Walpurgis Witches celebration May 1

Happy Walpurgis naught/ MAYDAY  BELTANE


The_dance_to_the_music_of_time_c._1640 Poussin/ Public Domain

Read all about the WALPURGIS Celebrations an ancient pagan MAYDAY BELTANE cross-quarter day fertility celebration https://www.gothichorrorstories.com/pagans-and-heathens/pagan-holidays-walpurgis-night-and-how-a-british-lady-went-from-catholic-saint-to-germanic-goddess-to-witch-and-gave-us-a-second-halloween/

Get up early can cover your face with dew to be beautiful. an ancient pagan celebration attributed to this day

Please tune in on Saturday, May 2 at 5:00 pm PDT, 8:00 pm EDT and May 3 at 1:00 am GMT for live Zoom astrology and Tarot mentoring workshop presented by Katrina Wynne


Watch this amazingly infectious, in a good way witch rap dance in Germany from 2016 celebrating Walpurgis 

Please share widely get a reading with me http://www.taratarot.com


Please tune in on Saturday May 2 for live Zoom astrology and Tarot mentoring workshop


1 thought on “Walpurgis Witches celebration May 1

  1. Hello, Tara, Sorry I am a bit tired. I tried to work last night with the missing posts (on WordPress) and I was awake until 03.00 at night. 😪 No celebration, just work. I guess that Daily Astrology and Tarot reading comes later. I have to go and take a nap 😴 Have a lovely day 🌺


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