Lilith lives in your heart

Lilith, at 14 Pisces is sextile, a 60 degree aspect, An easy energy applying to Saturn the planet of history, testing, time limits and the patriarchy.

The two opposing forces create a quincunx or in conjunct. A 150 degree angle to the 14/15th degree of Leo.

This “Finger of God ” or Yod aspect is to mid degree Leo is powerful. Leo rules the spirit, will power, passion, strength,and the heart.

As inconjuncts are in elements which literally don’t see each other, which in this case is water and fire and earth and fire these energies may be very easy to see coming into your life and from your heart.

Lilith in shape shifting Pisces becomes solid, manifest. You will see her in the boardroom, or other corporate structure or reality.

This is a good time for Lilith’s nocturnal nature to appear in your dreams, to embolden you to act with her passion and desire to do what in her ( your) heart.

Sexual energy will be fluid, stable, sensitive, empathetic, merging with the ephemeral, and first. Lilith in Pisces is mutable, untenable and will be wearing amazing nail-claws , bedecked with jewels.,

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