaos ahead – very powerful date! I will do a video for this one. 

DEC 21 WINER SOLSTICE/ Summer Solstice One of the most important dates of the Year

DEC. 21 VENUS Goes RETROGRADE at 28 degrees Caprirciorn 58 minutes- Ground Hog Day 2014- Grok that! LOVE takes a U Turn 


DEC 25 Mars opposite URANUS 8 Libra – 8 Aries  MaJor T- square- whacky Xmas eve. 

DEC 28 SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY – 7 degrees Capricorn

Dec 29 MERCURY square URANUS – 8+ degrees Capricorn to 8 + degrees ARIES

DEC. 29 SUN Squares URANUS – 8 + degrees Capricorn- 8+ degrees ARIES

DEC 30 MARS SQUARE PLUTO – 11 degrees Libra to 11 degrees + Capricorn- DIFICILE intense.

Dec 31 MERCURY SQUARES Pluto – 11 degrees+ LIBRA –11 degrees+ Capricorn


DEC 10 Mercury TRINE URANUS 8 degrees+ Sag. To 8 degrees+ ARIES

DEC. 12 JUPITER TRINE SATURN 18 degree Retro to 18 degrees + of Scorpio


all writing copyright Tara Greene

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