Seven to do’s because it’s Saturn Retrograde

It may take a while till we feel the effects of the Lunar eclipse. But there is a lot still happening.

The SUN conjoined MERCURY March 23 after the eclipse.

This sparks  new energy and new ideas. The eclipse was very close to the Zero degree ARIES world point. This is a true turning point. Ultimately new thinking caps and new bright ideas will emerge.

March 24  Mercury @ 5+ DEGREES ARIES trines Mars in Sagittarius @ 3:45 pm PDT/ 6:45 pm EDT

Under a void-of- course Moon. This is an upbeat pursuit of truth, adventure, travelling, optimism and justice. Be daring, be bold, be passionate. 

It’s GOOD FRIDAY March 25

The archetypal story of an anointed Higher consciousness being, called Yeshua or Jesus, knows he must die and sacrifice himself for a Higher Purpose, traditionally to the Great Mother, as a martyr to bring higher consciousness to the world. The story of death and rebirth is a terribly ancient one, since humans first became conscious. All life is a continuous unending cycle of birth death and transformation.  That is under Saturn’s realm.  Easter in the Bible was tied into the Jewish Festival of Passover which is based on a lunar calendar. Usually the two coincide but this year Passover is very late and begins April 22 on a Full Moon. 

The real meaning of EASTER or OESTRE is an ancient pagan fertility festival tied to Spring. 

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ISHTAR, ASTARTE , TARA, OESTRE ancient Goddesses of fertility were honored with symbols of hares, sacred to the Moon, the lunar monthly fertility counter, and rabbits which are very fertile. The symbols of eggs and rabbits were taken on as an overlay on ancient festivals by the Christians. Anyone who studied pagan symbolism can easily see this. 

SATURN TURNS RETROGRADE  March 25 @ 16+ SAGITTARIUS, 3:00 am PDT/ 6:00 am EDT/ 10:00 a.m. UT

LORD OF TIME STANDSTILL and begins to slowly turn the Karmic  wheel backwards. 

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We are going into DEJA VU time, as the Great wheel of time slows and appears to revolve backwards until August 14th where Saturn will be at 9 degrees 47 minutes of Sagittarius. Lets think back as to where we are headed in that future and where we were. Saturn was last at 9 degrees 47 minutes of Sagittarius on December 20, 2015, think back what you were doing and what you were planning for 2016.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is very optimistic, altruistic, honest to a fault, pursues justice, higher  philosophical perspectives, education and relating to exotic and foreign things, persons and travel. Saturn rules the Patriarchy, authority, the old boys network, history. In Sagittarius this is politics.  Expect a total change in the political run for president now over the next few months. Sagittarius reveals the truth. 

JUPITER’s square to  SATURN right now amplifies the more optimistic side and expands Saturn’s usually cynical bitter restricting influence on any sign. This  is positive and pressuring. As Saturn moves slowly backwards it is like going through a wormhole or time tunnel, we get to go back to the past to change the future. 

Saturn Retrograde gives us tine to mature,to work on things. It’s like the necessary time spent to let the dough rise, or setting a bottle of wine away. You cannot rush when something is ready. Use this time wisely to carefully craft your master plan, because all of Saturn’s energy has to do with long term goals, career, commitments, maturity and plans. 

Some commitments may break up now or at least must be reexamined. Honesty is truly the best currency now. 

We will have to go back to the drawing board where all ideas are conceived and nurture tweak and reset them in stone before they can really begin to be birthed next August. 

Saturn in the TAROT is THE DEVIL #15. Ultimately the DEVIL is the material plane. Temptation. EGO. It is ultimately not real. This can be a good time to revisit what your fears are. Are you being governed by your ego? What devils do you project onto others? This is a pretty hot topic now. 


1. Revisit all your goals for 2016.

This is important to do now as there are energy shifts coming in the fall. It’s OK to change your plans.

2. Scrap what you are not fully committed to

Only put your energy into long-term goals that you are really into for the long run. Its better to focus on one higher goal.Draw out what your peak looks like, why you want it and what you expect from it.

3. Re-commit your vows, in a relationship or in your career .

This is a good time to remake vows, personal and relationship. Second that emotion. Saturn rules career, redraw a career mandala or where you see yourself in 7, 14 years. 

4. Ask the advise of a mentor or more mature person’s experience. 

This is good to do now. You will be more open to hearing their advice. Also think about your retirement or any long-term distant goals and how to plan for it.

5. Finish up old legal, tax or educational courses. 

Saturn is the tax man, get any old unfinished business done. Immigration, wills or other legal matters of this sort should be finished over the next few months. Finish up the courses already.

6. Honor your father and any male person who helped you

Visit your dad, and honor him whether alive or dead for the karmic lessons he gave you. For some this may be good and for others painful. If there are old childhood wounds this is a good time to let that pain out. Inner child work is very important.  

Tell someone you respect a male teacher, how they helped impact your life It’s important to tell that person how he helped make a difference in your life. Call him, email or meet in person, or send an old-fashioned letter by mail. 

7. Learn to use your time more wisely.

Time is a very precious commodity and it goes faster these days. Manage it wisely. 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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More about love and the stars, Astrology from Tara Greene

The SUN and Venus make exquisite, ecstatic love on Jan 11 at 4:24 am PST/7:24 am EST as they conjunct at 21 degrees Capricorn. LOve comes out into the LIGHT.

Sun and Venus Astrology Tara GreeneVENUS and APOLLO {The SUN} 

This aspect HIGHLIGHTS Love and WHAT YOU LOVE! In Capricorn this highlight commitments,  career, maturity, serious, patience, practical matters. Down to earth love. The real deal. 

The degree of Sun conjunct Venus @ 21 degrees CAPRICORN is very important to locate in your natal chart.

It gives important information on where the focus of your consciousness the Sun- and your values, relationships, creativity, your love- Venus will be for the next 9 1/2 months. Venus will then make another “star point”turn.

Also any aspects that 21 degree Cap. makes to other planets or angles in your chart is also highly relevant.

Venus is still Retrograde till Jan 31.

With Venus Retrograde in Capricorn Love business is slow. It is time to Review, revisit, relax.

Old flames  issues, career, values- this is Capricorn,  and long-term career plans can still be evaluated.

VENUS will turn Direct at 13 degrees + Capricorn on January 31. NOTE that point in your Natal chart.

Same day Mercury and the Moon enters Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, Venus’s “higher octave.”  The day after a NEW DARK MOON in Aquarius and ChINESE YEAR OF THE HORSE begins.

Venus will cross this 21st degree again on Feb 22. Venus reaches her Retrograde degree on March 4 and moves forwards after that into new uncharted love territory.

You can do a special Love goes forward ritual then. I’ll make a video.

Check out SUN + U + VENUS CONJUNCTION through the SUN SIGNS and houses.  

A natural house order. If you know your ASCendant you can read the Sign and the house as well.  

ARIES- { 1st House}

The Conjunction falls in your 10th house of WORLDLY FAME ! CONQUERING CAREER baby. Are you in love with your career? Is this 9 t0 5 where you want to shine your light the most? How can you enlighten the world?  WHERE does your heart want to be?   This is the top of the mountain position. Rams and Goats make good play fellows. Rams eat oats and goats eat anything.

TAURUS { 2nd house}

It’s in your 9th house of philosophy, TRAVELLING, teaching, learning, seeking, adventure, justice. Build avenues to allow yourself freedom from routine. Is there something new you’d like to learn which would enhance your career? In Trine to your Venus ruled Sun Sign, this brings extra beauty and shine to your natural charisma. GEt some regular excersize Boosts your energy too. Spruce up the  bull pen.

GEMINI {3rd house}

This falls in your 8th house of MYSTERY, SEX, other people’s money, taxes, soul merging, power,secrets, control mechanisms. Questions to ask: Do I use certain people to get what I want?  What do I really want?  MATURE love is coming  into your life. Don’t be afraid of ever getting old, you can’t. Where’s the money going to come from? You look good in anything.

CANCER { 4th house}

This occurs in your 7th house of Marriage, committed relationships, all “others.” wow charisma + for you. Turn on your love light and every swims to you. Important, serious, long-term committed  new relationships will occur both business and romantic. Fertile. Children. Moving in.   Open that restaunt, day care, interior design, art gallery you’ve always wanted. Renovate your digs. HOme sweet everything.

LEO { 5th house}

SUN VENUS merge in you 6th house of work and service to others. YOU shine brightest when you can get off your pedestal and can be humble and truly help others. Love and admiration will come flooding back to you and your heart can feel good about it. Be a philanthropiost. Let your true creativity come out. Don’t be a ham. Pride is a sham blocking you from loving.  Improve your discipline and ROAR.

VIRGO [ 6th house}

The conjunction falls in your 5th house of LOVE AFFAIRS and children. This is a very fertile physical aspect. Lovers will come pounding on your humble steps. New work opportunities abound. Think beyond utilitarian. Buy yourself  some sexy lengerie. Feel beautiful from within. Health should be tip-top. Beautify your work area. Express yourself.

LIBRA { 7th house}

The Sun VENUS smoocher falls in your 4th house. The most private, home, emotional security, children, self.  Time to receive love. Secret lovers? Beautify your crib. Put in new windows. Do whatever it takes for your home to shine. YOU must love where you live or change it. Good nachus from children, family. Real estate benefits and gourmet food enjoyments. Cook up the grandest meal ever and treat your best friends.

SCORPIO { 8th house}

The sexy encounter falls in your 3rd house of communications and community. Stop being so secretive. Put all your black clothing away. that means everything you own. Wear lighter colors. Speak positively, Smile. You don’t need to meddle. Take a holiday in some southern place till its easy to feel naturally sunny. Make love in sunshine or with the lights on. White is the new black. Moodyness is out.

SAGITTARIUS ( 9th house}

The adventure happpens in your natal 2nd house of Moolah, values, tools, possessions.  This is excellent for abundance, cash flow, wealth, health. STAsh up some money for a long trip, some higher education, to buy yourself a trick pony or fight a good court battle. Your sunny side will definitely be UP.  People will notice you. Write that book ,teach those courses, travel. Inspire others. Get your humor back.Brings you discipline and organization. Get your wild act together and down to earth. DELIVER the goods as you would have others deliver them.

CAPRICORN { 10th house}

You are NUMERO UNO. Well You old butt headed goats IT’S definitely your time to open your hearts and FEEL. Venus rules the heart, emotions. Don’t shun it. Shine with it. Profits are emotionally value driven. You are in the spotlight and at your peak. Bring love to work.  Make more harmony on the job. How can you bring light to your company, what you offer? Lighten up.

AQUARIUS { 11th house}

The merge happens in your 12th house. The Light and love occur in the closet, in your unconscious. Dreams will awaken. People and things you love and may have forgotten become important again. Get in touch with your INNER LIGHT and love. Mediate on this. You can be on fire with new ideas and very creative. Don’t stop the flow. Let the sunshine out. Manifest your idealism. Occupy your heart.

PISCES {12 house}

The tantric duo happens in your 11th house. The house of WISHES HOPES and DREAMS. Bring light and love to your hidden parts. You usually hover in the background but its time to, Let yourself be seen. You have creative ideas to gather the tribes.  Use your psychic and intuitive abilities to help raise other peoples’ consciousness. Spread the word, it’s time. Tell them what you know. Heaven on earth can be manifest.


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