Women’s spiritual retreat, Sedona 888 energies

The 888 energies on August 8, 2015  and the August 17 2015 888 relate to a masculine triple infinity first and the feminine triple infinity latter.

Living in 888 triple infinity reality is extremely positive and is a state or states of accelerated multi-dimensional consciousness. It is very different from the way we have been accustomed to living. All things are possible because all realities are occurring in the eternal NOW.


in 888 times we trust our instincts, and do it.

Sedona Rainbows spiritual tours tara Greene


I am going to SEDONA Arizona from September 13 to do ceremony and ritual and prayers for the earth and all her children beginning on the next New Moon, September 13 on a Part. Solar Eclipse. This is the start of the SHEMITAH year.

Venus will just beginning to move ahead Direct again reborn as the Morningstar, Inanna emerged from her ordeals in the Underworld. There are many auspicious planetary alignments to work with.


It is a beautiful time to be there as it is rainy season, it is cooler and often there are the famous double rainbows which land on the earth. Yes you can go to the end of the rainbow in Sedona.

My guides have told me that I need to be in Sedona a very sacred high energy activation place where healing is accelerated 10 times, to anchor 8 new Feminine Archetypes. I know I need 7 women there with me. Do you also feel this call, Hear it in your heart whispering through your soul?  If so then simply trust and book your flight to Phoenix and on to Sedona NOW!

This is a design it yourself retreat. You can choose which accommodations you like. I can assist you to find which best suits your needs. Bring your sistars, tell your friends, spread the word. 

 Be the change you want to see in the world. 

We will be meeting to meditate on the vortexes in Sedona to pray and to embody and to become and to be these new Goddess Archetypes.  I offer shamanic techniques designed to help you shift your awareness into other dimensions quickly. I call it Star breathing. There will be guided meditations, group dreaming, chanting, drumming, sacred circle formed and much more. 

I need 7 very brave strong women who are ready or willing to take the leap and be the Beauty,own her feminine powers as a warrioress, lover,High Priestess, mother, friend, sister, daughter, poetess, sacred artist and activist. 

September 13 New Moon in VIRGO earth honoring harvest Moon

Sept. 17 Saturn enters Sagittarius 

Sept. 21 The International Day of Peace

Sept. 23 Fall Equinox, balancing the sacred Masculine and the Sacred feminine within

Sept. 27 The final Blood Moon of 2015 is a total lunar eclipse in Aries.

I will be working with other healers, shamans, sound healers, my friends and colleague has a  John of God crystal bed in Sedona. 

WRITE TO ME RIGHT AWAY to secure your spot. A deposit is required by September 1st.


call 416 461 1999 or text me to get  hold of you with any questions 416 230 5347.

Blessings, Namaste



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