“Man hears God” hallucinating on drugs, but its Jupiter in Pisces

I love love love it when astrology so obviously manifests in the news. This from today in the New York Post, the headline says.

Man ‘hears God’ while hallucinating on antibiotics in ‘rare phenomenon’

By  Hannah Sparks February 4, 2022 3:31pm Updated.

“A case of pneumonia led one man to “hear God” after tripping on antibiotics in a rare case of antibiomania, a state of psychosis from taking the common remedy.” The man is 50 which is also the time when everyone experiences what is known as their Chiron Return a time of vulnerability, and Wounding which also heals. Chiron is in Aries right now which governs the head,

What Science sees as a rare antibiotic-induced mania. A Man hearing God speaking to him is not antibiotics, from an astrology lens, It’s because is the great benefic planet JUPITER, King of the Gods/Yahweh or any God which rules Pisces, the sign of dreams, spirituality, visions, mental illness and psychic phenomena, blessing this man with visions. Where would Joan of Arc be if she hadn’t listened ot her visions? Or Francis of Assisi if he hadn’t been able to commune with animals telepathically? Or Moses, or Muhammed, the Buddha, the Pope or any spiritual guru or visionary, I am in no way demeaning or insulting Muhammed or Buddhism etc. Just explaining.

Any religious or spiritual visions are attributed to the sign of Pisces and Jupiter’s traditional rulership of the sign is spiritual teachers or direct experience of God, angels, aliens, visitation, visions etc. All creative energy and inspiration is actually considered to be channelled through Pisces, all creative musicians, artists, filmmakers, cooks, inventors-Einstein himself, channelled their visions through Pisces lens. Medical doctors call it a rare case of antibiomania, because science and doctors in general have no soul, poetry, or imagination and is the antithesis of spirituality.

Pisces also rules drugs, delusions, illusions, institutions, and mental illness. Also the man is 50 years old which means he is experiencing a Return of Chiron the wounded healer, ‘As above, so below.” Once you hear from God directly, I dont think you ever forget that. I wonder if the man affected was also a Pisces, a Sagittarius or mutable sign, Gemini or Virgo.

Have you ever had a spiritual visitation from Angels, or God, aliens or other paranormal phenomena? I have had a few. The anniversary of one of the major ones i had is coming up again.

On February 22, 1979 in ISLA MUJERES MEXICO at around 10:30 pm EST is where it happened. Read about it here https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/feb-22-2012-my-spiritual-epiphany-a-hopi-blue-kachina/

This time of course Feb 22, 2022 is a run of magic 2’s. Which ends a 20 year sequence of such numbers appearing. 22 is a Master number, 22 is the Number of letters in the Hebrew Alphabet and the Major Arcana in the Tarot, and the Number of Revelations. 222 is what’s referred to as an angel number and there were many orders of Angel numbers in Gematria which translates numbers and letters into meaning symbols, in the Hebrew tradition.

222 is interpreted very differently in Judaism and in Christian traditions.

The #2 means is a blessing of increase, addition, multiplicity, abundance. 222 is thrice the blessing, increase additional and abundance. 222 is Master Numer 22+2 which is The Fool in The Tarot as 22 + The High Priestess Together. Both emanate from the top triad of the Tree of Life.

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Horoscopes for September 27-October 3

Week of September 27-October 3




SATURN TURNS S. DIRECT OCT 10 then JUPITER and MERCURY both go Stationary DIRECT October 18.

Don’t try to push forwards when the planets are in Retrograde motion.

A bunch of big planetary aspects this week

29th VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE super romantic dreamy spiritual and foggy

29th SUN trine SATURN in Aquarius breathe some fresh air open your mind

Sept 30 VENUS IN SCORPIO square JUPITER in AQUARIUS-love and freedom tension

Oct 1 MARS opposite CHIRON and MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO Wounding words, mind games,

Oct. 2 VENUS sextile PLUTO- easy support, sexy financial gain

Oct 3 SUN OPPOSES CHIRON in ARIES -battle lines, defensive, find balance

MERCURY TRINE JUPITER IN AQUARIUS -open minded agreements, opportunity for gain in relationships and crypto markets



Relationships and values review time as Mercury Retrograde in your 7th House of all “others.”. Sept. 29 is a sexy dream day as Venus trine Neptune in your natural 8th and 12th houses. You can see your future dream lover if you ask in advance. Sept. 30 is a wish hopes and dream day for you. October 1 you feel wounded in the battle of love. On the 3rd a ray of light helps cauterize the wounds. Staying open minded builds bridges.


You are undergoing a deep sexual and emotional transformation. Old values and lovers can return while Mercury is Retrograde Sept. 26/27- October 18. The 29th is a beautiful romantic ideal day. The 30th brings the need to detach from ruthless sex and power games. October 1 watch your diet. Oct. 2 brings opportunities for love and financial wealth. Oct. 3 is a day of love or war choices. Open mindedness is key.


Mercury Retrograde affects you more than every sign besides VIRGO. Perfect time to review Sept. 26/27-Pctober 18. Relationships re-evaluated. They may be hanging in the balance.  A tense time. Oct 29 is romantic, you are projecting ideals, rainbows, and a bright future. But there must be a reality check. The 30th is good day for networking and dating. October 1 defending what you believe in may have you feeling hurt. Oct 2 can be good for deep therapeutic talks. Oct 3 treat your wounds and curl up to heal.


Mercury Retrograde is in your solar 4th house which is the natural Cancer placement too. Old family stories, arguments, debates and talking it over will be the focus. You may not be able to stop thinking about the “he said she said, they said,  what I should have said.”. The 29th is a great day to be creative with the kids and yourself. The Mood lightens. The 30th is a good day to trust your gut instinct and take chances. The 1st is day to declare boundaries, the 3rd is day for being the go-between to stop the feuding.


Mercury Retrograde in your Solar 3rd House of communications. The 29/30 is great day to shine at work, to impress a boss or look for a new job. The 30th is romantic and sexy AF. There’s always something new under the sun. Oct 1 is a day of interjecting to stop a fire before it gets started. Oct 2 is a dream planning day of how you want to indulge in your fame and fortune. Oct 3 is a day of relationship juggling.


Mercury rules your sign and the retrograde Sept. 26/27- October 18 is very important for you to reflect and work with. Go with the planets for the best results.  The 29 is a day to dream of budget and financial abundance. The 30th is a good day for dating apps and freeing yourself from sexual hang ups. October 1 balancing repressed anger. There can be arguments about who is in control. The 3rd is a battlefield, but you can come up with intelligent solutions.


Mercury Retrograde in your sign and in your 1st house of self-identity affects you the most. Relationships are hanging in the balance. Venus your ruling planet in Scorpio is revealing your dark side and you can see others too. On the 29th don’t try to escape uncomfortable situations. A ray of opportunity is there too. On the 29th seeing things from a higher perspective improves tensions. October 1st is a love or war battle. You need to review old frenemies and invent new modes to relate. October 3 vulnerability show through and allows healings to begin.


Mercury retrograde with Venus in your sign and Mars in Libra can feel like sexual confusion and perplexing. Venus in Scorpio intensifies your libido. The 29th is a dreamy day let your imagination soar. The 30th may be very pleasurable and good for dating apps. The 1st internal and external battles and frustrating, banging heads with power players. The 3rd continues the battles. Defend what your soul says is right. Inspirations for new ways of relating are a gift.


Mercury Retrograde in your solar 11th House of wishes hopes and dreams review them all. The 29th is a good day to see your dreams fulfilled. Visualize it all and everyone giving you what you want. The 30th can be lucky in love and expanding a field of support. The 1st-3rd is tense with arguments internally and externally. A sweet break on the 2nd for seeing a deeper purpose. The 3rd requires you to stand up for your beliefs.


Mercury retrograde in your 10th house of career is important. Review, finish and reflect on how far you’ve come. Is this your peak experience? The 29th can bring secret financial angels. The 30th asks you to share your knowledge. The 1st- 3rd is a weekend fraught with battles, opposition, polarities, you have the gift of diplomacy to step in. The 2nd is sweet day to relax and get a massage and indulge your senses. The 3rd is a day back in the battlefields you can negotiate a positive outcome.


Mercury retrograde in your solar 9th house of higher education, philosophy truth, honesty, inspiration and optimism. The 29th is idealistic imagine the world you’d like to see. The 30th can bring a sexy connection. The 1st-3rd is a weekend of diplomacy and using your skills as an organizer and manager to try to smooth things over. The 2nd is an easier way of handling those in power. Can be a good investment day. The 3rd keeps on the battle lines, but fair decisions can be reached to keep the peace.


Mercury Retrograde in your solar 8th House of transformation, death and rebirth, finances and inheritance can bring unexpected wealth. Reflect on what is life and death? The 29th is one of your best days in the year, dream on stay high and inspire others. The 30th brings deep intuitive insights into group efforts. The weekend is a difficult ornery place stay out of the fray and just send good vibes which are stronger on the 2nd. Don’t hide your light because others are on the attack. Meditate and take the high road.

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Happy Birthday Paul McCartney, your Astrology

June 18,2021 is Sir Paul McCartney’s 79th birthday. As a life long Beatles fan, since I was 12 years old I want to wish Sir Paul a very healthy happy birthday. I feel so lucky being born when I did because my very first rock concert was seeing The Beatles play live at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto in 1964. I got to see them play back to back concerts in 1965 and again in 1966. I was such a Beatles fan I skipped school in Grade 11 and ran off to New York one afternoon because I heard the Beatles were there in 1967. I got in big trouble for that one but it was a great adventure. I didn’t catch up to the Beatles though. My younger child Leah was raised on Beatles songs and classical music only. I took her to see Paul McCartney in 2010 when she was 12 so she could experience the closest thing to seeing the Beatles as I had experienced at her age. I cried.

Paul McCartney Astrology Chart
Paul McCartney Astrology chart

Paul McCartney is a GEMINI of course and not just a Gemini SUN. Sir Paul has Uranus, Saturn, and Mercury Retrograde his MC his worldly fame point and his SUN all in Gemini and that’s why he stays so young energetically. Mercury rules all the Gemini planets and is strong in its home sign. Sir Paul had MERCURY Retrograde and he hasn’t done to badly.


Paul’s chart is not complicated at all. He has only a few squares. The SUN, the vital energy and his career and his thrust in the world MC in GEMINI and the VIRGO ascendant and Neptune are always pressuring each other. Paul worked hard and is always thinking, and inspired about his career.


He is a perfectionist, a nitpicky critic, a workaholic, very organized, neat, meticulous, with a good memory and intellect. Paul’s perfectionism and need to control things may be a sticky wicket in the Beatles towards the end they say in 1971. Virgo rules health and grains and Paul is a noted Vegetarian since the 1970’s. Virgo is also the sign of people who love nature and simple things and Paul famously moved to a remote part of Scotland when he married Linda to farm and to raise their kids as normally as they could sending them to public schools. He never learned to read music originally and remembered all the songs in his head and just played them. His AC is ruled also by Mercury.

Recording engineer Norman Smith stated that the Rubber Soul sessions exposed indications of increasing contention within the band: “the clash between John and Paul was becoming obvious … [and] as far as Paul was concerned, George [Harrison] could do no right—Paul was absolutely finicky.”[43]  Harry 2000b, p. 780.

Paul has the dreamy, creative, inspired, visionary planet NEPTUNE which rules all artists, and musicians, psychics dreams and spiritual energy is on his AC, in the sign opposite the one it rules which is PISCES. Paul was a natural born artist and creative man, and his dreams have always been very strong and a source of practical inspiration. He wrote the Beatles famous song Let It Be from a dream he had of his mother Mary coming to him when he was going though a dark time telling him Let It Be. That was the inspiration for the song. Its one of the BEATLES and Paul’s greatest songs amongst hundreds he’s written. He has also dabbled in painting.


which symbolizes his feelings, home life, his mother, Mary who he tragically lost at 15 to breast cancer, and his children is in the Sign of Royalty performers and STARS LEO! along with Mars and Pluto conjunct which is a very powerful combo of drive, creativity self-expression, will power, joy, pride, courage, childlike energy, big hearted, loyal. Paul was always driven to be a big star on the world’s stage. You’ve seen those early Beatles videos when The Beatles first it it big, Paul has this big transparent grin of absolute glee performing on stage which some people saw as hammy. I think he is just enjoying himself so much he loves the adulation. Paul is known to be generous to people who were good to him in the past giving money to those in need. The Cancer Moon gives people sleepy “bedroom eyes” and Paul certainly has those.

CHIRON at 12 LEO conjunct the MOON

This indicates wounds from his mother and any woman in his life. This presages his losing his mother early from Breast cancer as well as his wife Linda. See Venus

VENUS planet of women in Paul’s life, also wealthy, beauty, creativity, and relationships is in her home sign of TAURUS at 19 degrees squaring his Moon. Paul is a very sensuous man with heightened senses of touch feel taste, smell and psychic energy. Paul loves beautiful things, and he has rich luxurious tastes. He is earthy, and stubborn and enjoys life as a Garden of earthly delights.

VENUS is in the 8th house and SQUARE THE MOON

Traditionally any planets in the 8th house are symbols of death. Venus represents women in his life. Paul tragically lost his first wife and true love Linda Eastman McCartney to breast cancer to which his mother succumbed in April 17, 1998 when she was only 56 years old. She apparently told Paul to marry again that she didn’t want him to live the rest of his life alone. He was only 55 when she died. Venus square the Moon symbolizes Paul McCartney’s mother who he lost so young. This is a tragic symbol presaging both his Mother and Linda’s deaths by breast cancer.

LUCKY JUPITER in CANCER on the MC in 10th house of worldly fame

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and ruled Paul’s Sagittarius IC, his roots, home family and childhood, and is close to the world point Solstice gateway of 0 degrees Cancer. Paul is a very sentimental family man, from his five children from two marriages to his sentimental songs about Liverpool- Penny Lane or Elinor Rigby, and his love of old fashioned early 20’s and 30’s music like his dad Jim played in Honey Pie and other songs of the Beatles era HIs sentimentality and “Silly Love Songs’ comes out clearly in this aspect. Paul is a very emotional sensitive man, who loves his family and needs a woman in his life to be happy. Jupiter in Cancer is a love of water, food and he may have a sensitive stomach. Jupiter in Cancer also gives sleepy bedroom eyes. Paul has these.

Jupiter also squares the AC and NEPTUNE which has expanded Paul’s natural talents and creativity and brought him worldly fame beyond his wildest dreams. His famous early solo song Yesterday which Paul performed on the Ed Sullivan show is the most recorded song ever, all of his catalogue of Beatles Songs and greatest hits wills never be forgotten.


SOUTH NODE Indicates past lives. The South node in PISCES in the 6th indicates a past life as a very highly spiritual psychic and creative person someone who worked as a creative musician perhaps or a monk who was devoted to poverty and charitable work. Pisces is also the sign of addictions and dreamers. Paul brings in the past life memories unconsciously, the 6th house is also the house of humble ordinary working class people and Paul came from a modest working class background.

The North Node is his highest spiritual and evolutionary goal. Paul has asteroid PSYCHE conjunct his North Node this symbolizes the soul and being psychic. In the 12th house in Virgo its a practical dreamer and creative person who taps into his dreams and visions, his spirituality in his work. He needed to bring his creativity down to earth. For such a success driven man he needs his private and down time.


The IC is the roots of a person their childhood and their physical home and unconscious.

In Sagittarius there is a love of learning, travel, honesty, bluntness, good humor, inspiration, optimism “exotic religions” eclectic things and expansion. Paul certainly got to travel the world with the Beatles and continued to travel afterwards. He was always interested in intellectual things, philosophy, books, he helped open Indica book store in London, explored John Cage and Stockhausen music, and two of his wives are Jewish and American, very different background to his childhood in Liverpool and his upbringing and he now incorporates Jewish holidays into his life.

All of his planets are in only 5 signs. They all above the horizon indicating a life lived out in public, natural for a big celebrity.

Happy Birthday Sir Paul. May you live to be 120 and be healthy and happy and continue to be creative and bring so much joy to the world. Billions of people are greatful for your talents and gifts to the world

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Weekly Horoscopes March 29-April 4

Where’s the moon? All times are in EDT

March 29 🌙 in LIBRA ♎️

March 30 🌙 into Scorpio ♏️ 1:33 am.

April 1 🌙 enters SAGITTARIUS ♐️ 1:59 am.

Aril 3 🌙 enters CAPRICORN ♑️ 4:13 am.

Planetary aspects

March 29 ARIES SUN conjunct CHIRON at 8+ degrees at 4:09 am

March 29 MERCURY conjuncts NEPTUNE at 21+ degrees PISCES at 11:24 pm

March 29 VENUS sextiles SATURN at 11+ARIES/ AQUARIUS at 8:46 am

March 30 SUN sextiles SATURN at 11+ ARIES at 5:04 pm

April 2 MERCURY sextiles PLUTO at 26+ PISCES/ CAPRICORN at 2:04 am

April 3 MERCURY enters ARIES ♈️ at 11:41 pm.

March 29 Cauterizing the Wounds, Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries. Affects Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra directly in that order.

MARCH 29 MERCURY NEPTUNE conjunction in PISCES at 21 PISCES has us feeling dazed and confused, rocking and reeling from the Full Moon afterglow. This especially affects GEMINI, VIRGO AND PISCES. MARS is also forming a square to Mercury Neptune a Punch Drunk Love energy.

Aries ♈️

March 28 Libra Full Moon energy has you re-evaluate your relationships of self and others in personal and larger world areas. The triple rare conjunction of Sun, Chiron And Venus in your 1st solar house of self can spur an identity crisis. This builds up to the exact conjunction on the 29th at 4:09 am EDT. Who are you without the mirror of another? Venus is supported by the Sun and Saturn for a couple of days to help slow you down and lick your wounds. Stick with the healing so that you can truly manifest your gifts. Your energy levels return April 1st and that’s not a joke. Mercury the thinking planet enters Aries at 11:41 pm EDT on the 3rd to burn off the mental fog. You begin to remember who you really are.


You may have been visited by Chiron in your dreams the last few days. Pay attention to any nightmares which are coming in service to help you as Sun Chiron and Venus lovingly visit your 12th House of the unconscious. Venus conjunct SUN brings a new turning point from where you were in March 2013 and March 2017 think about what was going on in your life then. A wave of new ideas and liberation arrive on the 30th as Saturn and Sun support Venus sexily. Pay attention to what goes on in the Shadows of your mind as Mercury enters Aries.


Mars conjunct North Node in Gemini reshuffles your priorities, actions, intentions and desires, re-energizing your will. Leave old school philosophies behind. Pursue new educational paths.This is a FATED time for you and you need to choose wisely which side you are on. SUN CHIRON VENUS conjunction in your 11th house of allies, organizations, revolution, freedom, personally and collectively, new inventions and thinking originally brings new people on the same radical wavelength into your life. Powerful healing energies are at work. Expand your social media acumen and network like crazy. Mercury entering Aries April 3, burns the mental fog and kicks your mind into All systems go!


Recovering from the Libra Full Moon and working with the potent Sun Chiron Venus healing energy in your solar 10th House is enough for you to do. I’m putting you on a diet of chicken soup for the soul. Your priority is balancing out career versus family obligations. That may be a difficult challenge right now given the lockdown situation. Your priority is you first. Career and family priorities must be rebalanced now in no uncertain terms. Major choices have to be made. Delegate help from your family. This is a karmic reset. Pursue new ways of communication after the 3rd.

LEO ♌️

Your philosophy, belief systems and sense of wounding and vulnerability In leadership may feel like you’ve been raked over the coals and stripped raw and bare. You’re being cauterized by Sun Chiron and Venus and are in process of being reborn as a wounded healer shaman. Just remember to keep your ego out of it. Think about new education possibilities.Publishing or teaching opportunities are there to be nurtured. The Saturn Uranus square is still in effect rebalancing your ego and your options. Your mind clears from the fog as New ideas arise on the 3rd as Mercury enters Aries


Major wounds and insecurities have been exposed and are healing from Sun Chiron Venus alignment on 28/29 in your solar 8th house of death and rebirth and transformation Your mind has been lost at sea while Mercury’s been in PIsces and your feelings of fear and disillusions are strong. Take care of your mental and physical health, rest and dream. April 2nd is a good day for deeper healing and cleansing. Deep tissue cleanses could give you clearer sight. April 3 Mercury your ruling planet enters Aries and your mind returns to a renewed sharpened focus.


That Libra Full Moon March 28 and and Sun Chiron Venus 3x’s healing energies have a strong effect on all LIBRA’s especially those born in the 8th day ingress of your sign. You need to heal your self first and redefine your own self image. Repairing and rebalancing relationship issues are prime time for you now. YOu can see who is really your friends supporters colleagues and overs and who isn’t. It’s very hard to let go but you are stronger now. You’re supported by an elder or mentor on the 30/31st. You feel more mature and stronger. There can be a career boost from your new self-confidence. New communications, and social media connections commence on the 3rd.


Moon in your sign March 30 spotlights health and work vulnerabilities and fears. The Chirotic shamanic healing of Sun Chiron Venus in your solar 6th house is wrestling with your health fears or paranoia. Work and success shadows are needed to be dealt with. This is all good as the shadows are your comfort zone. Being exposed to your deepest depths is how you heal. Mercury sextiles Pluto in April 1st/2nd and that’s no joke. Pay attention to your diet as part of this rebirthing process. Work issues need to be challenged and changed. If you’re not happy with work or are feeling oppressed and unrecognized then this is the time to start looking in a new direction. Dream healing is your obsession now, go for it. New insights arise on the 3rd.


Sun Chiron Venus triple strong healing energy trining your Sign is deeply empowering to your Centaurus self identity and strengthening your teaching strengths and spiritual healing energies from an egoless place of unconditional love. Remember to love yourself and not ride roughshod. Doing something creative and self-expressive, art, dancing, poetry, singing are all manifestation of the 5th House Sun Chiron Venus energies advanced your heart, inspiring you and your healing. You were born for this.The Brain fog burns away as Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd and you’re raring to go with working on new marketing, website, courses or learning..


Sun Chiron Venus triumvirate occurring in your 4th House of your roots, ancestors childhood, and relation with your mother,and self worth can shake your foundations to the core but ultimately bring healing. You know how to stick with something long term and this is a core wounding and healing time for you. April 1/2 Mercury in late Pisces/Pluto sextile brings more dream healing depths. Write out the points about how to communicate with anyone who has been deceptive or outright revengeful to you before you initiate a conversation. April 3 is time to begin spreading new ideas and ways of communicating.


Sun Chiron Venus triple header in your solar 3rd House brings new awareness to how wounded and insecure you’ve felt about how your thinking diverges from others. It can correct money issues too. You have renewed strength now in your own individuality to fight for injustices from the Libra Full Moon energy initiation. MARS and NORTH Node in GEMINI conjunction helps you prioritize your passionate ideas. You may meet a romantic partner who shares similar revolutionary uplifting ideas. Mercury sextile to Pluto in Pisces /Capricorn on the 1st/2nd brings deeper spiritual and dream awareness. The 3rd jumpstarts new ideas and connectivity.


Sun Chiron Venus collaboration in your solar 2nd House brings a new healed and whole sense of self worth, releasing you from karmic bondage and connects you to your spirit guides and to unconditional love for self not just others. The 29 Mercury Neptune conjunction really fuels your imagination and psychic sensitivity. Stay grounded and watch out for addictive tendencies.If you’ve been wanting to use your spiritual gifts as a way to earn money make sure you have a solid foundation. On the 3rd begin to put out feelers for new connections and marketing.


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