Progression map of the 4,500-acre Slide Fire SEDONA area

Progression map of the 4,500-acre Slide Fire.

AM sending blessings for the containment and ending of this huge fire and prayers to the residents of OAK CREEK and Flagstaff Arziona area and all the wild life, firefighters and tourists.
Fire started as Mars changed direction and went Direct.

2 thoughts on “Progression map of the 4,500-acre Slide Fire SEDONA area

  1. Is this not the way of Gaia ?

    Is our ego more wise than her?

    Sure we want people pets and livestock safe.

    Fire amongst the dead brings renewed green grass and huge herds of wildlife.

    I wonder if buffalo ranged that far once before white man killed them all.


    • yes a natural fire caused by Lightning would be considered to be Gaia’s way. This is a man made fire and in the high desert of the Sedona region it is a very delicate ecology, a fire like this wipes out trees that take hundreds of years to regrow. Yes fire is a purge which allows new growth in general in a different environment. Buffalo ranged in the millions across the entire U.S. I imagine them thundering across the plains and shaking the earth. How sad that the greedy domineering white man slaughtered them all.


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